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MDDHosting Coupon Code & Uncut Review

MDDHosting Coupon Code, MDDHosting Review
MDDHosting LLC is one of the well known hosting company that's why I am providing promo code or coupon code of MDDHosting for getting some discount and it will be very helpful for many, I know that, I can understand if you have landed on this page that means you are already well known if you are coming from search engines or directly from any other page so without wasting your time I wanted to share with you coupon code for discount.

In Hurry Get MDDHosting Coupon Code Here-

As I was chatting with one of my friend and he told me to share coupon code on the top that's why I am sharing here, I understood the concept behind this because many of the readers wanted to get coupon code as soon as possible.

So here is it-

MDDHosting Coupon Code July 2016- 
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Coupon code- kt63e and get 25% discount.

Topics Discussed About MDDHosting-

Well, in this section I am going to write review about all details MDDHosting and hopefully this review will help lot of people, so lets get started actually I came to know about this hosting service provider from forums and random reading of blogs and found many things those people are missing or either they did not figure out about MDDHosting so I thought why not to share with you all details information about this super hosting company.
  1. About MDDHosting
  2. Top 10 Important Things About MDDHosting
  3. What is the Best Thing About MDDHosting
  4. You Need to Know About MDDHosting Data Centre Specification
  5. Products of MDDHosting
  6. Pricing of MDDHosting
  7. Ways to Get Support from MDDHosting
  8. Services Other Than Hosting by MDDHosting
  9. Minimum Cost to Start Your WordPress Blog with MDDHosting
  10. What People are Talking About MDDHosting [Must Read this section]

About MDDHosting

MDDHosting is one the great hosting service provider yes this hosting server is not that much popular in the web world but even then this hosting service provider gain great feedback from their user's actually one of my blogger friend using their service and he is getting great service from them, so lets come back to the company profile.

The company had started its journey in 2007, as per my own personal conversation with one of their support team, I came to know that their service is selling because of mouth to mouth words of their client, what does that mean?

Because, they are concentrating on their products, service that's why more people will add more people, real business.

I must say this, well they are providing wide range of products, services and of course premium customer supports to solve problem of their clients, which is really important now a days.

Top 11 Important Things About MDDHosting

See, I want as much people read this article that's why I am making this article unique, which will help me to get organic traffic to this blog post, okay that is different matter, see this is one of the special section of my review article, because till now I have written many review articles and many personally message me because of review, the reason is simple they got help from my article, so the thing is that if you wanted to know about any hosting company then don't forget to read my this section, because you are going to get all top points about the hosting company.

So, lets go for important points of MDDHosting-
  1. The company had started its journey in 2007
  2. Company is believe in mouth to mouth marketing, that means great service
  3. 4000 square feet data centres with state of art infrastructure.
  4. Basic hosting price started from $2.25 per month [Coupon code for discount is provided on the above]
  5. Multiple ways to get support from them for solving any issue
  6. They are providing four types of hosting service- Shared Hosting, Premium Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers
  7. MDDHosting server is powered by LiteSpeed means more loading speed of your site
  8. You can also get other services like SSL certificate highly recommended for website which let users Sign Up
  9. Full 30 days money back guarantee this is the symbol of excellent service
  10. 99.9% uptime, means your site will be live 
  11. You can easily transfer your site data from any other hosting company, MDDHosting team will help you free of cost.

What is the Best Thing About MDDHosting

After doing all type of research I found this heading and yes this is one of the most important heading for any hosting company, the reason is simple, many of the people wanted to know best thing about MDDHosting.

Okay, here is the best thing, if you wanted to load your site quick, fast then don't even look at any other hosting company, here MDDHosting can help you, because they are going to learn one best thing about this hosting company.

Its loading speed, because their server is poweredby LiteSpeed which means loading speed will be super fast upto 9 times faster.

SEO Tips- You dear if your site will load faster then your blog SEO result will also improved that is also important, I have also launched a Very Fasting Loading Blogger Template, even you know because of that template I have been able to help lot of bloggers because they did not have pro templates and they did not have much money to invest so, what I did?

I have hired developers for designed the template and started selling templates in very less price in this way I help lot of people, even these days I am working with lot of upcoming amazing bloggers and I am sure they are going to grab a great market soon, because they are doing research to dominate a niche, well I hope you got the answer for the question, right.

You Need to Know About MDDHosting Data Centre Specification

While searching about its service I found something amazing dear do you know what is that? Joking dear it is saying the same as I have putted on the heading.

Actually, about its data centre, their data centre is located in Denver's central business district and having 4000 square feet build up area and of course their others few features they are providing as I have given below-
  1. 800 amp 480v 3 Phase Input Power
  2. 1 x 375kVa UPS Battery Backup Unit
  3. 1 x 160kVa USP Battery Backup Unit
  4. 3 x 2000Kw Diesel Generator with Onsite Fuel Storage
  5. Redundant Liebert HVAC Units totaling 118 tons of cooling, that great for controlling heat
  6. Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
  7. Proximity Security Badge Access, good for safe of your data
  8. Digital Security Video Surveillance- Fantastic for future safety
Well, I hope you come to know all about MDDHosting data centre right, so lets go to the another section, which will be mind blowing just wait and see what is happening.

Products of MDDHosting

MDDHosting is providing wide range of products, now it is up to you and your requirement based on this you can get hosting for your site, here is the all list of products with their full specification that's why you can get all details about them.
  • Shared Hosting 
  • Premium Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
So, lets get started with the most basic one-
Shared Hosting by MDDHosting-
MDDHosting, Shared hosting
Well, under this category you will get two type of products one is most basic one and another one is little advanced, of course their is difference in pricing, I will share with you in the next section.
Premium Hosting by MDDHosting-
Under this plan you are going to get lot of features and of course those features are having value 
MDDHosting, Premium Hosting
Yes, may be you are thinking about price right then don't worry you will get all price details of all products in the next section.
Re-Seller Hosting by MDDHosting-
Basically, under this type of hosting you are going to get three different plans, well some features of those different plans is given below in the screen shot and of course don't forget to see the next section because that is also important.
Virtual Private Severs by MDDHosting-
Well, this is one of the most amazing hosting server, because you know you are going to get lot of features under this hosting plan as given below in the screen shot.
VPS, MDDHosting

 Pricing of MDDHosting Products

Well, lets get started with the pricing one, because in the all above section you wanted to know pricing of the product right, so here in this section I am going to share with you pricing of all type of products offered by MDDHosting, okay lets go for it.
Shared Hosting Pricing-
MDDHosting Products, Pricing of Shared hosting
Premium Shared Hosting Pricing-
MDDHosting, Premium Shared Hosting
Re-Seller Hosting Pricing-
MDDHosting pricing, Reseller hosting
VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Pricing-
VPS, MDDHosting pricing

Ways to Get Support from MDDHosting

Yes, this is really matter for us, means for me and you, because without proper support things can not be done properly, because most of the time web masters are non techie [at least beginners], that is the main reason, so here I am going to share with you how many ways you can get support from them, that's why if you will face any problem then you can easily get help from them and solve the problem.
  1. E-mail support
  2. Chat Support and of course 
  3. Through phone calls.
All of them are effective, but I like chatting because its free and effective.

Services Other Than Hosting by MDDHosting

There are other needed services provided by MDDHosting, well lets know about all those services one by one which is given below-
  • Domain Registration
  • SSL Service
  • Domain Transfer
  • Software License 
  • Spam Filters and SpamExperts

Minimum Cost to Start Your WordPress Blog with MDDHosting

This is one of the biggest question asked by newbie those just wanted to start and they wanted to get started with very cheap cost, then I will recommend you to read my Step by Step Guide to Start Blog, here you are going to get all steps and of course those I have learnt in my five years of blogging.

Here, if you wanted to start blog then you can start with $2.25 per month and of course this is limited time offer, you can get some coupon code too, click here to get started today and use kt63e as coupon code for getting 25% discount.

What People are Talking About MDDHosting 

Can you guess my dear, why I have written must read this section, because this is one of the amazing section of any review article because its all about review, okay lets see what one of the user of MDDHosting talking about-
MDDHosting, Review by Users

MDDHosting Coupon Codes July 2016-
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YES, Its been more than one year I am using these two networks " &" on my different different blogs, that's why I was thinking Why Not to share with you my experience as PopAds Vs PopCash, because there are numerous bloggers confused about Pop up ads.

So, here I come with another one dashing blog post.

See, I have earn more than $932 ads networks in very short period of time, this happened because of only my experiments. Well, I have already written blog posts on these two networks on my blog with full details information, but in this blog post I will put my own experience.

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Year of Establishment
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Best Thing About these Networks
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Message for Publishers
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Message for Advertisers
Are looking for cheap leads as well as want to increase rank of your brand online then you must invest money in this network
Almost same for Popcash also.
Matter of Traffic Location
Yes of course, if your blog getting traffic from English speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada then chances of earning will be more.
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See, only using these ads networks is not going to help you to earn more money, yes it is for sure your earning will be increase but you need to think on another thing also i.e. you need to think about traffic of your blog, that you need to increase traffic of your blog, if you wanted to earn more money in future.

Recommended for Indian Bloggers- Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Bloggers [I have earn over $2000].

These days even from last three years there are lot of changes we have seen in advertising industry and pop up ads networks are just amazing, because these ads networks are performing very well for publishers as well as for advertisers.

Here is the Insight Information about Popads and Popcash by Ujjwal Kumar Sen-

Hello, guys how are you?

There is no meaning to ask you this question after one complete comparison between two well know pop under ad networks in the whole world it is not saying by me only, but it the fact because these networks are really popular, even these networks got space in my Top ECPM Ad Networks list and that's great achievements of these two ad networks.

I must say this, because after earning nearly $555 from popads [Till now I have update only $400 but next I will update this so stay tuned to see such update] and $100 from Popcash its really feel me awesome, because I have using long time Popads and Popcash its really little long time, but I am sure in future I am going to earn more from both the networks & I will keep updating you.

But, if you are looking for earning more then you need fast loading hosting service, because I have seen most of the bloggers host their blog on slow loading hosting service, I don't know the reason may be price matter for them, but after long research I have found two companies those are really awesome for bloggers to buy hosting from them and of course I am giving coupon code for getting maximum discount, you know why?

I am saying to choose fast loading, because it will increase your blog revenue from pop up ads, and of course who does not want to earn more, I am sure you also wanted to earn more then choose these hosting with discount, Cloudways Coupon Code and FastComet Coupon Code

There are few other pop up ads companies those also are providing same service and of course they are helping publishers as well as advertisers for increasing their business potential, here are those my recommended companies review- PropellerAds Review 2016, Poptm Review

And if you wanted to know more about earn money from blog, then I will suggest you to one of my article- Monetize Your Blog Smart Way.

Hopefully you got the real insight about these two networks (Popads and Popcash), if you got any question then you can ask me below through comments.

I know this is going to create little bit problem for your readers, but again here you and me both know if you want to get something you need to give something.

But, this is also true, if you are giving right content to your readers, then it will not create much problem.

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Bluehost India Discount Coupon Code 2016 @ 51% OFF Discount Coupon of BlueHost

Bluehost India Discount Coupon CODE is one of the famous choice of my readers and Bluehost itself is really a buzz among all because now no barrier of credit cards and all that you can buy hosting by using debit card, Yes you van also get BlueHost Discount inside okay today I am going to share with you "Bluehost India Discount Coupon Code 2016" as well as you will come to know some real inside about Bluehost India like CPanel, Traffic IP and many more.

That's why you will be happy before making decision of getting hosting for your website or blog, see I don't know why you wanted to get hosting but most of the time people wanted to get hosting to create their own blog and most of the time to earn money from blogging, if you need any personal help then you can contact me on Facebook

Bluehost Indian Coupon Code with Discount- BlueHost India Coupon Code
END DATE- 31th of July 2016

Only for first 100 customers! Hurry

Important- If you will buy Hosting by using my link I will get commission but you don't need to pay more for this.

Okay, now I must say you are searching for Bluehost coupon that means you wanted to buy hosting from bluehost only, well I have been using Bluehost from long time and I must they are providing very good service for me, here are few pros and cons I wanted to share with you-

Pros of Bluehost-
  • A free domain name
  • Money back guarantee
  • Good customer support by Indians
  • Linux hosting in India
  • One click WordPress installation
Cons of Bluehost-
  • Limited CPU uses
  • Only one set of DNS
  • They offer Linux server

Inside View of BlueHost-

In just couple of seconds you can see the inside view of BlueHost which will help you to discover more things about Bluehost, see its been long time BlueHost is providing hosting service and the best thing about them is they will give you free domain with hosting, means if you will buy a hosting plan you will get a .com domain name for free.

Is not that great offer, I think so.

So, lets see its inside view one by one-
Bluehost Home Page-
Bluehost Indian Review

Bluehost account after log in-
Bluehost Cpanel: Simply easy to use even for non technical people, here is the screen shot below, well there are two ways to view Cpanel, I am going to share with you both of view including their name on the image only, that's why it will be easier for you to understand it-
Here, I used Retro most of the time and as per my memory, Bluehost also shown the Retro one by default for new customer, so I thought why not to share with you the screen shot of it-
Bluehost Cpanel

Recommended for You- Bluehost India Discount 2016 @ Review

Top Ten Points About BlueHost India-

  1. Bluehost provides free domain name for buying new hosting plan
  2. They got very good Cpanel
  3. Good customer support in India personally I have talk to them when I got problem they got good knowledge and supportive.
  4. Over 2 millions websites host by BlueHost that's itself class
  5. Many pro bloggers used BlueHost for hosting their blog
  6. Other than hosting WordPress they also provides one click installation for others like Joomla, Magento, PhpBB, Drupal7, SMF and so on.
  7. In their Cpanel they have following things, first I was thinking that it will be too long later one of the reader ask me to write in details about their CPanel, because only those people come to know about it if they are using BlueHost itself, I am using it for my blogs and that's why sharing with you-
    • Lets start with preferences in preference you can get started wizard also they are providing good video tutorials to understand whole things
    • Then mail- They have very good features those features generally pro mail marketing provides like mailing list, auto-responders, well I use Get Response for e-mail marketing automation.
    • SEO and Marketing Tools for you, you can also get awesome SEO tips option under this section
    • Files- In files you will see Back-Ups, Backup Wizard, FTP Accounts and so on
    • Metrics- Under this you can see latest visitors, as I am writing this article simultaneously I am seeing latest visitors to my blog and there are many features they provides I can not stop myself to write such thing like traffic location, IP address, duration, unique visitors, number of page views and so on, here is the screen shot of traffic stats of a blog, you can see such stats under awstats.
Bluehost Awstats
    • Security: You can block any IP, this option is there under IP blocker tab, that is one of the awesome feature provided by BlueHost, other than this there are other options too like- SSH Access, SSL/TLS, Hotlink Protection and Leech Protection
    • Software: Under software tab you can see many options like PHP, Site software and so on
    • Advanced: Under this section you will get information regarding error pages, Virus scanner, Track DNS and many more
    • Softaculous Apps Installer: This is the section which most of the blogger used at least once because in this section you will see WordPress and other platform like Joomla, AbanteCart and many more, under different categories like Blogs, Micro Blogs, Forums and so on.
    • Health Checks & Monitoring: This is also a pretty cool features provideed by BlueHost.

Okay, lets talk more about blogging and starting your blog with self hosting service like Bluehost right, I know there are many those don’t want to invest money that’s why I suggest them to start with Blogspot but later you have to move to WordPress, because there are many features those don’t have blogger.

But, yes WordPress having such features, that’s why it is one of the finest CMS of the world.
That’s why even I am sharing lot of more information about blogging and starting blogging with WordPress, see starting a self host blog is really great way to jump start your blogging carrier because you will have all, just you need to work with your own passion, I mean you must concentrate on one topic only at a time, I mean think about a topic, in which you have interest and then start writing, once you found that your articles are ranking pretty good and then can write about other articles related to it.

So, here are few things I am covering in this part of this Bluehost Discount Coupon India Article-

Getting Sure Shot Success in Blogging

Successful blogging
For getting success in blogging in very short period time is depending on your blog niche, see if you will write articles in a niche in which you have great knowledge, interest and passion then you can easily go for sure short success.

Choosing Niche for Your First Blog to Get Success

  • Why bloggers fail?
  • Why they quit in just two weeks?
  • Why they unable to earn money from blog?
  • Why they unable to discover real potential of blogging?

Because, they unable to choose the right way to start blog, yes what you are reading right now pay attention here because you are going to learn lot of important things in this section.

So, question is that how you can able to select right niche, now I am going to share with the best and amazing advice to you for getting success in your first blog only, if you will follow my steps right way-

Step 1-
Have you ever got problem in anything and got solution, if yes then think about the problem and how you got solution for the problem, I am sure you got problem in your life may be small or big problem it could be anything from technical to health

Step 2-
Write all those problems on a paper with solution

Step 3-
Do keyword research related to the problem and discovers how many people are searching and what they are searching to solve their problem? Here is the video tutorial for you.
Step 4-
Select keywords for your domain name and then get hosting from Bluehost with discount links click here for discount and then there you go for it.

Step5 –
Start writing articles related to the problem with proper title for this only basic SEO tips you need to know and of course you need to write in depth articles about it, because you were in the problem and I am sure you will not get bored while writing articles because you are familiar with the facts and scenario

What is Two Good Habits Can Help You to Get Success in Blogging?

Here, I am going to share with you most important habits those helps me to grow and write articles on time, here are two habits you must have in order to get success in blogging quite easily.

I know you wanted to know both habits right, so here are those habits but yes only knowing these habits not going to help you at all, if you will not work on it
  1. Writing and
  2. Promotion of articles, keep doing
Let me share with you one of my latest experiment to drive traffic to my blog through Facebook, this is really powerful to drive any number of traffic to your blog or anywhere you want.

Step 1-
Find out popular groups on Facebook related to your topic, easy just search on Facebook search box

Step 2-
Send request to join, you can easily do it by just clicking on Join

Step 3-
Write great short description about your article, which will make people to click on the link and that’s it, keep sharing, but don’t share much otherwise they may be banned you, so share but with little time gap.

Change little in description and see number of visitors you are getting, you also can do experiment with time, because let me share with you one of the incident.

I usually share posts on Facebook and of course on Indiblogger which is a pretty good directory for Indian bloggers in the morning time about 9 AM and in that time I usually got 100 page views because of sharing.

Now the lesson is here.

What happen?

One day, I was unable to share articles in the morning and share in the evening time about 8 Pm and guess what?

Traffic I have started getting about 200 page views for sharing my articles on my Facebook wall, my Blog Facebook page, Facebook Groups and on Indiblogger

The lesson you have learnt here that at what time you are sharing your article is also matter.

How to Become Authority Blogger

Become authority is difficult, if you will go with a right plan, here you need to implement the basic rule of management here is my own basic rule for getting success in any project that may be in blogging, righting an e-book, writing an article or even preparing for any examination-
  1. Plan First but must write don't kept in your brain
  2. Think about how you can go with the plan?
  3. Work when you feel fresh means in the morning time
  4. Keep working without seeing the outcome because in blogging outcome will be seen later and it comes with interest, yes I must say with complex interest.

How to Earn More Money from Blog

Here, I am not going to share with adding ads networks, because these are not a way to earn healthy money from niche blog, because you know, if you will write about only one topic that means you can do affiliate marketing or even you can create your own products, I do both, I have my own products which helps me to earn more from blogging.

So, here is couple of ways to earn good money from niche blog-
  1. Selling others products, which is called affiliate marketing?
  2. Selling your own products
  3. Sponsored post- Last month I have earn my 30% of total earning for writing sponsored articles and that is just awesome
Bluehost Indian Coupon Code with Discount- BlueHost India Coupon Code [Click On the Link] USE Coupon- BLUERUSH

Of course Bluehost is one of the old company for providing hosting, Bluehost is one of the leader in hosting services, I came to know about this after chatting with a guy who has been in this internet marketing business its been long time about a decade, that's why I have written this article and also provided insight view of BlueHost what I have experienced after using its hosting service?

So what do you think about Bluehost India Coupon Code 2016?

HostGator @50% Discount to Start WordPress Blog With Review

HostGator is a world’s leading provider of web hosting services with many types of extra feature that's why HostGator Discount Coupon Code with Amazing Review I am writing today and services to make you more comfortable on single hosting service provider.

HostGator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley in Houston, Texas, United State. The starting of this business is come up only with three servers but now it become world’s leading web hosting industry with more than 12000 servers under a well-managed order. Currently it generates only its 1% of total web traffic on World Wide Web by its over five million domain. Hostgator provide more than four lacs customers with innovative idea from individual and more than 500 company is connected with it over 200 countries. With the help of hostgator anyone can start their business according to their growth and market value. Hostgator provide good services to both small and large business.

NOTE- Even, I have started with absolutely no knowledge about set up and all that but later I search and struggle to know about all those settings which is really necessary for starting a word press blog and when I have started rarely I found any blog talking about Word Press in details, so for the ease of people I have started providing Free Installation service but you need to buy hosting by using my link and of course you will get discount but it is for limited time remember that.

Is you are from outside India then click here.
Here is Discount Coupon After Clicking on the Above Link Just Use the Below Discount Coupon Code-
Here is 50% Discount Coupon for all hosting products on Hostgator-
  1. Coupon Code: SNAPPY50
  2. Sale Begins: 
  3. Sale Ends: 31st July 2016
Testimonial of my Free Installation Service-

Khadija from UAE-
Few months ago,i decided to start my blog. now i just had a thought of starting it and nothing i knew nothing about it. So as everyone i headed to my computer to do some research about it.There were so many things to learn and i was nervous because i really wanted to start a blog but i literally had no source of help or guide.I read many articles and saw many videos but it was still not it.You definitely need a professional help,Right.

Once,while I was searching about blogging on youtube I came across Ujjwals channel,his videos were very clear and actually encouraging.They were for complete beginners.I also checked out his previous videos.In one of his videos he said about his blog and this is how i came to know about ujjwal. All right long story short,now it was my time to start a blog .I thought i knew enough about it but I literally didn't I found his email from his blog and messaged him and seriously i didn't expect him to reply me.I thought since he is a big blogger and why would he reply me when he does not even know me but replied and cleared out my confusion.My first message to him was back in January and from January till this time he replied to my every question (about hostgator, wordpress).And only this he also set up my blog on wordpress and i still helping me.

at last i would say not everyone is blessed with such a huge heart who is always ready to help others at any time. i wish you much more success in your blogging and every career

                                                     THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Lets continue with the review-

Due to its support the plan of reselling so many developers also can start their business to design web sites for their customer and costumer easily can change their websites designing. For this purpose computer and technology expert work concurrently.

Mainly the services provided by are:-

  1. Reselling
  2. VPS
  3. Dedicated web hosting
  4. Domain
  5. Add-ons
  6. E-mail hosting and many more attractive services combinally.
The working criteria of each individual with all services will be described further in this article. is mainly work on hosting service. In different part of information hosting it work well. These parts are:-
  1. Web hosting
  2. Cloud hosting
  3. Word press hosting
  4. Linux hosting
  5. Application hosting
  6. Windows/windows applications hosting
  7. e-mail hosting
There are many attractive plan, reward, facilities are provided by hostgator. Due to why it become world’s leading hosting provider.

Web Hosting by HostGator-

Hostgator provide many various types of tools to make your business online anytime  and worldwide.
It provides many site’s building tool and over 4500 templates so that at your fingerprint you can do all things. With the help of hostgator every customer can create their convenient  required web hosting with fully well functional and over world wide web as fast as possible.
Any anything you can perform on hostgator platform like:-
  • Create a blog
  • Use a CMS.
  • Wiki.
  • upload own photo gallery.
  • sell your product online with an e-commerce store.
Hostgator run on Apache, Linux and Php so you can completely use at all such types of devices. Wordpress combinally work with hostgator’s auto word press installer so you can freely use blogging in further. Joomla, Drupal CMS hosting is also supported by Hostgator so it provide platform to put your business online.

Some attractive plans according to customer need are also provided by hostgator like:-
  • Hatchling plan at minimal cost of $4.86/month*.
  • Baby plan at starting price of $6.96/month*.
  • Business plan at starting price of $ 10.46/month*.
All these plan contain features of
  • Unlimited domain.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • shared SSL certificate
  • One click installs.
These entire plans in cloud hosting is available in less cost from web hosting

Cloud Hosting by HostGator-

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting service in which the server of website is made virtually rather than physical web server. Model of computing play a vital role to establish it. Mainly it is available as a service rather than a product.  Hostgator provide all type of necessary tools & services to build your cloud hosting.

The main feature of cloud hosting computing is :-
  • 2*X faster 
  • Due to low-density server multiple cache layers permission hardware 2* faster load times.
  • Convert of web site in managed order to make speed efficient and use dynamic content   request.
4X more scalable:-
  • Here according to online growth of website cloud resource can be ramp up without no any data migration, down time or reboots.
  • You can enhance the bar on server allocation & management over the cloud.
  • From this platform large traffic can be responded without any interruption of server
Completely growth analysis:-
  • In very less effort you can understand sit’s performance using intuitive dashboard provided by dashboard.
  • You can completely analyses the site growth like usage trends, page download, uptime, global reach etc.
Cloud hosting of hostgator provide many feature-
  1. Integrated caching.
  2. Intuitive dashboard.
  3. Resource management.
There are also some plans provided by HostGator for cloud hosting-

Hatchling cloud at $6.26/month* With single domain
  1. 2 GB memory
  2. 2  core CPU
  3. Share SSL certificate.
Baby cloud at $ 8.36/month*With
  1. Unlimited domain.
  2. 4 GB memory.
  3. 4 core CPU.
Business cloud At $12.56  with
  1. Unlimited domain
  2. 4 Gb memory
  3. 6 core CPU
  4. Free private SSL & IP

Word Press Hosting by HostGator-

If you have already word press site then for increase server size and bandwidth convert your connectivity with

Hostgator provide up to 2.5X more fast of your site with managed hosting.
Hostgator provide simplicity and make easy to use it. Manage word press platform to handle site administration.

A. It provide these facilities:-
  • Automatically update the s/w & installed plugins, Apply latest security s/w, upgrade them, optimize WordPress.
B. Provides advance security
  • It scan daily your web site & remove all malicious malware & make aside to crack or  also remove such things by which your site performances degraded.
  • Automatic create back up to plan daily.
C. It is flexible for changing:-
  • Scales optimized word press cloud architecture according to plan chosen by you.
  • Provide power to scale instantly your site with minimal downtime.
D. Hostgator provides 24*7*365 superior support.
  • You can put your query for any types of problem in real time by plane or email.

VPS Hosting by HostGator-

Hostgator at very less cost provide such type of server with fully customizable & upgradable at any time according to the size of business and plan chosen by customer.
It provide the platform where you can install advance software be and control it with fully dedicated functionality.

The feature provided by HostGator for VPS hosting is:-
  • Flexible software customization.
  • Provide much hardware according to site for VPS Server utilize 32-core AMD Opteron, 6376 processors, 3.6 TB of RAID 10 Storage & 128 GB of RAM
  • 24/7/365 live support via telephone, live chat & E-mail.
In plan of VPS not any hosting control panel are included but any hardware, operating system or basic configuration issues. HostGator maintain each and every dedicated server throughput with multiple geographic locations in order to provide flexibility, quality And reliability.

Virtual private server is that type of server which is virtually created i.e. at the main server provided by hostgator also provide some space where your own database can be create and retrieve the data any time at world wide web.

Dedicated server of HostGator-

Dedicated server is a type of server store the data of individual website. Hostgator provide the facility of dedicated server which suited as ideal solution for larger business size and complex and high traffic websites. This dedicated server allows user for maximum customization, flexibility and fully back up support in case of website crisis.’ It provide tool for this purpose
  • cPanel WHM
  • WHMCS with fully automated billing needs.

Reselling Plan Provided by HostGator-

At this site after registering your existing domain name and if there is not any your domain yet then you can also register new domain name at some minimal cast.

With a hostgator reselling plan you can earn money and even you can also set up your own web hosting company. And hostgator will provide you many types of additional facilities for this purpose.
It provides everything which is necessary to start your plan of web hosting or reselling.

It provides WHM and cPanal to control your all activity by yourself.
  • Due to WHM also fix up billing aspects.
  • Provide free market place.
  • According to your business it will transfer your site to large dedicated server.
  • With the help of hostgator you can control freely your resource allocation according to best fit of customer’s need
According to your business increasing ratio hosting is scalable.
  • Hostgator reseller hosting plan provide the platform from where you can completely take
  • control over all the aspects of your hosting business in terms of.
  • resource allocation
  • payment methodes
  • additional services like SSL certificates, domains etc.
and after all there are also many feature provided by Hostgator for it’s reselling plan  like:-
  • 45 days money back guarantee.
  • Private name server.
  • Domain, sub-domain, e-mail account, MySql DataBase, FTP Account.
  • Free WHMCS or WHM Autopilot client management/ billing software.
  • Site building account for customer.
  • Up to 30 Websites for Website transfer in free of cost.
  • Provide your customer up to 4500 websites templates.
  • Tutorial video
And many more on WHM control panel, cPanel control panel, Programming & DataBase E-mail Features, Award-winning support , Green web hosting, Free reseller club account etc.

Windows Hosting by HostGator-

Hostgator provide the platform on which you can start your ASP.NET website. Many types of application software you can also use on website to make it more attractive. Here the website created by is too easy to use and much flexible for variable our need. The features provides for web hosting is :-
Powerful admin tool-
  1. AWStats,
  2. Webalizer,
  3. Raw Log Manager,
  4. Password Protected Directories,
  5. Web Based File Manager,
  6. Scheduled Tasks
Programming Features-
  1. ASP
  2. ASP.NET
  3. PHP
  4. Python
  5. SSI Curl
  6. GD Library
  7. MVC 3.0
  8. AJAX etc.
Award-Winning Support-
  1. 24/7/365 Live Support via Email, Telephone, & Live Chat
  2. 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
  3. Online Support Portal
  4. Community
  5. Forums

Sitelock & HostGator-

Sitelok is service that performs the scan in daily scan to the website for their performance, virus, threat, cross-site scripting etc and if found then remove them and try to make site’s performance well. Hostgator provide this facility so that each website of the costumer can be scan on daily routine. It also creates back up daily of website so that at the time of website crisis complete recovery can be takes place.

Activity of sitelock on hostgator is-

Daily scan:-
  • Hostgator not only scan daily your website, e-mail, application for security purpose but also check for search engine black list and spam occurrence.
Identify threats:-
  • To make hackers away hostgator create a firewall for each websites to identifies the things by which website can be damaged.
Instantly Notifies and fixes:-
  • When any types of malicious program found in website then automatically sitelock remove them. So that we can see that sitelock internally run on all website to make customers website versatile.
Features of sitelock-
  • Automatically prevent attacks.
  • Under monitoring control 24*7 for attacks.
Boosts customers trust:-
  • Provide sign of security  and trust to the users for make transaction through its websites.
Start work instantly:-
  • No need for expertise to run it. It run automatically on cloud based.

E-mail Hosting by HostGator-

Many large business now a day create their own e-mail hosting in which customer can put their own query and create a environment where they can create the facility of live chat for user support. Hostgator provide this facility with their respective websites.

The development of business increases and become productive when users stay connected directly. On the platform of hostgator you can easily establish email facilities and manage it according to you want.

Such type of mailing is too responsive in nature .it support on various types of media devices like pc’s mobile etc.

If there is any chances to make access of malicious program through mail than on this possibility each mail is scanned and able to make them spam free.

Hostgator also provide the facilities of premium email site by which you can purchase some e-mail who remain more responsive and high tolerance for spam. And after crisis to retrieve all types of data by using backup facilities.

Code  Guard-
CodeGuard is a service by which all types of coding data are made secure on the server so that at the time of breakdown type problem of website all types of data are again being able to recover and  make them as like previous time views of website.
Hostgator provide all such type of facility so that it can fully accomplish the role of codeguard.

Activity of codeguard-
  • Make connection with your site
  • Initial backup
  • Monitoring
  • Continuous backup
  • Restore
Technical specification-
  • Full website backup
  • Full automated
  • Restore your web-site
  • Lightweight and secure
Hope you will definitely enjoy all the facilities which  increase the performance of your site by HostGator

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