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Chitika Review Legit or Scam with Payment Proof 2015

Chitika Reviw, Payment Proof 2015, legit or scam

Chitika Review- Chitika is one of the best alternative to Google Adsense, may be you know about it even then I am telling you this to make Chitika Review more effective, because in some countries Like UK, USA, Canada Chitika perform almost equivalent to Google Adsense.

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Because of Asian countries bloggers can not get easy approval from Google Adsense, that's why they moved to Chitika or other Adsense alternatives.

I know you are looking for payment proof that means whether Chitika is Legit or Scam, actually I have already written an article about Chitika Advertising network in pretty details-

I have used Chitika in my blog, to increase revenue of my blog, so I have seen increase in revenue about 30%, I think that is pretty good for any blogger to see such increment in revenue.

Here is the payment proof, which is a screen shot of my payment from Chitika through paypal, if you are having such type of questions like, how much they pay per click, minimum withdraw money, ways to get paid through Chitika, then I will recommend you to read the whole review, which I have written after using Chitika Networks almost for 3 months.

Payment Proof of Chitika Advertising Network-

Here is the screen shot of the payment from Chitika Through Paypal-
Chitika Payment Proof 2015

Now, I hope so you have satisfied that Chitika is a Legit network, I don't have any doubt about that, hopefully you don't have any doubt about this even.

Okay till now you come to know this that Chitika is a legit advertisement network, which really pays.

Hey That's not enough about this blog post, I would like to add few more tactics about blogging, which is really going to help you to make more money, but as this blog post is about only Chitika Advertising Network that's why I would like to tell you how would you get maximum benefit from Chitika.

How to Sign Up for Chitika Ads Network-

In this section, I am going to tell you step by step guide to Sign Up for Chitika, here are those steps to follow-
  • First click here to go to Chitika Official Website
  • Then you will see a official website of Chitika Ads network, for your better understanding I am going through all these steps, here is the screen shot it, what exactly you are seeing right now, if you are not seeing the same then please wait till the website will load properly.
Sign Up Process Chitika, Blogger Ads network
After seeing the above screen you need to put their own e-mail address then may be it will ask to conform your e-mail address then you just need to click on Yes, and then click on GO.
Chitika Sign Up Process Step 2
Now you need to go to your e-mail account there you can see Chitika E-mail in your inbox, if you did not find out then check spam button, okay first let me check about it, then I will tell you.okay there you will see an e-mail which subject name says Complete Your Application, just click there and click on Complete Your Application, then you will be redirect to their Chitika official website.

There you need to complete final step for sign Up, here is the screen shot of it-
Chitika Sign up Process final step
Fill the above form and click on Submit that's it.

Well, here is another thing, if you did not receive any mail from Chitika then there on the Chitika official website there you have submit your e-mail address for getting mail in your inbox, on the official website there you will see option after sometime, here is the screen shot of it-
Resend E-mail in Chitika Sign Up Process
Just click on the Resend E-mail and then repeat the above steps, I hope this section will help you to sign up for Chitika and you can start earning from your blog.

How to Add Chitika Ads Code to Blogger-

In this regard I have written a full length blog post on adding any HTML/Java code to blogger in your desire place, I don't want to repeat all those steps, rather I will tell you steps to get code from Chitika after creating account on Chitika, here are those steps to copy code from Chitika for blogger, I hope you wanted to know why I would like to tell all those steps here, because I want that any blogger will not face these kind of problems, especially those are beginner bloggers they face such kind of problems, okay here are those steps to follow-

1. First go to Chitika official website-
2. Go to your account, okay I am going to do the same steps that's why I can tell you real exact steps to follow and do.
3. After log in to your account you will see a option "Ad Code Generator", there you will see option to format, just make a click below then you will see many format, as I am giving below all format, as I am seeing here after click there-
ads format of chitika

4. Just make a click on then click on get code, then after clicking there you will see code with pop up, just click the code and add to blogger, how to add Chitika code to blogger, details guide.

I hope this section is helpful for you, if you need any other information regarding Chitika ads network let me know.

Approval Process of Chitika Ads Network-

Chitika Approval process is quite fast, but for making decent income, I mean to increase your earning from Chitika you need to claim your blog or website on Chitika after installing the code, that's why Chitika will track your traffic quality, on that basis they will deliver ads.

Once they will start delivering very good quality ads then you will start earning lot of money, I mean good quality ads means very good revenue.

How to Increase Revenue Through Chitika-

Chitika Perform very well because they shows ads content based, that is the main reason to increase your blog revenue.

But What?

If , any one is not clicking on ads!

There are two possible ways or you may say reasons behind of it, one is Chitika is not delivering, right ads according to your blog content.

For example-
If your blog is about students then, if Chitika is showing ads related to buying apartment then rarely any one is going to click on the ads.

But that is not possible, there are unlimited advertisers, those wanted to get traffic means ultimately customers.

The Second Reason- May be you are not choosing right place to show your ads, actually I did a test on this, I succeed in my blog.

Well, let me tell you about the testing.

Actually I was getting in that time about 11,000 page views per day, but even then I was not making much money, because I was not putted ads on the right place.

So, I have changed the place of ads to the below title and at the end of the blog post and it happens.

My CTR(Click Trough Rate) of Ads has been increased from 2% to 7% and I think it is pretty good for me in that time.

You can do the same for your blog to increase earning from your blog through advertisement.

Conclusion About Chitika Ads Network-

Chitika is good to make money from your blog, which you can consider as your consistent earning means, if your blog having traffic then you will make money that is sure.

But I would like to suggest you something more, but I will also suggest you to use other networks with Chitika Like Bidvertiser (I earn more than 164$) as well as (I earn more than 155$).

These two networks also help me lot for making money from blogging, but beside this you can try other methods to make more money from blog, those ways are just I am going to discuss with you.

Top 10 Important Points About Chitika-

  1. Chitika is a Legit Network
  2. Strong Technology support
  3. Fast approval process
  4. Minimum balance required to withdraw 10$.
  5. Fully Paypal support for payment on monthly basis
  6. Very good customer support
  7. Alexa rank is about 2K worldwide
  8. Different ads sizes available to choose 
  9. If you have good quality posts then you can get special status
  10. No major complain found till now from publishers side

What to Do? If You Are Not Satisfied with Chitika-

May be you are not satisfied from earning of your blog, it is also possible that Chitika is not performing well for your blog.

Well as per my experience Chitika works just great for English speaking countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada even for India.

But, the main problem with other countries, may be you are getting traffic from other countries then you will face problem I have suggestions for you, try different method to use ads, I mean just keep changing ads placement because it is also matter for getting more clicks which means more revenue for your blog.

One more thing always don't put revenue on the top, try to put your readers on the top then you will see the traffic graph keep increasing which will help you to earn more money from blog in future.

What You Can Do Beyond Chitika-

Learn affiliate marketing and Email Marketing to increase earning from your blog, means you can leverage your earning through this method, imaging about it, if you will sell one product then you will make 20% to 75% commissions.

Read More- How I Got 145.85$ Cheque from ClickBank

But you have to serve quality product to your customers, remember it will take time understand the get success but till that time keep trying and delivering quality content, it will help you to make more money from your blog, but don't try hard, it will ruin your blogging career.

What's your experience about Chitika?

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Great Planning for 6 Months Blogging for New Blogger 10+ Tips

Planning for blogging
I hope you want to get better life style like money freedom, no headache of bosses, no specific work time. I hope this is enough for any beginner blogger, today I was thinking about beginner bloggers, when I have started blogging, I did not have any one, who will tell me step by step method to do blog. That's why I can figure out about blogging.

By the way the time has gone.

Long, long time!

Yes, I have been blogging from last three years.

But still I think, I am just beginner!

Never the less, I am still long way to go.

Well, come to the point.

If you are a beginner blogger even you have started blogging from last few months, even for a year, I want you to follow my steps, but it is depend on you!

To follow me or not.

I just want to help you, to become a famous blogger, this is 6 months of blogging plan for you, I am going to give you tips from beginning-

#1) Choose a Right Topic for Blog

I strongly recommend you to invest more time, at least seven days to choose topic for your blog, because topic is almost everything in blogging, don't see that others making money online from that topic, that means you will choose that topic to blogging. So, here is the tips for you, choose topic to blog in which you are interested and passionate about the topic,that's why you can do blog for long time.

#2) Stick to It

Stickiness and consistency is the great way to get success, I know it needs time and concentration too.

But as you can give it.

You will that much get it, yes I am talking about your success in blogging.

#3) Do Lots of Experiments

People even search engine, advertisement networks all want unique contents in your blog, unique comes from experiments, I am not talking about experiments in the chemistry lab, but of course I am talking about experiments on blogging topics, that's why you can give more unique content, for which the whole world is looking for.

It could be small or big, it could be success or failure, but experiments are experiments, people, I mean your blog readers will definitely going to get something important and unique.

I mean this is the best way to keep your blog readers for life time!

Real business want this and you know blogging is the damn real business.

#4) Don't Pre-assume Anything

Probably after getting a domain name or after getting 500 blog visitors, you will think that you did something, it would be 50,000 visitors one day or may be you are going to make $1000 per day.

That's true.

It could be, even more.

But, I am talking about.

Keep working, don't dreaming only.

I mean dream is good, big dream, but to achieve that big dream you have to start from small today.

#5) Don't Choose Shortcut Way

This is the biggest lesson, I ever learnt in  blogging.

Probably you are thinking, how?

Yes that is the question you are thinking, I hope so, but I can not guaranteed about it.

Okay, Now come to the point, why?

The reason is simple, if anything is taking less time to do that work, that means the value of that work is less.

If more hard work need to achieve anything, which value is always more, remember this, not only in blogging, but also in your life.

#6) Write List of Blog Posts With Subheadings 

Although I am talking about 6 months planning in this blog post, I know it.

So, here is the key ingredients for you.

Means, write list of blog post, you are going to write in the next 6 months.


Because you don't need to think, what you should write in your blog post, next day or may be next month.

When people started blogging, in that time, they got excited, I know it.

Even they forget about other job.

I will suggest not to get excited too much, rather know more about it.

Keep working and list of blog post make you to keep working for next six months, which are most crucial  months for any new blogger.

Now come the next point, that is subheadings, subheadings are most important for gaining attention from readers as well from search engine optimization point of view.

It will also help you to keep going, because if you know about subheadings, that means you can write the article quiet easily.

It seems tough in the beginning time of blogging, but later it become more enjoying as well as more easy.

#7) Keep Going, I mean Writing

This is the big one man!


Because in blogging, you have to write, okay you can start video blogging.

But I am talking about article writing.

Beginner bloggers don't have that much writing skills, even they don't have very good typing speed, so the solution is that to keep going and writing, which will enhance your all skills as well as your personality.

#8) Write At Least Two to Three Articles Each Week 

Why I am not telling you write one article daily?

The reason is quiet simple, if you are new to blogging world, then it is sure this is your part time job, right.

So, if you will write an article daily one, I know you can do it, but for some times, probably for one month or at most 3 months, after this much interval of time, I am pretty sure, that you will loose your confident about blogging, that it can work for you even.

So, the solution for you, don't concentrate on quantity always concentrate on quality but if you can do maintain quantity with quality then that is the best ever thing for you.

#9) Article Content Matter

As I already told you, that if you want to become a good blogger, then you have to do lots of experiment that's why you can write better unique article but only unique is not going help you any more, you have to write articles in well manner, means start each and every article from beginning to the end.

Why am I telling you this?

The reason is quiet simple, because you don't about your readers knowledge, so if some one already know about it that's good for them, but those don't know, they will get something from your blog.

If you want to succeed in your life, then don't forget to concetrate on root, which is most important and in blogging writing for beginners!

#10) Believe in  PPP

Probably you are thinking what is this "PPP"?

Well I did not know about this either.

When I got a resume from my friend to make my own resume, I have seen this "PPP" but it was two years ago.

This is big?

I know it, you will also come to know about it.

PPP (Personality, Patience, Perspiration)

Now probably you can imagine, why did I say it "BIG".

If you will believe in these three words, I am damn sure, no one can stop you to succeed, no matter in which field, blogging just a simple one, then why not in blogging.

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An Interesting Story of Blogging-

I think you probably heard about John Chow, when he has started blogging in that time he unable to earn even $1 in his first two years of blogging but later he got many things because he learnt a lot about blogging and see now a days he is earning million of dollars every year.

That's why I have shared with you six months planning, because in the period of six months forget about earning just learn and learn, And share more and more quality blog post it will work for long time, because it already works and I am sure it will work for you too.


I hope, you got the point, which point I wanted you to get.

There is nothing secret, the all secrets are discovered by me and like you people.

I mean the secret is in you!

To change anything in this world!!

Make it better, live better and become smarter!!!

Is there any other planning can make your blog better in six months?

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Why Bloggers Are Increasing Day by Day- What to Do in Blogging to Earn Money

Blogging is one of the most popular search terms on Google, which I come to know from Google Keywords Tool, even there are more than 100 million blogs exist in the internet even increasing day by day.

But most of them are not even driving 100 visitors per day, then how would they be a good money making as well as popular blogger, see if you want to become a popular blogger then you must have to concentrate on your topics and as well as planning.

For helping newbie bloggers I have also written an article on which you can give time to your blog for six months then I am sure you can drive at least 500 to 1000 visitors per day.

Yes you have to give six months, like one to two hours daily.

So, Why Bloggers are Increasing?

The answer is quiet simple for every newbie bloggers, even they started blogging after looking at income report of any professional bloggers like John Chow, he is making over 40,000 dollars per month, but the truth is that he is blogging from last 8 years, 8 years such a long time, if any one will study then he or she can complete Ph.D. even but after +2.

So, you can understand that he is having great experience as well as achievements, but in that time blogging was not easy even and also there were another truth, i.e. rarely people blog in that time.

But I will suggest every newbie bloggers don't choose topic by seeing that other making money online from that topic or Google Adsense pays more per click on those topics, choose topic which you have knowledge.

That's why people will get satisfy from your thinking one more thing about blogging, I would like to share with you, this is not like that you are going to make 1000$ every months from blogging, but one day you can make, for that you have to wait as well as keep working.

Well, let me give you an answer of the question that is blogging looks easy as well as tension free, but in reality blogging is not easy but of course it's tension free.

Why Blogging is not Easy?

First of all, too much competition out there, lots of things to learn, you must be self motivated to work hard, when your blog is not making money even.

Tips for Newbie Blogger to Make a Long Time Money Making Blogging-

After three years of blogging, I have learnt thousands of things, even I am learning something new each and each every day, that's why I can share with you new things in blogging.

I will suggest you to do the same.

But here are few basic tips I have figure out for you!

Understand Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Well I have already written many articles on blogging tips, those articles are totally based on my experience.

Why SEO?
SEO stand for search engine optimization, this is big in blogging, even if you will not know about basic SEO then I am 100% sure you will regret after blogging two to three months, so first learn basic SEO, before going to launch a blog.

Here is the blog Post I have written on SEO which contains almost all basic SEO tips

I will recommended you to read one another article on Blogging tips, which will definitely give you great idea to create a Good Blog.

Choosing Topic

When I have started blogging, about three years ago, in that time I did not have any idea about blogging, but I have started that's why I took too much time to get 100 page views per day to my new blog, but when I got an idea then just after few months I have started driving more than 2000 page views per day, then after a year I have started driving more than 11,000 page view per day.

Is not this awesome!

Then the lesson I have learnt.

First give time to choose topic for your blog, which will make your goal crystal clear.

I have a big dream about blogging, but still I have to learn many more things in blogging to my dreams come into reality.

Get a Domain Name

The biggest mistake I did.

That is I did not buy domain name earlier, I know blogspot blogs even drive ton of traffic, but blogspot blog is not going to get good rank on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask.

For Google it is good.

What I have observed even then I think getting domain name for blog is the step to create a popular blog.

I will recommend you to buy domain name from Bigrock, I am using Bigrock for my all blogs.

Write Only Best Known Content

When people started blogging they get excited!

They even started posting more than two to three blog posts daily.

The big mistake!


Because you will not maintain this frequency in future that's why, one more thing if you will publish more than two blog posts daily, then I am sure it is really difficult to maintain quality of the blog post.

Quality matter in online.

Don't hide anything from your readers, write each and every thing you know about the topic, may be you are thinking why should you give these for free.

You are not giving these for free, you are just making your own market to provide service later, which will make you lot of money.

Comments on Other Blogs

Well commenting on other blogs, is not a new trend its a old trend but effective.

I will suggest you to make list of popular blogs on your niche only and also comment on those blogs regularly, which will drive traffic to your blog as well as build relationship in the internet.

Reply to Comments

Many times people understand, why should I reply to other comments, wastage of time and these that!

Big mistake dear?

You have to take care of others, because there are thousands like you, keep this in your mind.

Read Other Blogs

Oh, I am sorry.

I must give this tip before comment on other blogs, but never the late, let me give you the main concept of commenting on other blogs, actually I have used there term, comment on other blogs on your niche.

I told you that term, because it will make understand about your blog about as well as you will increase your knowledge on your blogging field.

Don't Try Hard in Blogging

I know, when you will start blogging, at least for one month.

You will have full excitement because it's a new concept for communicating with other people.

But after one month or two months you will loose your confidence about blogging, because you will not drive that much traffic as well as you will not make more money from your blog.

In that case either you will try hard means writing more articles or try other sources of making money online, here almost all bloggers do mistake.

I will suggest you to be calm and keep working, one day will definitely yours when people will talk about you.

What Next in Blogging?

Actually as I got the concept of making money online, I understood it is really difficult to make more money from advertisement networks, so stick to your blog topics and create your own product when you will have lot of ideas as well as you will have audience which will take you as well as your blog to the next level.

You will make more money, which will make you keep blogging with effectively.

If you want to take an example then see any professional bloggers almost every niche they must have their own product from Amit Aggarwal ( to Neil Patel (

They have their own product that's why even they are having this much royal readers!.

What do you think? To Make Your Own Money Making Blog!

UPDATE 2015 About Blogging-
I wanted to add few more but most important information about blogging, that's why you will have pin point information about it, see in blogging there are three most important tactics everybody must know, if any one know or anyone will know and start blogging then I am sure that person definitely earn BIG amount from blogging that is for sure because it has been proven by many.

Well, I will share with few great information including basic information, those really good as a blogger.

Here are those three important things about Blogging, but it is coincident that these three are same, its Readers, Readers and Readers.

Probably you are thinking, why I am saying this?

There is a strong reason behind this, because it is readers those will come to your blog, it is readers those will click on ads, it is readers those will buy products that's why you will make money from your blog.

I hope you understand now, why I was saying like this.

Okay, let me tell you few important things about blogging, if you are newbie then try to pay attention, it will help you a lot to make money-

When It Comes to Blogging-

When it comes to blogging, then you need to learn, because in blogging learning should be never ending if you want to be a good blogger, once you will stop learning then you will loose your readers day by day, because someone other will take your position, just remember that every time.

See, this is 21st century here you have everything to achieve and if you have hear this, I mean about blogging then you are the lucky one, because still there are many those are looking for an opportunity to work but they don't have one, but you have one and you just need to learn few things and keep doing hard work, that's why no matter what you are sharing but if people will get help from it in any way then you will see very soon people will start loving you.

Writing Is Important- One of the most important element of blogging as a blogger is writing, because at the last readers will read your blog, if your way of writing is not good then how would be possible that it will make you popular so try to write well detail and simple language blog post, that's why even anyone can understand it and one of the simple way to write awesome blog post that is always write for newbies.

Taking Care of Getting Traffic- Yes, without traffic you can not get your blog live for long because you will not make any money and very soon you will loose interest and you will quit blogging and I don't want that, first thing to get traffic that is SEO, yes, without SEO you can not get traffic for long time but don't try to over optimize your blog post, because it will ruin your all hard work and after getting traffic you have to take care of them because you have to help them for what they came to your blog, they must get it and second try to get them for your blog readers for forever through social media, e-mail marketing.

Money from Your Blog- No blog, no company exist for long time without earning, that means you must know how to make money from your blog, without disturbing readers, yes, there are many ways to make money from blog, but most effective way to earn money from your blog is ads networks, which is every bloggers first income source even mine- here are few ads networks you must join as a blogger-
1. Bidvertiser- I made more than $260 and that's awesome
2. Infolinks- One of the most promising ads network to earn money
3. Chitika- World's first network for me for most Click Through Rate

Its All About You in Your Blog-
One of the most important thing I have learn in life that its on you. 

what you do? 

How you do?

How you think?

How you implement?

Because, in these days nothing is beyond, if you have talent then you can catch cash and in the internet it's really easier than any market in this world, because if you want to do business in a city you have to invest thousand of dollars but in online its not like that you can invest any amount but the promise is that you have to provide value to people, that's why they will like you, they will remember and most important they will follow your path, in blogging exactly it is the best way to make money.

Three Blog Posts Every Beginner Bloggers Must Read-

In this blog, I have shared many awesome blog posts those are from my own experience and very 
helpful for every beginners blogger's that's why they too can earn money from blogging.

Before going to share with you those blog posts, let me share with you one thing only reading these blog posts will not help you, you have to implement and keep working hard, see only seeing others income report in thousands of dollars and seeing them working from a big hotel or those guys going for a vacation for long long time, even few top bloggers says those are working only for few hours and of course you see their traffic and ranking statistics, let me tell you seeing all those things only help you to get inspiration and keep dreaming how you can do the same, but real thing is that only few bloggers can do the same.

Do you know?


Because newbies only dream, they don't try to understand that how much hard work that blogger did those are making thousand of dollars every month and even newbies don't see how still they are working hard that's why about them you are reading.

If you can do the same hard work then I am sure you can also become a famous blogger even better than them, because now a days getting things is easy to get than earlier days.

Let me give an example, in earlier days even when I have started blogging in that time I did not find out any good blog, which blog I can follow to choose the right path, that's why I made lot of mistakes, but I am happy because I am still blogging AND making money from blogging and I am sure I will keep blogging.

In blogging, if anyone started thinking to quit blogging, because unable to earn money, enable to attract traffic, these are major two reasons to quit blogging, then you have to refresh yourself then you have ask yourself.


And try to get answer and don't excuse if you could not find out one, because it is for sure you will get answer, see if any one is successful then that's because of him or her and if anyone is not successful then even the answer is same. 

So, does not matter what is happening with you, the reason is you, so you are the only one to change your life.

Here are those blog posts for you-
1. 36 Blogger Tips and Tricks for Smart People
2. Top 5 Google Adsense Altenatives
3. Hard Work Can Make You Successful Blogger

There is a reason of increasing bloggers, I have shared with you all of them as I know, I will share with more in up coming blog posts, that's why my blog post reach will be more and more bloggers will start earning.

But my blog post will only help you, if you will work, only reading blog post will educate you but implementing information of my blog post will make you money, now choice is yours what you want?

Let me know about your wish about making money from blogging?

Monday, July 13, 2015

How to SEO Your Blogger Blog 40+ Ultimate SEO Tips

SEO stands for search engine optimization, these are only three words but their importance in the web world is too much, as a "beginner bloggers" you first learn about basics of SEO then go for blogging other wise you are not going to get more benefit of blogging. If search engines will not crawl your blog posts then probably you are not going to stand any where in the market of blogging.

SEO Tips for Blogger, SEO Tips

See there are about 100 million blogs exist in the web but only 3% of them are making money online, then what about others? They are not making money right! I think there are many reasons behind failure in blogging, the first reason is SEO, because they don't know about SEO, that's why they unable to drive good traffic to blog, then what next they quit blogging.

But don't worry, after reading this blog post you will capable of doing all those things, which will make you money making blogger.

So, here are those Non Stop SEO Tips for Your Blog-

#1) Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

First step of search engine optimization for your blog is submit your blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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#2) Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions tells search engines a small introduction of your blog, that's why search engines will decide category of your blog, that's why stickiness to topic is one of the best way to becoming a famous blogger.

For example, if I will add Meta descriptions to my blog then I would write "This blog is providing blogging tips to become a famous successful to money making blogger".

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#3) Meta  KeyWords

This is similar to meta descriptions, but here is difference in meta keywords you have to add important keywords of your blog, like for my blog important keywords are SEO Tips, Bloggers Tips, Make Money Online.

Recommended for You- How to Add Meta Keywords of a Blog  

#4) Meta Tags

Meta Tags are good for providing users friendly blog as well as good for search engine optimization point of view, if your blog on blogspot platform then this is known by "Labels".

Recommended for You- Importance of Providing Labels in blog

#5) Title of a Blog Post

Title is most important to get good rank on search results, here is the simple reason for you, because title of a blog posts tells search engines, what your blog post contains.

Recommended for You- How to Write Better Title to Drive More Traffic

#6) URL Structure

URL(Universal Resource Locator) structure also play important role to get good rank on search engines, what I have been analyzing from last three years.

One more thing I would like to share with you about URL structure, i.e. this is one of the best tip to get your blog post on top of the search engines other than title of your blog post.

Recommened for You- How to Write URL Structure for Better Rank on Search Engines

#7) Keyword Density

Keyword density means percentage of keywords you have used in your blog post, which is also important because your blog post keywords repetition is good but repetitions of keywords too much is not good.

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#8) Link Building

Link building is good for your blog, but there are two types of links- one is inbound links which is also called anchor text(this term is describe just below) and another one is outbound links means links from other blogs or websites.

If your blog is having more links from other reputed blogs then definitely you will get more juice from search engines.

Well, link building is not a one day job, you have to build links for your blog with time, like you are writing blog post with time.

Suppose that you have aim that you have to build one link daily, that is good enough for your blog for becoming next level blogger.

#9) Anchor Text

Anchor text is one of the best way to improve pages views of your blog and also improve rank on Alexa, which is really good for your blog.

Such an example, in the above sentence you can see, I have linked one of my blog post with just a perfect anchor text.

#10) Long Tail

Long tail always work in blogging, see I found there are two ways to use long tail one of them is give name of your blog post long with adding some important keywords, which is related to your blog post, another one is give name your blog post header, related to your blog contents.

That's why when people will search on search engines, then search engine crawler will easily understand that you are providing solution related to the query by the users.

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#11) Social Media Sharing

Let me tell one important thing about yourself, you use social networks at least once in a day right, I am sure about this! So, like you there are millions of people use social networks daily, only Facebook having about 900 Millions active users every day.

So, the thing is that if you are not using these networks for networking purpose then you are missing some sauce for your blog, it's sometimes better than SEO (organic traffic), because search engine like Google shows results on the basis of social popular post also.

Social media sharing always gives green signal to search engines, the reason is simple because people like the content that's why they are sharing, that means it is useful for readers, so search engine gives preference.

#12) Popularity

This is totally depend of your blog reputations, if every people is recommending others to read your blog then search engine definitely give a favor to your blog, because people are getting benefit of reading your blog that's why your blog become popular.

Just imagine, you know few blogs, websites or anything around you


The reason is simple and genuine that you got some help from it, so if you can provide help through your blog then you can also become popular for this you don't need to practice rocket science.

#13) Block Record

Probably you have seen on "Google block this webpage" right! I have seen many times, whenever I have not found right thing for me.

So, if you will block any URL then that is a negative signal from search engine crawlers, this will definitely effect blog post ranking on search results, so don't write any bogus content that's why people will not want to read your blog, see if you will fail to satisfy your readers once then it will definitely loose some massive traffic to your blog, so don't write too much blog post, one blog post is good enough in a day. Believe in quality not quantity, yes if you can provide more quantity of blog posts with maintaining quality then that is great for growth of your blog.

#14) Domain Age

Domain age is also matter, may be you are thinking how? Here is the simple answer for you, if some one is blogging from last few years then that person having more knowledge than newbie blogger right! And the another name of blogging is learning and sharing, if some one is from last blogging few years definitely that blog having more posts than a newbie's blog, that means they providing number of articles on same topics with different sources.

But here is one good tip for you, don't try to write articles on more topics, write best articles on few topics, become master on few articles and then see where blog is going, ultimately where you are going with blogging.

#15) Domain Structure

May be you know URL structure also help to get more traffic, which is the basic strategy to optimize your blog post for search engines.

But now think for a while, if your blog URL is related to your blog topics then probability of getting traffic is higher from search engines, even people eye also see on that, if you have given name of your blog is then definitely people will understand that your blog providing tips related to searching, right!

That means domain name also play important role to get good rank on search results!

#16) Domain Record

Domain record means, does your domain name got banned from search engines like Google, then it would be quiet difficult to get index once again, may be it will take few months or sometimes may be year.

So, keep your domain record clean that's why reputation of your blog will increase day by day unbelievably.

#17) Content Length

Content length is my favorite, because as a blogger I always concentrate to write for newbies that's why they can succeed in blogging.

Content length of your blog post obviously will increase reputation of your blog, if you will start writing a topic from beginning then that's good for your blog as well as for readers, see you don't know about any body, but I know there are people those even don't know how to log out Google Plus account, even Facebook account, that means there is nothing to loose to start writing a blog post from beginning, even for this you will get money making traffic.

Because those are successful blogger they are not going to make click on advertisement easily, if not necessary but those are newbie's, if they will see an offer for them, they will certainly make a click and you will make few cents from that user.

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#18) Links to Other Websites or Blogs

Many blogs having links to blogs or websites, some times I even link to other blogs or websites, but I will suggest you not to provide links to any blog or websites easily, if it is quiet necessary then provide, other wise do not provide links.

It will decrease reputations of your blog.

Although you can give name of your blog with out giving direct link, just provide link in text, for example

#19) Dofollow Links

The most dangerous as well as most useful links for your blog, see if you are giving a dofollow links to other blogs then it is not good for your blog health, but you are getting dofollow links from other reputed blogs then that is good for your blog health, see there is one good way to get good reputed blog do follow links to your blog that is commenting on other reputed blogs.

#20) Nofollow Links

No follow links are links, which you must provide links to other blogs or websites from your blog, because search engines will not pass your blog reputation to the link blog from your blog.

So, always provide a no follow links to other blogs to maintain and improve your blog reputations.

#21) Google Plus One

See Google has given full credit to Google Plus one for showing search results for a query, probably you have seen Google Plus one, on almost all social media sharing bar, like for my blog I have added social media sharing on the below of each post, many add floating and some bloggers also add on below the post title.

By the way, don't forget to add social media sharing bar on your blog and you must add Google plus one button there.

This is the best way to fight with Google Penguin and Panda updates!

#22) Past Record

Many blogs having good reputations like Mashable, TechcCrunch, if they will add any blog posts to their blog then it is sure most of the time they will secure first position on search results, because they have reputations.

If you want to make that much reputation on your blogging niche then you have to write great content on your blog, more important is make sure people will get benefit from your blog post.

#23) Frequency of Posting

This is my personal experience, when I was posting blog posts daily 4 to 5 on my blog, Google index my blog posts within few minutes but now I am busy with my this blog, that's why I do not update that blog every day, now Google index my blog page after few days.

So, creating a blog is nothing, creating a blog post daily consistently with out loosing quality then it is really difficult, remember every time, if any thing is difficult to achieve then the worth of that thing is more than the easier one.

#24) Pictures or Images

Pictures or images really play important role. Do you know why? Here is a reason for this, see people are not only searching contents they also do search images on search engines, then if you are not adding images to your blog post then you are missing those visitors right, so provide image to your blog post, even a blog post look better than without image blog post.

#25) Image Name

Only adding an image to your blog will not drive traffic to your blog, you have to do something for this, that's why search engine crawler will understand about the image, see search engine crawler can not read "what is written in the image", but crawler looks at the image name, so provide name of the image as per your blog post.

Let me clear more about this, as I am writing this blog post, I will give name of the image which I am going to add in this blog posts, "SEO Tips for Blogs". Get it!

#26) Image Tags

Image tags make search engine crawlers easier to understand about the image, so add tags to your blog post images to get more traffic to your blog through your blog post images.

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#27) Reputations of Blogs or Websites Those Links to Your Blog

This is really amazing or probably worst, because if any non reputed or spam blogs or websites are providing links to your blog then it is again not good for your blog.

what is the solution for this?

The solution is that, just send an email to remove your blog link from their blog!

How can you find, who is providing link to your blog?
Just go to and click on reputations, you will come to know, who is providing links to your blog.

#28) Error Page

Error page of your blog, you can find by using Webmaster tools which is provided by Google, let me clear you about this, if any user will come to your blog from search results and if the user will not find the content, for what the user come to your blog then definitely the user will immediately exit your blog without looking to any other blog post that means time spend by that user is quiet less, so this is the negative signal for your blog from search engines.

Most of the time, bloggers provide link in a blog(On Menu Bar or Header Bar) but the link is not having any link, which will redirect the user to the new blog post, don't add any link to menu or header which do not content any link to blog post, it will again kill your blog ranking.

#29) Per Users Spending Time

Many bloggers ask me the questions why some blogs having good rank on Alexa, although they have very less traffic than any other blog.

The answer is quiet simple, more time spending by a reader the blog having more reputations, there is one simple way to make a blog readers stay more time, that is writing lengthy and great articles.

#30) Load Time of Your Blog

Load time of your blog depend on many factors, but I am going to tell you most important factors which decrease loading time of your blog, first how many blog posts you are showing on your home page, I will suggest you to show 4 to 5 blog posts on your home, not more than this, another major factor is plugins of your blog, I will suggest you to don't use any plugins or unnecessary gadgets on your blog.

Just keep your blog clean and simple is good!

#31) Number of Pages or Posts

It is obvious that if your blog having more pages with quality articles then your blog would have been more popular than a blog having less blog posts, see I have already share with you that search engine also shows results on the basis of popularity.

#32) Growth Rate of External Links

External links means links from other blogs to your blog, see there is one simple way to increase your back links from different blogs other than commenting on blog that is buy back links, but some times your blog links increase suddenly, I mean 1000 back links in a week that is most dangerous for your blog.

Because only back links are not good for your blog, quality back links, means back links are driving traffic is good.

I will suggest any one to  buy back links, but of course you can buy back links from those companies, who will increase your blog back links naturally just like commenting on other blogs, guest posting.

#33) Number of Commas in Title of Blog Posts

Many times, many bloggers used many commas in a blog post title, don't use even more than 4 commas in a blog post title, which is again not good for your blog blog ranking on search engines results.

#34) How Other Blogs Links to Your Blog

See I already told you that there are two types of  links, do follow and no follow, if your blog is getting no follow links from other blogs then that is not too much helpful for increase reputation of your blog.

Another one thing to know about this fact, i.e. if any other blogger is linking to your blog with anchor text then that is the best ever thing for your blog.

#35) Comments on Your Blog

I think every blogger want to get more comments on their blog right! so there are many ways to get more comments on your blog but I will suggest just write effective article and see how much comments you are getting on your blog.

More comments also help you to get good rank on your blog, comments are part of your blog and on comments people talking about only key things of the blog post, key things main keywords of the blog post, then when search engine crawlers will index your page, it is easy to get good rank on search engines for a query.

#36) Author Rank

Probably you have seen a profile photo on Google while searching on Google, that is author profile for the blog post or article, actually Google want to make the web more transparent that's why they want to show writer for an article, which article you are going to read!

One come to author rank, it is depend on how much people adding you on Google Plus, if you are blogging don't worry about this, but write best thing which will make you best blogger.

It is depend on from how much time you are blogging! As a newbie no one is going to add you on their Google Plus but you can achieve things in blogging that's why people will love to get tips from you.

Dear it takes time, don't worry keep going!

#37) Page Rank

Page rank is also depend on domain age, but if you are writing good content then probably you can get page rank on PR 3 easily(within a year), actually page rank is provided by Google which tells know the reputation of the blog from 1 to 10 out of 10.

But better page rank does not mean your blog having too much traffic and also good rank on Alexa.

#38) What People Are Talking About Your Blog

When you are helping genuine then people start giving example of your blog in the internet as well as mouth to mouth, but here in this blog post I am talking about SEO, so Search engine will give preference to your blog on the basis of internet presence of your blog.

This thing only will happen, if you are helping lot of people and from long time, so it takes time but one day it will happen. That day will be one of the best day for any blogger.

#39) Type of Topics You Are Writing

Newbie bloggers do this mistake they start blogging by looking others what they are writing, don't do this, write what you know and what you are doing.

See if you know something then it is easy for you to tell others about that thing, people will even get benefit of reading of your blog, that's why it will also depend what you are writing.

I will suggest you to write articles on only three to four topics and become master on those topics.

Lets make master on those topics from your blog!

#40)  Navigation of Your Blog Template

Blog templates structure also help search engine crawlers to index your blog pages or blog posts, one just simple way to make your blog navigation better that is use a clean and simple templates, this is it.

Don't make your blog complex for users, do every thing in your blog which will make your blog reader easy to find any topic, add search engines, use drop down menu.

Conclusion of SEO for Blogger:-
SEO is must for bloggers, because it helps to get good rank on search engines to drive more organic traffic to a blog.

But more important is "www", no it's not world wide web its what(what your are sharing), where(where your are sharing or how you are sharing) and when(at what time you are sharing). Just like news you have to update when it happens right! Otherwise people will move to another source of getting news rather than yours one.

So first learn SEO basics tips and then write for people that's why people will like your blog, see "search engines like those blogs, those blogs like people".

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