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21 Working School Marketing Ideas to Help Increase Enrollment

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Marketing is the key factor for being and growing in education field, does not matter you are running a play school or senior secondary school. If are even running school in village, small city even in metros you need to have proper strategies for increasing admissions or enrollment.

Actually, the main fact is that, why I am writing this article and even why you should listen to me, actually I have been involved in digital marketing since last 6 years, yes that's more than half decade, even I have been directly attached with education institutes in India as well as overseas.

This article is going to be very lengthy, so have a cup of tea and keep reading and yes, get a pen and a paper that's why you can write and read together, which is the best way to learn.

1. Work on Existing Students

This is one of the biggest problem of educational institutes, actually this is my own analysis, they don't invest on their existing students.

They invest on campaigning, advertisements, flex and these that, those are good but first give best to students, according to your available sources.

Like best teacher, best infrastructure. If you said parents to provide power backup facility means, give; don't put a generator on your school campus only for show off.

Here, are few things you need to pay attention-
  • Tell parents what you have
  • Engage students
  • Have good dedicated faculty members.
  • Understand student need
  • Give them value aided education, that's why it will make different than other students in their society

2. Events Are Good for Interaction

Its not all about advertisements, its about helping each other.

I mean management helping students, parents will pay fees, so it is interdependent to each other, this should not be one sided.

I mean you need to make a balance, don't think about saving money always think about what you can do for them.

You will have profit. I am sure, but first make a school famous, better. I mean be the best at least in your region. Then even you don't need to read my article. Because your students & parents will do marketing.

Here are few interaction activities you can arrange, but that would be depend on your budget-
  • Arrange kids fair
  • Called popular people for motivation talk
  • Make a group of super talented students from every class
  • Involved parents in meeting for development of kid
  • Focus on students for knowing their thinking about the school, based on their feedback work on improvement, which is difficult but possible

3. Hire Experienced & Fresher Both for Mixed Up

Actually, one thing I very closely analysed that, every organization needed all type of people to meet the need of the institutes.

So, it is one of the simple way to maintain well healthy environment on the campus, in this way experienced people will get fresher to trained and freshers will get chance to learn from experienced and they will improve their teaching skills.

Ways to Hire Freshers-
  • Ask good existing faculties for calling someone their own
  • Paper advertisements 
Ways to Hire Experienced Faculty-
  • Only from contacts is recommend &
  • Paper advertisements is also good.

4. See on Students Overall Deveopment

Now a days.

Its different, I mean you must not focus only marks, that's good that students are doing well in academics, but they must be look like complete school.

Let me share with you what is the meaning of complete school-
  • They must be mature enough to choose right thing, means what is right and what is wrong? That is why they are getting education.
  • They Should behave like a student, not like kid after completing school
  • They must have over all knowledge about the country, themself too and have clear vision towards life with honesty.

5. Arrange Out Station Trip for Students

Yeah, that is one the tremendous way of marketing and providing new world to students, trip always helps students to learn something new and see the new world.

I mean out of the routine, but trip would be depend on type of school you are running see, if you are running a kid play school then you can choose near by popular spot.

Yes, don't forget to get best photos and make a photo gallery on your school website, if you don't have website, then you can contact me, we do provide such service with best affordable price. My e-mail-

Few things to do-
  • Trip must be well arrange
  • Must give this work to responsible people in your organization
  • Must be preplanned everything before the trip
  • If going outstation then talk to hotel people already before reaching there, would be nice.

6. Focus on Competition Examinatiosns

Yeah, now a days you need to help students to crack competition examination from NSO, ISO, NTSE, KVPY, All Engineering entrance examinations, Medical entrance examinations.

You need to work on from ground level means from class 5th onwards motivates students to work on themself to improve every day.

I will share with you a simple rule, just follow this rule itself and tell all students, faculties too and see result just after one month.

Yes, the rule I must share with you- Improve Daily or Continusouly.

Let me share with you how it can be implemented better way:
Students: Tell them to learn something new daily and what they have learnt tell them to do revision.
Faculties: Don't put any burden on them, just faculty discussion session would be great once in a week for one hour, for their improvement.
Managment: Need to take care about students and faculities developement and help them where they are getting problem, if management will think growth of them, then definitely there would be growth of management also: Newton's Third Law!

7. Students Feeback Committee

This is the key.

But, let me share with you very closely, actually what you need, consider feedback of brilliant student because in the socienty people are going to ask brilliant student even in this way those are average they will also start studying.

Yeah, I am talking about committee, see their should be a committee, that's why they will take care of students overall.

Where required they will help and then I am sure students will be happy and of course they will grow overall, that is really needed in this age of competition.

8. Faculties Feedback Committee

This is the missing part of almost every organization.

May be this is the same scenario in your organization too, I don't know about that, but if it yes then it is needed to be change.

See, top management need to see them also part of the organization and of course their should be a committee for the good of faculties, then definitely management will get great benefits of it.

Let me share with you one incident, this is not something, this is REALLY IMPORTANT!

Actually, one day, one of the madam ask a kid, what you like the best in the school and that kid replied: my teachers.

Means without teachers, school is like just a building nothing else, so it is necessary to think about them, more  management think about faculitiees, more faculities think about the oraganization, I mean about the school.

Here, are few tips for a committee-
  • Look at the need of faculities
  • Must have experienced person in the committee, who believes in grow with all
  • There should be responsible moderators for running the committee successfully.

9. Daily Notification About Students to Parents


I know may be it is little bit confusing you.

See, notification means send message and give access to parents to see growth of students online, see if you are running play school then this is not that much required but yes, if you are running school till 12th class then it is required because these days people don't have one thing that is time.

So, they will not come to school regularly, if they will come they are investing time, so why not to help them to save time to make it online.

That would be pretty smart idea and I am sure this is going to be VIRAL among people after implementing this, it is really simple and even cheap.

I know it is little technical, so if you need any help then you can ask me, I will definitely help you.

Things to do to Implement this Thing Successfully-
  • Ask parents to come to school premises and trained them how they can able to check their kids performance online.
  • Even you should trained faculities or who will update all these.
 Because implementation of new thing is good but proper utilization that resource is also important.

10. Maintain Online Attenndence & Other Activities

One simple tip, I would like to share with you don't tell your teachers to maintain attendence only involved them to teach students.

Because, their work is only teaching and that would be much better even time saving, I mean maximum time they can give to students, attendence is taking even 5 minutes a day for each class then if they have 6 classes a means 30 minutes is going behind attence think about it.

Yeah, online attendence required, that's why even parents see their kid attendence not only attendence even their perfromance. 

But, yes investment is required for making it happen, if you are thinking about average expenditure then its about 30,000 RS per month.

11. Don't Go for Door to Door Campaign

Going door to door campaign means your school is not having students or even its not like running educational oragnization.

Yes, must be in contact with parents and take care of their kids in school, rest will followed, see if you wanted to run campaign for marketing purpose then organize inter school or open tournament not only sports but also function can be organized for metal sports like quiz, maths running and there are severals ideas out there.
  • Like quiz 
  • Maths Running
  • Group Discussion
  • Poem Competition
  • Calculation Competition
  • Painting Competition
Yeah, best part is that prize should be good that's why they will also come again and of course they will talk about the competition in their society.

This is one of the effective and positive way of marketing.

12. Focus on Mouth to Mouth Marketing

Actually, if you ask me what is the best way of marketing.

Then definitely I will share with you that is mouth to mouth to marketing, well the next question is that how it can be possible?

Don't worry.

I am here to share with you answer of it.

I mean think about it, when you talk about someone at home, may be for good or bad, I am sure if you see something wrong or something good right.
So, do good things for your existing students then surely students and parents will talk about school with others:
  • Within their friend circle
  • In this society where they are living
  • With their families and so on
Is not that mouth to mouth marketing.

But, it is also TRUE, it is not an easy task to make others talk about your organization, neither even impossible it is possible.

Yes, for this school management needs to put effort, time and of course need to have patience with positive hope.

14. Have Online Presence

Online Presence Required, it is sure many school management already working on it, but does not matter what they are doing they are still behind because it is really wide and beyond imagination of any 19th century people.

This is my personal believe.

See, if you want real online presence of your school then you have to set up a real team, see it is up to you and your school management.

But, it is not a single day job.

Its a process and not one time, means you have to keep promoting your school on daily basis, of course you are going to get good ideas here, those I believe and share with many educational organization, I am sure many of these tips you have not heard till now.
Yes, proper utilization of these tips is required in order to see the effectiveness, okay here are those tips-
  • Have Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest (Great for Sharing Images), Instagram, Google Plus Page too.
  • Create a Youtube Channel and share few videos of your school and if possible few videos of lectures would be much better.
  • Have Whatsapp number, but only share things related to school, nothing else

15. Hire Digital Marketer

If you are running a play school then you can hire someone virtually, but if you are running a school, that's why you can afford a marketer then definitely I will recommend you to do that.

Because, now a days it is really necessary.

Let me share with you a simple tip, see find out any techie faculty who can teach in your school and can handle digital marketing would be better as well as money saving for school.

16. Use Flex Advertising for Rebranding

Flex advertising is good but its a old one, I mean have you ever read any flex till now while travelling or may be while going to market.

May be you have read, but think about the percentage.

Its really less, is not it.

So, what is required?

That is the main reason I have used their that term rebranding, so using flex for rebranding is the perfect idea, means if your school already have good name then you can put flex but that exactly you are doing for prividing good education to the society.

So, what you should do?

Just put flex in before admission with attractive discount for bright mind, well below ideas you will find out more about it.

Tips for Designing Flex Professionally-
  • Don't put all things on the flex
  • Find the main purpose of flex and just put those things
  • Photos of students with achievements always been attractive

17. Conduct Test for Attracting Bright Mind

Conducting test is one of the key way to attract bright students by providing good scholarships to good rank holders, in this way if your school providing good facility they even huge number of students will come to know about it.

Yeah, one  more thing which is most of the school missed.

That is they don't provide such facility to their existing students, in this way they are missing mouth to mouth marketing about the test.

Do one thing, provide such scholarship to your existing students also, that's why they will tell others about the test as well as they will be very happy to get scholarhip.

I have seen the biggest challenge to make it successful, see organizing such scholarship is good but how you can make it happen so big.

Are you thinking about paper advertisements, yeah that's good here are few amazing strategies I am going to share with you-
  • Flex advertising near bus stand, railway station and of course entry of every near by village, size 4*3 is great
  • Paper advertisements: regularly before the test for consecutively three days
  • How to ensure about strength will come for test that's why you can make proper arrangements: this is  a UNIQUE REMEMBER: Put the way for registration is missed call on a number or whatsapp their kids details and of course don't forget to send back mesage or call, which would be conformation call, in this way you can build proper relation.
  • Put advertisements about the test on the back of the school buses
  • Put a big flex in front of the school about the test
  • Provide FREE transportation facility to students, it is really a good way to attract more students for test (Read Here: Send buses a day before a test to pick up spot that's why near by people will come to know about the test)

18. Connect with PeopleThrough Students & Faculties

One of the biggest asset of educational organization is their existing students and then faculties, if the organization will take good care about both then definitely they will talk about the organization.

Actually, personally I believe in mouth to mouth marketing.

This will happen of course, but it takes time and to make it happen quite easily you need to work on behind a cause if you will work behind a cause then you will definitely get success.

Few tips for motivating students and faculties both-
  •  Provide good education to students: good faculty, good management, good care, focus on overall development, according to their need
  • Faculities: Don't try to make them feel that they are working, make them feel that organization is their only, timely salary, increment, arranging development programs, inner circle growth.

19.  Advertise on Target: A Unique Approach

Yeah this is a unique one, let me share with you how you can implement right way, I am sure there are many those did good in the examination.


So, make flex for individual students with their achievements and put those flex in his or her village, that's why villagers will come to know about the school as well as about students.

Do this for all achievers in your school, then see definitely there people will talk about that student achievment.

This is one of the amazing way to advertise on target and get most out of it.

21. Invite Alumini's of Your School

This is the key to stay in touch and make a reason for existing students to study and of course in this way your school alumni's will feel proud.

This is one of biggest way of marketing and doing something awesome towards your school, may be you are thinking when to invites right, alright don't worry, I will share with you-
  1. 15th August
  2. 26th January and
  3. In any celebration time, like after result.

This is....

Just Beginning, I am working on a book, which is all about marketing for education institutes and of course after implementing these ideas you are going to get lot of benefits, but it takes time to get fruit of it.

Remember that, you can not get instant result from it, because its not like cooking its like making someone healthy through your food.

Do everything what is good for future of students, help students to find out their real talent in schooling that's why they can do much better in future.

Tips and tricks; I have shared with you are really good for marketing of your school, but this is also true implementation of all tips at a time is really hard.

I know about it, so I will definitely suggest you to implement ideas one by one that's why it can be implement right way.

Is there anyother question have in your mind, then don't forget to comment below and need any help then you can contact me.

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[Earned $1013] Highest Paying CPM Ad Networks for Indian Small Publishers in 2016

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Okay, then lets get started learning lot of things including best CPM networks for you-

What is CPM Ad Networks?

The full form of eCPM is Effective Cost Per Mile, sometimes we know CPM as Ecpm, because we are using effective before cost per mile. actually it is one of the type of ad networks, this type of ad networks paid not per click but per impression.

CPM, means how much money or I must say revenue you will generate for thousand views on that ad which is showing on your blog. Actually when I have started blogging I got first payment from PPC Network.

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When to Apply for CPM Ad Networks As a Newbie in Blogging?

There are thousands started blogging because of this blog and it really feels me good because at least because of me & this blog, there are thousands more will start blog in the new year 2017, this is my mission to help more than 10000 people to start blogging and earn money from blog.

So, all new bloggers, or people those wanted to started blogging, either they saw earning of top bloggers in India or may be the person who is belonging from any other countries, like I know John Chow is a Professional Amazing Blogger, Shoe Money- Jemery Schoemaker, well may be you are looking for the answers that is when you will apply for CPM networks to generate revenue.

According to me, there are million of bloggers quit blogging because they don't think about the root for earning money online that is traffic and you know more traffic means more earning, may be you will go for PPC, may be CPM, may be to affiliate marketing.

But, dear the root cause still in dark, if you want to drive traffic then you need to write good quality articles, here almost all newbies fails because it takes lot of effort, hard work, that's why they don't work here, just looking for earning, I know it is really difficult to work for anyone without money is really make people frustrating, but sometimes we work for free right, do you know why?

Because there is a cause of helping, so I will suggest you to find out the reason to blog, then I am sure you can blog for long time and if you will keep writing for six months at least one blog post per day then I am sure you will be next successful blogger.

What Are Top Small Publishers Choice CPM Ad Networks-

If you wanted to know list then I must say its totally wastage of time, as I have shared with my couple of blog posts that I have been blogging from last five years so I do have pretty good experience with one of the most promising CPM networks and another two networks those are really going awesome these days, I will share with you all these three networks.

See, I could share with top 10 CPM networks but I think what's why use of it by knowing ten networks, because at the last maximum you are going to use two networks on your blog, so here in this section of this blog post, I am going to share with you top three networks I will suggest you to use these networks one by one and see the changes in revenue of your blog.

Here is the most list of most promising CPM networks for small publishers/bloggers-

Infolinks- Maximum CPM Rate I have Seen is Over $7-
Infolinks review, cpm network for small publishers
When I have started blogging in 2010 in that time I knew bloggers like John Chow, Darren Rowse, Jemery Schoemaker and there were only few those talk about blogging.

But, I have seen John Chow personally used Infolinks to monetize his blog, well he also used affiliate marketing too, because affiliate marketing is really cool to earn lot of money from blogging.

Here are few important things about Infolinks may be you don't know-
  1. Minimum balanced to withdraw from Infolinks as a publisher is $50
  2. Different ways to withdraw but I prefer Paypal
  3. There are more than 1,25000 websites monetized with infolinks
  4. Third largest ad market place in the world
  5. 2.5 billion monthly ad views
I am sure many of these points you did not heard about Infolinks, may be you want to join infolinks, right okay then click here to join Infolinks Pop Under Ad Networks But Working Too Good for Blogger-
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Here are most important noticeable points about
  1. Approval process is pretty fast and almost all websites get approval
  2. Minimum balance required to withdraw payment for publishers is $10
  3. Within two days after placing withdraw request I got paid through Paypal
  4. Good CPM rates
Payment proof of in 2016-
Recently, I have received payment from, I have received payment through Paypal, here is the screen shot of it-
popcash payment proof 2017

May be and why not?

You wanted to join this network, right. If you are confused then I will suggest you to try this network alone on your blog and then see the improvement in revenue, okay enough talking its time to take action click here to join now and start earning. My Recommended & Cutting Edge Technology Ad Network- review 2017, cpm networks for small publishers

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Here are most important noticeable things about
  • is using cutting edge technology to provide great source for publishers to generate good revenue.
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  • Approval process is quite good
  • Real time statistics
Well, other things you can come to know about this network, if you will read my review; I will recommend you to join this network @ Click here to Join Now

Most Important Blog Posts to Monetize Your Blog-

Actually, I have couple of blog posts those are really awesome for you to monetize your blog and which will let you earn lot of money from your blog, here are those list of blog posts-

What Others Recommended Sources to Earn Money for Publishers?

If you are a publishers then I must say you are having lot of opportunities to earn money from your blog but there is one BIG promise you need to do to yourself that you will create great content with time that's why your market value in your own niche will keep on increasing but yes remember it will take time may be years if you are interested in a niche in which competition is already there.

So, here are few sources for you to earn more money from blogging-
1. Start Doing Affiliate Marketing, which source link I have already share with you.
2. Create your own informational product may be any e-book like I have written couple of e-books and all of them I have published in Amazon Kindle, also one of my e-book become top seller on Amazon and that was one of my big achievement.
3. You can create a video course and sell on Udemy, this is a pretty good platform for publishers to earn more because it is one of the fastest growing MOOC's in the internet.

Recommended for You- I have interviewed Couple of Udemy Successful Instructors; I will do many more; here is the cool list of interviews for you, including the person earn over $10,000 from Udemy-

Why Small Publishers Failed to Earn Money Consistently?

Hey, I know you are blogging because of money.

So, it is quite obvious that you will not invest that much money in your blog, which will lead you to not earn money from blog consistently.

What I have seen with many bloggers & finally do you know what they do?

And I don't want that, that's why I don't put ad on this blog, if I will put I could generate another couple of hundred dollars from this blog every month, but I don't want that.

Here are couple of points you need to notice-
  1. Don't go behind money, so what to do? May be you are thinking then I will suggest you to go behind content and then promoting your content in the internet
  2. Don't show off just try to put genuine effort which will make readers of your blog feel better and happier.
  3. Focus on readers happiness and what they are getting from your blog
  4. Don't put too much ad for generating short time revenue rather sell any e-book or you may join affiliate marketing which is much better than ad networks in terms of earning as well as readers satisfaction
  5. If possible hire someone for writing content and pay how much you are earning and start reinvesting if you want to grow faster, but be careful while hiring someone.

Three Most Important Advices for Small Publishers-

Advice always works; if it will implement proper way, because I said ideas are worthless until or unless you will not implement, because idea is just an imagination and imagination means imaginary to see it in real we need to work on it and then we will come to know it is possible or impossible although may be you have seen if we will split impossible then itself it said I am Possible.

But, real life there are something those are really impossible, okay here let me share with you those three most important tips which will help you to become one of the big publishers means attracting at least million visitors per month.
  • Think about readers that what you are providing; is it going to put value in their life at least for what they are reading your blog
  • At the beginning only think about traffic (writing articles and promotion on social media) that means you need to forget about earning
  • Leverage your articles as you can to attract traffic all around the web.
I am sure there are few big sites those still prefer CPM networks to monetize their blog, because they don't need to think about user's clicks on the ad.

Here, I also recommend that you must try such type of networks too on your blog to see the best result, although you can say this is one of the experiment you need to do to find out the best way to get good revenue from your blog.

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Few months ago,i decided to start my blog. now i just had a thought of starting it and nothing i knew nothing about it. So as everyone i headed to my computer to do some research about it.There were so many things to learn and i was nervous because i really wanted to start a blog but i literally had no source of help or guide.I read many articles and saw many videos but it was still not it.You definitely need a professional help,Right.

Once,while I was searching about blogging on youtube I came across Ujjwals channel,his videos were very clear and actually encouraging.They were for complete beginners.I also checked out his previous videos.In one of his videos he said about his blog and this is how i came to know about ujjwal. All right long story short,now it was my time to start a blog .I thought i knew enough about it but I literally didn't I found his email from his blog and messaged him and seriously i didn't expect him to reply me.I thought since he is a big blogger and why would he reply me when he does not even know me but replied and cleared out my confusion.My first message to him was back in January and from January till this time he replied to my every question (about hostgator, wordpress).And only this he also set up my blog on wordpress and i still helping me.

at last i would say not everyone is blessed with such a huge heart who is always ready to help others at any time. i wish you much more success in your blogging and every career

                                        THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Lets continue with the review-

Due to its support the plan of reselling so many developers also can start their business to design web sites for their customer and costumer easily can change their websites designing. For this purpose computer and technology expert work concurrently.

Mainly the services provided by are:-

  1. Reselling
  2. VPS
  3. Dedicated web hosting
  4. Domain
  5. Add-ons
  6. E-mail hosting and many more attractive services combinally.
The working criteria of each individual with all services will be described further in this article. is mainly work on hosting service. In different part of information hosting it work well. These parts are:-
  1. Web hosting
  2. Cloud hosting
  3. Word press hosting
  4. Linux hosting
  5. Application hosting
  6. Windows/windows applications hosting
  7. e-mail hosting
There are many attractive plan, reward, facilities are provided by hostgator. Due to why it become world’s leading hosting provider.

Web Hosting by HostGator-

Hostgator provide many various types of tools to make your business online anytime  and worldwide.
It provides many site’s building tool and over 4500 templates so that at your fingerprint you can do all things. With the help of hostgator every customer can create their convenient  required web hosting with fully well functional and over world wide web as fast as possible.
Any anything you can perform on hostgator platform like:-
  • Create a blog
  • Use a CMS.
  • Wiki.
  • upload own photo gallery.
  • sell your product online with an e-commerce store.
Hostgator run on Apache, Linux and Php so you can completely use at all such types of devices. Wordpress combinally work with hostgator’s auto word press installer so you can freely use blogging in further. Joomla, Drupal CMS hosting is also supported by Hostgator so it provide platform to put your business online.

Some attractive plans according to customer need are also provided by hostgator like:-
  • Hatchling plan at minimal cost of $4.86/month*.
  • Baby plan at starting price of $6.96/month*.
  • Business plan at starting price of $ 10.46/month*.
All these plan contain features of
  • Unlimited domain.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • shared SSL certificate
  • One click installs.
These entire plans in cloud hosting is available in less cost from web hosting

Cloud Hosting by HostGator-

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting service in which the server of website is made virtually rather than physical web server. Model of computing play a vital role to establish it. Mainly it is available as a service rather than a product.  Hostgator provide all type of necessary tools & services to build your cloud hosting.

The main feature of cloud hosting computing is :-
  • 2*X faster 
  • Due to low-density server multiple cache layers permission hardware 2* faster load times.
  • Convert of web site in managed order to make speed efficient and use dynamic content   request.
4X more scalable:-
  • Here according to online growth of website cloud resource can be ramp up without no any data migration, down time or reboots.
  • You can enhance the bar on server allocation & management over the cloud.
  • From this platform large traffic can be responded without any interruption of server
Completely growth analysis:-
  • In very less effort you can understand sit’s performance using intuitive dashboard provided by dashboard.
  • You can completely analyses the site growth like usage trends, page download, uptime, global reach etc.
Cloud hosting of hostgator provide many feature-
  1. Integrated caching.
  2. Intuitive dashboard.
  3. Resource management.
There are also some plans provided by HostGator for cloud hosting-

Hatchling cloud at $6.26/month* With single domain
  1. 2 GB memory
  2. 2  core CPU
  3. Share SSL certificate.
Baby cloud at $ 8.36/month*With
  1. Unlimited domain.
  2. 4 GB memory.
  3. 4 core CPU.
Business cloud At $12.56  with
  1. Unlimited domain
  2. 4 Gb memory
  3. 6 core CPU
  4. Free private SSL & IP

Word Press Hosting by HostGator-

If you have already word press site then for increase server size and bandwidth convert your connectivity with

Hostgator provide up to 2.5X more fast of your site with managed hosting.
Hostgator provide simplicity and make easy to use it. Manage word press platform to handle site administration.

A. It provide these facilities:-
  • Automatically update the s/w & installed plugins, Apply latest security s/w, upgrade them, optimize WordPress.
B. Provides advance security
  • It scan daily your web site & remove all malicious malware & make aside to crack or  also remove such things by which your site performances degraded.
  • Automatic create back up to plan daily.
C. It is flexible for changing:-
  • Scales optimized word press cloud architecture according to plan chosen by you.
  • Provide power to scale instantly your site with minimal downtime.
D. Hostgator provides 24*7*365 superior support.
  • You can put your query for any types of problem in real time by plane or email.

VPS Hosting by HostGator-

Hostgator at very less cost provide such type of server with fully customizable & upgradable at any time according to the size of business and plan chosen by customer.
It provide the platform where you can install advance software be and control it with fully dedicated functionality.

The feature provided by HostGator for VPS hosting is:-
  • Flexible software customization.
  • Provide much hardware according to site for VPS Server utilize 32-core AMD Opteron, 6376 processors, 3.6 TB of RAID 10 Storage & 128 GB of RAM
  • 24/7/365 live support via telephone, live chat & E-mail.
In plan of VPS not any hosting control panel are included but any hardware, operating system or basic configuration issues. HostGator maintain each and every dedicated server throughput with multiple geographic locations in order to provide flexibility, quality And reliability.

Virtual private server is that type of server which is virtually created i.e. at the main server provided by hostgator also provide some space where your own database can be create and retrieve the data any time at world wide web.

Dedicated server of HostGator-

Dedicated server is a type of server store the data of individual website. Hostgator provide the facility of dedicated server which suited as ideal solution for larger business size and complex and high traffic websites. This dedicated server allows user for maximum customization, flexibility and fully back up support in case of website crisis.’ It provide tool for this purpose
  • cPanel WHM
  • WHMCS with fully automated billing needs.

Reselling Plan Provided by HostGator-

At this site after registering your existing domain name and if there is not any your domain yet then you can also register new domain name at some minimal cast.

With a hostgator reselling plan you can earn money and even you can also set up your own web hosting company. And hostgator will provide you many types of additional facilities for this purpose.
It provides everything which is necessary to start your plan of web hosting or reselling.

It provides WHM and cPanal to control your all activity by yourself.
  • Due to WHM also fix up billing aspects.
  • Provide free market place.
  • According to your business it will transfer your site to large dedicated server.
  • With the help of hostgator you can control freely your resource allocation according to best fit of customer’s need
According to your business increasing ratio hosting is scalable.
  • Hostgator reseller hosting plan provide the platform from where you can completely take
  • control over all the aspects of your hosting business in terms of.
  • resource allocation
  • payment methodes
  • additional services like SSL certificates, domains etc.
and after all there are also many feature provided by Hostgator for it’s reselling plan  like:-
  • 45 days money back guarantee.
  • Private name server.
  • Domain, sub-domain, e-mail account, MySql DataBase, FTP Account.
  • Free WHMCS or WHM Autopilot client management/ billing software.
  • Site building account for customer.
  • Up to 30 Websites for Website transfer in free of cost.
  • Provide your customer up to 4500 websites templates.
  • Tutorial video
And many more on WHM control panel, cPanel control panel, Programming & DataBase E-mail Features, Award-winning support , Green web hosting, Free reseller club account etc.

Windows Hosting by HostGator-

Hostgator provide the platform on which you can start your ASP.NET website. Many types of application software you can also use on website to make it more attractive. Here the website created by is too easy to use and much flexible for variable our need. The features provides for web hosting is :-
Powerful admin tool-
  1. AWStats,
  2. Webalizer,
  3. Raw Log Manager,
  4. Password Protected Directories,
  5. Web Based File Manager,
  6. Scheduled Tasks
Programming Features-
  1. ASP
  2. ASP.NET
  3. PHP
  4. Python
  5. SSI Curl
  6. GD Library
  7. MVC 3.0
  8. AJAX etc.
Award-Winning Support-
  1. 24/7/365 Live Support via Email, Telephone, & Live Chat
  2. 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
  3. Online Support Portal
  4. Community
  5. Forums

Sitelock & HostGator-

Sitelok is service that performs the scan in daily scan to the website for their performance, virus, threat, cross-site scripting etc and if found then remove them and try to make site’s performance well. Hostgator provide this facility so that each website of the costumer can be scan on daily routine. It also creates back up daily of website so that at the time of website crisis complete recovery can be takes place.

Activity of sitelock on hostgator is-

Daily scan:-
  • Hostgator not only scan daily your website, e-mail, application for security purpose but also check for search engine black list and spam occurrence.
Identify threats:-
  • To make hackers away hostgator create a firewall for each websites to identifies the things by which website can be damaged.
Instantly Notifies and fixes:-
  • When any types of malicious program found in website then automatically sitelock remove them. So that we can see that sitelock internally run on all website to make customers website versatile.
Features of sitelock-
  • Automatically prevent attacks.
  • Under monitoring control 24*7 for attacks.
Boosts customers trust:-
  • Provide sign of security  and trust to the users for make transaction through its websites.
Start work instantly:-
  • No need for expertise to run it. It run automatically on cloud based.

E-mail Hosting by HostGator-

Many large business now a day create their own e-mail hosting in which customer can put their own query and create a environment where they can create the facility of live chat for user support. Hostgator provide this facility with their respective websites.

The development of business increases and become productive when users stay connected directly. On the platform of hostgator you can easily establish email facilities and manage it according to you want.

Such type of mailing is too responsive in nature .it support on various types of media devices like pc’s mobile etc.

If there is any chances to make access of malicious program through mail than on this possibility each mail is scanned and able to make them spam free.

Hostgator also provide the facilities of premium email site by which you can purchase some e-mail who remain more responsive and high tolerance for spam. And after crisis to retrieve all types of data by using backup facilities.

Code  Guard-
CodeGuard is a service by which all types of coding data are made secure on the server so that at the time of breakdown type problem of website all types of data are again being able to recover and  make them as like previous time views of website.
Hostgator provide all such type of facility so that it can fully accomplish the role of codeguard.

Activity of codeguard-
  • Make connection with your site
  • Initial backup
  • Monitoring
  • Continuous backup
  • Restore
Technical specification-
  • Full website backup
  • Full automated
  • Restore your web-site
  • Lightweight and secure
Hope you will definitely enjoy all the facilities which  increase the performance of your site by HostGator

MOST Important Note-
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Monday, January 9, 2017

(Free 2 Weeks & 20% OFF) Cloudways Discount Coupon Code January 2017 & Review

Cloudways Discount Coupon Code January 2017

Cloudways discount coupon code 2017, I am really happy to share with you such code that's why it will be easier for you to get more discount no doubt hosting your blog on cloud, it is an amazing way to get super fast up time for your blog.

Cloudways Discount Coupon Code>>Click Here and Get 14 Days Free Trial<<

Get 20% OFF: Use Coupon Code: HELLO2017

Cloudways Discount Coupon Code and Review article is one of my latest article, to write this article I have spend over 10 hours and of course complete two ways of research, my experience and of course asking number of webmasters those are using its service, so here dear you are going to learn lot of things about Cloudways and you are going to get discount coupon code for getting maximum discount from this service providers.
Cloudways Discount, Cloudways Review

So, here is it, I am going to divide this article in two parts one is smaller one because in this part you are just going to get promo or discount coupon code and in the another part you are going to learn my own skyscraper review about Cloudways, but before going to start blog you must have basic knowledge of SEO and keyword research because this is important to start blogging effectively, here is the guide for choosing perfect domain name for blog.

Cloudways Review Topics Covered

I always wonder to write about any product and of course this is one of my primary interest these days and upcoming couple of days I will write more articles on hosting and other products that's why you will get more information about any product, which bloggers required in their blogging journey.

Here, in this section I am going to tell you topics those to be covered in this review part of Cloudways-
  1. About Cloudways
  2. Top Things to Know About Cloudways
  3. Support Team of Cloudways
  4. Popularity of Cloudways
  5. Pricing of products in Cloudways
  6. What is special I have seen in Cloudways
  7. Free SSL Certificates With Automatic Renewal Stack
  8. 4 Options you have to choose for hosting 
  9. Easy User Interface to Host Your Web Property
  10. What Internet Giants are Talking About Cloudways
  11. Some Cool Features of Cloudways
So, lets get started, remember dear I have invest more than 10 hours to write this article but now I am investing more because I wanted to make very useful for readers and of course my readers, because you are reading my blog that means you are my readers, I must say thanks to you, for being my awesome reader.

Now, lets talk more about Cloudways in different section, here I have sub divided this section to make it more useful and of course readable for all.

About Cloudways

Well, Cloudways is located in Mosta, Malta including new feature of switching to different service providers on click, I mean this is something new which I have not seen that any other service providers are doing, I mean think about it, if you want to migrate or transfer your domain name then it takes time and of course for many it is like rocket science those are not familiar with these technical things but with Cloudways switching is simple.

They are providing four different infrastructure, I will share with you in details about it, okay now lets do talk about this company, it has all started in 2011, yes you are right this is not a decade old company, but what they are offering that is I must say cutting edge service for webmasters.

If you are looking for getting cutting edge service then you need go for it, here is the whole screenshot for you, it will make you understand much better about the company from foundation and of course inspire you, because they are moving pretty fast, it even inspired me to write more about this company.
About Cloudays, Inspiring Cloudways

Top Things to Know About Cloudways

Yeah, this is my favourite section of any review articles, I have been writing review about many products since long time now like here is the Bluehost Review, Hostgator Review, Popcash ads networks review and there are many, so I know which part of the article is important and which part is not, as this is one of the most important part of this article, because you can come to know about the product at a glance, so here you are going learn about those most important things about Cloudways.
  1. This is the first product in the market which offers to switch into different infrastructure on click {As per my knowledge}
  2. You can choose anyone service from most amazing cloud services (DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Hosting) and next one will come soon
  3. They have awesome customer support team, I must appreciate their effort
  4. Affordable hosting 
  5. Cloudways alexa ranking is 22,581 wordwide
  6. There are about 800 websites links to Cloudways
  7. You will get free SSL certificates
  8. More than 100,000 websites are hosting on Cloudways
  9. Over 31,284 servers are running and managed by this service providers.
  10. CloudWays comparison which is super, you need to look at the screen shot
Cloudways Cloud Hosting

Support Team of Cloudways

I know may be you are thinking every hosting or online service providers having great support team, you are right of course they have good team for supporting you (customers), but if you wanted to know about Cloduways support team then I must appreciate their support team, because they are passionate about their work, they love their company and as per my experience I need to tell you that they are not working they are helping others just like family members, I am sure this is one of big reason they are moving pretty fast.

List of things I like about their support team-
  • They are very friendly
  • They are humble
  • They got good knowledge
  • They are passionate about helping people through chatting
What else you want from support team, they got all, according to my own experience.

Popularity of Cloudways

As the company started its journey in 2011 and till now they are providing cloud hosting service to over 10,0000 websites then I must say they are moving very fast, now its yours time to move fast and get a new edge hosting plan.

So, already I have shared with its alexa ranking that is about 23000 world wide, okay one of the most important thing I did not share with you, its popularity on Google, if you will search the term cloudways then you will get about 87,000 search results that means this is a popular term in the internet, what you say?

Pricing of Cloudways products 

I know when pricing section come then few people said what we need to pay for this?

what do you think about pricing?

But, hosting plan always better, it is proven, because you are going to get lot of premium things with it, which is not possible with free one.

Okay, lets see the pricing of Cloudways products-
Cloudways pricing
If you need large server then they have solution for you-
Large server, Cloudways

After looking at the price plan, what you can say?

Is not that amazing, I mean you have lot of option to choose even better option, I mean by using cloudways hosting plan you can manage any size website, this is real valuable things of Cloudways.

Let's take an example suppose you wanted to start your own blog, then you don't need to get large server because blog required any standard plan and suppose that your blog will become so popular then you can easily switch to the better plan on click and if you will get problem then yes they got awesome team to help you, even you know about their support team if you have read the support team section of this review article.

What is special I have seen in Cloudways

I really push myself forward to find out something new, valuable, useful before writing review about any product therefore I am sharing this section.

Here is the special thing, see if you will buy hosting from any hosting service providers they are not going to give you option to choose the infrastructure, but here at Cloudways you have the option to choose anyone of cloud hosting server and yes if you wanted to change later then you can do it, just few clicks you need to do, again if thinking about getting problem while doing so, then I must remind you support team is there to help you.

Free SSL Certificates With Automatic Renewal Stack

Yes, this is the thing I came to know after chatting with support team, you are going to get SSL certificates with no cost for forever to you, but again I am telling you this stats I got from their support team and I hope so you will get the same with you.

Options You have to Choose for Hosting

Yes, this is one of the amazing feature offered by Cloudways because you know, if you are looking for a hosting plan which will provide you option to choose different infrastructure then this is the right hosting plan for you.

You will get four options for hosting your blog on cloud-
  1. Digital Ocean
  2. VULTR
  3. Amazon Web Services
  4. Google Cloud Platform Live
Yes, another one is coming soon, again I came to know about it from one of Cloudways customer support team and that is the reason I have written my own experience after talking to Cloudways support team.

Easy User Interface to Host Your Web Property

Before going to share with you about my experience from its inside, here is the screen shot which shows how is it easy to host your blog on cloud, but yes they don't sell domain name remember that.
Cloudways Interface
Yes, if you will land on inside of the Cloudways you will see like I have putted the screen shot, If you will ask me how much marks I am going to give out 10 for its interface then it is about 9.5/10.

And that is awesome.

What Internet Giants are Talking About Cloudways

Yes, I must admit this, I can not stop myself to share with you what people as well as internet giants are talk about this hosting platform, yes these things really gives us proof of quality service and which helps us to use better service in our life.

Okay, here is one of the case study done by a user of Clouways and of course I will share with you the testimonial-
Cloudways testimonials

Yeah, that is awesome right, even you can see this testimonials because Cloudways feature this testimonials on their official website, now the big moment, I am just going to put another screen shot, that is about what internet giants are talking about Cloudways.
Cloudways Talk by Giants
Here, is one of the cool proof of their amazing service, actually I got bunch of brand love Cloudways Cloud Hosting service, I know you wanted to know about them right, so here again I am going to share with screen shot of it-
Cloudways Hosting, Testimonials

Some Cool Features of Cloudways

Here are some cool features of Cloudways, see in this section I am going to talk about features, less words but will share with you more screen shots that will show you better and help you to know more about this platform, I have single motto that is to share with you, maximum things I can share with you about Clodways, okay enough talking lets start with its features.

Managed Cloud Hosting by Cloudways-
Cloudways,  Managed Cloud Hosting
Simply and Optimised Hosting Partner-
Optimised Hosting Partner, Cloudways
Integrated Cloud Hosting by Cloudways-
Integrated Cloud Hosting, Cloudways
Better Control on Your Hand for Hosting-
Control Hosting, Cloudways Hosting
Other Few Cool Effective Features by CloudWays Hosting-
CloudWays Hosting, Effective Hosting
Oh my God, finally you are here after reading lot of images and of course about 2000 words, actually I have even spend more than 10 hours to make it effective and thinking about investing lot more time in my upcoming articles to make more effective articles hub for people, for blogging related niche.

Actually, I wanted to share with you one of another cool feature of Cloudways, well such feature I have not seen till now that any other hosting service providers are having, so you wonder to know about the feature, okay here is it.

Actually, if you found any feature is missing by cloudways then you can contact them for that feature they will available that feature for you.

Is not that cool?

Note- Actually, you can get free drive for two weeks and of course I can also say this is a free trial of Cloudways so if you wanted to get great experience in hosting then you can choose this hosting service provider, its amazing and most important thing is that SSL certificates is free which is pretty good for ranking of your blog.

Cloudways Discount Coupon Code September >>Click Here and Get 14 Days Free Trial<<

Well, cloudways is a cloud hosting service provider they have multiple infrastructure integrated that means you got the opportunity to get start with it and able to get best cloud hosting service for your web property, most of the time people now days preferring to switch to Cloud and therefore here you got it.

What do you think about Cloudways hosting?

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