Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bidvertiser Review- I EARN $104 From Bidvertiser

I can remember when I have started using Bidvertiser (Bidvertiser Review is because of that), in that time I don't have knowledge about any ads network, that's why I have started using many ads network including- Affinity, Clicksor, Chitika,, Qadabra etc.

Some of them paid and some of them did not, because I was unable to reach their minimum withdraw amount.

WELL, that's why I have stop using some of them and using Bidvertiser and today I have something important to share with you about making money from blog as well as my experience with Bidvertiser.

I did not made too much money but of course I made something from Bidvertiser which probably 80% of bloggers never reach to this condition, I mean 80% of bloggers never made more than $100, but I did from single ads network.

See, there is no rocket science behind this, even it is simple! I have already written a blog post about Bidvertiser Review, you  can also read this for better as well as basic understanding about Bidvertiser, but in this blog post I will share with you two important things about Bidvertiser those are my earning proof as well as how you can reach here easily and you can also share about your earning on your blog.

My Earning Proof from Bidvertiser

Well, its my earning proof from Bidvertiser with whole statistics, here is the screen shot of it
I Earn $104 from Bidvertiser
I hope you are little inspire from the proof, but dear for this I did something that's why I have earn this much money.

Well, this is not Big amount but I know there are many those are dreaming about making this much money from blogging.

May be you are one of them! well I don't know about this.

My proof shows that you can make money from Bidvertiser, but for making more money you need to get more CTR (Click Through Rate), for all these I will tell you simple working tips and tricks that's why you will earn more money from same traffic of your blog.

Earn More MONEY From Bidvertiser

I bet you, right now you are thinking about traffic of your blog, because more traffic means more bucks in your pocket.


Actually its not like that, because I came to know about this when I made $145.85 from ClickBank.

Can you guess how much traffic made me this amount, its only 5 visitors, yes only 5 real people, from that I learn more traffic does not mean more money, its about right audience if your blog having right audience you can make more money.

Okay, that good but what else if you want to get more CTR and want to make more bucks, many bloggers struggle with this.

Actually, Its all about placing ads code, yes! 

You have read it RIGHT, if you will place ads code just after the title of the blog post as well as if you will place ads code in between the blog post then chances of getting more clicks is more that means more money you can earn.

How I Get Paid from Bidvertiser

The confusion always have with new bloggers especially those are from Asian countries, because almost all ads network paid in dollars then how would you get paid, more important how you are going to get paid in your own country currency.

Well, for all these the Answer is Paypal, just use Paypal and stay away from all these problems, I have using Paypal from Years.

I will recommend you to Create Paypal account for making it easier for you.

I hope you like the review, even then there would be something different you need, then you can ask me below through comments.

Well, there are numerous network for bloggers to use but I will suggest you to use ads network those are well established as well as they paid on time like Bidvertiser.

Join Bidvertiser Now Click here and Starting earning from blog.

I hope you will make your 10$ soon from your blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to Make Your Blog Unique for Blog Readers

Uniqueness in blogging is important every body says that, even pro bloggers, but how would you create a unique blog for others, for which people are searching.

Then dear let me remind you, you are a unique from yourself, because it's a rule of nature of course you are unique in the world, so what you will do from yourself? That would be unique, right!

So, how would you write a unique blog post.

Then it is almost totally depend on topic of your blog, then if you are choosing a topic on which you are having lots of experience, Problems you have solved in your life, those problems you have faced.


This is it, this is really need blogging.

I know other than uniqueness you need many more things to learn in blogging, because only writing good content or problem solving content can not make you even a good blogger, I know most of the bloggers start blogging because of making money, even I have started blogging, where I did mistakes, that's why even it took too much time to make money from blogging, that's why I have created blog to make people create a money making blog in a short period of time. But the question is that how would you make your blog content reach to right people, which people are looking for, because in the internet there are millions like you, but you are unique from yourself, even every body is unique, even you can not create a same product(physical product).

I am sure, if you will think on my words, I am sure you will do something in blogging, that is dead sure.

Let me give more ideas to be unique in blogging-
  • Write About Your Life Solved Problems- This is always work, I mean if your content will not solve problem then does not matter how much money you have spend on graphics its worth ZERO.
  • Do Lots of Experiments- If you want to write something dashing as well as unique then experiments is only way for this, but it is depend on you what you want, because experiments always take time.
  • Read Forums- When I was new to blogging, I did lot of mistakes and one of them was, I did not invest time to understand the real need to audience I just concentrate on article, but that is not good enough for becoming a next level blogger.
  • Read Questions and Answers Websites- Again, the real juice for bloggers, I will suggest you to do one more thing i.e. don't forget to give answers.
  • Put a Contact Form for Asking Questions in Your Blog
  • Ask Problems to Your Friends or Colleagues or Known- In this way I was able to write fresh 10 articles for my audience.
These above ways can make you unique for creating unique as well as useful blog post.

What are OTHER ways can make you unique? What do you think about this blog post, please comment below, I will be thankful for this.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Top 10 Reasons For Promoting Clickbank Digital Products on Blog

Promote ClickBank Products On Blog
Clickbank is known for great digital products, that's why I say the Clickbank, they are providing great platform to make money for promoting digital products and at the same time they are providing great platform to vendors those are creating digital products.

Clickbank recently changed their layout with colour of their logo, but this is little bit off information according to the title of this blog post, don't worry I will tell those reasons, why you must promote Clickbank digital products.

Then are you ready to know, hey read the article carefully if you wanna really want to know the information about Clickbank.

1):- More Commission on Click Bank

Advertising network paid you about 70% of their total earning even less, but here is the big difference they give you upto 75% of the product selling by you.

If you are thinking selling and clicking on the ads is different right, but  let me tell you advertisers also selling their product through your blog right, that's why they are promoting their product.

At least I will tell you, choose any one product and promote, I have written an article on this, which product you must promote-

Now promote any one of these above products, first go to their affiliate tools, those even I have shared on the article.

Now promote any one product and see the difference within one month, if you are earning $400\month from advertisements then you will earn more $1000\month.

I am not joking it will happen, just try once and see the difference in earning!!!

2):- Well Known for Digital Products for Customers

This is important in the market, if any thing is known for customers then it is quiet easy to sell the product.

And Clickbank is known for selling digital product from last few years.

3):- Great Service for Customers

Service is most important for internet customers and they are providing great service to their customers as well as affiliates.

Most important service for customers is 60 days money back guarantee!!

4):- Good Payment Options

In the internet you have to give more options to customers for better flexibility for the customers and they are providing best possible ways to give payment like Paypal, Credit Card.

Well, few days ago I have read on ClickBank blog, that they are going to add more options for making it flexible for customers.

5):- No Need to Wait for Approval

If you want to show advertisements on your blog, then you have to wait for the approval from the advertisement networks right.

But here is the difference, you don't need to wait for promoting Clickbank products, if you don't even have website or blog even then you can promote Clickbank product quiet easily.

6):- No Need Have Even Your Own Blog or Website

As I already told you, don't need your own blog, just you have to give sell no matter how? It is just like amazing give sell and get commission that's it.

7):- No Need Big Investment

Investment, may be you are thinking you need to give payment for creating an account on 
Clickbank right!!!


If you don't need to pay even a single penny to create an account on Clickbank, It's free!

But you have to invest to promote a  product, if you don't have your own blog or website, because if you will not promote the product then how would you get sell.

No sell means no commission, you need to invest only few dollars for this, you may use Bidvertiser  Because you will get 20$ clicks free! Grab this offer to test your first ClickBank Product.

8):- Thousands of Digital Products

Yes, this is like a storm of digital products, you need to just choose a product according to your requirement and promote.

Here is some thing important for you, don't promote a product which is having Gravity less than 50.

Well, very good reasons are it is having more than 10,000 digital products as well as more than 100,000 people promoting those products, now think about the ClickBank.

9):- Tools from Product Owners

For attracting more affiliates to their product they do provide tools just like banners for promoting their product.

You will get this from the description of their product on the marketplace only.

10):- There is Unlimited Paid Traffic

This is really need to make more money as an affiliates because your blog or website is not good enough to make more money from blog.

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You have to promote Clickbank product on other blogs or website to make ton of dollars from the internet.

Most Important- I got Paid from ClickBank, its 145.85 Dollars, but the most important is how I got paid, here is the quick video, you must watch-

If you are having any problem, no matter any where ask me I will definitely give you answer, well in this blog post I hope you got lot of points to promote ClickBank products, well one more suggestion I would like to share with you for getting more sells.

Create videos as well as write a review article about the product then link that article with the banner ads that's why your readers will get inside view of the product.

But for making more money from ClickBank its always depend on you, I mean choosing product to promote is always make you win, I have very simple solution for it, always choose evergreen product like earn money online as well as health related product, those convert really well.

Is there anything else would you like to know about Clickbank?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Free Email Listing Service Provider for Bloggers for Email Marketing

Feed Burner Free Email Marketing
As I have already share with you how building emails list can increase your visitors, so here I am going to share with you free email list service provider, that's why you can get start collecting emails for benefit of your blog, actually there are many email marketing service providers, but I will suggest you to use free one if you will get benefit from this then start using paid, there is always some benefits for using paid one than free one.

Actually, I am using now a free email marketing service, the free email marketing service provider is Google, yes Google is providing free email marketing service as a name of Feed burner.

Feed burner is the most popular free email service provider, many using this service for making more money, because this service will increase blog readers, may be you are thinking it would be quiet difficult to use this but in reality it is quiet easy to use.

What is E-mail Marketing

I know, may be you know what is E-mail marketing but it is also possible you don't know, okay let me tell about e-mail marketing is short. Actually its way to let people know about your new activity, may be you have created a new blog post, or may be your company provided new discount like e-commerce company does.

But, for notifying people about this, you need to have a media to add more people on your list for spread words on more people as well as you need to send them your message with minimum cost, here e-mail marketing comes up.

Feed Burner- Best E-mail Marketing for Beginners

When I have entered in email marketing in that time I did not know much about feed burner and how to collect more emails addresses from existing visitors, I will also share with you the tips I have used to collect more emails from existing visitors.

Actually when I enter into any new thing, I always looking for free service because in the first attempt, you do mistakes, so use free one and get experienced and then start using paid one.

Personally I like feed burner, but many marketers don't like this service and they used other paid email marketing service. I will recommend you to use this service first then move to paid service if this will helpful for you, I know it will help you.

Let's do talk about some thing important about email marketing, actually this is one of the fastest way to get response from users, that's why many marketers used email marketing, but here is the problem with email marketing, in email marketing you will get response from 3 to 15% only.

But, still I think this is good even reason behind this is it's too cheap, for an example let's assume you will collect 500 emails addresses in one month, then after one month if you will create a post then according to above stats you will get visitors about 15 to 150 visitors for creating a one blog posts right.

Now just think this about one month you will get about 450 to 4500 visitors now you can easily calculate that how much your earning will increase for using only one month this free service now think about this effect after just a year.

May be you want to know what you need to use this free service, you need only an account of Google that is Gmail account and you can directly signup for using this service for you blog.

So, go for it and start getting benefit of using this free service provided by Google!!

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Professional E-mail Marketing Service Provider 

There are many companies provided e-mail marketing services but only few of them are popular like Aweber.

If you are little know about top bloggers, then I must say you know guys like John Chow, Jemery Shoemaker, Neil Patel

These guys are using Aweber for their list building as well as sending e-mails, well I have full proof method to make huge e-mail list.

E-mail marketing is the real meat to your business, even top bloggers like John Chow told in many interviews, seminars that his no. 1 mistakes was, he did not collected e-mail addresses.

But, you don't need to repeat it again just go for it and enjoy traffic coming to your blog and everybody knows traffic equals money.

Is there anything would you like to add About E-mail Marketing?

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