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How to Make Money From Facebook Page 2016

Make Money From Facebook Page

As we know Facebook is the world largest social media, then definitely activity of people is more in this social media.

If you have a Facebook page then you must try to make money from your page, no matter what's your page about.

Here is the thing, what you can apply for making money from your Facebook Page.

Before applying for making money from Facebook Page, first you need to do some simple research about your page.

1. Search About Your Page-

What does this mean, you need to do search about your page, I mean what type of people are using your page.

Then try to know what they like, may be doing shopping online, making money online etc.

2. Select an Affiliate Program for Your Facebook Page-

Now this is the main part of this article, where you can find affiliate programs?

This is too simple dear, just go and go to market place, then click on promote you will get a link.

Which is the affiliate link, just copy the link and paste on your Facebook page, and see the money coming to your account.

But I know it is little difficult to get sales, but it will have very good opportunity for you to make money online from your Facebook Pages, if your Facebook Page have very good followers, I know very good affiliate marketing website which will help you to select product to sales and you will earn commission up to 75% commission for selling product through your Facebook page, you can not imagine this much commission any where else, most important genuine way.

Sounds good, then let me tell you the name of that billion dollar company that is, yes this is a genuine company because this company is paying it's customers from more than 14 years, then now you can understand how much trust this company is having.

But affiliate marketing is not easy at all, specially if you are newbie, but by the time will pass you will learn many things about affiliate marketing, if you want to learn it quickly and make more money then why you are learning it from professionals, those are expert in this field, which will increase your income from your Facebook page by 500% that is for sure, even you will learn how to earn money from other sources in the internet, because you can understand that money is just raining in the internet, it is up to you, how much you will grab?

I know there are many other networks those offered affiliate marketing, but I am sure about ClickBank because I got paid from ClickBank thorugh check in India.

So, you have the great option to earn money from ClickBank, well here in this article you are going to learn many more things which will let you earn lot of money from your Facebook Page.

Well, I have written a complete list of ideas to earn money from Facebook, you must read it, because it has been proved that these ideas works in real, because I have earn couple of hundred of dollars using the same strategies that means you can earn too by using these ideas.

Its About Engagement and Likes Facebook-

Facebook Home Page

Actually, I have little long experience with Facebook when even page and of course group did not launch by Facebook.

So, I can tell you the real value of number of likes on your page, see if you are sharing something valuable on your Facebook page which is helping people those likes your page that's means you are going to grow just like amazing.

See, if people are not going to enjoy what you have shared on the page then what's the use of it, but remember only because of short time income don't loose trust otherwise you are going to loose one potential customer.

Yes, promotes products which is really going to help mankind.

Try to Engage and Create Polls and Understand Their Needs-

Facebook Engagement

Well earning money as solo self employed is little tough but if you will learn how to do it, then you will be the real winner.

Just, once you need to find out the way to do it, once you find what you working then your job done just keep repeating.

And one of the most important tip is that you need put your liker on the top and then money if you want to earn passive income from your Facebook page.

Build Relationship with Fans @Help a Lot-

In the early of blogging, I did not even put my photo to my blog, because I wanted to do it anonymously, but later I understood the value of putting about me page and get connected with social friends, readers and showing proof that you are real.

Which leads me to get lot of direct customer and I have learn a lot through consulting in 2015 and in this year I will do it lot because there is pretty good revenue through it.

Now may be you are thinking about how to build relationships, here are few working amazing tips for you to build relationship with your fans-
  1. Understand their Needs
  2. Reply to their comments
  3. Put contact us form & reply to their questions
  4. Create a Blog and put their your own social profile at least Facebook, Twitter and of course Google Plus
  5. Leverage your reach, I mean don't only limit to Facebook to build relationship with your Facebook Page fans even try to get them on your blog, on your Youtube channel, but remember for this you need to put effort with time.

May Be you Want to Know More About Earning Money from Facebook-

This is also possible that you wanted to learn more about Facebook to earn money, then let me introduced you my e-book.

Which is all about making money from Facebook, here is the screen shot of my e-book which is available on Amazon Kindle-
Make Money on Facebook
Well, I hope you like the front page of my e-book, well I have written couple of e-books on Amazon and one of my e-book become one of the top e-book on Amazon India in terms of selling.

If you are really interested to earn money from Facebook, then try this Make Money Facebook guide, I am sure you are going to get lot of amazing information in this e-book.

Note Worthy Points-
Only choose product those are related to your Facebook Page and one more important thing don't promote any product whose Gravity is less than 60 because such type of products are not having good conversion rate.

See, promoting products on Facebook Page is not a new idea but if you can implement it with any new idea then it would be awesome for you.

Okay then go for it, it's time to make some cash.

Top 5 Clickbank Products to Promote on Your Blog 2016

Clickbank Products, affiliate product 2016

Clickbank is not a bank but not even less than a bank for bloggers and affiliate marketers, yes there are many those are making money from Clickbank even some people making money from Clickbank as there full time job.

As, I have already written an article Why Bloggers Must Promote Clickbank Products

As you know that Clickbank having all digital products and they never miss payment to their promoters as well as vendors for single time even for a long span of time.

In this article I will share with you some hit products those are really work for you, I am sure you will make few more dollars within few days.

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$1):- The $4 Million Monster - $135.00 Avg Commission! Lowest Refunds On CB
Why this product because this product is on the first place of the Clickbank product list from the last few months and it's really working for people.

What is working for the people, the system, yes the system!!!

There are many they got benefit from this product that's why people are still promoting this product and people are buying too.

That's why still it's Clickbank gravity is 358 

And that's great because I usually promote product which is having gravity more than 50.

$2):- Click 4 Surveys
Again the product having great market in the market that's why this product is still having great position after launching few months.

It's right now gravity is 258

$3):- Easy Webinar
This is a very good concept to attract customers for your service so, why should you promote this because this is really needed for current business people.

Current Gravity is 123

$4):- ClickBank University - Brand New Opportunity - Huge Epc's!!
This is a new product of Clickbank itsel,which is on the top on Clickbank market place of the most popular section "Marketing",one most important thing is that this is the only and only product of ClickBank Itself.

Yes you can also try this product it's right now gravity is 71 

$5):- Long Tail Pro
This product is really good for bloggers to buy that means if your blog having blog tips or templates or any thing related to bloggers then you can try this products.

One more reason to bloggers will buy this product because this product is not costly but of course the product will be convertible for you.

It's present gravity on the Clickbank is 34

If you wanna really make serious money then you must not leave Clickbank other wise you are going to miss a big thing in blogging.

Tips and Tricks for promoting ClickBank Products-

Well, here is the big thing my dear friend.

If you are looking for making more money on ClickBank then you need to build your own list of e-mail addresses, that's why you can make more money.

Little bit confused from this statement.

Okay, don't worry, I am here to help you, see if you wanna make money daily from only one click then you need to have your own list, that's why whenever you will see any good product come to the market then just informed them (subscribers) with your affiliate link and you will print money.

Again, don't promote any junk product for only money, you need to promote a product which is good and that will be worthy for your list, otherwise your list is not going to work well for your income.

This is one of the very good way to make passive income online without much effort, I mean just think about this only one click can make you thousand of dollars online.

Okay, lets go for tips and tricks those will work-
  1. ClickBank Gravity- More gravity means product is converting well, so see first gravity before going to promote the product.
  2. Test Product- Always test for few days if it is converting then keep it otherwise remove from your blog.
  3. List Building- The key for passive income but need to get Aweber like service for starting building list.
  4. Review Blog Post- If you have seen that the product is good and converting well then don't forget to write a Review blog post about the product and also need to promote that blog post better way.
  5. Create Video- Videos are much better in terms of conversion rate, but need to create a video like pro.
  6. Have Your Product- Having own product itself good for you to make your list, yes you can build huge list from your product, but you need to have very good knowledge about the product means the product should have very good quality.
  7. Mistakes Don't Repeat- There are two important things to keep in mind for promoting product on your blog those are Quality of the Product and as well as don't send traffic directly to the product rather first collect e-mail addresses then send traffic to the sells page, the reason is simple everybody is not going to buy the product.

Where to Promote ClickBank Products-

  • Facebook- Yes, you can promote Clickbank product on Facebook but you need to choose product from Heath and Fitness niche because e-marketing product Facebook don't give approval.
  • Bidvertiser- This is one of the best way to get traffic because it is one of the biggest choice ads network for publisher even as a Publisher I have used this network for long time and I have also earn more than $334 from Bidvertiser, well if you wanna get traffic for reasonable price then you must go for Bidvertiser (Click Here).
  • Popads- This is one of the biggest source of traffic to your desire product but you must not go for BIG one first test if it works for you then go for BIG one, which is also known as Roll Out Method.
  • Blog- Well, it will loose you money if the product is not converting for you, but yes, you must not think that your blog ads space is for free rather you need to test with different products with particular period of time to find out the best one, damn fine blogging guide for beginners & for Free
  • Youtube- World's third largest website and world's first video search engine, actually its a fantastic way to get targeted traffic to your offer, but you need to learn few SEO tips and tricks which is work for Youtube like title of the video, file name as well as very good descriptions about the video.

Special Tips and Tricks for Making Money from ClickBank-

As an affiliate, you need to take care certain things like list building, product quality and other things also.

Like your blog readers choice and need. Depend on these two factors you can promote quality products the best part of ClickBank product is they give full 60 days money back guarantee for all products which is just amazing.

Well, here I am going to share with you a special tips which will make you different from other affiliate marketers.

May be you are wondering to know about that tips, right?

Okay, here is that.

You need to send an e-mail to the vendor means producer of the product for a short video about the product and don't forget to tell him or her to mention your name in the video it will help you to keep above the fold.

It will help you to get better conversion rate.

Again, dear don't promote junk product it will ruin your trust in the internet marketing world.

Pros and Cons of ClickBank for Bloggers & Markerters-

Hello, dear I know and may be you too, that there is at least something pros and cons having in any network and almost in anything in this world.

So, in this section of this blog, you are going to learn all pros and cons of ClickBank, which I have experienced over time almost two years.

Pros of ClickBank-
  1. Approval process is easy and of course pretty fast
  2. Got payment easily in India from ClickBank and received by post 
  3. Wide range of products
  4. Conversion rate good if you are getting traffic from English speaking countries.
Cons of ClickBank-
  1. Product sold by you must used 5 different credit cards to get payment
  2. Reduction in balance after certain time, if you will deliver sales 
  3. Money back guarantee 

Best Alternative to ClickBank in 2016 for Bloggers-

Well,  there are many alternatives in India to ClickBank but if you are interested to promote any product worldwide then there is an amazing network for you, which is growing just like charm, here is the name of that network its Udemy.
Udemy, home page of Udemy
After looking at the craze of creating products on Udemy and number of students on Udemy, I have interview couple of amazing instructors.

Many of them even cross $10,000 earning and may be some cross 15,000 students to their course, I will share with you their interviews too, but let me share with you a small statistics of Udemy on Alexa, here is the screen shot-
Udemy Alexa Rank
After looking at the statistics you can easily understood that how this MOOC's growing, I am really impressed after looking at their growth rate.

Let me share with you few amazing things about Udemy-
  1. There are more than 10 million students
  2. 40,000 courses offered by worldwide instructors
  3. Worldwide Alexa rank is 518
  4. 30 days money back guarantee for students
  5. Instructors can join this network for free 
  6. Offered affiliates that's means bloggers can earn money by promoting top products
  7. About 5000 individual websites links to Udemy and so on 
I have  interviewed couple of instructors of Udemy, here is the list of interviews-

ClickBank is a genuine market place for us (Bloggers, Vendors as well as affiliate marketers) to make some extra cash but again you need to choose right product for your blog because only choosing right product for blog is convert well.

I mean you need to test whether the product is convertible for your blog or not, if yes then write a blog post about the product on your blog, it will help to get better conversion rate.

Is there anything you need to know about ClickBank?

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List of 85 Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog

Top Blog Directories to Submit Blog
There are many websites those provide service to submit your blog on list of directories for free, that's why other bloggers and people can get blog according to their requirement.

In this way blog directories are helping both bloggers as well as people those are hunting information.

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In this article I will share with all directories which are best for you to get visitors and make money online.

List of 85 Blog Directories to Manually Submit Your Blog-


Benefits of Submitting Blog to Directories-

Well, there is nothing wrong with this, but it will take time but I think if you will submit your blog to specific directories then it would be better to maintain, I mean active in those directories for submitting your awesome blog posts too.

Other than these you must promote your blog post on, Reditt, StumbleUpon like websites.

I can tell you there are many benefits of it but here I am going to share with you few important benefits of submitting blog to directories-
  • Back Links- Well, the number one benefits of it, you are going to get back links from popular website, well almost all directories are popular but few of them extremely popular and few are just popular.
  • More Traffic- More Back Links you have from good reputed websites more authority, traffic, revenue, value you are going to get from your blog.
  • Good Position on Search Results- Well, all come to at the end search engine traffic, because search engine traffic is much better than even paid traffic, see if back link of your blog will increase then reputation of your blog automatically increase, but that's does not mean you will get 1000's of back links in a day (It will look un-natural for search engines, don't do it, if you want to keep blogging because it is dangerous), better take time and increase back links of your blog consistently.
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Update 2016 Feb for Blog Directories Issues for Bloggers-

Well, let me tell you why I am updating this blog post?

To share with you couple of things and those are really important for bloggers and I have learnt those things personally in this span of time.

Actually; I have written this blog post almost one and half years ago, so in this period I have learnt a lot, so here I am going to tell you those things, those are related to this blog post.

First of all all directories do not work the same, like I have been using which is one of the amazing directory and there are almost all bloggers from India using this directory because they are providing couple of features.

Here are directories I like the most-

  • Really too good for Indian bloggers in terms of building relationships as well as getting traffic from the directory.
  • All Top- This is also a pretty good directory.
  • Recently they made a great change in their directory and that's really pretty awesome for bloggers.
  • On Top List- This is also a cool directory for blog.
  • I am also happy with this blog directory.
I don't mean others are bad those are also good but personally I like all these five blog directories, now let me share with you an amazing blog tips, that's why I am sharing with you probably you did not notice it, actually it is a part of SEO tips, see if you want to get good rank on search engines for particular keywords then you need to follow simple steps-
  • Write Amazing Header Title of the Article
  • Good URL Structure
  • Good content length at least 1500 words in the article for ranking on the top for long time.
  • Be unique so before going to post the article check uniqueness of the article by using Small SEO Tools plagiarism checker, this is a pretty good tool I have been using from last year.
  • After clicking publish button your work starts- do promotion of your blog post- social, mouth to mouth, e-mail marketing and keep doing it.

I hope you go it.

Submit your blog to these directories for getting better ranking on Search Engines from backlinks, Alexa Ranking, Index Pages etc, ultimately these things will help you to become a popular blogger.

Well, I know it will take time that's why I will recommend you to make a schedule for adding your blog to directory.

Is there any directory which would be helpful for bloggers?

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Blog Publishers

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Bloggers
When you want Google Adsense alternative then their is no one stand like Google Adsense for blog specially for Indian Bloggers, but still there are some networks those pay good, I was searching from last 10 days on this that's why I can share you with best Google Adsense alternatives.

Updated Note- After having tremendous experience about 5 years in blogging, monetizing, SEO and all about blogging, I have lot of things to share with you, that's why you can become much better blogger than me, but here I am going to help you to monetize your blog that's why you can earn handsome income from your blog.

See, if you will use these networks I am sure your earning will increase, but ads placement on your blog also matter, because more clicks made you more money, as simple as that.

But, most important thing to make money from ads network is traffic, more traffic you will get on your blog more revenue from ads network you can generate, but driving traffic is not an easy task but not a difficult task either but you have to keep concentrating on your work and keep going, then you can easily drive more traffic to your blog, but with time don't stop learning, experimenting to know new things which will help you to become a next successful blogger.

Read More- Monetize Your Blog Smart Way for More Revenue

So, here is the list of 5 advertisement networks for Indian blog publishers.

Affinity- Good But Not For Small Publishers-

Affinity is a good advertising network to monetize your blog by using their different method like In text ads, image ads, ad cloud.

But all ads you can not use directly you need approval but for In text ads, you can get approval quiet easily than others.

Hey this is Amazing- read How My Internet Friend Earn Over $10,000 from Udemy

SAD story about me, I have started using Affinity Ads networks in my blog, but after reaching my earning about $12 I have seen that they have changed their policy and they have stop serving their service to small publishers, because my  blog is not getting that much traffic so they have rejected by application, I was not happy because of it, but anyway it was their policy but I loose money because of their policy but I have seen many big brands using this ads networks so, if you are getting more traffic then you can use this ads network because their paying rate is good.

Bidvertiser- Great Adsense Alternatives for Blog

Bidvertiser Review, Review for Publisher, Review for Advertisers

This advertising company is also good and most important thing about this advertising network is the approval process is quiet fast.

That means you can start earning from today.

Let me tell you my story of earning revenue from Bidvertiser, I have earn more than $260 from Bidvertiser, how cool is that, is not it, actually when I have started blogging and heard about Bidvertisers, I have search on Google and someone recommend to join Bidvertiser, I have join this ads networks and the result with you, I have earn this much and I am planning to earn extra $500 from Bidvertiser every year, see depending on only ads networks is not a good business plan, I have used many ads networks and still I am using those networks, few works better and few are not but still I am using those networks because I want to leverage my earning that's why if a single source of earning will stop then I will not panic from it, because I will have others sources to earn more.

I know Bidvertiser is a very good ads networks, the result is with you, that's why I will suggest you to join this ads network because its worth it.

When I have earning my first $10 from blogging, that earning was from Bidvertiser, after looking at the payment on my Paypal account in India I was looking at the window and thinking of how much I am going to earn in future from online, because I knew how to earn money online and once you will come to know the way to earn then you can earn any money, just you need to repeat the process.

Few important Points I have noticed about Bidvertiser here are those points-
  • Bidvertiser approval process is quite easy
  • My personal experience for earning for per click is more than $1.2
  • They are having wide range of advertisers
  • My total earning more than $260 that's proof it is a very legit network
  • Bidvertisers offered wide range of topics for advertisers which attract lots of advertisers from worldwide
  • Minimum balance required to withdraw is $10 through Paypal
  • Bidvertiser is founded by BPath Ltd in 2003, which means they are providing this amazing service from more than decade
  • One of the promising Google Adsense Alternatives for me and for other many bloggers those are earning revenue from Bidvertiser
I hope you are getting me.
           Click Here to Join and Get Instant Approval
Minimum payment is 10$.

Chitika- Instant Approval Great Alternative to Google Adsense-

This is also one of the best alternative network for blog publishers in India.

Chitika is having unique technology which may be you have heard before which is "non contextual ads", that means this is a only advertising as I ever know which know when to show ads or when not to show ads.

So it is a great alternative of Google adsesne, you can even use this network with Google Adsense too.

Apply for this network if you are getting good traffic from US and Canada.

The minimum payment amount through Paypal is 10$ and through check is 50$.

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Adhitz- Good Alternative-

Adhitz is a good advertisement network to make money from your blog if you have traffic from USA, Canada even from India you can make very good money from this network and you can get approval easily.

You can get paid per click from $0.01 to $0.1

Infolinks The Great One Trending Alternatives-

Infolinks Review, Publishers, Advertisers

Personally, I have earn more than $100 from Infolinks and there are many those are making more than $1000 from their blog every month with Infolinks one more thing you don't need to take tension about code placement because once you will integrate the code it will works like charm, yes I mean to say you will start earning money quite easily.

It is my personal experience I have earned more than $8 per thousand visitors which is really good after looking at the industry standards, that's why I like about Infolinks, so it is all about getting revenue from blogs, but one thing is very clear if you will get more targeted traffic you will earn more it is a very simple concept.

Here, in this section of this blog post I am talking about Infolinks, I have been knowing infolinks from long time but I don't use this ads networks on this blog because I wanted to make this blog ads free for you guys, because I am earning money online by selling my online digital course, very soon I am going to launch a new product which can make money online anyone, even you, your friends, I mean anyone..

Here are few amazing and noticing points about Infolinks-
  • Easy code integration to blogger as well as Word Press
  • Easy approval process hardly take two days
  • Highly advanced technology to increase earning
  • Great publishers data base, even there are many pro companies using Infonlinks those having more than million visitors per month
  • Better than industry standard earning or revenue from blog
  • Easy payment process like through Paypal
  • Minimum balance required to withdraw is $50
  • Very good customer support by Infolinks
  • They have a very good blogs, where we can get recent information about Infolinks and other necessary information
  • Infolinks recommended by many top notch bloggers The Ultimate One to Increase Blog Revenue-

Popads Review for Publishers, advertisers, bloggers

As the name this advertising company offer to add script to your blog for pop up ads, when any visitors come to your blog that's mean the ads will automatically pop up.

What does that means you will make more money?

They pay very good money even about $4 per thousand visitors and that's pretty good, and why I will not tell you because personally I made more than $200 from this ads network which shows almost every questions of any advertisers like this is a legit networks, it paid on time, good for publishers.

Let me tell you one most important things about Popads, actually this blog post has been read by more than 10,000 readers in a very short period of time and got help almost all of them those are looking for Google Adsense Alternatives and most  important thing I wanted to tell you, I have tracked all of them, I mean what they did after reading this blog posts, they have joined one or two of these alternatives, but 40% bloggers joined Popads and they are happy with it because few bloggers personally told me that this ads networking working very well.

One of the shocking thing about this ads networks I would like to tell you, if any blogger is having about I million traffic if she or he will use this ads network then I pretty sure that person going to earn extra at least $2000 per month, how cool is that.

One of the question publishers always think that, does popads going to harm SEO of the blog, but the answer is no its not, but yes your blog readers may little irritate from it, but its okay you are not going to face any major problem.

Since, I have earn more than $200 from this ads networks and I don't have million visitors, so I have noticed many things about this ads network here are few of them, that's why you will com to know more about this ads network-
  • Instant payment sending method world's first ads network provide this service
  • Great security for your account, if you will log in to your account from other location then even you will get security alert in your e-mail, which e-mail you have used to create account
  • Instant approval process
  • If you have traffic then you can earn money concept by the ads network
  • More than industry standard revenue
  • There are more than thousand of publishers joined this ads networks from my recommendation
  • Easy code integration process
  • Minimum balance required to withdraw Paypal is $5, very good for small publishers
  • Hourly tracking performance of your blog for generating revenue from popads 
  • Great customer support
  • Multiple channel for getting payment like Paypal, Wire Transfer etc, but I like Paypal the most.

As a publisher I strongly recommend you to use this network to monetize your blog for pop ads.

My Recommendations for Google Adsense Alternatives-

See, if you are a blogger then I will suggest you to do few things before going to use these networks, well these are five networks, but I will suggest you to use only ads networks those having low threshold like 5$ or may be 10$.

Okay, here are networks those you need to start using on your blog right now only, you will definitely start earning few bucks.
  1. Bidvertiser- This is a great ads network, personally I earn more than 334$.
  2. Chitika- This is a good network to increase revenue, if you got traffic.
  3. This is really make me feel better after earning 400$
Well, after earning more than 800$ from ads network, I came to know many things, I have learnt as well as experienced many things.

But more important, I came to know how to make more money from blogging, no it's not about ton of traffic, no its not about having active Google adsense account.

Its about networking, selling affiliate products, selling own products or services too, if you want to know proof of it then look around few pro bloggers like Darren Rowse  (, John Chow (, Brian Calrk (Copyblogger), Neil Patel (Quick Sprout)

I hope you are getting me, if you want to sell your own e-book then I will suggest you to use Instamojo, because I have used it.

Pros and Cons of Monetizing Blog with Ad Networks-

I have been blogging from last five years and in this five years I have learn a lot and share a lot of content so in this article you are going to get lot of insight information related to use of ad network personally I have earn more than $1000 from all these networks and I am really happy because of it.

But, I made a mistake that is I did not concentrate on affiliate marketing much, so based on this I am going to share with you few pros and cons of ad networks those really important for any one those wanted to earn pretty good money, more important thing is that those wanted to earn passive income online. okay lets get started-
Pros of Ad Networks-
  1. You will earn something
  2. You can earn in pennies quite easily
  3. Now a days you don't need to worry about readers because of CPM ad networks working well for small publishers.
  4. Approval process is easy
Cons of Ads Networks-

  1. You can not earn big bucks
  2. You can not think about passive income
  3. It is not a way of building real business online
So, if you will see cons part then may be you will have question what is the best way to earn passive income online, here my dear I am introducing with you Affiliate Marketing the Beginners Guide, just get and then you will be awesome.

Hopefully you will make more money from your blog than now you are earning from advertisements networks or others.

One more thing I would like to share with you, you can only make good money from Google Adsense as a small publisher as well as big publisher so never forget to try for Google Adsense, if you are looking for effort less earning, otherwise try affiliate marketing.

Is there any network? you think as a Google Adsense Alternative.

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