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36 Evergreen Blogger Tips and Tricks Every Blogger Must Read and Follow

Blogger Tips and Tricks

Blogging is the most popular way in the world to make money online and many bloggers also doing the same but every blogger is not making money online then definitely there are reasons behind this you have to understand those things to make money from blogging.

"I have taken seven days to write this article, what I have learned in three years from blogging so I strongly recommend you to read this article carefully for better understanding"

In the experience of about 3 years of blogging I got these tips what every bloggers must follow to make money from blog.

So are you ready to see those tips which can make you a full time blogger, which can give you better life.

I was going by train to Haryana (India) from Himahcal Pradesh (India) to meet my friends  in Diwali, I have reached to Ambala Cantt Railway Station (Haryana) at about 2:00 PM and I got time there to think about those tips that's why I can share with you in better way for building better blog.

I have categorized these in 36 tips  and also I have given reason behind this why to follow and how to follow too?

1. Quality Content-

I still believe and I will believe that if you are providing quality content then I am 100% sure you can become famous blogger may be today or tomorrow.

No matter what you are sharing with people but don't make regret you readers to read your blog, don't ever share that type of contents.

There are few awesome tips and tricks those will help you to write awesome blog post for your blog readers-

  • Time for Writing a Blog Post- It is obvious that more time you will invest more you will write and that would be much better for getting good rank and readers will like your blog post.
  • Interlinking- Don't forget to interlink your old blog posts in your current blog post, it will be helpful for readers as well as your search engine ranking will improve.
  • Write for Beginners- Writing for beginners itself shows your foundation, until or un-less you can not impress beginners you can not succeed.
  • Adding Quality Images- Quality images also drive traffic, back links, authority, you can see Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social network of 2014 that's only because of images, info-graphics. But you need to optimize your blog images for search engines.
  • Using Headings and Subheadings- Adding these two things to your blog post, can be helpful from SEO and readers will read your blog post, because it will improve presentation of your blog post.

2. Proper Title of the Blog Post-

Proper title is for getting visitors from SEO like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and other search engines, probably you are thinking how to give proper title and why?

Okay let me tell proper title means you have to give title, what exactly people are searching on the search Engine.

3. Be Consistent-

You may be noticed or may not but I will make you understand why consistent? think about it why you go to college or school right but why you go to college or school daily have you noticed ever, why news paper published new news every day because every one want to be update every day like the same way your readers want some thing new from your blog every day so don't ever forget to update your blog daily whether you are making money from blog or not.

If you are not making money from blogging  today remember you will make money tomorrow as much you can not think about it even.  

4. Put Information In Article As Much You Can-

Many bloggers write article and get visitors but they don't get repetition of visitors reason behind  this they don't write good enough to make satisfy that visitor.

Remember this is not a offline business this is online any one can access any blog from any where so there would not have any problem to find any information other than your blog.

So make your blog most interesting for people if any one ever come to your blog once he or she will must come to your blog again and again.

5. Submit Your Article On

May be this is new to you or may not be but if you are not submitting your every blog post then I can say you are making the biggest mistake in blogging.

May be you are thinking why I am telling you to submit your every blog post to stumbleUpon because you can get unbelievable visitors to single post, specially this will help you to get visitors every day from each article and in this way your article will be live every day.

6. Good Representation Of The Article-

This will also help you to make impressed your blog on your readers but tittle not that much atleast this will help you to make your blog popular.

I mean why I am telling you this because think about think about this why many of us buy Magazines what news you can get from internet for free.

Why every students can not get good score in the examinations.

The reason behind this is not represent your self properly infront of the people, so don't time pass while writing article.

7. Use Nofollow Tag For External Links-

As a blogger you must have to provide external links to other websites or may be some time blogs.

So how to use this tag, the question is tha okay let me tell you how to use this tag.

When I have given external links to StumpleUpon I used nofollow links, how I did it let me show the screen shot.
Nofollow link in blogger

You can do the same for your external links, may be you are thinking why I am telling you to do this because this will also help you to good rank on search engines and also you will get good page rank too form Google.

8. Do Comments On Other Blogs-

Commenting on other blog many bloggers think that increasing reputation of that blog but you can also get good visitors for commenting on other blogs.

And those visitors are really unique and most useful for you, in this way you will get back links.

For Getting More Information About Getting Backlinks for free for your blog read the article-

9. Do Check Your Blog Rank on

This will help you to know your blog position in the world even on other countries too but I will not recommend you to check daily.

Definitely check but once in a week!!

This will encourage you to do blogging with better concentration because when you will see improvement your blog rank every day you will do blog in better way.

10. Use RSS Feed-

I am recommending you to use Google Feedburner to make your email list which will increase your visitors tremendously.

And more important is that this service is providing by Google for free!!!

11. Do Planning Before Writing Any Article-

Planning is most important part of our life whether we are studying, doing job, doing business every where we need planning to get success.

Remember Success is a Journey Not the Destination Dear.

After looking at the requirement of planning for blogger I have designed six month planning for bloggers that's why they will stand somewhere in blogging just after six month.

12. Article Must Have At Least 800 Words With Images-

You know many bloggers penalized by Google Panda, Penguin but reason behind this is not writing the article with good enough contents.

So maintained your article contents at least having 300 words but that does not mean that you will share unnecessary things with people, if you don't know then search, read, learn and then share.

Images are also important for search engine may be you have search image on Google right so like you many people search on Google.

But question is that how this will help you to get visitors from images you will share.

First step don't share image with out name, share your image with proper keywords may be you give keyword of your image name as your title name just mine one.

"36 Evergreen Blogging Tips and Tricks Every Bloggers Must Read and Follow"

Recommended Hosting- BlueHost Review for Bloggers

13. Do Travel And Talk With Strangers-

Travelling is the best way to thinking something new about any change in the world and changing is good for people because people want alternative no matter how much good is that.

Talking with strangers can make you professional after an conversation with an stranger you can understand your way of talking and sharing worth tell stranger about your blog this is called mouth to mouth advertisement and this is most effective way to advertise your blog and getting permanently a visitor to your blog.

14. Do Experiments-

This is my favourite thing in blogging, because in my 3 years of blogging I did many experiments sometimes I got good result and some time not.

But doing only experiment can lead you to find out the best source for making money from blogging.

15. Understand Your Readers Requirements-

Full filling the readers requirement from your blog is the best way to get success in blogging so try to know requirement of your readers to satisfy them.

The best way to know your readers and their response is create a poll and put the poll on the side bar.

Use Google Analytics to know your readers in better way and what they are searching on your blog.
It's free and one of the best service for your blog by Google

16. Use Google Adsense-

Probably you have heard about this because almost every blogger use this adsense program to monetize their blog, reason behind this is adsense can make you millionaire even from a single advertising.

I have been searching for alternative of Google Adsense, I can not get, because the perfect adsense is not exist now may be any one adsesne program will come then definitely I will share with you.

17. Optimize SEO and SMO-

One of the best source of free and targeted traffic to blog but question is that how it would be possible for beginners or who does not know about it.

I will share with about these two terms and benefit and how to do it.

SEO- As a blogger this is more important for every blogger to know basic setup of SEO, actually I have already written about this may be you did not read, don't worry here are those posts-
These above article can not make you SEO expert but of course you will come to know and will get benefit of SEO for your blog and I am pretty sure about this.

SMO- This is one of the best source for getting traffic and you are using this source but may be you don't know the full form of this.

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization which will help you to get connected with users faster and free.

How I can do this, Can I do this alone, Am I need to spend some money!!!!

May these questions going on your mind right, but the answer is that you don't need to pay even penny for this.

Just  go to Facebook create page, Create a page on Google plus and do the same on other social media like Twitter.

Even I will write about this on the next article step by step for you so, if you can not do now then  wait for my next article.

Don't worry Ujjwal is here to help, to create a great blog for you, which will help you to enjoy your life smarter way.

18. Join Question and Answer Forums-

Joining question answer forum is the great way to make a relationship with readers and give most useful answer of the questions.

People will definitely wanted to know about you if you are giving great answer of any question.

Do one think just left your blog URL after answer that's why people can find you quiet easily, this will help you to get quality links.

For more tips to build quality links is here given below just click on the link-

19. Give Presentation in College or Universities-

This tactic may be new for you because till now I have not read anywhere who is telling you to participate in college and give presentation about blogging.

This tactic I have used when I was studying and I got pretty good page views from the single seminar in my college.

So you can do the same for showing your talent in front of your knowing people that's why they will know you better and you will get some strong feedback which will help you too.

Remember don't angry from any negative feedback because negative feedback are good to build a better blog.

20. Ask Other to Take Your Interview-

If you are doing blogging from last few months then you can ask other bloggers to take your interview in this way you can make good relationship with readers of other bloggers.

And you must write about this interview on your blog too.

May be you are thinking who will take your interview but believe me dear if you will ask 10 definitely few will get agree. What will happen if you get answer no!  you are not going to loose any thing but of course you will try to improve your self, which will help you to become better and much better.

21. Tell Your Friends About Your Blog-

This is the most free way to get a visitor for forever for free and this is the best free way to promote your blog.

Because friends always looking for what their friends are doing and this will help you to get some positive and negative feedback.

Remember you must take serious action on negative feedback which is the only way to keep you ahead.

22. Write About Me Page-

About me page is the key which will make relationship with the users because every unique user wanted to know the person behind the blog.

So don't write any thing which make negative impression on your readers, write every thing what you achieved in your life may be educational but do share the achievements those you learned from failure incident.

You must add photo with contact address to this page to make more interesting.

23. Read Each Article After Publishing-

Human always do mistake right!! may be you will made a mistake while writing the article so don't let it go.
After publishing each article you must read the article thoroughly, if you find any mistake then you must correct that immediately.

24. Always Set a Target-

Target is very important in blogging, in life too, because this will make us to be ahead every time.

So as a blogger always set a target and give your 100% concentration on that target.

No matter what will happen but you must achieve the target, your eye must be on that.

25. Take Your Blog to Next Level-

After getting about 1000 visitors to your each new post you can try to review some valuable affiliate programs.

That's why your earning will become double or triple but remember don't use this tactic in the earlier of blogging.

26. Logo Design-

Design your blog logo from professional, don't go to any company just go to any student or professor of your college or university and ask to design your logo.

In this way you will get a professional logo for free and that person who has designed your blog logo, he or she must visit your blog often and I am 100% sure about this.

27. Good Interactive Blog Template-

Good blog templates can make the first impression with reader and people say that "First impression is the last impression" and that is pretty true that's why people is saying this.

If you are a beginner then you must read the article I have written-

28. Use TYNT and Schema's-

These are two companies those are providing free service to blogs and website to get more benefit from SEO.

You can Read the below articles how these two are beneficial for you-

29. Guest Blogging-

This is one of the best way to get attracted traffic from other blogs through guest blogging, may be you are thinking why you will write your knowing article on other blogs because any blog having readers then if you write any post for that blog their readers will read the article and if they get impressed then definitely they will visit your blog too often.

But most important thing I will recommend you to write guest post of popular blogs and one more thing which can make you reach that is write your best knowing article.

Some blogs where you can do guest blogging are-

30. Create a Blog for Your Friends or May Be For Others

Create a blog for friends and others those wanted to do blogging and left back link on the footer but after placing a back link you must inform about this to that person.

This will increase your back links, SEO and too many trusted visitors to your blog, daily and consistently.

Here why I am telling this because, you are blogging because you wanna solve some problems of others through internet, if you are not doing this believe me dear start doing other wise you are not going to become popular blogger.

That means you are doing awesome job, you have created a blog he or she must visit your blog daily.

That means you will have a lifetime customer to your blog.

31. Read Other Blogs-

If you wanna make a serious blog which can change your life then do not stop learning even for a single day because every single day there is some thing new is coming to the world by people and to up to date your self you must read other blogs.

I am not telling you to read every blog but yes I am telling you to make list of blog, those bloggers are writing related to field of blogging.

In this way you can enhance your knowledge and do comments as I mention before to get visitors to your blog and increase back links.

32. Learn Daily And Share Daily-

This is the concept of up to date yourself as well as your blog too, because whenever you have written more than 50 posts and those posts are really informational for others then definitely people will visit your blog often because they already got something from your blog.

So don't let it go the golden chance, share every day at least one post to your readers this will increase your visitors and we both know, visitors equal money.

33. Know Your Competitor Blogs and Read Their Blogs-

Now may be you are thinking how could you know who is your competitor, I mean who can tell the answer, you can get the the answer very easily by searching on Google, now what would you search to know your competitor blogs, just search the title what you are writing on Google and get results those results you getting on the top those blogs are your competitors.

And just read their blogs and think about it what they are doing mistake, now share the same thing in different way.

What the motivator Guru's says on "YOU CAN WIN" that "Winners Don't Do Different Things They Do Things Differently", this saying is given by Shiv Khera.

34. Give 100% Concentration-

Poeple says concetration is every important thing, do you think the same, if yes, you are right actually concentration is every thing because, if you will not pay full attention then how would you share the best thing with the world of people.

So always give full concentration on what you are doing.

This concept you must apply not only in blogging but also in life to live easier and more enjoyable.

35. Don't Buy Any SEO Software and ebook in the beginning of blogging-

I don't think so any software can make you rich, any software can get your link on the top of search engine. Rather than doing this thing do one thing hire any SEO expert to set up your blog for SEO friendly if you want free service then you can contact me any time.

Many are making money by reading ebook but I don't think so you are going get any thing special from any ebook, of course you must read ebooks those gurus are giving for free.

I mean it's internet you can access it from any where in the world so use it as an open source.

36. Think Long Time-

This is really very precious for every one as a blogger, as a student, as a business man, as a human being.

Why I am telling this because see the global pollution problem, conventional energy source crisis etc these are things we are going to face in coming years because we did not think about these things in the earlier.

The main thing is that we did not thought about long time.

So don't let it happen at least in blogging remember if you will write short article may be we will drive traffic to your blog for short time and you will not make even 100$ per month but if you will write article more informational for people then your traffic and earning graph both will go up and up every day.

There is no doubt about it!!!

Only knowing things is not the key, the key is that after knowing thing implement those things in your life to get results.

May be after implementing those tips you will come to know an another tips which can you also share with your readers.

I mean this is like getting a cup of water from Ocean which means there are unlimited things to learn and share.

So, what are you looking for go ahead and be part of helping the world of people.

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How to Use Flipkart Affiliate EGV As an Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate EGV

Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce company in India in a very short span of time the company grown very well.

That's why I have used their affiliate marketing to make some extra bucks from links I shared, well I did not put much effort but even then I got sells around 10,000 INR and I earn few bucks because my almost all products were electronic that's why I did not earn much, because commission for selling electronics is less.

There are even many those wanted to know the meaning of EGV, in this blog post I have covered all those things including EGV meaning, what is EGV? and all information you wanted to know about EGV and of course with Flipkart.

But, yes I have earn some money from them, here is the problem I faced to spend EGV on Flipkart to buy anything.

Steps to Get Information About Flipkart EGV-

See, if you don't have much knowledge then read my all steps, if you are already affiliate of Flipkart and you got paid from Flipkart then you need to know your transaction ID, this ID you can easily get from Flipkart payment history on their affiliate page.

I just got that transaction number and e-mail to help team, they have replied with very good helpful information.

Here, is the e-mail I got from-
How to Use Flipkart Affiliate EGV
Click on the above image to increase its size.

Information you required to use this EGV- 
  • Voucher Number
  • Pin Number
But, few lines I have just copy paste as it is below, well those really helpful for beginner's to use EGV for buying any product on Flipkart.

How to Use Flipkart EGV-

  • Go to and select items to purchase.
  • Add items to your cart and go through the ordering process.
  • Choose EGV as the mode of payment.
  • Enter the Voucher Number and PIN to complete the payment.
  • In case the order value is greater than the balance available in the voucher, you can pay the remaining amount using any of the available payment modes.

Want to Earn Money from Flipkart-

Earning money from Flipkart is not difficult but you need to have a good online presence to earn money online.

You may use Facebook, Youtube, Your Own Blog, Twitter as well as other social medias.

Just you need to spread links and you will be earning commission for free, I mean think about this you are working while sitting on a beach.

This is amazing, right.

This is only possible with Online business, see there are many business you can do online from selling own products to selling other products.

But, I will suggest you to earn money online by doing blogging, because I like blogging the most, that's why I have started a tutorial on this, that is How to Start Blogging Without Investment

How to Promote Flipkart Products for Earning Money-

There are many ways to promote Flipkart product and one important thing is that people trust Flipkart, so if you will promote its product you will make money as well as it would be better for getting more sells, means conversion rate would be much better.

So, here I am going to share with you those tips and tricks that's why you can also make money from Flipkart and enjoy shopping.

See, there are two ways for getting payment from Flipkart as an affiliate-

  1. EGV- Its means Electronic Gift Voucher, yes its full name is this, but this is the one of the way to get payment from Flipkart and you can enjoy shopping with Flipkart by using code provided by them, if you will get any problem then you can contact them directly and one most important thing about this EGV is its validity is one YEAR, remember this.
  2. Direct Transfer- There just you need to put your bank account details then Flipkart will send you money directly to your account when your account balance threshold cross.
Well, here are best two ways to promote Flipkart product-
  • Blogging-  Most probably blogging is the best way to promote Flipkart product, but you must be honest as well as know how to start blogging effectively.
  • Social Media- Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) you can also promote product on these medias through your profile for getting sells.
Recommended Reading- Difference Among Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs SnapDeal Affiliate Marketing

I know at the beginning everybody face problems, but if you will be confident that you will find out solution of your problem then you will definitely find out the solution like I did.

Well, Flipkart is a very good e-commerce company, I have been using its service from last four years.

So, if you wanna earn extra income from your social media profiles then don't let it go this opportunity.

Is there anything you would like to know about Flipkart Affiliate EGV (E- Gift Voucher)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bidvertiser Vs Chitika Which Ads Network to Choose for Blog

Bidvertiser Vs Chitika
Bidvertiser Vs Chitika
I can understand your feeling because few years ago I was thinking the same, as right now you are thinking, that which one is better Bidvertiser or Chitika that's why I am writing this review Bidvertiser Vs Chitika

Don’t worry I will give you the real approach to these advertisement networks, as well as I will tell you which one is better in which conditions.

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So let’s start the comparison between these two advertisement networks (Bidvertiser and Chitika), I got these data from my own experience from last few years, I hope you are going to get lots of information 
regarding these two networks-

Name of the Network
     1.      Year of Establishment
     2.      Pay Per Click
.1 to 1.2$
.1 to .25$
     3.      Minimum Withdraw
     4.      Best Thing About the Network
Fast approval process
Amazing CTR
     5.      Modes of Payment
Paypal as well as Cheque
Paypal as well as Cheque
     6.      Referral Commission
     7.      Customer Support
     8.      Approval Process
Quite Fast
Quite Fast
     9.      CTR(Click Thru Rate)
1% to 4%
5% to 17%
     10.  Publishers Problem
Less CTR
Low Paid Per Click
     11.  Advertisers Point of View
If you are looking for only visitors to your website then it is good but for selling products ROI(Return of Investment) is not good.
If you are looking for cheap traffic then it is amazing specially from Asian countries like India, Srilanka
     12.  How Many Times I Got Paid
Numerous Times (More than 5 times)
Numerous Times (3 Times)
     13.  My Review
     14.  Matter Traffic Location
If you are getting majority of traffic from English speaking countries then your will be earn better than Asian countries traffic
If you are getting traffic from US, Canada then you are going to get paid much more than Asian countries of course your CTR will not get down.
     15.  Want to Join

See, if you want to earn money from blogging then you have to have few things although those habits or I must say such type of etiquette is pretty common among bloggers, if you wanted to become successful blogger you must have such type of etiquette.

See, I have been blogging from last five years and today I can understand the value of blogging, because its really worth.

If you have not started yet, then start blogging today because may be today or tomorrow there would be number of bloggers going to have their blog may be you will also have, because it is really a big asset in the internet world, then why not to start today.

Over to You-
See every advertisement networks share their revenues with their publishers that’s true, here both advertisement networks are good, if you are thinking to monetize your blog then I have very good tips for you, try both networks for one week only.

See, which network let you earn more, then go with that advertisement network, one more tip I could like to share with you, if you want to earn more from your blog then try affiliate marketing with advertisement networks.

Is there anything else I can help you?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 VS After Using one Year Pop Up Ads on My Blogs VS After Using one Year Pop Up Ads on My Blogs
YES, Its been more than one year I am using these two networks " and" on my different different blogs, that's why I was thinking Why Not to share with you my experience as PopAds Vs PopCash, because there are numerous bloggers confused about Pop up ads.

So, here I come with another one dashing blog post.

See, I have earn more than $674 ads networks in very short period of time, this happened because of only my experiments.

Well, I have already written blog posts on these two networks on my blog with full details information, but in this blog post I will put my own experience.

And one more thing please go through the link of this blog posts, if you are newbies to Pop up ads because those linked posts are most important too for newbies to know the real insight about Pop Up Ads.

Year of Establishment
Minimum Withdraw
Best Thing About these Networks
Daily Payment Request Applicable, the only these two networks have this option in the whole internet world.
Modes of Payment
Paypal, Payza, Wire Transfer ($2000), Payoneer ($20)
Paypal, Payza, Paxum
Referral Commission
Customer Support
Approval Process
Very Fast
Very Fast
Message for Publishers
If you are looking for revenue then this is the best programs for you.
If you are looking for revenue then this is the best programs for you.
Message for Advertisers
Are looking for cheap leads as well as want to increase rank of your brand online then you must invest money in this network
Almost same for Popcash also.
Matter of Traffic Location
Yes of course, if your blog getting traffic from English speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada then chances of earning will be more.
Pay Per Thousand Impression
Around $4
Around $4
Alexa Rank Worldwide
Google Results
I Earn Money
I Earn More Than $400
Just Cross $50, but in short period of time
My Review
Which One is Better
See, it depends

I will suggest you to try both networks and then decide with which one you would like to stay.
Want to Join

See, only using these ads networks is not going to help you to earn more money, yes it is for sure your earning will be increase but you need to think on another thing also i.e. you need to think about traffic of your blog, that you need to increase traffic of your blog, if you wanted to earn more money in future.

These days even from last three years there are lot of changes we have seen in advertising industry and pop up ads networks are just amazing, because these ads networks are performing very well for publishers as well as for advertisers.

Hopefully you got the real insight about these two networks (Popads and Popcash), if you got any question then you can ask me below through comments.

I know this is going to create little bit problem for your readers, but again here you and me both know if you want to get something you need to give something.

But, this is also true, if you are giving right content to your readers, then it will not create much problem.

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