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(50% Discount) HostGator India Promo Code April 2018 With Review

Hostgator India Discount Coupon April 50% Discount 2018 

Step 1- First of all you need to click here to land on official page
Offer Details:

Offer Details: 
Flat 50% Off On Shared, Reseller, Cloud, VPS & WordPress Hosting
Flat 20% Off Sitelock and CodeGuard.


Valid for 24th and 25th April

Offer: Flat 35% Off On All Web Hosting Products.

Coupon Code: HGAFFAPR35

Promo Details:
Offer: 30% off on Shared, Reseller, VPS & Cloud Hosting
End Date: 31st March 2018

Start Date: 21st Feb 2018
End Date: 22nd Feb 2018

Offer: 50% off on all Web Hosting plans purchased for a minimum tenure of 6 months

Promo Details: 
Use Coupon code-HGFLASH
Offer: Upto 50% Off on Shared, Reseller, VPS & Cloud Hosting + 20% Off on SiteLock and CodeGuard

50% Off on Weebly Website Builder
Start Date: 7th November 2017

End Date: 8th November 2017

Promo Details:
Code: HGOCT40
Offer: Flat 40% off on Shared, Reseller, Cloud & VPS Hosting
Start Date: 12th October
End Date: 19th October 

Offer: 50% off on Web Hosting Plans + FREE G Suite*
Start Date: 9th October
End Date: 10th October

Promo Details:

Offer: Upto 50% Off on Shared, Reseller, VPS & Cloud Hosting + 20% Off on SiteLock and CodeGuard

Free G-Suite with every Web Hosting Plan

Start Date: 26th September 2017
End Date: 27th September 2017

Hostgator India Discount Coupon August 2017

50% off on Web Hosting Plans
- Applicable on Shared, Reseller, Cloud, VPS on minimum purchase term of 6 months.
- Applicable on Dedicated Servers for 3 months on minimum purchase term of 6 months.
Promo Dates : 26th-28th June

Offer: 50% Off on Shared, Reseller, VPS Hosting
Start Date: 13th June 2017
End Date: 14th June 2017

Steps for HostGator Discount March 2017

Use Promocode- GATOR45
Sales End on 15th of February
45% Off on web hosting and 50% off on cloud

Hostgator India Offer on Dedicated Server March 2017

Only One Step-You need to click here to land on official page [Discount is in the link]

Web Hosting Bundle:
  • Sale Details: Get Your Domain, Hosting, and Unlimited Email for Just $3/mo!
  • Click Here to Get The Offer
  • Start Date: Tuesday, Jan 31th at 12:00am CT
  • End Date: Ongoing
Website Builder Bundle:
  • Sale Details: Get Your Domain, Web Builder, and Unlimited Email for Just $3/mo!
  • Click Here to Get The Offer
  • Start Date: Tuesday, Jan 31th at 12:00am CT
  • End Date: Ongoing
Another Discount from HostGator-
Promo Code: HGAFFFEB17
Offer: 29% Off on Shared, Reseller & VPS Hosting
End Date: 28th February 2017

Good News for all Indians by Hostgator India 

Hostgator VPS KVM Server in India-

kvm vps, hostgator india server, vps server in india

HostGator is a world’s leading provider of web hosting services with many types of extra feature that's why HostGator India Discount Coupon Code with Amazing Review I am writing today and services to make you more comfortable on single hosting service provider.
    HostGator India Promo Code February 2017, discount, review
    HostGator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley in Houston, Texas, United State. The starting of this business is come up only with three servers but now it become world’s leading web hosting industry with more than 12000 servers under a well-managed order. Currently it generates only its 1% of total web traffic on World Wide Web by its over five million domain. Hostgator provide more than four lacs customers with innovative idea from individual and more than 500 company is connected with it over 200 countries. With the help of hostgator anyone can start their business according to their growth and market value. Hostgator provide good services to both small and large business.

    NOTE- Even, I have started with absolutely no knowledge about set up and all that but later I search and struggle to know about all those settings which is really necessary for starting a word press blog and when I have started rarely I found any blog talking about Word Press in details, so for the ease of people I have started providing Free Installation service but you need to buy hosting by using my link and of course you will get discount but it is for limited time remember that.

    Here is Discount Coupon After Clicking on the Above Link Just Use the Below Discount Coupon Code-

    Get 45% Off on Hosting-
    1. Click Here to land on the official page
    2. Use Coupon Code- HGDIWALI
    3. Last Date- 28th October 2016

    Get 28% Off On HostGator India Discount Follow Steps-
    1. Promo Code: OCTAFF28
    2. Offer: Flat 28% off on Web Hosting Plans
    3. End Date: 31st October
    1. Total Discount- 51%
    2. Coupon Code- GATORDAY
    3. Valid Date- 19th and 20th September
    4. Promo 1: 
      1. Promo Code: HGTICKTOCK
      2. Offer: 45% OFF on Web Hosting plans.​​ Applies ​to ALL Hosting plans.
      3. Promo Date: September 27th 
    5. Promo 2: 
      1. Promo Code: SEPAFF28
      2. Offer: 28% OFF on Web Hosting plans.​​ Applies ​to ALL Hosting plans.
      3. Promo Date: All Month Long! 

    New One & Half Day Sale 50% Off on Hostgator-

    1. Sale Details: ONE DAY ONLY! 60% Off All New Hosting Plans, use code: HGTICKTOCK. From 12am to 11:59pm CT, 8/22! 
    2. Click here for landing on official page
    3. Coupon Code: HGTICKTOCK
    4. Sale Begins: Monday, August 29th at 12:00am CT
    5. Sale Ends: Monday, August 30th at 11:59 pm CT

    Get Up to 60% OFF for 30th August Only on HostGator.com

    You have one more shot to make August your most successful month EVER! We are offering Up to 60% OFF New Hosting Plans. This is a 24hr sale which will go live TOMMOROW, Tuesday August 30th @12am through 11:59pm CT!

    Steps to Follow for Discount on HostGator.com-
    • First of all Click here for landing on official page.
    • Now choose hosting plan and then use Coupon Code- AUG30 for getting upto 60% discount

    Here is 70% Discount Coupon for all hosting products on Hostgator-

    1. Click here for landing on official page & of course you will get a free domain name.
    2. Promo Code: FREEDOM
    3. Offer: Flat 70% off   but you need to buy two or more than years for hosting.
    4. Reason for Coupon: Independence day offer 
    Testimonial of my Free Installation Service-

    Khadija from UAE-
    Few months ago,i decided to start my blog. now i just had a thought of starting it and nothing i knew nothing about it. So as everyone i headed to my computer to do some research about it.There were so many things to learn and i was nervous because i really wanted to start a blog but i literally had no source of help or guide.I read many articles and saw many videos but it was still not it.You definitely need a professional help,Right.

    Once,while I was searching about blogging on youtube I came across Ujjwals channel,his videos were very clear and actually encouraging.They were for complete beginners.I also checked out his previous videos.In one of his videos he said about his blog and this is how i came to know about ujjwal. All right long story short,now it was my time to start a blog .I thought i knew enough about it but I literally didn't I found his email from his blog and messaged him and seriously i didn't expect him to reply me.I thought since he is a big blogger and why would he reply me when he does not even know me but replied and cleared out my confusion.My first message to him was back in January and from January till this time he replied to my every question (about hostgator, wordpress).And only this he also set up my blog on wordpress and i still helping me.

    at last i would say not everyone is blessed with such a huge heart who is always ready to help others at any time. i wish you much more success in your blogging and every career

                                            THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    Lets continue with the review-

    Due to its support the plan of reselling so many developers also can start their business to design web sites for their customer and costumer easily can change their websites designing. For this purpose computer and technology expert work concurrently.

    Mainly the services provided by Hostgator.com are:-

    1. Reselling
    2. VPS
    3. Dedicated web hosting
    4. Domain
    5. Add-ons
    6. E-mail hosting and many more attractive services combinally.
    The working criteria of each individual with all services will be described further in this article.

    Hostgator.com is mainly work on hosting service. In different part of information hosting it work well. These parts are:-
    1. Web hosting
    2. Cloud hosting
    3. Word press hosting
    4. Linux hosting
    5. Application hosting
    6. Windows/windows applications hosting
    7. e-mail hosting
    There are many attractive plan, reward, facilities are provided by hostgator. Due to why it become world’s leading hosting provider.

    Recommended Discount on Hosting [15% Discount]-  VirMach Coupon Code

    Web Hosting by HostGator-

    Hostgator provide many various types of tools to make your business online anytime  and worldwide.
    It provides many site’s building tool and over 4500 templates so that at your fingerprint you can do all things. With the help of hostgator every customer can create their convenient  required web hosting with fully well functional and over world wide web as fast as possible.
    Any anything you can perform on hostgator platform like:-
    • Create a blog
    • Use a CMS.
    • Wiki.
    • upload own photo gallery.
    • sell your product online with an e-commerce store.
    Hostgator run on Apache, Linux and Php so you can completely use at all such types of devices. Wordpress combinally work with hostgator’s auto word press installer so you can freely use blogging in further. Joomla, Drupal CMS hosting is also supported by Hostgator so it provide platform to put your business online.

    Some attractive plans according to customer need are also provided by hostgator like:-
    • Hatchling plan at minimal cost of $4.86/month*.
    • Baby plan at starting price of $6.96/month*.
    • Business plan at starting price of $ 10.46/month*.
    All these plan contain features of
    • Unlimited domain.
    • Unmetered bandwidth.
    • shared SSL certificate
    • One click installs.
    These entire plans in cloud hosting is available in less cost from web hosting

    Cloud Hosting by HostGator-

    Cloud hosting is a type of hosting service in which the server of website is made virtually rather than physical web server. Model of computing play a vital role to establish it. Mainly it is available as a service rather than a product.  Hostgator provide all type of necessary tools & services to build your cloud hosting.

    The main feature of cloud hosting computing is :-
    • 2*X faster 
    • Due to low-density server multiple cache layers permission hardware 2* faster load times.
    • Convert of web site in managed order to make speed efficient and use dynamic content   request.
    4X more scalable:-
    • Here according to online growth of website cloud resource can be ramp up without no any data migration, down time or reboots.
    • You can enhance the bar on server allocation & management over the cloud.
    • From this platform large traffic can be responded without any interruption of server
    Completely growth analysis:-
    • In very less effort you can understand sit’s performance using intuitive dashboard provided by dashboard.
    • You can completely analyses the site growth like usage trends, page download, uptime, global reach etc.
    Cloud hosting of hostgator provide many feature-
    1. Integrated caching.
    2. Intuitive dashboard.
    3. Resource management.
    There are also some plans provided by HostGator for cloud hosting-

    Hatchling cloud at $6.26/month* With single domain
    1. 2 GB memory
    2. 2  core CPU
    3. Share SSL certificate.
    Baby cloud at $ 8.36/month*With
    1. Unlimited domain.
    2. 4 GB memory.
    3. 4 core CPU.
    Business cloud At $12.56  with
    1. Unlimited domain
    2. 4 Gb memory
    3. 6 core CPU
    4. Free private SSL & IP

    Word Press Hosting by HostGator-

    If you have already word press site then for increase server size and bandwidth convert your connectivity with hostator.com

    Hostgator provide up to 2.5X more fast of your site with managed hosting.
    Hostgator provide simplicity and make easy to use it. Manage word press platform to handle site administration.

    A. It provide these facilities:-
    • Automatically update the s/w & installed plugins, Apply latest security s/w, upgrade them, optimize WordPress.
    B. Provides advance security
    • It scan daily your web site & remove all malicious malware & make aside to crack or  also remove such things by which your site performances degraded.
    • Automatic create back up to plan daily.
    C. It is flexible for changing:-
    • Scales optimized word press cloud architecture according to plan chosen by you.
    • Provide power to scale instantly your site with minimal downtime.
    D. Hostgator provides 24*7*365 superior support.
    • You can put your query for any types of problem in real time by plane or email.

    VPS Hosting by HostGator-

    Hostgator at very less cost provide such type of server with fully customizable & upgradable at any time according to the size of business and plan chosen by customer.
    It provide the platform where you can install advance software be and control it with fully dedicated functionality.

    The feature provided by HostGator for VPS hosting is:-
    • Flexible software customization.
    • Provide much hardware according to site for VPS Server utilize 32-core AMD Opteron, 6376 processors, 3.6 TB of RAID 10 Storage & 128 GB of RAM
    • 24/7/365 live support via telephone, live chat & E-mail.
    In plan of VPS not any hosting control panel are included but any hardware, operating system or basic configuration issues. HostGator maintain each and every dedicated server throughput with multiple geographic locations in order to provide flexibility, quality And reliability.

    Recommended Discount on Hosting [99% Discount]- Hostwinds Coupon Code

    Virtual private server is that type of server which is virtually created i.e. at the main server provided by hostgator also provide some space where your own database can be create and retrieve the data any time at world wide web.

    Dedicated server of HostGator-

    Dedicated server is a type of server store the data of individual website. Hostgator provide the facility of dedicated server which suited as ideal solution for larger business size and complex and high traffic websites. This dedicated server allows user for maximum customization, flexibility and fully back up support in case of website crisis.’ It provide tool for this purpose
    • cPanel WHM
    • WHMCS with fully automated billing needs.

    Reselling Plan Provided by HostGator-

    At this site after registering your existing domain name and if there is not any your domain yet then you can also register new domain name at some minimal cast.

    With a hostgator reselling plan you can earn money and even you can also set up your own web hosting company. And hostgator will provide you many types of additional facilities for this purpose.
    It provides everything which is necessary to start your plan of web hosting or reselling.

    It provides WHM and cPanal to control your all activity by yourself.
    • Due to WHM also fix up billing aspects.
    • Provide free market place.
    • According to your business it will transfer your site to large dedicated server.
    • With the help of hostgator you can control freely your resource allocation according to best fit of customer’s need
    According to your business increasing ratio hosting is scalable.
    • Hostgator reseller hosting plan provide the platform from where you can completely take
    • control over all the aspects of your hosting business in terms of.
    • resource allocation
    • payment methodes
    • additional services like SSL certificates, domains etc.
    and after all there are also many feature provided by Hostgator for it’s reselling plan  like:-
    • 45 days money back guarantee.
    • Private name server.
    • Domain, sub-domain, e-mail account, MySql DataBase, FTP Account.
    • Free WHMCS or WHM Autopilot client management/ billing software.
    • Site building account for customer.
    • Up to 30 Websites for Website transfer in free of cost.
    • Provide your customer up to 4500 websites templates.
    • Tutorial video
    And many more on WHM control panel, cPanel control panel, Programming & DataBase E-mail Features, Award-winning support , Green web hosting, Free reseller club account etc.

    Windows Hosting by HostGator-

    Hostgator provide the platform on which you can start your ASP.NET website. Many types of application software you can also use on website to make it more attractive. Here the website created by asp.net is too easy to use and much flexible for variable our need. The features provides for web hosting is :-
    Powerful admin tool-
    1. AWStats,
    2. Webalizer,
    3. Raw Log Manager,
    4. Password Protected Directories,
    5. Web Based File Manager,
    6. Scheduled Tasks
    Programming Features-
    1. ASP
    2. ASP.NET
    3. PHP
    4. Python
    5. SSI Curl
    6. GD Library
    7. MVC 3.0
    8. AJAX etc.
    Award-Winning Support-
    1. 24/7/365 Live Support via Email, Telephone, & Live Chat
    2. 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
    3. Online Support Portal
    4. Community
    5. Forums

    Sitelock & HostGator-

    Sitelok is service that performs the scan in daily scan to the website for their performance, virus, threat, cross-site scripting etc and if found then remove them and try to make site’s performance well. Hostgator provide this facility so that each website of the costumer can be scan on daily routine. It also creates back up daily of website so that at the time of website crisis complete recovery can be takes place.

    Activity of sitelock on hostgator is-

    Daily scan:-
    • Hostgator not only scan daily your website, e-mail, application for security purpose but also check for search engine black list and spam occurrence.
    Identify threats:-
    • To make hackers away hostgator create a firewall for each websites to identifies the things by which website can be damaged.
    Instantly Notifies and fixes:-
    • When any types of malicious program found in website then automatically sitelock remove them. So that we can see that sitelock internally run on all website to make customers website versatile.
    Features of sitelock-
    • Automatically prevent attacks.
    • Under monitoring control 24*7 for attacks.
    Boosts customers trust:-
    • Provide sign of security  and trust to the users for make transaction through its websites.
    Start work instantly:-
    • No need for expertise to run it. It run automatically on cloud based.

    E-mail Hosting by HostGator-

    Many large business now a day create their own e-mail hosting in which customer can put their own query and create a environment where they can create the facility of live chat for user support. Hostgator provide this facility with their respective websites.

    The development of business increases and become productive when users stay connected directly. On the platform of hostgator you can easily establish email facilities and manage it according to you want.

    Such type of mailing is too responsive in nature .it support on various types of media devices like pc’s mobile etc.

    If there is any chances to make access of malicious program through mail than on this possibility each mail is scanned and able to make them spam free.

    Hostgator also provide the facilities of premium email site by which you can purchase some e-mail who remain more responsive and high tolerance for spam. And after crisis to retrieve all types of data by using backup facilities.

    Recommended Discount on Hosting [50% Discount]- IOZoom Discount Promo Code

    Code  Guard-
    CodeGuard is a service by which all types of coding data are made secure on the server so that at the time of breakdown type problem of website all types of data are again being able to recover and  make them as like previous time views of website.
    Hostgator provide all such type of facility so that it can fully accomplish the role of codeguard.

    Activity of codeguard-
    • Make connection with your site
    • Initial backup
    • Monitoring
    • Continuous backup
    • Restore
    Technical specification-
    • Full website backup
    • Full automated
    • Restore your web-site
    • Lightweight and secure
    Hope you will definitely enjoy all the facilities which  increase the performance of your site by HostGator

    MOST Important Note-
    Hey, I know there are many those don't have any idea about starting blogging [After looking at professional & highly experienced blogger earning they also try to start blog may be you are also one of them] and try to make money from blogging & failed. Like already failed 97% bloggers. [But you will not just keep reading]

    Do you know why they failed?

    Because they don't find out right path to start blog and I am here to tell you the right path to start your first WordPress blog, Just Get This Offer Here & Remember this offer will end on 22nd of June [30% off on hosting], if you are Indian then you can get offer here.

    Okay, if you want to get 25% off then use a coupon code- ujjwalblogger25

    Here is 60% Discount Coupon-
    1. Sale Details: ONE DAY ONLY! 60% Off All New Hosting Plans, use code: VICTORY2016. From 12am to 11:59pm CT, 8/22! 
    2. Click here for landing on official page
    3. Coupon Code: VICTORY2016
    4. Sale Begins: Monday, August 22nd at 12:00am CT
    5. Sale Ends: Monday, August 22nd at 11:59pm CT
    After buying hosting plan let me know, I will help you to do all technical settings for free and I will also install few plugins for free.

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    ClickAdu Review 2018 Pop Under Premium Ad Networks with High CPM

    ClickADu Review, Pop Under Ad Network, high CPM
    Okay, dear friends today I am going to share with you one of the best ad network in this space that is ClickAdu I will review this ad network today, actually after looking at their stats I am really impressed and I am really happy to share with you about this ad network, today you are going to learn lot of things, I am sure you will get very good information and here are few things I am going to put concentration.

    About ClickAdu Ad Network

    Well, ClickAdu is one of the leading famous network in the world, basically if you will look at their graph of reach then you can understand about them, see they are providing such a great service for advertisers as well as publishers, they are maintaining balance, that is why they are doing great in this space, I mean think about it a company delivering ad impression in over 240 countries.

    I am sure that is one of the biggest achievement of this ad network other than these this network is delivering 100+ million impressions and of course over 180K conversions that is the sweet part for advertisers, so if you are an advertiser or even publisher then you must try this network at least once, well don't get panic, I will share with you step by step guide to join this ad network.

    Few Important Things to Know About ClickAdu

    This is a secial section for all my review article, that is the reason there are many of readers spend lot of time in this section, basically in this section you are going to learn about ClickAdu at a glance.
    1. You will get on time payment
    2. Having great alexa rank world wide is 391
    3. ClickAdu is most popular in Thailand 
    4. You will see detailed statistics
    5. There are several ways to get paid like Paypal [I am using it India and received hundred of payments- Get Paypal India Verified Account]
    6. High ECPM rate
    7. Operating over 240 countries in the world.
    8. They have more than 5K active campaigns, that means if you have heavy traffic then you can make more money as simple as that.
    9. Well, they also have about 4000 publishers in all around the world, well you must appreciate this, because having 4000 publishers itself a great achievement for the company.
    10. There are several ways you can target your audience like geo targeting, frequency, capping and there are many options out there for you, to make it convenient and very useful for you.

    How to Get Paid from ClickAdu

    After writing years about ad networks and implementing too, that is why I have earned thousands of dollars from ad networks alone and my readers also earned that much, one of my blog reader earning about $40 every day from single ad network, I don't know may be you will become next one, but here traffic matter, if you will get good traffic to your blog, then you can earn any money, so have patience keep blogging with different angles to get the best one and keep searching for the best, that is why I always said people to keep doing experiment.

    So, here I found this ad network, only because of this and I am writing few important points here, here are few ways you can get payment.
    1. ePayments 
    2. Webmoney
    3. Crypto-wallets: BTC, BTG, BCH, ETH, LTC
    4. PayPal 
    5. Epese
    6. Wire (bank transfer)

    And of course those are enough ways to get paid, well as I have already shared with you, see I am from India and I am using Paypal to get all my outside country payment and of course I am really happy from their service.

    How to Join ClickAdu

    In this tutorial, I am going to share with you, step by step guide to join ClickAdu network, that's why it will be like spoon feeding for you, that is the main reason I am writing this article, so here is the step by step guide for joining this ad network.
    • First of all click here to get yourself on the official page of ClickAdu
    • Now you need to fill the form, which you can see, if you are having little slower internet connection then probably it will take little time, here is the screen shot I have putted for your better understanding.
    clickadu, sign up form, ad networks, join ad network
    • Now, what you need to do that is to click on "Register", that's it.
    Now you will get mails from ClickAdu team, that's why their team will review your application form and of course within 72 hours you will get notification about it but you need to click on conformation letter link because that is required, that means you will receive two mails from them, now after clicking on the conformation link you will be ask to filled about your blog or website, mean while you may get mail from their team about activation of your account.

    After then you will get a code for providing domain ownership, you can easily do it, just need to do the next step for starting earning money from them, that is by inserting code, if you are completely beginner in this field then I will suggest you to read this article for adding Java Script/HTML Code to Blogger.

    Minimum Earning Required for Payment

    Again, I must say this is one of the most common question asked me, when I shared with them an ad networks, just like any other network here, I know you also have question about this ad network minimum payment threshold that is $100.

    I am sure you have got the answer for your question.

    User Experience of ClickAdu Dashboard

    Well, I am really happy to share with you guys, they have awesome user experience support team, that is the main reason I am sharing here with putting little effort, I know there are many bloggers driving lot of traffic but they unable to earn lot of money because they unable to monetize their blog right way, so here I am sharing with you about it.

    If you are not happy with your earning then you can contact me, I will share with you all details about earning money from your blog

    Okay, here I am talking about user experience of this ad network, that is I will give 9.5/10 and that's pretty awesome.

    Lets See ClickAdu Advertisers Point of View

    Well, I know there are many those wanted to know more about ClickAdu as an advertiser, see there are many those wanted to put their campaign in different ad networks to find out the best one, so I will suggest you to put a campaign and then see the ROI, well most of the time I you can get most benefits from health niche product, but yes you can try and find out what you have then you can move to the next level.

    Here are some interesting things you need to know as an advertiser-
    1. Optimization is smart for getting more conversion rate
    2. Surity of quality traffic, means real people will visit your product page
    3. You can get dedicated manager for your campaign to get best out of it.
    4. You have both channels desktop as well as mobile
    5. Other few features you also have like geo, frequency, OS, dayparting (This is something unique)

    5 Tips to Earn More Money from ClickAds

    Well, till now I have experimented with more than 20 ad networks and of course written many awesome reviews and there are thousands those are getting help from those reviews and I am really happy because of that, well today I am going to share with you, what you required to earn more money from this ad network, that's why you will earn more money, see earning money from ad networks depend on different factors, here are all those factors-
    1. Always try to get targeted traffic
    2. High quality traffic always come from quality content, so always put effort in your content, make it effective, descriptive and of course let users engage with content.
    3. Always try to get traffic from English speaking countries to get high CPM rate, its my personal experience.
    4. Treat your blog as a brand
    5. Invest money in domain, design which is mandatory for getting best out of it, actually I am working on it, soon you will see new avatar of my blog, which will be completely mind blowing for many.
    It is possible that you have used any other network and you are reading this article then I must say you are not happy with earning of your blog, most of the cases it is seen, so here what I am sharing with you, actually I am going to tell you a tip, which is going to work for you.

    I will tell you to use this ad network for a week and see the difference and then decide with which one you wanted to be.

    Is there anything you would like to know about ClickAdu

    WinHost Promo Code for Discount April 2018 with Review

    WinHost Promo Code for Discount April 2018 with Review

    Hey, today I am gonna tell u about one of the most amazing hosting company that is WinHost & here get WinHost Discount Coupon. As from the very name one can conclude easily that the term ‘winhost’ is related to the windows hosting service provider.

    Here, I am going to share with you few coupon code for discount, just follow below steps-
    1. First of all click here to get yourself on the official page and there you need to choose hosting plan and automatically you are going to get discount code.
    WinHost Price After Applying Coupon Codes
    WinHost Hosting Products
    Original price of Hosting
    After Discount if it is Valid for 20%
    Basic Hosting Plan
    Max Hosting Plan
    Ultimate Hosting Plan
    Managed WordPress Hosting

    Actually, Winhost is one of the most widely and top known hosting companies famous for its affordable windows hosting. At Winhost one does not use other vendor's canned control. Also we don't call ourselves technology experts. Winhost is among one of the hosting companies that is offering premium windows website hosting at reasonable cost. Win host is also the most budget ASP.NET specific website hosting services provide across the entire globe.

     Winhost was founded in the year 2000. One of the most prestigious, this very hosting companies was founded and hence came into existence by an experienced windows server expert team. Win host have the character of allowing full trust to the hosting websites preventing the trouble on the arena of running the websites in a shared web hosting environment.

    I am also providing discount for getting hosting and its one of the awesome discount you can say, because you are going to get 99% discount on this- here is the article for you- HostWinds Discount Code [99% Discount]

     For the kind knowledge and as mentioned above Win host have very purified and experienced team. Actually this team works basically on supporting ASP.NET web hosting. All the staffs (technical) are kind, sophisticated as well as knowledgeable on the two ground specially-
    a) Windows platform, and
    b) SQL Server databases.

    windows hosting features,ASP.NET

    Almost all available windows and ASP.NET technologies are available in the plans of win host. Win host also provides 24/7 email and ticket systems support. As mentioned It don't offers a call too. In this very way, day by day this company is getting name and fame due to its valued and important features. Some of them are given below-
    1) Win host possess the features of developer friendly. This did a lot in the working piece.
    2) There is a high tech website host along with almost all recent cutting edge Microsoft technology supported.
    3) Unlike other web hosts, there is no provision of advertise unlimited disk space by Win host. Also there is no bandwidth as well. 
    4) At last but not the least this hosting company supports ASP.NET2.0/3.5SP1/4.5,ASP.NET MVC 1/2/3/4/5.

    About WinHost

    basic.max.ultimate.hosting plan.winhost

    The main provision of Win host is to provide people the most affordable and reasonable world class type windows hosting solutions. The only aim of this very hosting company that is Win host is to offer windows hosting. The new windows 2012 hosting platform is ultimately suitable for ASP.NET, ASP as well as PHP hosting needs. As it is earlier mentioned above that Win host don't use canned control panel, it can demonstrate ASP.NET expertise due to made up of their own control panel.  

    It is informed that win host never used third party hosting control panel software for having everything under their own control. In this place, people planned and programmed their own hosting control panel software by the source technology.

    WinHost Promo Code for Discount January 2018 

    Here you will get WinHost Discount Coupon. As from the very name one can conclude easily that the term ‘winhost’ is related to the windows hosting service provider.

    Here, I am going to share with you few coupon code for discount, just follow below steps-
    1. First of all click here to get yourself on the official page
    2. Now choose your desire hosting plan and enjoy the discount automatically.
    As days passed on, along with the help of recent technologies this became very easy to rent a dedicated server from hosting provider. Usually dedicated server hosting provider often located in another states. Therefore it also became easy and fine to hold some canned hosting software on the box and can call on its own hosting company. Win Host not supposed to be like in this way rather it has their own server. 

    Hence, it is concluded that Win host actually have the aim of focusing reliable windows and windows with stability as well.

    But as there is positive aspect of everything, similarly there are negative fields as well. As there are many advantages of win host, there are disadvantages as well but a small. It has rather limited the customers support option especially for those who has yet to be subscribed. The kind of support one can get with a subscription along is not listed. But there is a 24/7. This makes a little bit problematic for those who are really interested in win host. The most basic subscription of win host actually has a little to offer.

    guarantee. WinHost. 30 day money back guarantee

    Some of the important features are given following -
    Among them one of the essential characteristics is BlogEngine.NET. Firstly let me tell about BlogEngine.NET. Actually BlogEngine.Net is one of the blogging Platform. This blogging platform is an open source ASP.NET project. This is mainly focussed on factors like simplicity, extendibility and innovative design. Apart from this it also depends upon ease of use. BlogEngine.NET is an ASP.NET project that was born out of a want and needs for a good blogging platform. This is easily customizable. 

    Recommended Hosting:  RoseHosting Discount Coupon

    Another important quality is Asp Upload. It is a server component that permits any web application to acquire files uploaded with a browser.

    Another is about Das Blog. It is a blogging application. Generally it does not require any type of data base. It also runs on ASP.NET 2.0 or up. Also it has a rich template engine. In this very way it has a lot of easy and refined features.

    Media Wiki is in real a free software open source wiki. There are many like that of dream waver, email forwarding, Drupal, free shopping cart, live chat support and so on and so forth.

    Person behind WinHost

    Here the name arises in the form of Tony Jiang. Actually he is behind the site FastTopTen.com. By nature he is a programmer and a name who also want to tinker things. According to him he had figured that he could adapt to most other factors of hosting sites but at the end of the day even if his site was coded properly as well optimized well, the hosting company is the only one that can deliver contents to the users in a timely and fairly manner.

    Top 13 things about WinHost

    Guys pay heed!

    It’s important……….

    At first here I want to inform you all that when I was in course of mentioning about the best thirteen features about this company, I myself was in surprise to know that this very hosting company that is winhost have many amazing features not only thirteen , even many more.

    Really it’s awesome! 

    Anyway here I am mentioning about the top thirteen characteristics about winhost. I promise you that you also will be amazed to experience this. 
    1) Win host is an US based service provider that has many feature offering. Actually Win host offers windows hosting at very affordable rates. It has announced to provide around the clock support.
    2) The provision of windows hosting offered by the Win host hosting company is actually suitable for people who want to arrange and set up their professional websites with the ASP.NET hosting.
    3) Win host provides the most affordable and reasonable provision of service for their customers along with guarantee availability without any complexion. There is a provision of 32 GB RAM too.
    4) The plans are cheap and fair. It provides multi type hosting solutions in order to meet different types of websites needs at the reasonable price.
    5) They also contain everything that one want to or might need to handle his/her site in a reasonable way.
    6) One of the most important things about Win host is that it do not have any long timed contract or deals. This is good and advantageous in real.
    7) It is a wholly quality web host that is worth checking out.
    8) There is no set up fees.
    9) Subdomain is of unlimited kind.
    10) It consists of 2000 disc spaces.
    11) There is both email as well as ticket based support.
    12) Top domains are given below-
          a) Net
          b) Com
          c) Biz
          d) Info
    13) There is windows based platform.

    Best Things About WinHost 

    best plan of winhost with its features as well

    Win host is a web hosting company that is available only and just only for the very windows hosting services and jobs and nothing else. There are many advantages in win host.
    One of the biggest advantages from win host is that this hosting company is fully dedicated and doing their best efforts to offer related to windows hosting services.

     There is ability of win host people to focus on this platform and also optimize their server of windows along with max reliability. There are fine types of developers in their respective arena to give the best as they can. There are various planning done by developers to uplift security and performances. They programmed quite a few of self-technology to prevent any type of hustle and bustle. 

    The review of win host has been oriented from webmaster doing experience. As we all know that nowadays internet have become a worldwide service provider, also a big part of our life that have make our needs simple with the availability of all types of service and business in it.

     There are two types of categories in terms of win host servers. Actually they are centrally managed or handled. About win host one of the most advantageous factors is that there is a support team to look after their needs. 

    In fact support is a group of windows professionals and they are having Microsoft approved certification. They are partnered along with more than projects for seamless type of support and cooperation with Microsoft. And that team is keep on improving and also offering latest and finest updated technologies to their respective clients.

    Win host specializes in windows hosting and proved to be the best web host for us. Win host only focuses their attempt on windows hosting and nothing else. It only emphasizes on high quality and affordable windows hosting. 

    Much like that of other hosting company, win host subscription plans are advertised on the basis of month wise in the place of year wise. But it is charged annually. It is of great benefit for people who are subscribing it for longer term. If any User subscribes any type of plan for longer term then he or she will be often offered at a reasonable as well as lowered price. This is not in every hosting company. 

    The one of the most pointed mark about win host is that it offers a three month subscription period for their respective product. There is also a money back plan to ease the hustle and bustle. In real there is a 30 day money back guarantee plan to minimize the any type of risks or problems of their users. Also Win host provides the access to the most popular and well known open source app with their subscription.

    Also from the win host one can install app also but not at all types. Like one can access and also install recent versions of applications of PHP like that of word press, Drupal, joomla, PhpMyAdmin, phpBB, and orchard and so on and so forth. In this way it is made quick and efficient for their users to use the web application .Apart from this database infrastructure is also provided for the apps of web.

    Products And Pricing of WinHost

    products,price-shared,business,reseller.vps service.winhost

    This is one of the most important aspects especially for the customers who want to be engaged in the service of the WinHost. Therefore I am focusing on the products and prices of the WinHost so that you can easily conclude that what actually WinHost is and why it is beneficial.

    Products of WinHost

    Let me tell you about the products that are provided by WinHost. From this you all guys can conclude easily about the plans in the arena of products and pricing services provided by the winhost.
    Here I am mentioning what are the various products that came into winhost.
    They are mentioned below-
    There is a service of unlimited hosting by winhost.
    There is also a provision of reseller hosting too. In this type of product offered by WinHost there are many affordable packages along with all types of features you needs. 
    Apart from above VPS hosting is also one of the reasonable products of WinHost.
    Also Mincraft servers came into this category.
    VPN service is also one of the products of this hosting company.
    Apart from this there are many products of WinHost too. For example web application is one of them.
    Besides this, products of WinHost also include domains. This is also one of the markable value in this field.
    One of the products of WinHost also includes dedicated servers as well as windows VPS.

    Pricing of WinHost

    pricing,2 year,1 year ,3 month price plan,domain name
    As far as it is concerned about the pricing of any hosting company it is to be cleared that most of the hosting companies are Linux based. Few of them are having windows service plan and if it then the price is quite a few high or in other words u can say that not affordable.

    One can contact in two ways for support panel. They are given below-
    1) One can contact technical help, or
    2) Billing department as well.

    Support Service by WinHost

    Actually winhost support and followed portal. Their member can contact either their technical support or billing departments through support panel. So everyone is advised to give as possible as much detail and information they can. 

    There are much information that should be at least provided to ease the way so that there should be no any hustle and rejection regarding affiliation. There are quite a few notes. Some of them are as for example type of software and the version of that particular software being used by that particular individual, also the mistaken messages that is being seen by that very person, and all that are examined and will be answered within 24 hours by the management. Therefore in course of logging into the support panel, one should use their control panel log in credentials.

    Customer's Opinion about WinHost

    Customers has commented a lot regarding the fields like reliability, pricing of win host, its user friendly nature ,its support quality as well as its characteristics. Many one talks about it that is having very good services and also fine technical support. As all know very well that win host is one of the top among windows hosting services providing company. 

    Actually there is a lot and many more web host service providers in the market. As win host that was come out in the year 2000 in California, only focusing on windows hosting, that is why many customers are luring towards it due to its specialization in windows hosting at affordable price.

    What customers are saying matters a lot for any hosting company. As far as the opinion of customers regarding this hosting company that is winhost, it is having very good reviews. They have been very impressive with the services of win host. There are many reasons of the satisfaction of their customers.

     As win host is offering a 30 day money back guarantee on its ASP.NET hosting plan fees. 
    Apart from this just cancel before 30 days and win host will refund customer’s all hosting fees. This is one of the mark able steps for customers. That is why customers of this hosting company are very confident due to money back policies and all this.

    It may be that win host may not be the most accurate and of versatile type but they are the best in themselves.

    Here what customers think about this host are just viewed following-

    winhost, customer review

    Monday, April 16, 2018

    High Traffic Summit Delhi 2018 Review: Coming Event Should You Attend

    Hi, this is Ujjwal Kumar Sen, I know you are interested in digital marketing, yeah that's cool even you wanted to get success and dreaming about quitting job and enjoying tension free life right, then let me tell you.

    Yes, you can do it!

    Got Shocked, yeah you read it right, because I believe if I can do it you can even do it.

    High Traffic Summit Delhi 2018 Schedule
    schedule of high traffic summit

    Here are list of speakers of this event-

    1. Deepak Kankakaraju (Did not present there because of some emergency)
    2. Sanjay Shenoy
    3. Pradeep Goyal
    4. Kulwant Nagi
    5. Gaurav Gurbaxani
    6. Saurabh Choudhary &
    7. Avi Arya

    My Personal Experience About High Traffic Summit 
    I went there earlier, well it is a good hotel (Vivanta by Taj)I must say that, of course they choose great place to reach easily even by metro, Venvanta by Taj is about 800 m far from Dwarka sector 21 metro station.

    Read More: My $10,000 Affiliate Marketing Journey with Tips for Beginner

    Alright, if you are beginner then for pumping up you can attend such event but according to me the best speaker of this event was different in different prospective.

    Sanjay Shenoy- He has done great job in the beginning, shared good content related to getting success in content marketing.
    Pradeep Goyal- Quite inspiring those just wanted to start
    Kulwant Nagi- Not for beginner, because good tools need investment and nobody wanted to invest such amount at beginning, yes if you can implement those steps you could make huge money.
    Gaurav Gurbaxani- Good presentation again not for beginner but yes those have agency they can get good help from the presentation
    Saurav Choudhary- He shared more theoretical things, overall its average. &
    Avi Arya- He was just too good, actually he was sitting with me at the event.

    What are the Best Things I Learnt-
    Yeah, I knew all those things but after listening to them I am sure that these things does work, here is the list

    1. Take Action
    2. Keep doing
    3. Keep improving
    4. Try for new ways
    5. Always ready to face challenges
    6. its not free, you need to put effort but outcome will be compouding
    At the end I must say that its you.
    Food At High Traffic Summit Event
    I love sweets and at the event sweets was quite amazing, well if you will ask me for rating then I will give about 7.5/10 for food, because it could be much better.

    Otherwise for taste & health it is about 8/10.

    Now the Question Should You Attend?
    For my opinion the overall rating for event is 8/10, you can decide but according the price they offered for this event, they could make it better.

    Well now the question, yes you must attend any event related to digital marketing, actually I did  mistake when I have started I did not attend event because of job, study and these that but now a day I am attending lot of events to get inspiration, so make sure you must not repeat the same mistake.

    Thanks for reading.

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