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[99% Discount] HostWinds Coupon Code April 2017 & Hostwinds Review

HostWinds Discount Coupon Code April 2017-

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Founded in 2010, Hostwinds become one of the top hosting company in the world that's why HostWinds 99% Coupon Promo Code, of course they will have to go ahead, I am sure this company will definitely grow because of their quality service, I must say they are providing such awesome quality service, well in this blog post, I am going to share with you Hostwinds coupon codes and of course the insight review of it that's why you will come to know each and everything about this company.

See, there is no doubt that this is one of the best hosting service provider and most important fact is that they are providing wide range of services. Even that is the one of the top most reason I have invested so much time to write this dashing article, I really would like to thank you very much for reading my articles I really appreciate your kindness and thank you for giving time on my article.

See, there are many websites are growing repidly that's why they needed more dedicated server and there are many those are moving towards SSL certificate so there you have all options to have with hostwinds at one place, here you got the opprtunity to get it, here Hostwinds VPS hosting is quite popular.

HostWinds Coupon Code 2016, HostWinds Hosting Review

So, lets get started-

And other than this I am going to share with you insight review of HostWinds, here is the list of content you will get in this article-
  • About HostWinds
  • Products Details of HostWinds
  • Pricing of HostWinds
  • Top 10 Points About HostWinds
  • My Personal Experience About HostWinds Support Team
  • Best Thing About HostWinds
  • What People are Talking About HostWinds

About HostWinds

Hostwinds started its journey in 2010 and of course they are doing awesome job and providing great service to people, most important thing is that internet people, that's why even they have very good large number of customers worldwide.

This company is CEO is Peter, who personally replied to mail, if you will have any query, that is one of the awesome way to stand out from other service providers.

They have unique approach towards their service that is why they are growing very fast in this industry even you can think about it that is the main reason I am also writing about them, yeah don't forget to see coupon code on the above for discount.

See, hosting industry is huge and there are million of websites alone host by many companies, see I have seen many hosting companies are so cheap but here Hostwinds is affordable, reliable and trusted.

I really feel glad to share with you about this hosting company because there are more than 20 big companies I did analysis about them.

But, I have not notice even single company providing such facility like they are treating each and every person like their family and of course you can contact directly CEO of the company, that is the best ever thing I have seen any where with any service provider.

Which is ths sign of a great service provider.

Products Details of HostWinds

Hostwinds provides wide range of products, of course they are basically dealing with hosting related products other than these they also provides domain name registration, SSL certificates and there are other some highly advantageous service too like advanced security.

Well, HostWinds is providing wide range of products but yes I will suggest you to choose one which one is really suited your budget, requirement and even vision for your online portal.

See, there is difference between services because they have worth of that, so you need to choose hosting wisely at the beginning that is the reason I am sharing here such words.

It's not about service you choose, its about your hope, for what you are starting your online portal so making mistake at this stage can destroy your hope, that is possible, but yes remember there is always you have chance to get back and do something big.

Here are few things you need to do before choosing hosting plan for your online portal, see I don't know you have any experience in hosting or not but yes this article definitely will help you a lot, awesome is not it but always look at coupon code for savings.
  1.  Frst of all you need to think about your requirement
  2. See budget you have for at least one year
  3. Now choose hosting plan
I am sure next step you definitely figure out earlier that is setting your portal and get it online soon.

Here is the detials of hosting products-
  • Shared Hosting by HostWinds-
    • Basic Shared Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • But for only 1 domain 
    • Advanced Shared Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • For 4 domains
    • Ultimate Shared Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • For unlimited domains
  • Business Hosting by HostWinds-
    • Basic Business Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • But for only 1 domain 
    • Advanced Business Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • For 4 domains
    • Ultimate Business Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • For unlimited domains
  • Re-seller Hosting by HostWinds
    • Basic Re-seller Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • 10 c-panel accounts
    • Advanced Re-seller Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • 25 c-panel accounts
    • Ultimate Re-seller Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • 75 c-panel accounts
  • Budget VPS Hosting by HostWinds- 
VPS Hosting, Hostwinds VPS
You can choose different VPS hosting package according to your own desire and requirement, there is a slider to choose hosting service, let me share with you one of the service which is the 16 tier service and top level service of course it is costlier than lower tier service, by the way lets see what they are offering in this tier of hosting service.
    • Total CPU is 8
    • RAM is 28.5 GB
    • Total disk space is 600 GB
    • Transfer speed is 1000 MBPS that's awesome is not it
SSD Hosting Service by HostWinds-

This is one of the powerful hosting service, I mean if you are looking for a great hosting server then this is it, because it is really have greater stability and you are having option to choose package, again there is wide range of package they are offering to choose, they are offering other packages too under VPS hosting, I will share with you about its starting package to higest package with all features. They are providing awesome service I am also helping you to save money through coupon code.
1 Tier SSD hosting Minecraft-
  1. CPU- 1
  2. RAM- 1 GB
  3. Disk Space- 15 GB
  4. Transfer space- 1000 MBPS
16 Tier SSD Hosting Minecraft-
  1. CPU- 8
  2. RAM- 35 GB
  3. Disk Space- 90 GB
  4. Transfer space- 1000 MBPS
Lets talk about another VPS hosting service by HostWinds, that is just given below-

SSD Windows & Linux VPS Hosting-
SSD Windows Hosting, Linux VPS Hosting, HostWinds Hosting
They are using latest version of windows with license that's why you can get all updates as well as great speed of your website, that's why it is different than shared hosting, see here you will get round clock support if in case you will get any problem, then you can contact them directly for the solution of the problem.

You can choose anyone, may be Windows or Linux that is depend on you and of course your own requirement, here is the information from the starting to end package offered.
1 Package SSD Hosting Service-
  • CPU- 1 
  • RAM- 1 GB
  • Disk Space- 25 GB
  • Transfer Speed- 100 MBPS
  • Bandwidth frequency- Unlimited
16 Package SSD Hosting Service-
  • CPU- 8
  • RAM- 35 GB
  • Disk Space- 170 GB
  • Transfer Speed- 1000 MBPS
  • Bandwidth frequency- Unlimited

Dedicated Hosting by HostWinds

Dedicated hosting is one of the best hosting service provided by hosting companies, like the same HostWinds also providing such facility and of course it is little affordable for business people, it all started from $99 to $475 per month, but don't worry you will get coupon code for discount.

Of course from the the price you can easily understand that they are providing different service that's why it will fit according to your requirement.

Who to Choose Re-seller Hosting Plan

Well, see I don't know who are you?

Even I don't know what is the main purpose of buying hosting, but I do know one thing that is I have provide information about re-seller hosting plan.

See, I have a friend who is living is NCR Delhi, he is of course a web designer he needed a re-seller hosting plan to handle his client,  now I hhope you understand what is re-seller hosting, that is the main reason re-seller hosting is expensive.

If you are thinking about getting hosting plan for hosting personal website then I will recommend you to go for shared hosting plan, see there are many reasons behind of this, I know if you are looking for testing the web, I mean your skill or even you need to just show presence of your business online then shared hosting works good.

I have also started with shared hosting plan.

But, today I got SSL cetrificate for one of web portal even dedicated IP, because without dedicated IP you can not installed SSL certificate.
You will come to know about its pricing in details in the next section.

Pricing of HostWinds-

Pricing is one of the important topic, when we talk about any product, after all it should be allowed your pocket, so before choosing any hosting plan don't think about one year, think about few years to get best out of it.

So, lets get started with its pricing, well, I don't want you to read about it, I want you to visualize about it that's why you can easily understand its package without spending too much time, here pricing of all type hosting.

Shared Hosting Pricing by HostWinds-
Hostwinds Pricing, Shared Hosting Pricing
Pricing of Business Hosting by Hostwinds-
Hostwinds Pricing, Pricing of Business Hosting
Pricing of Re-seller Hosting by HostWinds-
HostWinds Pricing, Pricing of Reseller Hosting
Pricing of VPS Hosting by HostWinds-
HostWinds Pricing, Pricing of VPS Hosting
Pricing of Dedicated Server by HostWinds-
HostWinds Pricing, Pricing of Dedicated Hosting
Till now I have shared with you lot of things about hosting price and of course I have also mention that always choose hosting after looking at your budget as well as requirement.

Let, me tell you an interesting story, in my college days I was really a hungry guy of hunting and implementing knowledge that's why even I have top couple of times in my college time and that is the main reason almost all (students, teachers and top management too) know me.

So, here is the story, one of my junior, asked me on Facebook about blogging stuff and he told me he already bought a domain name and also hosting the premium one.

That is the mistake, if you wanted to start a blog never buy a domain name directly, you are not going to get success at least 95% probability is there, first learn about blogging then buy hosting as well as domain name.

So, in that way he loose lot of money, I will recommend you not to repeat the same mistake, that is the main reason I am sharing the story here.

Top 10 Points About HostWinds

This is one of the amazing heading of my all review articles, that's why people really love to read my review and of course which force me to write more reviews about products.
  1. Great live chat support team
  2. Wide range of hosting products
  3. Started in 2010, that means they have very good experience in this field
  4. Having large base of customers
  5. They have video tutorials which is really helpful for beginners
  6. They are giving 99.9% server up-time, which is amazing is not it dear.
  7. They are giving full 60 days money back guarantee, this is unique and symbol of class service
  8. They guarantee for 100% satisfaction of customers 
  9. You can directly mail to CEO of the company for resolving any issue.
  10. Affordable service they are providing

My Personal Experience About HostWinds Support Team

Yeah, before writing this part of this review article I have first tried their support team and then I am writing, actually this is my own way of writing this portion, because without getting experience about it writing from heart is really difficult, so I do it, even their support team help me to find out awesome coupon code for you.

If you will ask me, how much marks I wanted to give to their support team, then I would say 8.5 out of 10 and that's really great.

See, support team really play most important for any service provider, especially if you wanted to have hosting service then we must need to see its support service because it is really important role.

Now a days I have seen people are moving towards cheap hosting plan yeah there is nothing wrong with it, people need to move according to budget they have but always try to choose a trusted hosting company like HowtWinds after all your hard work will be with them.

That is why I have started sharing about hosting companies and of course real experience with them, see these days I am also trying to provide best value aided content with discount coupon see in this case of HostWinds I am giving you 99% discount.

Hope it will help you to save some money and of course you can invest your money in other place, I am sure it will help you.

Best Thing About HostWinds

Yeah, this is the one of the best thing about this hosting company, see here I am not going to tell you number of advanatges but I will share with you only one, that is- you can directly contact CEO of the company, if you will get any issue about this company.

What People are Talking About HostWinds

This is the best part of any service provider, not only in hosting, that's why I put this part and I am sure this part really helpful for company as well as people those wanted to get great service.

Can you imagine there are 66 people vote for this service provider and those are existing customers of HostWinds they rate 4.94 out of 5 and that's awesome is not it, here is the screen shot of few testimonials-
HostWinds, testimonials

HostWinds Coupon Code 2016- Use Coupon codes for Hostwinds- UJJWALBLOG to get 99% discount for first month.

And of course if you are looking for VPS hosting, anyone just use Coupon code- UJJWALVPS to get 25% discount.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

KnownHost Coupon Code April 2017 & Review of KnownHost

KnownHost is one of the hosting service which promise you to help you day and night, you also know about it may be, but yes you will definitely know about it, well in this article you will get KnownHost Coupon Codes and of course some discount.

Get KnownHost Coupon Codes April 2017

NOTE- Click Here and get best offer on KnownHost.

I know you also come to this page of this article to get coupon codes for discount right, okay don't worry I will share with you
KnownHost Coupon, KnownHost Review

What I am Going to Share With you About KnownHost

  • About KnownHost
  • 9 Things to Know About KnownHost Before Go for It
  • Best Thing About KnownHost
  • Products and Pricing of KnownHost
  • What Users Thought About KnownHost Service
  • Support Team of KnownHost

About KnownHost

KnownHost is one of the oldest hosting company in the world, it is having more than 11 years of experience in this field that means they know what they are doing here are few important points to notice about KnownHost, basically they are focusing on most important things those really needed in hosting-
  1. Great customer support
  2. Good server uptime
  3. Numbers of data centres
  4. High performance hosting
That's why today KnownHost having customers from more than 150 countries, that means the whole world is using their product, this is the symbol of excellence.

9 Things to Know About KnownHost Before Go for It

Okay, lets talk more on this, actually its been long time I have been writing review articles and many of my review article ranking on the top for which search, even more than 2 lakh search results, so what is the SECRET I do?

I try to help my readers to find out something new, unique as well as important things about the product, company, you know this section is one of the most popular section of my all review articles, here are those important points to know about KnownHost
  1. Company started its journey in 2005
  2. You can chat live with their support team
  3. KnownHost team will help you day and night
  4. Affordable VPS hosting starting with $25
  5. KnownHost provides you 30 days money back guarantee
  6. Proven more than 99.99% uptime of server
  7. Multiple locations of server
  8. You will get DDOS protection
  9. Three of types of products from VPS to dedicated server that's awesome for handling high volume traffic

Best Thing About KnownHost

This is a single one, which you need to know, I mean who does not wanted to know the best thing about the company, see here I am going to share with two most important things about the company, here are those-
  1. They are dealing with only premium hosting, yes you consider this hosting as premium hosting
  2. They are providing pro features like DDOS protection for free, which is pretty good for webmasters, I am sure you are also going to be one of the webmaster, are you?

Why You Must Choose KnownHost for Hosting

Well, I know it is always better to read from image and it is always better to watch video than reading from image, so here I am going to put all reasons for choosing KnownHost as your hosting partner, I am sure you are going to be awesome after knowing all features offered by this hosting company.
KnownHost features, Hosting

Products and Pricing of KnownHost

Well, this is one of the most important section of this review article see, after all its all about products and price of it, so here in this section you will learn about its products including price, that's why you can choose according to your own requirement.

Basically, KnownHost is providing three type of services its starting price range is $25 yes, that is so cheap if you will look at its service, actually I have couple of friends those have been using premiumm hosting because there blogs are receiving over million visits per month that's why they don't go for shared hosting they always look for users friendly hosting, that is why KnownHost play important role for them.

Of course they are paying money for this, even more than couple times than shared hosting, because shared hosting pricing starting range from $2 to $7, its my personal experience.

But, yes in case of shared hosting we face downtime problem and even sometimes if we will get massive traffic then even our server gets down, that is one of the biggest problem of using shared hosting service, well that is the different matter here I am talking about KnownHost services.

Types of Hosting Offered by KnownHost

Here are those type of services offered by this company-
  • Managed VPS
  • Managed SSD VPS
  • Managed Dedicated Servers
VPS- It stands for Virtual Private Server
SSD- Solid State Drive

Lets talk more about these products in details with price range, see price is also one of the key factor, because you also have to look at your budget, because its not for one, its for little long time, so before choosing a plan think and then choose.

Managed VPS by KnownHost

Okay, lets talk more about this hosting product and I am sure you will be happy to read, because here I will share more about its features, price, of course its starting price is only $25, but that's not all you can choose plan according to your own requirement.

Discount on Hosting: JixHost Promo Code

So, lets get started, with all features of this product-
  1. 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  2. Best Uptime in the Industry! (proof)
  3. 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  4. Complementary DDOS Protection
  5. Free Backups & Free Migrations
  6. Instant Provisioning

Here are different packages under this hosting product

VPS, KnownHost, Features, Price range

Some Other Features of KnownHost

VPS Hosting, Knownhost

Some Upgraded Features of VPS Hosting

upgrade, VPS Hosting

Managed SSD VPS by KnownHost

Yes, this is one of the biggest hosting service provided by KnownHost, yes in terms of providing premium hosting, okay lets get started with its all pro features.
  1. 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  2. Best Uptime in the Industry! (proof)
  3. 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  4. Complementary DDOS Protection
  5. Free Backups & Free Migrations
  6. Instant Setup
Of course there are some other combination in terms of range, price as well as product features, so lets get started with all.

Different Packages under SSD VPS Hosting

Visualization is much better right, so lets go for it.

Some Upgraded Features of SSD VPS Hosting

Upgraded, SSD VPS Hosting, KnownHost

Managed Dedicated Servers by KnownHost

One of the most premium product offered by KnownHost, can you imagine it dear you can get such type of product, I mean after looking at the products feature, I am really happy because one of my client having many blogs those having over million visitors per month, that's why I have suggested them to use this service.
  1. 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  2. Best Uptime in the Industry! 
  3. 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  4. Free Backups & Free Migrations
What else? you want, I know may be you wanted to see some other features offered by KnownHost, so lets get started.

Different Packages under Managed Dedicated Server

 Managed Dedicated Server, KnownHost

Some Upgraded Features of Managed Dedicated Server

Upgraded Features, Managed Dedicated Server, KnownHost

What Users Thought About KnownHost Service

Yes, known host is one of the amazing premium hosting company, but here I am talking about what people are thinking about this hosting company, see it is really necessary to know people views before going to start using any service, that's why we are in the internet, because here anybody can talk about anyone.

So, lets get started with

Discount on Hosting 99%: Hostwinds Coupon

what people are talking about Knownhost-

I know if you have been reading then you are feeling stress because there are lot of words you have read till now and have putted lot of information in your brain so, here its time to take break from reading letters, its time for little better visualisation, so here I am putting all information about what people thought about Knownhost.
Knownhost users review, testimonials, premium hosting

Support Team of KnownHost-

Awesome, why? Yes I must say they got nice support team, actually I got, there are many ways they are helping people but my own choice through phone calls or chatting, because these two ways are instant that is why you can solve your problem quite easily.

Here are ways to get support from KnownHost-

  1. Live chatting'
  2. Phone calls and
  3. E-mail

Sunday, April 2, 2017 Review: Best CPM Ad Network for Maximum CPM Rate

Hello friends, how are you?

I am sure you are doing well, today I am going to share with you one of the ad network which can help you to increase your revenue, I am sure there are many of you not happy from revenue of your blog, but today here I am going to share with you about an ad network which will make you happy because this is here you are going to get good CPM rate from all over the world of traffic.

Yes, today I am talking about GlobalAdMedia, here in this article I am going to share with you each and everything about this ad network, so lets get started. Review, cpm ad network

Important Points of

If you have been reading my blog then you may be know about this section, this is a pretty special section of my review articles, so like the same here also I am going to share with you few important points about this ad network.

So, here you go with all important points.
  1. You can send them request to get paid through Paypal, which platform I am using since last five years to get paid, so that means this is a recommended platform.
  2. You can easily get approval of your blog to start earning
  3. You can get proper report of earning with traffic that is one of the cool feature of this ad network.
  4. Minimum earning required to get paid is $25
  5. You can get get paid daily if you will cross the earning threshold and which is possible even for mediocre level publishers 
  6. You will get dedicated support if you will face problem
  7. Ad will not be blocked by any ad blocker means more revenue from your blog
  8. They are doing everything to help you grow with them.

Sign Up Process of

Sign Up Process,
Sign up process of this network is quite simple, I mean first you need to just registered to this website then you will have option to add your blog or website and then after adding it will take very less time which will allow you to start earing money from your blog, here are few simple steps you need to follow-
  • First of all you need to click here to land on the official page
  • Now you will see options to filled starting from your e-mail address
  • After filling all information click on Sing-Up Now
  • Then you will get an e-mail from them to verify, now you need to click on verify then you will be automatically verified
  • This is really simple as like that, what do you think?

Payment Method of

This is one of the popular questions asked by publishers that is why I am writing here about its payment method, as may be you have read all important points about this ad network right so here I am going to share with you how you can able to get paid, there is one of the simple method they are offering that is through Paypal.

Since, I have started blogging, most of my payments I have received through Paypal, you can read more about here: How to get verified Paypal in India

How to Increase Earning with

Yeah, I am sure there are many of you, even all of you wanted to earn more money right. So, let me tell you one of the bitter truth that is here, if you want to earn more money then you need to write more and more quality articles with proper promotion on social media like Facebook, Twitter and even on Google Plus which will help you to get viral traffic.

So, just you need see following steps-
  1. Find out what you can provide through your blog? what people are going to love to read and even shares with their friends?
  2. Write with dedication and then promote with all of them those already get connected with you.
  3. Have patience and keep repeating the steps you will definitely going to see growth in your earning.

User Interface of

Yeah, this is one of the most important topic, because after all you are going to use their interface, so every publishers wants it should be so simple that's why it will quite easier for you to use and understand about it in very less time.

So, for this ad network it is really simple to use, even non techie guys can easily able to understand its interface and use it.

What I Like the Most About

Yeah, I have to shared with you this section because here you are going to learn about what I like the most as a publisher about this ad network, that means most probably this thing will be same with you, you are publisher right, so lets go for it.
  • Easy Sign Up Process
  • Good CPM Rate
  • Awesome support team
  • Easy user interface
  • Daily payment 
  • You can get paid through Paypal
There are many publishers are not happy from their earning only because of ad network, so here you have an opportunity to start earing good revenue with same amount of traffic, which will motivate you further and of course that would be great right, so what are you waiting for start a new journey with

Here, I have shared all things, what I have experienced about this ad network? what do you think let me know?

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Cloudways Promo Code 2017 & Cloudways Free 14 Days Trial

Cloudways Discount Promo Coupon Code April 2017

Cloudways discount Promo coupon code 2017, I am really happy to share with you such code that's why it will be easier for you to get more discount no doubt hosting your blog on cloud, it is an amazing way to get super fast up time for your blog.

Cloudways Discount Coupon Code>>Click Here and Get 14 Days Free Trial<<

Get 20% OFF: Use Coupon Code: HELLO2017

Cloudways Discount Coupon Code and Review article is one of my latest article, to write this article I have spend over 10 hours and of course complete two ways of research, my experience and of course asking number of webmasters those are using its service, so here dear you are going to learn lot of things about Cloudways and you are going to get discount coupon code for getting maximum discount from this service providers.
Cloudways Discount, Cloudways Review

So, here is it, I am going to divide this article in two parts one is smaller one because in this part you are just going to get promo or discount coupon code and in the another part you are going to learn my own skyscraper review about Cloudways, but before going to start blog you must have basic knowledge of SEO and keyword research because this is important to start blogging effectively, here is the guide for choosing perfect domain name for blog.

As you know there is huge demand in the market of cloud server so here at this platform you will get different servers offfered by different companies, therefore even I am promoting this product on my blog, to help lot of bloggers, web masters to save money and grow.

Cloudways is one of the best platform there are many reasons about it, but the think is that you will get many platforms to choose I mean hosting company under one company which is really a good way.

Cloudways Review Topics Covered

I always wonder to write about any product and of course this is one of my primary interest these days and upcoming couple of days I will write more articles on hosting and other products that's why you will get more information about any product, which bloggers required in their blogging journey.

Here, in this section I am going to tell you topics those to be covered in this review part of Cloudways-
  1. About Cloudways
  2. Top Things to Know About Cloudways
  3. Support Team of Cloudways
  4. Popularity of Cloudways
  5. Pricing of products in Cloudways
  6. What is special I have seen in Cloudways
  7. Free SSL Certificates With Automatic Renewal Stack
  8. 4 Options you have to choose for hosting 
  9. Easy User Interface to Host Your Web Property
  10. What Internet Giants are Talking About Cloudways
  11. Some Cool Features of Cloudways
So, lets get started, remember dear I have invest more than 10 hours to write this article but now I am investing more because I wanted to make very useful for readers and of course my readers, because you are reading my blog that means you are my readers, I must say thanks to you, for being my awesome reader.

Now, lets talk more about Cloudways in different section, here I have sub divided this section to make it more useful and of course readable for all.

About Cloudways

Well, Cloudways is located in Mosta, Malta including new feature of switching to different service providers on click, I mean this is something new which I have not seen that any other service providers are doing, I mean think about it, if you want to migrate or transfer your domain name then it takes time and of course for many it is like rocket science those are not familiar with these technical things but with Cloudways switching is simple.

They are providing four different infrastructure, I will share with you in details about it, okay now lets do talk about this company, it has all started in 2011, yes you are right this is not a decade old company, but what they are offering that is I must say cutting edge service for webmasters.

If you are looking for getting cutting edge service then you need go for it, here is the whole screenshot for you, it will make you understand much better about the company from foundation and of course inspire you, because they are moving pretty fast, it even inspired me to write more about this company.
About Cloudays, Inspiring Cloudways

Top Things to Know About Cloudways

Yeah, this is my favourite section of any review articles, I have been writing review about many products since long time now like here is the Bluehost Review, Hostgator Review, Popcash ads networks review and there are many, so I know which part of the article is important and which part is not, as this is one of the most important part of this article, because you can come to know about the product at a glance, so here you are going learn about those most important things about Cloudways.
  1. This is the first product in the market which offers to switch into different infrastructure on click {As per my knowledge}
  2. You can choose anyone service from most amazing cloud services (DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Hosting) and next one will come soon
  3. They have awesome customer support team, I must appreciate their effort
  4. Affordable hosting 
  5. Cloudways alexa ranking is 22,581 wordwide
  6. There are about 800 websites links to Cloudways
  7. You will get free SSL certificates
  8. More than 100,000 websites are hosting on Cloudways
  9. Over 31,284 servers are running and managed by this service providers.
  10. CloudWays comparison which is super, you need to look at the screen shot
Cloudways Cloud Hosting

Support Team of Cloudways

I know may be you are thinking every hosting or online service providers having great support team, you are right of course they have good team for supporting you (customers), but if you wanted to know about Cloduways support team then I must appreciate their support team, because they are passionate about their work, they love their company and as per my experience I need to tell you that they are not working they are helping others just like family members, I am sure this is one of big reason they are moving pretty fast.

List of things I like about their support team-
  • They are very friendly
  • They are humble
  • They got good knowledge
  • They are passionate about helping people through chatting
What else you want from support team, they got all, according to my own experience.

Popularity of Cloudways

As the company started its journey in 2011 and till now they are providing cloud hosting service to over 10,0000 websites then I must say they are moving very fast, now its yours time to move fast and get a new edge hosting plan.

So, already I have shared with its alexa ranking that is about 23000 world wide, okay one of the most important thing I did not share with you, its popularity on Google, if you will search the term cloudways then you will get about 87,000 search results that means this is a popular term in the internet, what you say?

Pricing of Cloudways products 

I know when pricing section come then few people said what we need to pay for this?

what do you think about pricing?

But, hosting plan always better, it is proven, because you are going to get lot of premium things with it, which is not possible with free one.

Okay, lets see the pricing of Cloudways products-
Cloudways pricing
If you need large server then they have solution for you-
Large server, Cloudways

After looking at the price plan, what you can say?

Is not that amazing, I mean you have lot of option to choose even better option, I mean by using cloudways hosting plan you can manage any size website, this is real valuable things of Cloudways.

Let's take an example suppose you wanted to start your own blog, then you don't need to get large server because blog required any standard plan and suppose that your blog will become so popular then you can easily switch to the better plan on click and if you will get problem then yes they got awesome team to help you, even you know about their support team if you have read the support team section of this review article.

What is special I have seen in Cloudways

I really push myself forward to find out something new, valuable, useful before writing review about any product therefore I am sharing this section.

Here is the special thing, see if you will buy hosting from any hosting service providers they are not going to give you option to choose the infrastructure, but here at Cloudways you have the option to choose anyone of cloud hosting server and yes if you wanted to change later then you can do it, just few clicks you need to do, again if thinking about getting problem while doing so, then I must remind you support team is there to help you.

Free SSL Certificates With Automatic Renewal Stack

Yes, this is the thing I came to know after chatting with support team, you are going to get SSL certificates with no cost for forever to you, but again I am telling you this stats I got from their support team and I hope so you will get the same with you.

Options You have to Choose for Hosting

Yes, this is one of the amazing feature offered by Cloudways because you know, if you are looking for a hosting plan which will provide you option to choose different infrastructure then this is the right hosting plan for you.

You will get four options for hosting your blog on cloud-
  1. Digital Ocean
  2. VULTR
  3. Amazon Web Services
  4. Google Cloud Platform Live
Yes, another one is coming soon, again I came to know about it from one of Cloudways customer support team and that is the reason I have written my own experience after talking to Cloudways support team.

Easy User Interface to Host Your Web Property

Before going to share with you about my experience from its inside, here is the screen shot which shows how is it easy to host your blog on cloud, but yes they don't sell domain name remember that.
Cloudways Interface
Yes, if you will land on inside of the Cloudways you will see like I have putted the screen shot, If you will ask me how much marks I am going to give out 10 for its interface then it is about 9.5/10.

And that is awesome.

What Internet Giants are Talking About Cloudways

Yes, I must admit this, I can not stop myself to share with you what people as well as internet giants are talk about this hosting platform, yes these things really gives us proof of quality service and which helps us to use better service in our life.

Okay, here is one of the case study done by a user of Clouways and of course I will share with you the testimonial-
Cloudways testimonials

Yeah, that is awesome right, even you can see this testimonials because Cloudways feature this testimonials on their official website, now the big moment, I am just going to put another screen shot, that is about what internet giants are talking about Cloudways.
Cloudways Talk by Giants
Here, is one of the cool proof of their amazing service, actually I got bunch of brand love Cloudways Cloud Hosting service, I know you wanted to know about them right, so here again I am going to share with screen shot of it-
Cloudways Hosting, Testimonials

Some Cool Features of Cloudways

Here are some cool features of Cloudways, see in this section I am going to talk about features, less words but will share with you more screen shots that will show you better and help you to know more about this platform, I have single motto that is to share with you, maximum things I can share with you about Clodways, okay enough talking lets start with its features.

Managed Cloud Hosting by Cloudways-
Cloudways,  Managed Cloud Hosting
Simply and Optimised Hosting Partner-
Optimised Hosting Partner, Cloudways
Integrated Cloud Hosting by Cloudways-
Integrated Cloud Hosting, Cloudways
Better Control on Your Hand for Hosting-
Control Hosting, Cloudways Hosting
Other Few Cool Effective Features by CloudWays Hosting-
CloudWays Hosting, Effective Hosting
Oh my God, finally you are here after reading lot of images and of course about 2000 words, actually I have even spend more than 10 hours to make it effective and thinking about investing lot more time in my upcoming articles to make more effective articles hub for people, for blogging related niche.

Actually, I wanted to share with you one of another cool feature of Cloudways, well such feature I have not seen till now that any other hosting service providers are having, so you wonder to know about the feature, okay here is it.

There is no doubt that cloudways is providing such an amazing platform and here you will find out multiple platforms, that means you can get all most amazing cloud hosting provider under one roof, yes that is the real beauty of this service provider and of course you are getting coupon code to get started with 14 days free test drive. I am sure this is the key and they are giving reason to people to join this network, because you don't need to spend even penny to get started with it.

So, if you are still reading here then I must say here you will get to start using cloud hosting for your business purpose, all I can say is go ahead and test this cloud hosting service provider.

Actually, if you found any feature is missing by cloudways then you can contact them for that feature they will available that feature for you.

Is not that cool?

Note- Actually, you can get free drive for two weeks and of course I can also say this is a free trial of Cloudways so if you wanted to get great experience in hosting then you can choose this hosting service provider, its amazing and most important thing is that SSL certificates is free which is pretty good for ranking of your blog.

Cloudways Discount Promo Coupon Code >>Click Here and Get 14 Days Free Trial<<

Well, cloudways is a cloud hosting service provider they have multiple infrastructure integrated that means you got the opportunity to get start with it and able to get best cloud hosting service for your web property, most of the time people now days preferring to switch to Cloud and therefore here you got it.

What do you think about Cloudways hosting?

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