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Blogger Custom Domain Not Working Without WWW

After Getting Domain Name for your blogspot blog, it will not redirect to your blog without adding "WWW" prefix before domain name, even I was getting this problem after getting domain name.

Like here the title of the blog post said- 

Blogger Custom Domain Not Working Without WWW

I mean, if your blog is not found after writing your domain name only, like for mine ", then it will not automatically redirect to, if you will not do small steps on blogger, after adding domain name to blogger.

That's enough for knowing the exact problem.

So, I finally found the solution for it.

Go to<Then Go to Blog Dashboard<Click On Settings<Find Publishing Section Where You Have Added Your Domain Name.

If these above steps are difficult for you, then read my step by step guide to reach "Publishing Section".

Now Click on Edit<Then you will see "Redirect to", but there you will see your domain name, before this you will see a box, just check that box okay then you will see right sign on that box and then click on Save.

I know these steps are little difficult for newbies, that's why I have created it's screen shot but step by step that's why any one can do it quiet easily.

Here is the step by step guide for it-
domain not working without www
Blogger Custom Domain Not Working Without WWW

Hopefully you did it. if you are facing any problem to do these steps then let me know, I will definitely help you.

Reasons to fix "Blogger Custom Domain Not Working Without WWW" this problem-

See, there are many reasons I can share with you, but I don't want to share with you un-necessary reasons those are not useful for you, I am sharing with reasons those are useful for you.
  1. Good Impression
  2. Traffic
  3. Branding
Although, all these three reasons are related to only one thing that is whenever people will about your blog, then they are not going to type www before your domain name.

That means, if you will not fix it then probably it will be a loss for you, so why to loose your favorite blog readers and it will take only few minutes to do and it will be there for forever.

I hope you are getting my point.

SEO Impact Those Domain Name Not Working Without WWW-

See, there are 200 factors on those basis search engine Google shows result, but I have not heard that it will effect on SEO.

But, yes

It will definitely put effect on branding of your blog.


The reason is simple, people can not access to your blog without adding www, see only we (I and you) can understand this fact, that if the blog is not opening then we must add www before the website.

But, I bet you about 90% internet user's are not familiar with all these things, then what next?

You can easily guess, they will switch to another blog and I hope you don't want that the same fact will happen with your blog.

It is a simple tutorial about fixing a problem domain name not working without WWW prefix, this tip is working 100% if you have any other problem about blogging let me know?

Is there any simple mistakes you made in blogging?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Best Blogging Platforms in India- Ultimate Guide for Indians

Blogging Platforms, Indian Bloggers

Are thinking about start a blog in 2015, then I am here to help you to start your own blog, see I hope you want to start a blog for money, passion, fans, help others, whatever reason you have? I hope ultimately you want to earn money from blog, hey this is my own expectations from you as a reader of this blog, I appreciate your time spend on this blog, but I can give you the best possible information regarding blogging, because personally I am an Indian Blogger and I have started my first blog in 2010.

Now, you can understand how much experience do I have in blogging, actually the reason behind writing this blog post is that I want to help you, because you want to start a blog, as a beginner bloggers you are going to a regretful mistakes from choosing domain name to writing content on your blog, till you will come to know mistakes you did, you will quit blogging, because blogging is not a one day job its a real business and real business takes time to get popularity but once you will become popular then you are the real winner you are going to get each and each everything in your life, which you can not get from your day job.

Because, I have experience this on me, okay may be you are having these following questions right now, if you want to start a blog-
  • Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money
  • Best Blogging Platforms for Photographers
  • Best Blogging Platforms for Fashion
  • Best Blogging Platforms 2015
  • Best Blogging Platforms for Writers
  • 10 Best Blogging Platforms
  • Best Blogging Platforms Free
If you are thinking about above questions then I have answer for these questions, that is, which is owned by the search engine giant Google.

YES, Google.

May be you know or don't know?

Actually, I don't know about this because I don't know about you.

May be you are thinking why I am telling you to choose to start your blog, definitely there are many reasons behind of this, let me tell you frankly you must read this blog post for knowing all reasons-

The Blogging Platform is Free "Blogger"-

Yes, this is world's No. 1 blogging platform for people those are not sound technically, don't want to invest any money and also want to earn passive income online.

If you are looking for such awesome blogging platform then this is the perfect blogging platform for you even you can make thousand of dollars per month but for this you need dedication, but first need to choose right path to start your blog right way.

After looking at the demand of people online, there are millions those wanted to earn money online but could not find out the right way to start blogging, for them may be for you, I have created a list of blog posts which let you earn money online because that blog post having all resources to make money blogging and of course for free of cost.

I hope you are looking for that blog post- okay then wait dear let me tell you few things before you are going to read that blog post.

See, dear don't be in hurry in blogging you need to have patience and keep delivering awesome blog posts just for six months you will be next winner in blogging.

Recommended for You-  Start Blogging for Free

Hey, don't try to read the article and implement ideas in a day, no don't do that it is not going to help you for long time rather read blog post properly and understand concept then go for another one, it will help you much more in blogging to become a better blogger.

Blogging Platform Integrated with Google Adsense-

Google Adsense is the world's first publisher like advertisement networks for publishers the same fact for advertisers also.

Here is the truth, there is only one blogging platform which is integrated with Google Adsense that is Blogger, about which blogging platform I am talking right now.

Blogger Blogging Platform Easy to Use

Blogger platform is one of the easiest platform to use, because there is each and everything you need to start your blog.

But, to start your blog right way, that's why you can become a successful blogger then I must say you need to follow some one who is already blogging.

If you think I can help you then don't forget to contact me. I will try to help you, because I have been blogging from last five years, so I know where beginner bloggers made mistakes.

If you want to start your blog right way then don't forget to go through the link as I have given above and below also.

You Can Add Domain Name on Blogger-

Domain is like branding, if you think to make your blog as a brand then it become quite easy for getting popularity in short period of time, but it would be depend on your hard works.

There are thousands registrar out there those are providing this service but I will recommend you to use Godaddy because they are having simplest method to add your blog to blogger as I ever read, seen, did in my five years of blogging journey.

Although I have used Bigrock, here are steps to follow for adding domain Bigrock to Blogger.

If you are looking for simple as well as effective solution for your blogger blog then I will suggest you to choose Godaddy.

I will create a video on this, because what I said that is true I am not saying anything in the air, I have used this feature and as a Mechanical Engineer it is really helpful for me, otherwise wasting couple of hours for adding those IP, Code and few other things just a headache nothing else.

I know, if you are just started a blog or you are not having any technical skills then it is really difficult job for you.

Because, personally when I first bought my domain name, I took more than three days to do settings with blogger even then there was some problem I could not remember that, but anyhow I managed to do it.

I know, how it was the time for me?

Everything just not known for me and it was just disgusting, but now Godaddy make it super simple for you.

Because, there are about 95% bloggers those are not technically sound that means they find out that there is such system needed and they did it and it works.

People are using it and bloggers are spreading words about their amazing service, if you need any help then let me know, anyways I will make a useful video on this, that's why you can understand how it works.

Unlimited Templates Are There to Use on Blogger-

Not true.

Actually, this is true that there are unlimited templates out there but almost all of them not SEO friendly, after looking need of this I am thinking and work on it. I am going to start a new blog which will offer free template for bloggers.

Of course there would paid as well as free service available also.

But, the fact is that you need to have a good SEO friendly blogger template which is easy, simple as well as effective, hey what do you think about my blogger template?

It's good right.

Because, many said to me and asked me, who designed this blogger template, I said me, because actually I have designed this template.

Do you want to get it for free, here is the link- SEO Friendly Template for Blogger 2015

Thousands of Tutorial About Blogger-

For starting anything you need guidance, I mean, if you want to play cricket then you need to learn, how to play cricket?

If you will not learn and directly you will go to field, then probably spectators will laugh on you, may be you have laughed couple of times, because most of the time we have seen such things.

Well, here in blogging if you will do the same then may be no one is going to laugh on you because no body is having such time.

But, this is sure that you will quit blogging the reasons are only few-
  • You will not make money from your blog
  • Your blog will not have good traffic
  • No one will comment on your blog
  • May be no one will read your blog
  • Your blog will have no fans 
And there are unlimited reasons behind this, but the main important reason is you, because you are not doing what people want?

If you can give your 100% to blogging then there is nothing which can beat blogging in terms of earning, fans, authority, popularity, knowledge, future prospective too.

Blogger Can Be Used as Private Blog-

Private blogging is works like diary, I mean if you want to start writing a diary, book, novel then you can start a blog on blogger and start writing later when you will complete you can get it in soft copy, I mean you don't need to convert it into soft copy if you will write on paper.

It will also save trees.

Well, I hope you are thinking how is this possible or may be you want only one or two persons only can read your blog then there is a solution provided by blogger, actually I have already written a blog post on this, if you are interested then I will suggest you to read the blog post properly- How to Start Blospot Privately.

Up to 100 Authors Can Write for One Blog-

Many blogs start with a team, see if you want to real reach to a standard height with minimum period of time then I will suggest you to choose 10 people to work in a blog, there is a great benefit of it.

May be you are thinking how?

Actually, this concept I got couple of days ago.

These days I am doing day job, I am in teaching profession in an Engineering college, well there were function going in a School, which is one of the School of our Group where I worked.

Actually, I have been invited there and I got one who knows me earlier, as we have started discussing about the function then while talking he asked me.

You are a blogger?

 I said Yes, I am?

He showed me a business plan, sorry I can not share with you right now about that business plan, but later sure I will write a blog post also on this.

Well, there he said to me, there were person for each work and I got it, he is really having good plan, just like he told me to do SEO for his website.

Guess, what?

I agreed

Because plan he shows that is really going to work.

Easy SEO Integration "Blogger"-

SEO is the key for a successful blog.

The reason is simple, you can get consistent traffic to your blog through search engines, there are many factors on those basis search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask shows results.

Search engine giant Google alone shows results on the basis on 200 factors, but not all of them are not given same preferences.

As a blogger you have lot of things to do like On Page SEO of your blog, meta tags, meta descriptions, Header, blog post descriptions, permalink, image optimization, video optimization and there are many things.

But, you need to know how you can implement them effectively in your blog- 40+ Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks.

I will recommend you to read the article properly and utilize all resources provided there to get maximum help from it.

No doubt blogger is the best platform whose wanted to earn money online without investment even I want to clear here another one point that is you don't need any core technical skills to run your blog on blogger.

It's just simple and easy to run.

If you have any question or doubt about blogger then don't forget to share your views by commenting below.

Is there any other platform like Blogger?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How to Get First Comment on Your Blog- Read Guaranteed 5 Steps to Get Comments

Comment on Blog Post
As a blogger you should get more comments on your blog, but in the beginning time of blogging, no one will be interested on your blog to read and also to comment, but of course, if you will write great contents on your blog with proper title, then may be it will be possible to get comment on your blog post.

In this article, I will tell you how would you get your first comment on your blog and it will be continue, because if you will get your first comment then think that you can get more comments on your each blog post, see if you want comments then you first need readers and more important way of writing your blog post.

So, here are those steps for getting first comment on your blog within next few days:-

#1)- Write Proper Title of Your Blog Post

Almost every thing is in the title to attract readers to read the post and also get good rank on search engines, many bloggers don't write their title properly that's why they don't get visitors and no visitors means no comments, proper title is most important in blogging, so always write title, what people are searching on the web.

But that's not at all! Read your blog post title and also the whole article after writing the article, but do these two things at a time, take time to do it for having better blogging career.

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a)How to write Proper Title for Blog Post

#2)- Promote Your Blog Post

After writing a great blog post you should have to promote your blog post, that's why maximum number of people will read your blog post, that's why you will get benefit of writing your great blog post, if you will not promote your blog post then you are missing the thing, what most of the bloggers missed, that is the way to get instant feedback from readers through comments, social sharing.

If you have money then you may try to promote your blog post on Facebook, Out Brain and Disqus like websites that's why you will get good readers for the blog post, otherwise you will get benefit of writing great content always from search engines for free.

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a) How to Promote Blog Post to Get More Traffic

#3)- Provide Subheadings in Your Blog Post With Image

See my article, if you will write in this way, you will definitely get more comments on your blog post but remember it takes time to get comments on your each post but of course you will definitely get your first comment on your blog, this is my guarantee.

Now let's talk about Image, image just like blood of the article that's why you may see, we add image every where, that may be in a book, newspapers, magazines. There is a reason, to make it more convenient for readers to understand about the story.

Also you will get benefit from search engines, to get traffic to your blog post, ultimately to your blog, because people do search images too on search engines, remember this every time, at least before publishing your blog post make sure, you have added a image to your blog post.

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a) What Are Things to Learn to Become a Professional Blogger

#4)- Ask Questions at the End of the Article

This is the one of the best thing to get not only one comment, of course flood of comments to your blog post, but remember asking question, which must be make sense to your blog post, for example if you writing tips for SEO(Search Engine Optimization), then your question must be related to SEO not any things, that's why people will give interest on the question, to write reply.

#5)- Describe Your Article Fully and Write Controversial Content

Many bloggers pre-assume that the readers know these things, so no need to write, wrong!

Absolutely wrong, you know why? Because you don't know about any one, how much knowledge do the readers are having about the topic you are writing.

This is not a lecture hall or your home meeting, this is internet, where world of people living, so you should write article from beginning that's why the article will be full useful for beginners.

Now come to the controversial content, write content what people are talking, no matter what is the topic, write some thing completely hidden content but of course useful and see the flood of comments on your blog post, one another tip, I would like to share with you, i.e. always do experiments that's why you can share great content with your readers.

Here are few more tips and tricks I got from five years of blogging experience-

  • Reaching- Many bloggers do write great content even they spend lot of time behind writing blog posts, but don't do the next step may be they do not get enough time for that, that is making people to read the blog post, see if people are not going to read your blog post then what's the use of that, so after writing great content on your blog you need to promote it.
  • Social Media- See, these days social media play really important role for getting traffic online, but you must be clever and hard working that's why it will work for you too, you need to share your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon also.
  • Blog Directories- There are many blog directories those are really helpful for getting traffic as well as SEO point of view, but don't try to join all blog directories just go step wise may be join one blog directory in a day.
  • Relationship with people- More people like your content more you will get, but here if you will able to make relationship with one person then it will be multiple in very short period of time, remember that.
  • Content Length- Content length really matter for engagement of your blog post, because most of people looking for information those are not advance, if they then those are just not going to increase your revenue (At least as a beginner bloggers)
  • Finishing- At the finishing point of your blog post, don't forget to link your blog post with other amazing blog post that's why it will be great for you as well as for your blog readers, may be you are thinking how? Actually in this way "bounce rate" of your blog post will be decrease (which is just really good for SEO point of view for your blog) and another one thing is that the reader is going to get another great information that means WIN-WIN situation.

See blogging is the good to reach your audience, but of course comments play most important role in blogging, because comments are bones of a blog, but the question is that how can you get it?

Answer is very simple write a blog post like a professional, that's it.

What Do You Think?

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Indiblogger Blog Directory Review for Indian Bloggers

There are many blog directories, which can help you to drive traffic to your blog, but today I am going to tell about, indiblogger- you can understand from the name that this is a blog directory for Indian bloggers. In this article I am going to share with you, my experience about Indiblogger blog directory.

So, Lets Start with Approval Process of Indiblogger-

It's Easy to Get Approval, but your blog must not be a website(about any commercial website), your blog must be a blog like all we have, does not matter you are having domain name or sub domains (Blogspot, Wordpress etc)

Of course it's free to join!

Connectivity on Indiblogger with Other Bloggers-

There are only two reasons, bloggers use blog directories to get traffic and connectivity with other bloggers, or you may also we can say to reach to their audience and of course for free.

If you are really interested in connectivity then this is good place to get connected with Indian bloggers.

Almost all bloggers are there on Indiblogger!

More important is that, you can read your favorite articles of favorite bloggers quiet easily.

Indiblogger Alexa Rank-

Most of the blogger know about Alexa Rank and also it's importance, actually it's an company.

So here is the alexa rank of Indiblogger-
Alexa rank of indiblogger

It's a screen shot!

Now you can understand, this blog directory is famous in India.

SEO Point of View "Indiblogger" for Bloggers-

Yes, this is my as well as I hope yours interest.

Actually, your blog will get a backlink for registering domain name, that's fine but the most important thing is that your blog going to get backlinks for each blog post, if you will share your blog post with Indivine, which is one of the feature of Indiblogger.

I mean you can share your each blog post on Indiblogger, there are two benefits one is long time and another one is short time.

You will get back links which is for long time and traffic which is for short time, but the funny thing is that both are helpful for the growth of your blog.

Traffic from Indiblogger for My Blog-

You have an option, in your membership area "Indivine", there you can submit your blog post to get traffic to your blog.

What next?

It's time to drive traffic to your blog on autopilot, that's amazing.

But here is the tip for you?

If you want to drive more traffic from this blog directory then submit best blog post there and see the magic of traffic.

Specially for my fifth blog post, I still remember that day, when I have driven about 150 visitors to my brand new blog from one blog post only.

That's amazing right?

Use this blog directory, if you are still not using and take a new step ahead to become next level blogger.

What do you think about ?

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