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8 Secrets to Make a Blog Insanely Popular

How to Make a Popular Blog

Every blogger want to become popular and make money from blog but only few of them actually become popular blogger reason behind this may be you don't know or may be know in this article I will share you reasons and also tips to become popular blogger.

Let me tell you dear if you make a blog popular then you have to hard work and share every things you know with the people, many people thing that sharing all things he or she know is not good for them but if you wanna become popular then you have share all best things you know with the world of people, that's why people will come to your blog daily and daily, they will become curious about your blog may be probably they will tell others about your blog.

Just think about this, I mean how to make a blog popular if you will not make mistakes then definitely you will become popular that's why I will share with you only about mistakes you may be doing just don't do these mistakes to become a popular blogger.

Reasons Behind Not Becoming a Popular Blogger:-

Not concentrating on topic-

Many bloggers they usually not write about only few topics, what they do they read a blog which blog is popular then they start copy their content and their article too, to become popular but which is not possible in actual.

If it is possible in actually their there are thousands of people in this world those can easily make a website like Facebook, but it is not possible to make a website popular if they will make even, because the reason behind this too simple because we don't want copy things we every time searching and looking for some thing different, weather your blog design is not good or bad but if your concept of sharing is good then definitely people will like your blog.

Not Writing Often-

Set your own time to publish post, start from one post in a week then may be you will increase to two or three posts in a week then may be one post per day.

But its not that much matter, matter is all about information you are pouring in the blog post, in blogging you need to walk like a Tortoise to win at the end and then keep winning each and every day.

Not Writing in Proper Presentations-

Many bloggers they do write very good contents but because of not proper presentation they can not make their blog popular.

Let me give you an example many times we do not get very good marks in the examination although we did have very good knowledge in the particular subjects, what does that means our presentation on the answer sheet.

Not Using Easy Social Media Shares-

It is one of the best way to make your blog popular because you may probably know that most of the people is having account on social media and they are active if you will put easy social media people will share your article on their profile that means people will work your work to make your blog popular.

Not Do SEO Setting For Your Blog-

Most of the best way to get free traffic is search engine that means you have to optimized your blog  for search engine.

My my all articles for optimized your blog for search engine.

Not Writing People Hunting Content-

One of the most important thing is people hunting content, if you will write about flowers only few people looking for these type of articles that means you will get less visitors to your blog no matter how much your content is good but if you will write about any gadgets then I am pretty sure there most of the people looking for these news then definitely you will get more and very good visitors.

Not Giving People Searching Title Name-

Do you know your blog will get visitors you can not even imagine from search engine but for that you have to do one exercise Using Google Trend you can come to know how many people are searching about the same titles.

Then give name to your blog title the same to get very good rank on Google for more information about title name you can read my article.

Never Never Give UP-

90% blogger they after blogging few months they just give up but blogging is not like you will become popular with in few months you have to be regular and be regular every time after even becoming popular blogger.

It's a real business do write article in that way when any people come to your blog once he or she has to be come to your blog again and again.

One of a Great Lesson Learnt in Blogging

Well may be you know about me or may be not, but let me tell you about few popular as well as amazing bloggers those really putted value in the internet world from couple of years like Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Brian Dean and there are many those are really doing awesome work helping the whole community.

If you wanna like them or like any blogger whom you like the most then I must say you need to invest time, which is most precious than any other things in this world.

Do you know?

Why these bloggers are popular?

Because, they are putting effort continuously and they are posting in detail blog post, there each and every blog post having more 2000 words, with heading, sub headings which is good for people as well as SEO, that's why they are popular today.

Do the same you will also become famous like them.

Creating a popular blog is not quiet difficult but people make it difficult by concentrating on only money rather than concentrating on contents.

One of the another big reason is not making money from blog, if you want to earn money from blog then try Google Adsense Alternatives because I have already made more than $500 from ads network those including $164 from Bidvertiser and more than $155 from Popads.

Is there anything I missed which can make you to create a popular blog.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chitika Review Legit or Scam with Payment Proof 2015

Chitika Reviw, Payment Proof 2015, legit or scam

Chtika is one of the best alternative to Google Adsense, may be you know about it even then I am telling you this, because in some countries Like UK, USA, Canada Chitika perform almost equivalent to Google Adsense.

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Because of Asian countries bloggers can not get easy approval from Google Adsense, that's why they moved to Chitika or other Adsense alternatives.

I know you are looking for payment proof that means whether Chitika is Legit or Scam, actually I have already written an article about Chitika Advertising network in pretty details-

I have used Chitika in my blog, to increase revenue of my blog, so I have seen increase in revenue about 30%, I think that is pretty good for any blogger to see such increment in revenue.

Here is the payment proof, which is a screen shot of my payment from Chitika through paypal, if you are having such type of questions like, how much they pay per click, minimum withdraw money, ways to get paid through Chitika, then I will recommend you to read the whole review, which I have written after using Chitika Networks almost for 3 months.

Payment Proof of Chitika Advertising Network-

Here is the screen shot of the payment from Chitika Through Paypal-
Chitika Payment Proof 2015

Now, I hope so you have satisfied that Chitika is a Legit network, I don't have any doubt about that, hopefully you don't have any doubt about this even.

Okay till now you come to know this that Chitika is a legit advertisement network, which really pays.

Hey That's not enough about this blog post, I would like to add few more tactics about blogging, which is really going to help you to make more money, but as this blog post is about only Chitika Advertising Network that's why I would like to tell you how would you get maximum benefit from Chitika.

How to Sign Up for Chitika Ads Network-

In this section, I am going to tell you step by step guide to Sign Up for Chitika, here are those steps to follow-
  • First click here to go to Chitika Official Website
  • Then you will see a official website of Chitika Ads network, for your better understanding I am going through all these steps, here is the screen shot it, what exactly you are seeing right now, if you are not seeing the same then please wait till the website will load properly.
Sign Up Process Chitika, Blogger Ads network
After seeing the above screen you need to put their own e-mail address then may be it will ask to conform your e-mail address then you just need to click on Yes, and then click on GO.
Chitika Sign Up Process Step 2
Now you need to go to your e-mail account there you can see Chitika E-mail in your inbox, if you did not find out then check spam button, okay first let me check about it, then I will tell you.okay there you will see an e-mail which subject name says Complete Your Application, just click there and click on Complete Your Application, then you will be redirect to their Chitika official website.

There you need to complete final step for sign Up, here is the screen shot of it-
Chitika Sign up Process final step
Fill the above form and click on Submit that's it.

Well, here is another thing, if you did not receive any mail from Chitika then there on the Chitika official website there you have submit your e-mail address for getting mail in your inbox, on the official website there you will see option after sometime, here is the screen shot of it-
Resend E-mail in Chitika Sign Up Process
Just click on the Resend E-mail and then repeat the above steps, I hope this section will help you to sign up for Chitika and you can start earning from your blog.

How to Add Chitika Ads Code to Blogger-

In this regard I have written a full length blog post on adding any HTML/Java code to blogger in your desire place, I don't want to repeat all those steps, rather I will tell you steps to get code from Chitika after creating account on Chitika, here are those steps to copy code from Chitika for blogger, I hope you wanted to know why I would like to tell all those steps here, because I want that any blogger will not face these kind of problems, especially those are beginner bloggers they face such kind of problems, okay here are those steps to follow-

1. First go to Chitika official website-
2. Go to your account, okay I am going to do the same steps that's why I can tell you real exact steps to follow and do.
3. After log in to your account you will see a option "Ad Code Generator", there you will see option to format, just make a click below then you will see many format, as I am giving below all format, as I am seeing here after click there-
ads format of chitika

4. Just make a click on then click on get code, then after clicking there you will see code with pop up, just click the code and add to blogger, how to add Chitika code to blogger, details guide.

I hope this section is helpful for you, if you need any other information regarding Chitika ads network let me know.

Approval Process of Chitika Ads Network-

Chitika Approval process is quite fast, but for making decent income, I mean to increase your earning from Chitika you need to claim your blog or website on Chitika after installing the code, that's why Chitika will track your traffic quality, on that basis they will deliver ads.

Once they will start delivering very good quality ads then you will start earning lot of money, I mean good quality ads means very good revenue.

How to Increase Revenue Through Chitika-

Chitika Perform very well because they shows ads content based, that is the main reason to increase your blog revenue.

But What?

If , any one is not clicking on ads!

There are two possible ways or you may say reasons behind of it, one is Chitika is not delivering, right ads according to your blog content.

For example-
If your blog is about students then, if Chitika is showing ads related to buying apartment then rarely any one is going to click on the ads.

But that is not possible, there are unlimited advertisers, those wanted to get traffic means ultimately customers.

The Second Reason- May be you are not choosing right place to show your ads, actually I did a test on this, I succeed in my blog.

Well, let me tell you about the testing.

Actually I was getting in that time about 11,000 page views per day, but even then I was not making much money, because I was not putted ads on the right place.

So, I have changed the place of ads to the below title and at the end of the blog post and it happens.

My CTR(Click Trough Rate) of Ads has been increased from 2% to 7% and I think it is pretty good for me in that time.

You can do the same for your blog to increase earning from your blog through advertisement.

Conclusion About Chitika Ads Network-

Chitika is good to make money from your blog, which you can consider as your consistent earning means, if your blog having traffic then you will make money that is sure.

But I would like to suggest you something more, but I will also suggest you to use other networks with Chitika Like Bidvertiser (I earn more than 164$) as well as (I earn more than 155$).

These two networks also help me lot for making money from blogging, but beside this you can try other methods to make more money from blog, those ways are just I am going to discuss with you.

Top 10 Important Points About Chitika-

  1. Chitika is a Legit Network
  2. Strong Technology support
  3. Fast approval process
  4. Minimum balance required to withdraw 10$.
  5. Fully Paypal support for payment on monthly basis
  6. Very good customer support
  7. Alexa rank is about 2K worldwide
  8. Different ads sizes available to choose 
  9. If you have good quality posts then you can get special status
  10. No major complain found till now from publishers side

What You Can Do Beyond Chitika-

Learn affiliate marketing and Email Marketing to increase earning from your blog, means you can leverage your earning through this method, imaging about it, if you will sell one product then you will make 20% to 75% commissions.

Read More- How I Got 145.85$ Cheque from ClickBank

But you have to serve quality product to your customers, remember it will take time understand the get success but till that time keep trying and delivering quality content, it will help you to make more money from your blog, but don't try hard, it will ruin your blogging career.

What's your experience about Chitika?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Successful Blogging Journey 2015- Earn $75.47 in Just Two Days

Hello, Guys How are you?

Today is the day, I am Happy a LOT! Reason is simple I am making money online, a very good handsome income, which I can not accept from my day job, still I am doing blogging occasionally and earning is just awesome because I wanted to give more time to my study these days and planning to become full time blogger from next year, I hope; I can do it.

Well, Today I am going to share with the screen shot, which is about my payment proof that I have received $45.47 in my Paypal account.
Paypal India Payment Proof 2015
That is the earning from Paypal and direct earning in the last two days about $30, so total earning is about $75.47 in just two days, it makes me feel great and about my decision also, actually when I have started blogging in that time everybody of my friends usually told me about my branch and blogging is different few usually said that you are doing Java Mechanical.

Well, I am not saying they were wrong but I was determined that one day people will wanted to talk to me

To learn blogging AND more important they will ask me to trained them to do the same and earn more money online, because first we need to earn money and else other things you can do easily, we can do online shopping, a vacations and what not.

Today right now, I am sitting in Ranchi which is a Capital of Jharkhand and writing this blog posts I hope I manage to complete this blog post today because I have many things to do by tomorrow.

Although this week have been busier for me, because last week I came to Patna which is a capital of Bihar and visited many places like Ganga Ghat, Zoo, Patna University got couple of photos for you, oh I must say its too hot there but after reaching Ranchi I am little bit relax and feeling chill in Ranchi.
patna Ganga Ghat, Ujjwal Kumar Sen, Blogger
Patna, Bihar (Ganga Ghat)

Patna Zoo, Ujjwal Kumar Sen
Patna Zoo, Bihar
Jagannathpur Temple Ranchi, Blogger Ujjwal Kumar Sen

Well, generally I don't share about me in my blog posts, but this is little bit about my blogging success story that's why I am sharing with you.

You can become much better blogger than me, because you are reading my blog and I shared in my blog about my own experience more important I am sharing mistakes I made in my blogging journey.

That's why at least blog readers of my blog will not repeat these mistakes in their blog, I hope this blog posts will inspire you to keep blogging and let you be a successful blogger and more important my mission is that my blog readers will earn more money than me.

Till that time I will not stop blogging, I will keep blogging and keep you inspiring to become a better, a much better blogger.

Here are few tips and tricks those are really helpful for you to become a much better blogger in your own interested niche-

Be Unique in Your Niche-

I hope you are research before choosing niche for your blog because this is really important to become a next popular blogger without any difficulty because you are already good in your niche then there would be any kind quality problem.

In this internet world, there is always demand for valuable people, because internet visitors really take good care about quality blog posts, so be unique in your niche and don't ever copy other competitive bloggers content, if you will do so then I must say you will loose your own brand for which you are known.

Add Some Amazing Photos-

Photos really make readers even me, excited to read the blog posts as well as sharing the blog posts make me happy because readers like it, that's why info-graphics is much better for getting back links than only a blog posts.

You can see as an example of Pinterest,, like websites are growing very fast worldwide.

Don't Forget About Branding-

Branding is not a one day job, it takes years and years, but yes later you can use your brand in the market to promote any kind of product, because people understand name, if the name is known for them then it becomes easier to get convert, I mean that person can easily become your customers.

Again, you can loose your branding by not providing very good quality product, does not matter in which niche you are entered but don't forget to give value of customer money as well as time.

Take Time to Write Blog Posts

I have been following many top bloggers from last few years, I did not steal anything from them, I mean their content that's why today I am blogging because my blog is growing day by day and I am really happy from output in compare with input.

Well, the thing I learn from top bloggers like Neil Patel and their countless those are blogging from long time, they write a detail blog posts about 2000 words in each blog posts that means they are investing lot of time to get publish each blog posts, if any blogger can do the same then I am sure any one can too become a popular blogger like them.

Follow Basic Things Always-

Basic, foundation, root these terms are really important for our life because basic things are most important, does not matter what we loose or gain in our life? But we must not forget our base.

If we will forget then later may be you will loose everything, I am not writing this thing after reading any book, not even I heard from any person, it is my own personal experience, in blogging there are few but important basics things those are-
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Blog content
  3. Image optimization for search engines
  4. Social Media Optimization
  5. Relationship 
  6. Taking Care of readers
  7. Passion
  8. Knowledge
  9. Consistency and 
  10. Be proud as a blogger

Share Your Story But Real-

Stories always good to read, listen, for inspiration, experience as well as exposure to work further or start your own start up.

I am listen to myself, observe myself, after reading other success stories I really got inspired to work more hard that's why I can share another great success story in my blog and many of bloggers will get inspired.

Read and Follow Few Growing Blogs-

Following others activities those are really successful and more important those become successful in the same field, you need to follow and know why they are successful? what are their strengths? what are their steps?

If you can get answer of these questions then I am sure you must work on it, if you wanna be successful then you have to work, their is no shortcut way for doing a journey of success.  

Let me tell you a very interesting thing, I hope you think any one of your known who is successful may be who is your neighbour, in your working place, in your college may be any one.

But, have you ever eager or curious to know time table of that person, if you did not do the same till now then you need to just know and start working on the same time table and I know you will also achieve what you wanted to achieve from your life.

To achieve anything BIG in this world, you need to learn, think, implement face failures as well as achievements but does not matter what you got?

You must not stop, you just need to keep writing awesome content with full of passion see only reading my success stories about blogging may be other stories about blogging and other entrepreneurs is not going to help you much.

If you want others to read your success stories you have to do work, yes work only work can lead you to be on top, because work is worship, one of the great quotes I can remember right now, that is about work and love there two words are really complicated, if any body can understand depth of it then their life can be changed.

Okay, may be you are looking for that quotes that is- Do What You Love, Love What You Do.

What do you think about my successful blogging journey?

Friday, June 19, 2015

How to Create Paypal Account and Get Verified in India

Paypal Account and Verify in India

Well the story begin here, when I wanted to Create Paypal Account in India, well I am an Indian- but there was a strong need behind this, actually I wanted to get paid from Bidvertiser which is an advertisement networks for bloggers (I am a blogger and I make money online), but the problem was they paid in dollars but I wanted to get paid in Indian rupee.

So, I have started searching about this and one day one of the friend told me about Paypal even he told me Paypal offer this service for free for individuals but of course there are some limitations, but never the less I was happy after knowing about Paypal.

Well, in this blog post I am going to share with you- step by step guide to create Paypal account as well as how you can use it effectively.

What is Paypal?

Well, Paypal is a gateway for getting as well as sending money from one place to another place through online.

More important about Paypal- Paypal will do a very good job for you, because of that I am happy from Paypal, its they can withdraw money into your bank account directly more important in your own desire currency.

I hope you are really excited because of this right! Even I was.

Requirements for Creating Paypal Account for Indians-

Well, there is two most important things you must have to create working Paypal account, one of them is an e-mail address may be Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail any one and also you must have your PAN Card, which is necessary for Indians.

If you don't have PAN card then apply today because without PAN card you can not create working Paypal account in India

Types of Account You can Create in Paypal-

You are reading this blog posts means you are not familiar with Paypal, then let me tell you there are two types of accounts you can create and are you looking for those accounts-
  1. Individual accounts
  2. An account for business
Here is the screens shot of it which I took from Paypal for your much better understanding about it-
individual account, business account at Paypal
May you wanted to know which account I have used in Paypal, individual account, here is the current screen shot of my receiving payment from Paypal, well I will write a blog post on it but for now the screens shot of payment, which proofs that I am using Paypal and information I have shared here those are on the basis of my experience-
payment through Paypal in India, earning from blogging
I hope you like it, as a beginners seeing payments like this on other blogs is really becoming inspiring to keep blogging and hope you will earn more money than me from blogging or from internet may be from blogging, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, writing e-books or any other way.

Create Paypal Account Guide-

For creating Paypal account you need to go to, then wait for a moment to load the website properly.

Now, you need to click on Sign Up, this option you can find on the right top of the Paypal website, then you will see another page, which will ask you to choose your account, which is individual or business, I hope you are looking for creating account for your own, which means individual, then click on individual.

Now fill the form, which is been ask and then click on Agree and Create Account, there you will also need to add your PAN card information for operating your Paypal account.

Benefits of Using Paypal-

Well there are lots of benefit of using Paypal, I have listed here few benefits-
  1. Get Paid Automatically in your own Bank account
  2. Send money to anywhere 
  3. Receive Money from Anywhere
  4. You can sell product and get paid through Paypal
  5. You can get paid your own desire currency

Verify Paypal Account in India-

This is really very good way to verify your account in India, see when I have verified my Paypal Account back in 2012 in that time I took about a week, because I did not know about it, almost no bloggers, websites share its details guide but today there are many has started sharing tutorial regarding Paypal India, because if you are getting payment from western countries client then you will get payment in Dollars only and no matter in which currency you will receive payment.

It will be converted into your own country currency, like I am from India and I got payment in Rupees and more important directly in my bank account.

After adding all information required by them, I mean by Paypal like adding bank account details, PAN card number, I have wait for the final steps verification

That is putting payment information, which I have received from Paypal in my bank account, actually Paypal have very good verification process, adding all information the will send you payment in your bank account, two payments, payment would be more than one rupee and less than 2 rupees.

After getting payment from them, I have gone to near by ATM and take mini statement from ATM to know exact value of their payment and after knowing those values I came back to home and opened by Paypal account and put their those payment and it happens, Paypal account verified, it was fully verified and from that time till now I am using Paypal no issues face till now.

Is Paypal Safe for Transaction-

Of course, at least I have not seen or face any problem till, I have been blogging from long time its about five years and I have been using Paypal from 2012 in this duration I have received lot of payments and lot of payment send by me and I did not face any issue.

I hope you have seen the image or I must say the screen shot on the above of this blog post that screen shots state that there are 162 millions used Paypal now think about its reach to people.

Its amazing, is not it.

Then the answer to this question is that- yes this is really safe to use Paypal.

List of Required Things for Creating Paypal Account Successfully-

In this section of this blog post, I am going to let you know all those things you need to have to create your own Paypal account in India and more important is that the account will be active that means verified and after this you can use your account.

Okay, here are few things you required to create and get verified your Paypal account-

  1. First you need to have e-mail address may be Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail any one
  2. You need to have bank account may be PNB (Punjab National Bank), SBI (State Bank of India), OBC, HDFC, Axis I mean any bank which accept Paypal to send payment, personally I used PNB for handling my Paypal account
  3. The most important PAN Card number, which is must for receiving payment from Paypal
  4. That's it, you need to follow my steps to learn

What I Like the Most About Paypal as an Indian-

Paypal India, add debit card, credit card, link bank account to Paypal

I hope you know?

I am an Indian blogger, since I am from India so I need to transfer all my transactions in to my own currency that is in Rupees.

So, I have started searching and start asking my friends to know about it, one of my friend tell me about Paypal

Then I have browse the website and create my account and get verified, I have used another feature of Paypal that is auto withdraw of your payment in to your account, generally it takes two working days and maximum it takes 5 to 6 days.

Overall, I really feel happy with their support as well as their service, I am really happy with it thanks.

Enabling Auto Withdraw Options on Paypal-

This is one of best featured offered by Paypal that is auto withdraw your payment to your linked bank account within few days of getting payment on Paypal.

Well, I will share with you a like example of it, that's why you can understand first let me tell you steps for enabling auto withdraw option on Paypal, that's why it you can do it quite easily-
  • Go to your Paypal account
  • Now click on account
  • Now click on withdraw
  • There you will find options for auto withdraw
  • And time for auto withdraw payment to your account is maximum 7 working days
Here, is the screen shot of my auto withdraw payment-
auto withdraw in Paypal
I hope you like the screen shot I am provided above.

How Paypal is Useful for Bloggers-

Well, I am a blogger that's why I know the benefits of using Paypal, see for getting paid from advertisement networks or from any other person. Paypal is the best way.

I always get paid through Paypal to my Bank account directly, which is an amazing feature provided by Paypal. 

When I have started blogging, I don't have any idea about this but later when I wanted to withdraw money from Bidvertiser (I have earn more than 104$ from Bidvertiser) I have started learning about this and I found Paypal.
One more thing- If you want to start blogging then start today for free and make money online

I hope you have created your Paypal account, see I don't know for what you have created Paypal account but I will suggest you to have password with you, mean don't share with any one.

I know Paypal having amazing benefits, which has been really good for me from long time.

Is there anything you would like to know about Paypal?

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