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Top 10 Best Alternatives to Clickbank for Indian Traffic

ClickBank Alternatives in India
Clickbank is well known for digital products marketplace, many affiliates are making money from this program by promoting Clickbank products, but Clickbank products definitely not for Indian visitors because of video presentations of the product but still there are many affiliates programs other than Clickbank products to promote for Indian traffic bloggers.

So here are those affiliate networks I am going to share with you, that's why you can make more money from blogging, actually I have given names of affiliate programs those are well known by internet users, see if you will not promote well known products then probably you will get less conversions than if you will promote well known products, hopefully this is making sense for you.

1) CJ- ClickBank Alternative

Commision junctions it's full form, this is a great network because of it's affiliate programs for Indian traffic like products.

2) ClickBank Alternative

Flipkart is a e-commerce website, most of the internet users know about this Indian e-commerce website, so if you will promote this product then definitely you will get more conversions rate, you and me both know if you will get more conversion then definitely you will make more money.

3) ClickBank Alternative

This is also a Indian e-commerce website, let me tell you one more thing this website is a part of network, this is also good known by Indian visitors, so you can get more conversions, if you will promote products provided by this e-commerce website.

4) DGM Group ClickBank Alternative

DGM group a popular affiliate programs provider for blog owner or affiliates, if you are not addicted to affiliate programs then may be you are first time hearing this name, but this is a good affiliate networks.

5) ClickBank Alternative

Actually this website is not going to provide you products for promoting on your blog or website but this is sure that you will get more conversions if you will promote your referral link on your blog, because they provide free membership to users to make money online by reading emails and this is a legit website.

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6) ClickBank Alternative

Amazon is also e-commerce website and their product convert well for getting traffic into sell, so you are having good options to get more sell from your blog and may be you are thinking about products variety, then let me tell you, they provide almost all variety of products for promoting.

7) ClickBank Alternative

This is also a good affiliate networks for providing wide range of affiliates products for promoting on blogs or may be on websites. You can also promote international offers too.

8) Tyroo ClickBank Alternative

Tyroo is also a good affiliate networks because they provides wide range of products and specially they are having wide range of traffic about 44% reach Indian Audience.

9) Google Affiliate Networks- ClickBank Alternative

Once again this is a wonderful service provide by Google for affiliates to make more money from traffic from all over the world.

But to apply for Google affiliate networks you need to have Google Adsense account.

10) ClickBank Alternative

Bigrock is providing solutions for creating websites, blog hosting and also domain name registrations , I think if your blog is related to these categories then this is the one of the best affiliate programs for making more money and also customer satisfactions.

Did I Make Money from ClickBank

I know it is little difficult to make money from ClickBank if you have Indian traffic blog, but it is not impossible even because I got cheque from ClickBank in India no its not $1000 its only $145.85 

And interested thing is that, most of the sells I got from Indian traffic, so what is the main concept behind this, I mean what I did to make money from ClickBank.

Ultimate Way to Earn Money from ClickBank Quickly

If you are looking for ultimate way to earn money from ClickBank then I will suggest you to find out a product which can solve people problem, now you need to know what people are searching in the internet to solve their problems, well once you will come to know about the product and problem can be solve.

Your job done.

Of course you need to give time to find out such things, sources you required is ClickBank marketplace, just create your account and head over to their market place you will find products out there in every niche from health to sports, now for finding out what people are searching use Google Keywords Planner.

Now, you need to find out keywords for building your niche blog for that particular product, for building a niche blog you need to have a domain name and hosting.

If you are from India then I have a great suggestion for you, then choose hosting from BlueHost India they are good, I am using it for my niche blog you can use it, check here for getting BlueHost India Discount Coupon Code.

Now, after getting hosting and domain name start writing content related to the product and niche which will help you to get organic traffic and that means more sales, which will make you more money.

Here, are Few Steps to Follow for Getting Success in Niche Blogging

  1. First of all write articles and then promote on social media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest)
  2. Start cross linking but always take time to do, I mean it should take time, don't try to make change over time, take time and then keep moving is the best way to get good rank
  3. Write full length awesome articles [Using image, good URL structure and of course headings and sub headings]
  4. Write at least 30 articles and then keep promoting for getting good number of traffic which will helps to improve its ranking.

Affiliate Networks are good to make money online from blogging and even promoting campaigns on other websites, but to make more money from affiliate networks you need little bit experience too, I will recommend you get experience by promoting affiliate products on blog, then go for campaigns, whenever you will be familiar with this business.

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Is Blogging Really Make Money Profitable

Profitable online business, make money blogging
Blogging is the way which celebrities used to get connect with their fans but bloggers do blogging to provide information people what people are looking for, first blogging platform has been provided by Pyra Labs from 1999 but in 2003 Google has acquired Pyra labs and start giving premium service for free.

To make it easy for people to make money from blog they now integrate Google Adsense to blogger interface, that's why blogpsot bloggers can see their earning from the same dashboard, other than Google adsense [Joy of First 10,000 impression on Google Adsense]there are many other advertising networks those also support blogspot blogs to show advertisement and make money, blogging is not a day job it's a perfect business, but you have to do little hard with patience then you will succeed.

In blogging you can make money as much you can, even few times more than your day job but for this you have to wait for the time, till the time come, you have to do hard work to make your blog to the next level, blogging is not a one day job it's a continuous process of sharing things with people.

If you wanna make serious money from your blog then you have to wait for the time, you should have to educate your blog readers on your blog topics, provide wide range of things related to your blog topics.

I like blogging because it is the way which reach me there where I wanted to be in my life, you can also do the same, because it's simple to create a blog for free on blogspot platform, but only creating blog is not every thing learning is important in blogging and then sharing, it is always recommend to use blogger or wordpress for starting blogging but if you are looking for WordPress then I will suggest you to use FastComet hosting, here FastComet Coupon for Discount, if you are from India then you must go for BlueHost, here is Bluehost India Discount Coupon.

If you are thinking really blogging can make money for you, then let me give the answer of the question.

Yes!!!, even you can make money as much you want to, many people quit blogging that's why they did not reach to the next level, so never quit blogging if you want to become a next level blogger.

To make more money Google Adsense is not good enough, if your blog having good quality traffic from Europe, Australia, USA, Canada then you must try top Clickbank products to make more money because they provide upto 75% for selling a product, you can even earn about $5 to $15 per click, this much rate no one can give you.

Few points to remember to make your blog helpful for the people-

1.) Be positive.
2.) Learn daily and share daily.
3.) Take rest every week on sun day if you have blogged the whole week.
4.) Be patience while writing and learning.
5.) You need to put continuous effort.
6.) Response to your readers comments.
7.) Upload image to every post.
8.) Tell your friends about your blog.
9.) Give seminar about your blog on college technical fest.
10.) Write more at least 800 words on each post.

I will recommend you to join few ads network those really help me to earn some money online, here is the interesting article for you- How I Earn $300 from two Ads network

Ujjwal Kumar Sen Story About Blogging in Brief-

I have shared couple of times that I have started blogging five years back in this duration I have learn lot of things as well as I have wasted lot of time on different things to earn money online.

And finally I found blogging which is just amazing for me to become successful internet money maker and I am still searching for new things that's why I can become one of the top blogger in terms of earning, helping others, influence blogger.

Well, let me tell you frankly blogging is long time a perfect business because your earning will be multiply with time so don't forget to write great content in your blog and keep doing the same, one day will come when people will talk about you and many newbies will make you their ideal blogger.

Can you imagine is there any other profession which will make you this much famous, bless, inspiration, flexibility to do something BIG but this is fortunate for us means for me and you to work on this.

Well, here is my story its a night time about 12 PM I was using Orkut to chat with my friends and finally I got a message in my Gmail box about making money online, although that was spam mail, but I am lucky that I got that mail, that mail I got that's why I have started blogging and today I am here.

After knowing that we can earn money online, I have started searching about it and finally I found blogging to make money online and I am still stick to it because its worth, to make it convenient other newbies those wanted to become famous blogger.

Well, I hope you are also interesting to know about me in details then read- About Me Page.

There are many people and my friends ask what is the secret of becoming a successful blogger as mechanical engineer? So, I have thinking about writing a great blog post on it and here is that Secrets of Top bloggers in India.

If you are thinking about blogging can make money or not, then let me tell you blogging can make you huge money even you can not imagine and also better life style to you.

But you have to be more curious and passionate about blogging.

Is there any thing you would like to add?

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[30% Discount] Eleven2 Hosting Coupon Code 2016 & Review

Eleven2 Hosting, Coupon Code, Review,
Yeah, after hours of research I found many things to share with you about Eleven2, I mean only using hosting company is not good enough to write an article about the company. So in this article I will share with you lot of information about this company as well as you will get Eleven2 coupon code that's why you will get some discount, may be you have been landing on this page because of that, so lets go for it.

So, basically, I have seen there are many those are coming to this article only to get coupon code and that means they already know about the hosting company, may be you are also one of them so for ease of them, I am putting that section here only.

Hurry for COUPON Get it HERE.

Eleven2 Coupon Code 2016 August

Yeah, if you are looking for discount coupon code for this you need to follow my steps, here are steps-
  1. First of all you need to click here to be land on this official page.
  2. Now you need to choose hosting and then use this as coupon code- summer16, that's it you will get DISCOUNT of 30%

Things I am Going to Tell You About Eleven2 Hosting

  1. About Eleven2
  2. 11 Things to Know About Eleven2
  3. Best Thing About Eleven2
  4. How Eleven2 is Helpful for Beginners
  5. What People are Talking about Eleven2
  6. List of Data Centre Locations
  7. Products and Prices of Eleven2

About Eleven2 Hosting

Yeah, this hosting company started its journey back in 2003 and today this company is very famous in this hosting niche, actually they are providing different hosting packages like-
  • Shared
  • Re-seller
  • Enterprise and of course
  • Virtual
That means, does not matter what is your own requirement, one of their service definitely fit your need, that is their motto, I am sure this company will rock for long time. What do you think?

11 Things to Know About Eleven2 Hosting

This is one of the most important section of this article, that's why I am sharing with you, actually till now I have written lot of reviews about many products those I found very helpful for my blog readers, basically from couple of years I have been experimenting with many ad networks, then I have written review like Popads review, Bidvertiser review and so on including Indian payment gateway Instamojo Review.

I know there many those are getting real insight information about these service providers, that's why I have started experimenting with web hosting companies, so I have started with Bluehost India and I am also providing few coupon codes under BlueHost India Coupon Code.

Yeah, that's why all about the past story of this section, so I am sure this section will help you a lot, to find out more information about this hosting company.
  1. The company is established in 2003, means they have well experienced in this vertical
  2. Wide range of hosting services
  3. 60 days money back guarantee
  4. 99.9% Uptime, just too good for your website
  5. There are over 300 apps you can installed instantly, including very popular one WordPress
  6. Free transfer of your website with no extra price even they promise your website will not face downtime.
  7. You will get various add on features, those you will love to have with your hosting partner and here at Eleven2 you will get all together.
  8. Hosting service starts from $4.17/month
  9. Multiple locations of data centres.
  10. They have multiple days of backup power
  11. You will get multiple backup options

Best Thing About Eleven2

The above section is just too good for all those are looking for knowing about the hosting company much better way, I am sure the section will help lot of people, well in this section I am not going to share with you all information about this company.

Here, in this section I will share with you only one, which is more stronger than anyone, but its my own personal view, so for you it may be different for knowing more about this hosting company at a glace please read the above section, which will be good for you.

So, here you go- The best thing about this hosting company is its SERVICE

How Eleven2 is Helpful for Beginners

There is only one strong reason behind reading of this section, actually you wanted to know, how you can get started with Eleven2, if you don't have good knowledge about hosting and other settings, then let me tell you dear, they have good customer support team, first and second if you will visit their knowledge base then you will find lot of questions out there with answers.

I have seen couple of questions those are very basic that means even if you are completely newbie then you can go for it, I mean you can easily do your job according to your own requirement, just visit their knowledge base you will find all there.

What People are Talking about Eleven2 

Dear you got to see this, because those are existing customers of the company, what those guys are talking about, of course which is the proof of any hosting company, I know there are many hosting companies out there those are not providing service upto the mark by here Eleven2 hosting does, that's why people are talking positive thoughts about this hosting company, I am sure you are looking for the screen shot right.
Eleven2 review, customer review, hosting service

List of Data Centre Locations of Eleven2 Hosting

Yeah, I must share with you they are having lot of data centres all around the world, okay here locations that's why you will have complete knowledge about their data centres-
  • Asia (Singapore)
  • Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • USA (Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas)

Products and Prices of Eleven2 Hosting

Yeah, you need to know more about product and services offered by this company, that is the main reason this section come up here and I am sure you are going to enjoy this section, because I am going to invest lot of time here and then definitely it will become great for you, so lets get started with what type of services they are offering
  1. Shared Hosting 
    1. Shared Hosting
    2. Shared SSD Hosting
  2. Re-Seller Hosting
    1. Re-Seller Hosting
    2. Re-Seller SSD Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Enterprise Hosting
That's all about of type of products, no the re-seller one is not for all, if you are in web hosting business then that is good for you, otherwise that's not for you, actually one of my friend do design work for many of my clients, so he usually ask me to know more about re-seller hosting, because he does provide service to many.

Okay, so now you have remaining three other types of hosting, but I will suggest you to go through with one which one will meet your requirement, but yes I am going to share with you all that will be better for all, because I don't know about your requirement.

Here is the most basic features provided by Eleven2 you got to see this-
Hosting Features, Eleven2

Shared Hosting by Eleven2

Yeah, this is the most basic plan offered by this company, you will come to know more about this plan, of course you will have option to choose, here is the details about this plan in the screen shot.
Shared Hosting, Pricing, Eleven2 Hosting

Shared SDD Hosting by Eleven2

SSD application hosting is launched suddenly, here are few things you are going to get under this category of hosting, I am sure you will be better, because they are providing very good service under this package, well as I have taken the screen shot there is sales going on, yeah I must say you will get some coupon codes also for getting discount, as I have already shared with you earlier, 
  • All technology panel
  • Good customer support
  • Great up-time, which is really necessary
  • You will get fastest speed for your website, which is exactly the company is doing these days.
Shared SDD, Pricing, Features,Eleven2

Re-Seller Hosting Plan by Eleven2

Yeah, if you wanted to just get started with Re-seller business then this is the basic plan, but if your hosting websites will have heavy traffic then you must go for SSD one, which is better.
Re-Seller Hosting, Eleven2, pricing

Re-Seller SSD Hosting Plan by Eleven2

Yeah, I must say SSD is the super fine technology for all those wanted to get high speed performance of your server
  • You will get high speed SSD 
  • You will get control for you and of course for your customers
Re-Seller SSD, Eleven2, Pricing

VPS by Eleven2 Hosting

Use this hosting plan you will get some cutting edge technology products probably about those products you can not even imagine, here I am sharing with you about those products.
  1. Fully control for your customers.
  2. Acceleron caching technology (ACT)
  3. You will get elite size hardware
  4. Of course with multiple location server benefits
VPS, Pricing, Eleven2

Enterprise Sever by Eleven2 Hosting

Well, this is the ultimate one, I mean this is the hosting you required if you are looking for running heavy traffic web portal, like e-commerce site, this is the best way to get server, of course there are few benefits of having this type of hosting, here are couple of those benefits-
  1. You will get 24*7 support
  2. Their team is working 24*7 for monitoring the system
  3. You will get all latest technology for getting superb performance.
Enterprise Sever, Eleven2 Hosting, Pricing

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PowerUp Hosting Promo Code 2016 August & Full Review

PowerUp Hosting, Hosting discount, coupon code, review
PopwerUp Hosting is one of the popular hosting companies in the world basically, here you are getting promo codes for discount. today I have been chatting with one of my new partner, he was looking for a hosting company, which will take care of our new super amazing top category money maker blog, because he is one of passionate and real dynamic person, having mater degree (M.Tech) like me. Well, that is different but because of him I am writing about this hosting service provider, hope it will give you value and I am sure you will get some benefits of landing on this page, because I have been in contact with PowerUp Hosting team to provide you some discount coupon.

Hurry for Coupon!

PowerUp Hosting Coupon Code August 2016-

  1. Click Here to be on the official page and then choose hosting.
  2. Here is the coupon code for getting 15% discount- ujjwablog

Things You Will Know About PowerUp Hosting-

This is the part of this hosting company, here I am putting all headings those I am going to share in this article and most important thing is that I am planning to write as much I can about this hosting company.
  1. About PowerUp Hosting
  2. 9 Things to Know About PowerUp Hosting
  3. Best Thing About PowerUp Hosting
  4. List of Data Centres of PowerUp Hosting
  5. PowerUp Hosting Customer Service from Personal Experience
  6. Products and Price of PowerUp Hosting
  7. What People are Talking about PowerUp Hosting

About PowerUp Hosting

Well, this company is based in USA, the company having well infrastructure that is why it is having five star rating on Google, basically this company is providing service in different type of hosting like-
  1. Cpanel hosting
  2. Shared hosting
  3. Re-seller hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting
  5. Dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies

9 Things to Know About PowerUp Hosting

This is one of the most important section of this article, I mean if you are looking for knowing in details about this hosting company in very short period of time then this is the best section to read, even I got messages from people regarding this, because this is just too much helpful for newbies, so are you also looking for knowing about this hosting company at a glance then lets go for it.
  1. People rate this hosting service 5/5 on Google, screen shot is attached on the bottom of the page
  2. Wide range of products to choose
  3. 45 days money back guarantee, so no question about their service
  4. The company is based in USA
  5. The company rating on its Facebook page is 4.7/5, that's also awesome
  6. The user interface of the company is very good
  7. Different ways to get support, especially chatting support is awesome, its my own personal experience
  8. You can able to get awesome loading speed, which means great benefits of ranking of your page
  9. The company already featured on Forbes and INC magazine

Best Thing About PowerUp Hosting

Yeah, the best ever thing about PowerUp hosting I found that is all about type of hosting service with quality, yeah I have to share with you, that I have read couple of articles as well as asked several people before writing this article, so I must say the best thing about this hosting compay, is its service.

List of Data Centres of PowerUp Hosting

There are many data centres, this hosting company is having in USA and Europe to provide you better service and even you will get lot of traffic to your website then even it will have capability to handle traffic.

Here is the list of all server locations this hosting company is having-
  1. Los Angeles
  2. Dallas
  3. New Jersey
  4. Amsterdam

PowerUp Hosting Customer Service from Personal Experience

Well, this is the thing I usually share with you guys, actually to get some coupon codes for you, that it will be beneficial for you to land on my blog, so here I am providing coupon codes for getting discount from this hosting company.

Well, if you are thinking about their customer supports that's amazing, but if you are looking to know their chatting customer supports then I must say amazing, rating?

Yeah, there are many those always looking for rating, so I would say 9.5/10.

Products and Price of PowerUp Hosting

There are wide range of products offered by this hosting service provider this is one of the biggest advantage of using this service, of course I will share with you one by one that will be very helpful for you to know about all products.

So, are you ready to know about all products, I know you are?

But, before going to provide you information about all services, let me share with you few key features of PowerUp Hosting-
PowerUp Hosting, features

Types of Products Offered by PowerUp Hosting

  1. CPanel Hosting
    • SSD Shared Hosting
    • Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Re-seller SSD Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
    1. Linux VPS built on SSD
    2. Windows VPS built on SSD and
    3. Windows VPS build on HDD
  4. Dedicated Server
  5. Proxies
    • Dedicated Private Proxies
    • Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies

CPanel Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few features and package is given below in the screen shot, which will be much better for you to know more about PowerUp Hosting.
Basic Featutres, CPanel Hosting, powerup hosting

Re-seller SSD Hosting

Re-seller hosting is one of the hosting service, which generally used agencies to provide server to their clients, actually few of my friends using such service from different companies and they are making very good money out of it.

Here are some key features of this service-
  1. Official cPanel NOC partner
  2. Managed dedicated support
  3. LiteSpeed
  4. Cloud server
  5. True SSD
  6. Multiple server locations
  7. With great uptime, which will help your site to be live

Pricing & Features of Re-Seller Programs- 

Well, I have figures out that screen shots are much better to read pricing and features, so the screen shot is given below.
Reseller hosting, poweruphosting reseller, pricing
Reseller hosting, poweruphosting reseller, unmatch pricing

VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

This is one of the most wanted hosting service, if you are looking for server which will give you confident of running heavy traffic website.

Linux VPS Hosting Pricing by PowerUp Hosting

All information about its pricing is given below, but always choose hosting after looking at your requirement.
Linux VPS Hosting , PowerUp Hosting

Windows SSD VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

Windows SSD VPS is one of the smart choice for all people those wanted to start their website with full power, which is having capability of handling lot of traffic at a time, perfect for event based blog.
Windows SSD VPS, Pricing, PowerUp Hosting

Windows HDD VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

VPS and Windows HDD is just awesome for all those are looking for getting powerful hosting.
Windows HDD VPS Hosting, Pricing, PowerUp Hosting

Dedicated Server by PowerUp Hosting

One of the best way for handling heavy traffic on your webpage, if you are running e-commerce store this is one of the best choice.
Dedicated Server, PowerUp Hosting, Pricing

Dedicated Private Proxies by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few high lights about this service-
  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Advanced authentication [You will get IP based authentication]
  3. Fresh dedicated proxies [New proxies every 30 days]
  4. Expert managed support
  5. Stay 100% secured.
  6. Speed matter too
Dedicated Private Proxies, features, pricing

Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few features or I must say important things you will get in this package-
  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Advanced authentication 
  3. Fresh dedicated proxies 
  4. Expert managed support
  5. Stay 100% secured.
  6. Speed matter too
Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies , Pricing, Features

What People are Talking about PowerUp Hosting

Well, it is wonder to share with you what people think about this hosting service, because I got something amazing for you to share, here I am giving a proof that PowerUp Hosting is getting five star rating from public, you can cross check my words also, here is the screen shot of about it.
PowerUp Hosting, Review, rating of hosting

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