Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to Use Permalink (Custom URL) of Blog Post on Blogger

Permalink, Custom URL

As a blogger, I always do experiments to find some thing new which would be useful for other bloggers and me too.

Here, I have found some thing new for you which is useful for getting better visitors from search engines.

You must try this, which would be useful because I have also check this tactic is using many probloggers.

But, I want you must use this tactic!!

So, here is the tactic, you won't need to do any special just create a post as you always do, but before publishing the post use the tactic as I am using.

After writing the article, see on the right side then you can see these options as I have given below the screen shot.

Now you can see the third number option "Permalink".

Now click on the "Permalink" then you will see options will open as I have given below screen shot.
Permalink, custom URL

Now click on "Custom Permalink",  then a box will open as I have given below on the screen shot.

Now write main key words of your article like my this article SEO for Blogspot blog like the same I am giving link name SEO for Blogspot blog, now click on done.

Then you will see the link as I can see for my this article link, I have also given below screen for your better understanding.
Custom URL, Permalink
But one more practice you can do, that is use underscore in between two words on permalink, I have practice it and got much help than not adding underscore in between words.

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See the difference in ranking in the search engine.

Let me know how it is helpful for you, I am sure it will help you to get more visitors to your blog and friend "you and me" both know traffic equals money.

Benefits of Using Custom Permalink on Blogger-

There are of course having benefits of doing this little work before clicking on the publish button, but you need to stick to this, actually there is a very good way to choose permalink, actually I have used this way and got benefit, see if your blog post title is the same as people do search on the search engines and also the permalink then I am sure your blog post is going to get may be top position on the search engines.

But, sometimes big companies do get lot of back links to even their new article that's why there ranking is much better but not worry, if your blog post is in the first page then even you are doing great job and you are going to get benefit from it.

Because, more number of quality blog posts you will write on your blog then your blog post ranking will be keep increasing within few months and you will see much traffic coming to your blog and till that time have patience and keep blogging.

One of the big mistake made even pro-bloggers, after getting great position in the blog-o-sphere they start falling down because they don't do hard work to keep there or may be getting better position, I must be thankful to CopyBlogger that blog is still having great position and they are improving each day, the reason is simple they are putting effort and improving their content each and every day.

That's why people love to be there.

If you can do this then, I am sure, your readers will love to read your blog, but you need to keep doing all these things for getting good rank, helping people and more important to make them happy.

Its a win to win situation, you can have all these but the only way is helping people and the best way is try to fill a gap in the internet by you, probably which gap no one filled till now, well you need to search for that gap and have patience to work to get success in blogging.

Once you will get success in blogging then you will earn much more money than your day job, may be you will see you are earning more money from blog in a month than your annual salary from day job, but of course you need to do real hard work to have that day.

I will suggest you to celebrate that day that's why you can make it to one day.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Rename Labels in Blogger

Blogger is a great platform no doubt about that, but if the problem or question right now you are facing that is "How to Rename Labels in Blogger" then I have the solution for you. In this blog post I am going to share with you how you can rename labels in blogger as well as you will come to know why it is important to rename?

What is Labels in Blogger-

Blogger is one of the awesome platform that is just awesome for people those wanted to share their knowledge as well as they can make money online.

But, you need to know how to add labels to bloggers, well I hope you know about it because you wanted to know "how to edit labels in blogger", well, if you don't know then follow my steps-
  • Just go to create a blog post
  • Then just give little bit time to open it and then you need to see right side on your screen 
  • There you will see the first option that is Labels
  • Just Click There and add labels
  • Deciding labels is not a difficult job
Here, I am going to share with you how you can decide labels for your blog, see if you are writing about a mobile phones about any company then you can add labels to like Mobile cell name including company name.

For example- Micromax A1

It is also known as category of blog post.

Actually, if any one will click on a particular labels on your blog then blog will shows all blog posts under that labels.

That means, it will be helpful for people or readers of your blog too, and there is another good benefit from search engines that I will discuss with you just below under different headings.

How to Rename Labels in Blogger-

Here you go, I am going to share with you step by step guide for renaming label of your blog post-
  1. First Log in to Blogger or go to
  2. Then click on your blog
  3. Now click on Posts
  4. Then you will see your all blog posts including draft (means those blog post you did not publish)
  5. Now click on the blog posts in which blog posts you want to change labels
  6. Now you will see blogger blog post writing dashboard
  7. Now you will see option "Labels" on the right side
  8. Just click there and write your desire labels and you need to go through the last steps
  9. You need to click on Publish
  10. After this see your blog post, hopefully you will see changed labels on your blog post
Still, if you got questions for going through these steps then let me know, I will help you to do this, okay here I want to tell one more thing about this-

Don't try to put too many labels in a same blog posts, that would not be effective for none of point of view. I mean neither for your readers nor from search engine point of view, so what you should do?

You need to do little extra effort for writing labels for first four five blog posts to understand the concept after then you will be familiar about it and you can easily write labels for your blog posts.

Just like for my blog posts- most of my blog posts are under- blogger tips, seo tips etc, that would be depend on topic I am writing on my blog posts.

SEO Importance of Labels in Blogger-

Of course,

It is helpful from search engines.

Because, search engine crawlers can read category or labels of your blog post, so if you want to get more help from search engines then you need to stay to the labels.

I mean, if your blog is about health related tips, then you may used labels as "Health tips", like mine blog is about making money online, blogging tips, seo tips, that's why most of the blog posts labels are under these categories.

I hope you are getting me.

Here, I would like to share with you few more seo tips and tricks those you need to take care writing a blog posts
  1. Blog Post Title- If you are beginner bloggers then I will suggest you to know what people are searching on search engines before deciding the title of the blog post, which will help you a lot for deciding traffic driving blog post title.
  2. Content Matter- This is fact, if you are writing great content then that is for sure you will be a  real winner, but it takes time, hard work, dedication, patience and few other things also.
  3. URL Structure- URL full form is Universal Resource Locator, you need to write good URL structure, well if you see this URL structure you need to see Permalink on blogger, just click there while writing a blog post then you can see the structure, you just need to put your blog post title there and put dash in between two words that's, if you are newbie then I will suggest you to see my Blogger SEO Tips Guide,
  4. Search Description- This option is available on the right side of blogger writing dashboard on fifth position just click there and add your blog post title, if you are little familiar with seo then write about your blog post in short, it would be much better for getting good rank on search engines.
  5. Way of Writing- Writing is the almost main key for blog, if you wanted to really get good wealth through blogging then you must concentrate on your writing part also, if you are not good then try to be good as well as proof read your own blog posts to avoid errors in blog posts.
Till now you have gone through all steps those are related to labels in blogger, but one most important step is understanding SEO effects of putting labels on blogger.

My recommendation for you, you should add labels to your blogger and if you did any mistake earlier you must correct that as soon as possible.

Work Hard, Become Smarter- Successful Blogger

Is there anything you would like to know about Labels in Blogger?

Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Use Flipkart Affiliate EGV As an Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate EGV

Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce company in India in a very short span of time the company grown very well.

That's why I have used their affiliate marketing to make some extra bucks from links I shared, well I did not put much effort but even then I got sells around 10,000 INR and I earn few bucks because my almost all products were electronic that's why I did not earn much, because commission for selling electronics is less.

But, yes I have earn some money from them, here is the problem I faced to spend EGV on Flipkart to buy anything.

Steps to Get Information About Flipkart EGV-

See, if you don't have much knowledge then read my all steps, if you are already affiliate of Flipkart and you got paid from Flipkart then you need to know your transaction ID, this ID you can easily get from Flipkart payment history on their affiliate page.

I just got that transaction number and e-mail to help team, they have replied with very good helpful information.

Here, is the e-mail I got from-
How to Use Flipkart Affiliate EGV
Click on the above image to increase its size.

Information you required to use this EGV- 
  • Voucher Number
  • Pin Number
But, few lines I have just copy paste as it is below, well those really helpful for beginner's to use EGV for buying any product on Flipkart.

How to Use Flipkart EGV-

  • Go to and select items to purchase.
  • Add items to your cart and go through the ordering process.
  • Choose EGV as the mode of payment.
  • Enter the Voucher Number and PIN to complete the payment.
  • In case the order value is greater than the balance available in the voucher, you can pay the remaining amount using any of the available payment modes.

Want to Earn Money from Flipkart-

Earning money from Flipkart is not difficult but you need to have a good online presence to earn money online.

You may use Facebook, Youtube, Your Own Blog, Twitter as well as other social medias.

Just you need to spread links and you will be earning commission for free, I mean think about this you are working while sitting on a beach.

This is amazing, right.

This is only possible with Online business, see there are many business you can do online from selling own products to selling other products.

But, I will suggest you to earn money online by doing blogging, because I like blogging the most, that's why I have started a tutorial on this, that is How to Start Blogging Without Investment

How to Promote Flipkart Products for Earning Money-

There are many ways to promote Flipkart product and one important thing is that people trust Flipkart, so if you will promote its product you will make money as well as it would be better for getting more sells, means conversion rate would be much better.

So, here I am going to share with you those tips and tricks that's why you can also make money from Flipkart and enjoy shopping.

See, there are two ways for getting payment from Flipkart as an affiliate-

  1. EGV- Its means Electronic Gift Voucher, yes its full name is this, but this is the one of the way to get payment from Flipkart and you can enjoy shopping with Flipkart by using code provided by them, if you will get any problem then you can contact them directly and one most important thing about this EGV is its validity is one YEAR, remember this.
  2. Direct Transfer- There just you need to put your bank account details then Flipkart will send you money directly to your account when your account balance threshold cross.
Well, here are best two ways to promote Flipkart product-
  • Blogging-  Most probably blogging is the best way to promote Flipkart product, but you must be honest as well as know how to start blogging effectively.
  • Social Media- Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) you can also promote product on these medias through your profile for getting sells.
I know at the beginning everybody face problems, but if you will be confident that you will find out solution of your problem then you will definitely find out the solution like I did.

Well, Flipkart is a very good e-commerce company, I have been using its service from last four years.

So, if you wanna earn extra income from your social media profiles then don't let it go this opportunity.

Is there anything you would like to know about Flipkart Affiliate EGV (E- Gift Voucher)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Indiblogger Blog Directory Review for Indian Bloggers

There are many blog directories, which can help you to drive traffic to your blog, but today I am going to tell about, indiblogger- you can understand from the name that this is a blog directory for Indian bloggers. In this article I am going to share with you, my experience about Indiblogger blog directory.

So, Lets Start with Approval Process of Indiblogger-

It's Easy to Get Approval, but your blog must not be a website(about any commercial website), your blog must be a blog like all we have, does not matter you are having domain name or sub domains (Blogspot, Wordpress etc)

Of course it's free to join!

Connectivity on Indiblogger with Other Bloggers-

There are only two reasons, bloggers use blog directories to get traffic and connectivity with other bloggers, or you may also we can say to reach to their audience and of course for free.

If you are really interested in connectivity then this is good place to get connected with Indian bloggers.

Almost all bloggers are there on Indiblogger!

More important is that, you can read your favorite articles of favorite bloggers quiet easily.

Indiblogger Alexa Rank-

Most of the blogger know about Alexa Rank and also it's importance, actually it's an company.

So here is the alexa rank of Indiblogger-
Alexa rank of indiblogger

It's a screen shot!

Now you can understand, this blog directory is famous in India.

SEO Point of View "Indiblogger" for Bloggers-

Yes, this is my as well as I hope yours interest.

Actually, your blog will get a backlink for registering domain name, that's fine but the most important thing is that your blog going to get backlinks for each blog post, if you will share your blog post with Indivine, which is one of the feature of Indiblogger.

I mean you can share your each blog post on Indiblogger, there are two benefits one is long time and another one is short time.

You will get back links which is for long time and traffic which is for short time, but the funny thing is that both are helpful for the growth of your blog.

Traffic from Indiblogger to My Blog-

You have an option, in your membership area "Indivine", there you can submit your blog post to get traffic to your blog.

What next?

It's time to drive traffic to your blog on autopilot, that's amazing.

But here is the tip for you?

If you want to drive more traffic from this blog directory then submit best blog post there and see the magic of traffic.

Specially for my fifth blog post, I still remember that day, when I have driven about 150 visitors to my brand new blog from one blog post only.

That's amazing right?

Use this blog directory, if you are still not using and take a new step ahead to become next level blogger.

Few Noticing Points about Indiblogger-

Well, I have already share with you many things about Indiblogger but I want to share with you more it would be quite good for you to know more about Indiblogger, whatever information I am sharing with you all those information are from my experience only, that's why I am sharing you.

Well, here are those points-
  • Indiblogger started by four Indian bloggers 
  • Indiblogger is based on Chennai
  • Its Alexa rank in India is 424
  • Indiblogger also getting popularity in Australia there its ranking is 11,000
  • Indiblogger got backlinks from more than 6000 websites/blog
  • Popular search terms for Indibloggers are Indiblogger, Indian Blog directory, Indian bloggers etc.
  • Indiblogger got 3% traffic from search engines according to Alexa

Problem I Solved on Indiblogger-

Well, couple of years ago I have started using Indiblogger, but when I have sign up for Indibloggers I did not see my photo there, actually if you want to see your photo there you need to have Gravtar account like the same wordpress blogs shows on your photo on the comment section

But, the most important thing is that you need to use the same e-mail address on Gravatar as well as on Indiblogger to see your photo there and you can use that e-mail address for commenting on other blogs if you want to see your photo on the comment section also.

The problem I had that is previously, I have an account on Gravatar that's why I need to changed my primary e-mail address on the Gravatar which e-mail address I used to sign up on Indiblogger and after doing this I did see my photo on Indiblogger.

Benefits I Got from Indiblogger-

Of course there are many benefits of using Indiblogger, here are few benefits I got from Indiblogger-
  • I got more than 3,000 back links from Indiblogger, I got this statistics from Google Webmaster tool itself.
  • More friends from blog-o-sphere
  • I got more than 7000 pages views to my blog
  • A platform to promote my blog posts 
  • And of course got an opportunity to write this article

How to Sign Up on

Here is the step by step guide to get an account on
  1. First log in to
  2. Now click on Sign Up and wait for few moments to let open the page
  3. Thes it will show you guidelines, well this is really important for you to know before going to use.
  4. After reading you must click on Proceed to Sign Up for next step
  5. Then you need to fill a form for blog title to your name, place etc fill those asking things correctly
  6. Then click on Sign Up
  7. Done from your side
After doing these steps right way Indiblogger team which check it out your application and if they found your application meet their criteria then you will get approval from them.

That's it keep enjoying Indiblogger.

What do you think about ?

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