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Instamojo Review 2016- Payment Gateway in India for Bloggers

Instamojo Review, Best Payment Gateway in India
Couple of days ago, I come to know about, actually I wanted to sell my E-book, that’s why I was trying to use Payment Gateway in India of any website for my first E-book and because of that this review is here. I have used service for my Free E-book, I am surprised about their service they are offering.

Actually, there is no initial investment needed for selling your E-book, you can sell others goods also like any software, templates, etc. in single sentence we can say for selling your digital goods online, of course I used Amazon too for selling my e-books on Amazon kindle, even one of my e-book become famous in Amazon kindle.

Offer for All Readers- 
Well, let me tell you, you can earn 500 RS for free from instamojo whenever you will get paid through selling products, use promo code- UJJWALKUMARSEN

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What is Instamojo?

As, I have already share with you that Instamojo is an Indian based payment gateway I know those are new to internet marketing world they unable to understand the meaning of payment gateway so here is it.

Actually, this is way to pay through debit card, credit card even through internet banking but it is vary from gateway to gateway for buying anything online, But here I am talking about selling things online and collect payment from your customers not only physical goods, you can also sell digital goods like I do and of course you can also create your membership course plan by using Instamojo.

Now let’s start from beginning of Instamojo Inc.-

Instamojo Inc. now having 40 employees, it’s one of founder his name is Sampad Swain, wanted to monetize his newsletter, he could not find any solution for it, there he thought about it, today it is Instamojo Inc.

I hope it will be much more than now what it is.

Why Instamojo is best for Indians Writers as well as for Bloggers-

Well, I have used almost all Affiliate Networks those paid Indians in Dollars, that’s true but almost all sells I got from Outside Indian, though in that time almost my all visitors from India.

So, where is the problem, is there Indians not buying products online, this is not true, is this if true then 
why Ecommerce companies are growing tremendously.

The problem was Credit Card and many Indians are not having credit but they do have debit card, here is the main solution is providing by Instamojo.

Your buyers can buy products by using their debit card, so now you can understand how Instamojo is helpful for you.

Instamojo Inc. Little Statistics-

Let’s see ranking of Instamojo Alexa ranking- 17,555(Global), 1446(India).

After looking at the Alexa ranking you can imagine within this short period of time, Instamojo got very good rank, I hope it will grow more.

Instamojo total sellers by Wikipedia- I was reading about Instamojo Inc. they have provided the data that Instamojo having more than million of sellers and it is still growing.

Things to Notice about Instamojo Inc. for Selling Your Digital Goods-

Its been about one month I know about Instamojo Inc, but I did lot of research, read lot of things before writing this review about Instamojo, so here are those points I have noticed till now.
  • Joining is Free
  • About 95% shares is Yours
  • You can make Your Product page fully optimized for search engines
  • Option to sell for free
  • Option to sell for free but buyers need to share on their social profile about the e-book or products
  • Buyers can buy using debit card
  • You can get paid while sitting at home

What is the Best about Instamojo Inc-

See, dear everybody having their own thinking, own views, even own capability, but here I am writing about my thinking about Instamojo, here I am going to tell the best features about Instamojo Inc.

It’s not free join, not even buyers can buy using debit card.

It’s social pay- Probably you are thinking what’s that?
Because may be you are not familiar with this term, well I have already told you earlier about it, in this article.

Social Pay offered buyers to get the products by just sharing about the product on their social profile may be on Facebook or Twitter.

I hope this is going to rock sellers as well as Instamojo, because I have not seen such type offer in any other company, but yes, I have this feature used by domain, hosting sellers they offer about 10% off on total bill for sharing about their company.

1 Click Mail to Your All Customers- as there are many features introduces by Instamojo, that's why I am updating this blog post, yes you have read the correct head line, now you can send mail to your all customers with one click, I think that's an amazing feature.

Sell Physical Goods- India is one of the fastest e-commerce in the market, that's why feature would very good for people to sell physical goods, I am really impressed from this feature. But lets see how this feature would be helpful for its users.

Instamojo Payment Gateway Charges & Payment Proof-

Actually, I am adding this section only on request of one of my blog reader, he is belonging from Himachal Pradesh, we was one of my student he asked me to add charges and payment proof of Instamojo, which I got, actually I got payment from Instamojo number of times. Because I am selling digital products by using this gateway.

So, here is the proof of payment which will let you know about its charges & payment too-

Instamojo Charges, Payment Proof

New Updates from Instamojo Payment Gateway-

Few days ago, I got mail from Instamojo about their new way of payment checkout forms well, I have update it for my account, if you are using Instamojo for selling products online then you also need to update because in this mail they also mention that they said this is mandatory for all users because last date of support for the old forms is 15th of June 2016.

Here are steps to upgrade your Instamojo payment checkout-
  1. Go to
  2. Open the "Beta Settings" menu
  3. Tick the box next to "Enable New Checkout Forms"
  4. And you have done it, just check the new checkout form for your account, here is the screenshot of my account-
Instamojo payment gateway

My Personal Experience with Instamojo Since Last Two Years-

In the last two years I did not put much effort to get sells because I was building my readership but its been one year I have been getting lot of people those are beginners, have knowledge but they don't know how to start online business, so I always suggest them to start blogging, even I am giving a course which is cost only 499 RS to get professional blog and you will get domain name .com, including a credit free blogger template, of course you will also learn how to earn 40% to 80% commission for promoting products on your blog or any other place, which people wanted to buy.

Important- You know when first I saw mail from Instamojo about my first sell it was just amazing moment and very next day I have seen another payment and its been great for me, I want you to see and feel that moment. May be you are thinking after selling the product after how many days you will get paid, within next three working days and that is just awesome.

& Of course my step by step guide to start blogging also, okay let me share with you my own experience with Instamojo-
  • They got awesome customer support
  • Easy to use, even beginners can easily used
  • Your customers can pay through debit card
  • You can even accept payment directly by using instapay
  • They always informed you through mail, if you got sell
  • Within three working days you will get money in your bank account

Over to You-
I hope you are newbie to sell your E-book, may be! You are anybody because I don’t know about you, but I do know about Instamojo, it will help you lot to get your product in the market as well as you can make money from it.

Hope this review help you lot.

Is there anything you would like to add about Instamojo Inc

Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Setup Bigrock Domain for Blogger- 100% Working

I hope you have bought your domain name for your blog, now probably you are getting problem to setup Bigrock domain for blogger blog, I know it's little bit technical, but I am going to share with you complete step by step guide to setup Bigrock domain name to your blogger blog.

My beginner bloggers face problem here also, because many don't know how to buy domain name and where to buy, well I will recommend you to buy domain name from Bigrock, its a very good service provider, here is the step by step guide to buy domain name from Bigrock

My Experience with Bigrock for Blogger-

#1) Go to

First go to then go to your blog dashboard, which is like I have given below a screen shot-

Now, click on Settings, which is also indicated on the screen shot.

Then you will see, the page as I have given below a screen shot.

Now click on "+Add a Custom Domain Name".

Then you will see a page, Like I have given below a screen shot-

Now just enter on the box your domain name you have bought from Bigrock, like, then click on Save.

Then you will see as I have given below a screen shot, but remember what I am seeing here, you will little different in code.

Now, you almost done, your job on for setup a domain name on Bigrock, keep it like this, don't close this page.

#2) Let's Go to

Login to your account, you may click below to log in to your Bigrock account.

Then you will see a page, it's a new page. Like I have given below a screen shot.

After clicking there you will see a new page again, as I have given below a screen shot-

Now click "DNS Management", as I have given above a screen shot.

Then you will your left side page scroll down, then you will see option, like I can see now, I have given below a screen shot too-

Now click on "Manage DNS" then a pop up window will open, which window will help us to set up your domain name for your blogger blog.

Lets see the window, the screen shot is given below-

Now click on "Add Record".

That's you have also do settings later for CNAME record, now it's time to set up "A Records", the screen shot is given below-
After click on "A Records", you have again click on "A Records", as I have given below a screen shot-

Now click just copy what I am giving in a screen shot, everything keep as it is.

#1) A Records First-

Add A records to Bigrock

Now click on "Add Record"

#2) A Records Second-

Add A records to Bigrock

Now click on "Add Record"

#3) A Records Third

Add A records to Bigrock

Now click on "Add Record"

#4) A Records Fourth

Add A records to Bigrock

Now click on "Add Record"

Its time for CNAME okay lets do it-

Now, click on "CNAME Records", hopefully your page open, that's why I have already mention about this.

Now after click on "CNAME Records", you will see option like this.

Now you will see options to add "www" and  "", just copy the below screen shot,
as I have given below.

Now click on "Add Record", that's one done.

Now come to the another one.

Again click on "Add CNAME Record".

Then again you will same option like I am seeing here.

Now you have to  add another CNAME, which is mention on the above on blogger dashboard, there are two 
rows with codes one is  "www" and  "".

Now add the first code to the above one and then add second code to the below one, for your better 
Understanding I have given below a screen shot, of that blogger page.

Now take a break for half an hour, till that time get a cup of coffee and then come to your blogger dashboard, then add there your blog domain name and then click on Save(which you did according to the third screen shot).

It will show like this, as I have given below a screen shot.

Hopefully you have set up your Bigrock domain name for your blogger blog, see if you wanted to add sub domain to your blogger blog, you can also add but for that you need to different settings.

If you have any question regarding setting up domain on Bogrock then comment below, I will definitely help you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Write Blog Posts More Than 12 Hours a Day

Thinking about becoming a Pro-blogger, then I will suggest you to do one thing start analyzing time table of few pro-bloggers.

I mean, you need to think, why are they pro-bloggers?

Let's take name of a Indian pro blogger- He is Amit Agarwal

Well, personally I am a big fan of him, I always wanted to earn some pocket money from internet, after thousand of hours effort, I found blogging is a good way to earn money online.

Till now I have earn thousands of dollars online and my earning increasing day by day and I am happy because of that, that's really motivate me to write helpful blog posts on this blog.

See, I am not a BIG fan of earning $10,000 per month but yes, if I will keep going like this then that day is not too far.

I have simple aim, that is my all blog readers will earn at least $200 per month, then I know they can reach this target, I am dead sure it will be just a awesome path for them to increase their earning, because starting is everything, once you will start right way then you can easily achieve your target.

Here, I have something to share with you, if you did not get Google Adsense approval then you must read this blog post, because recently I have shared how I have earn more than $932 from Google Adsense Alternatives.

It will definitely help you to earn few bucks from your blog.

Well, the questions, you have right now, I did not clear yet.


I was thinking, why someone is popular or valuable person today? or why someone is not popular or valuable?

The reason is simple

They are working hard as well as putting concentration, right now I have something important to share with you.

People said, smart worker always win, actually in real it is not true.

I mean now think about this for a while, if you will not come to know about the real thing about anything then how it would be possible for you to use your brain properly, so for working smart way you need to first start hard working.

Then you can use your brain smart way, you can say short cut way, which would be better for you.

So, Always think practically.

I mean, you need to work for long time for becoming a pro-blogger, there is no short cut way to become successful blogger.

Well, if you will invest money then I know you will get traffic, even I can say unlimited traffic, but for getting traffic each and every day you need do hard work.

So, the big question- how to get inspiration for writing blog posts for long time-

Make Any One Your Favorite Blogger-

There you need to select one blogger that one day you will beat that blog and for this you need to know five things about the blog those are-

About the Author-

Especially, those are popular blog, those are popular because of two things one of them is blog content and another one is who is author of the blog?

Actually, you need to check few things about the author, you need to create same things like the author have, if you will copy then at least you will stand somewhere on the good position, but don't spend money like the pro-bloggers are doing, if you will do so, then may be you will loose money at the earlier stage of blogging, which may lead you to quit blogging.

So, you need to do everything under little budget that's why it will not be burden for you later and yes you must have about me page on your blog.

About the Blog Alexa Rank-

Alexa rank is one of the best way to know about the website reputation, well if you are new to it then you must read my article about improving your alexa rank,

So, for checking alexa rank right way you need to read one of my blog post- What is Alexa Rank

About the Blog Back links-

See, for know back links of any blog you need to check it out, here is the screen shot of my blog-

blogspot backlink, ahref tool for blogspot

Number of Blog Posts The Blog Have-

I hope you will agree with me, at this point.

That is blogging is not a one day job, in blogging you must have to keep writing awesome full detail blog post for getting good response from readers as well as it will lead you to get good rank on search engines, which I have been observing from last couple of years.

For knowing number of blog posts of the blog have you need to apply little technical steps- First go to Google-

Then search like this-

And you will get result there, there it will show number of blog posts, as I have given below the screen shot-
number of blog posts of a Blog

Do Little Bit Exercise Daily-

If you will do exercise daily, then it is for sure you will have better health.

Everybody know it, better health means better performance, so doing exercise daily would be much helpful for you.

Set Target Every Day-

Small target can easily achievable than a big target, now think about it, if you will set small target daily and achieved then I am sure you will achieve a BIG target too, because small target always help to achieve big target.

Give Reward Yourself After Achieving Target-

Reward yourself, when you achieve your small target and do things to achieve your target with fun that's why you will not get bore.

There are many ways to reward yourself like getting some delicious food, going outside for fun, going to multiplex etc.

Take Time to Reach 12 Hours Per Day-

Its not easy to keep the time table for forever, may be in the beginning days it is possible after couple of days I know almost every new bloggers loose confidence about making money from blogging.

That is the big reason behind- almost all are not successful blogger.

Make Your Own Blogger Friends-

If you have blogger buddy, then I am sure you will get lot of help to get your blog on the top, but first make sure you are satisfied from your own articles, if you are then you don't need to do anything else.

You should use social medias to find and make blogging buddies.

Some key points to develop to write articles with passion-

  • Find out a big reason behind blogging
  • Motivation for becoming a superstar blogger
  • Be helpful through articles
  • Always try to find out your own motivation thing like many wants fans, many money and many self satisfaction after working hard for long time, but most of the blogger biggest motivation source is money.
  • Always know the basic concept of blogging and try to treat it as a real business.

There are thousands already are establish as well as there are thousands are starting a blog everyday, they have only and only one dream on their mind that is Becoming a pro-blogger and earning $1000 of dollars per day.

So, how many of them succeed only few and others are just work hard for few days and loose their hope, see in blogging you must not loose hope you need to have a reservoir of confidence and you need to use part of it each and every day that's why you will be active every day.

Is there anything else, which could make you to do blog more than 12 hours a day?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Consistency is the Key in Blogging to Become a Successful Blogger

Consistency is the Key in Blogging to Become a Successful Blogger
Blogging is the way, which can convert your dream into reality(living style), but for this you have to put effort continuously without looking your temporary stats, because if you will do blog post daily no one is going to stop you to become a professional blogger, but sometimes the stage come in blogging(not newbie not even professional) many bloggers quit blogging, that's why they never see himself or herself there, I will suggest you don't give up keep blogging but don't even stop learning, because there are almost everything changing with time to time, so keep up to date your self with your blog.

This is my personal experience, when I have started blogging, I got 100 pages views quiet easily but after that I have struggle to increase my visitors number up to 500 pages views per day, but once I got some genuine points about attracting traffic, I even drive traffic more than 11,000 page views per day to my blog, but now I am working hard to drive more than this number of traffic to my this blog. When I will achieve that target, I will have something special for you guys.

Let's talk about what consistency can give you? See, if you will write a blog post daily or probably two to three blog posts in a week, but here is the good thing for you, for this you have learn those things to write in your blog.

That means your knowledge will increase day by day, you just have to give time to your blog and to learn more tings.

Here is the big thing for your consistency that is whenever your blog readers come to your blog they will get something new in your blog, make sense!

That means they will spend more time in your blog, which will increase reputations of your blog, then what will happen probably you know, even then let me tell you-

1) Good Ranking on Search Engines-

Search Engines are really just awesome for new bloggers for getting attention from new as well as long time internet users, I mean if you can use SEO right way then you can become anything as well as everything in this world and as you know internet is the most fastest way to become famous in the world more important is legit way.

Here are few tips for you to get good ranking on search engine results page-
  1. Write good article title
  2. Always use heading, sub headings, bullets and of course numbers
  3. Try to grab attention of users
  4. Make it user friendly and try to write article like pro and make it more useful for readers.
  5. Ask for comments, more comments means more green signal which at least I have seen in my blog.

2) More Sponsored for Your Blog-

I got an offer from Infolinks for writing article about this ads network and I got paid from them that is the real beauty of blogging, but don't write anything which is not related to your blog, after then I got offers from many BIG companies and till now I have earn $$$$ from writing sponsored posts only and these days I am planning to make it very effective, because there are main two BIG sources of my earning those days-
  1. Sponsored posts &
  2. by selling my products, of course I do affiliate marketing, currently I got paid from Flipkart as an Affiliate which I used very less other than this I used various affiliate marketing programs, I have simple plan for this year to earn $$$$ in affiliate marketing alone, pure profit and that's good not bad at all.
If you wanted to know where I sell my products then let me tell you dear these days I am using Indian Payment Gateway Instamojo and selling my e-books on Amazon for earning royalty commission and its been going good.

More important thing is that I am really enjoying this journey, dear yes I forget to share with you these days I am working on a niche blog, which is far away from thinking of many bloggers and even they can not think about it, because it is my own experience and it is going to help lot of people and make me lot of money, I will share with you more in my upcoming posts.

3) Good Rank on

Alexa  really good for knowing about any website, here is the story about me which make me to get my blog under 100,000 alexa rank.

Yes there are couple of tips those work like charm to improve alexa rank, but these days alexa working super fine to make it more useful for people and that is why there are many websites ranking is getting down but hope it will help lot of marketers as well as bloggers.

4) More Revenue-

Revenue is the key for inspiration, I am writing this article because I just got paid from Bidvertiser and finally earn more than $932 from two ads network and today I am really feeling awesome and proud of taking decision of blogging and those both of them are Google Adsense alternatives.

Other than these two networks I am also earning good money from Google Adsense, okay that is the different story, but if you are thinking about real money then you need to think blogging as business and need to implement and put lot of effort to get success see doing time pass and writing less lengthy content is not going to help you a lot, you have to put lot of effort, time as well as you need to have patience to get success.

I mean think about, I have started with having a dream of earning only 50 to 100 RS per day (about $1), as pocket money and in India 100 RS per day still is not bad, but my maximum per day earning cross my per month salary.

Of course, I am not a full time blogger but yes I am doing job to create another awesome platform for mechanical engineers, already started working on its soon will write article on it.

Here are few tips to earn pretty revenue-
  1. Concentrate on branding
  2. Thinking of become authority blogger in particular topic and then move to another topic
  3. A domain name, theme and of course logo of your blog {Investment required}
  4. Don't try to do all thing itself it does not work fine, at least I have experience this.

5) More Reputation of Your Blog-

Reputation you will come in day one, but yes if you will keep going that day is not too far, reputation can not build in a day it always takes time, so that is required consistency, what happen when any newbie come to me or any other blogger who is having good knowledge.

Always newbie come with super motivated state and show that he or she is going to work hard and going to be next successful blogger, but in reality they can not become because they just don't want to do work hard. So only way to build good reputation of your blog is to work hard to write authority content and become authority person, other things will be followed.

6) Have Long Time Blogging Career-

Always think long time because its a real business, yes always thinking of blogging as a business and think to be get output in long term, then you will get very good output, what when newbie always try to get output from blogging just like they are working for someone, but in actual you are building business and for building real business it takes little more time.

How to do it-
  1. Write about only one topic like if you are writing about blogging tips then only write about blogging tips with different angles, though as a beginner it is not recommended so try any other niche and it will be easier for newbies to get good result in less time.
  2. Have a proper plan
  3. Build your own team to work together but choose people wisely.

7) Better Life Style-

Almost all bloggers having very good life style, but bloggers, most of them for long time at least 12 hours a day, even there are many those works more than 16 hours a day and they are making history in blogging world.

So, think about them how they are working, what newbie do they just think about earning may be they use to calculate earning with traffic but they never calculate time they need to spend to earn that much money.

So, I think they need to do it, if you are newbie take my words, it will help you a lot, I am damn sure about it.

8) It's Time to Expend Your Blogging Business-

Blogging business is a real business that's why I blog. Expending means increasing your reach, means networking and networking with other bloggers in your niche, which is the key to get success.

So, may be you are thinking how you can do it-
  1. Facebook &
  2. E-mail
These days I am putting concentration only these two sources to focus more because putting effort in many can not help me to focus so, I am putting effort only on two sources and both are just awesome, try you will get very good guidance and positive response.

9) Hire People Those Are Smarter Than You-

Here I have used Steve Jobs concept, I always try to hire, who is better than me, but always remember you must have good knowledge of it, what they are doing otherwise you are not going to get good output from them.

But, yes you have to hire people those are really smart in working, I mean they can work long time with good concentration & of course one more thing which I have learnt from Charles NGO who is damn fine super affiliate marketer the tips is pay your employee fair to get good output from them.

10) Give Freedom to Your Employees to Work in Free Mind-

See, one more thing you need to implement, when you will have your own company. don't just try to get work from them rather try to do something, that's why they will be happy.

But all these, you can get only, when you are going to be consistent in blogging otherwise it is difficult to become a professional blogger, there is a simple reason behind of this(every one wants to become professional blogger).

Keep blogging!

Have any problem contact me, I will help you, oh absolutely free!

I know it is tough to maintain consistency without inspiration, for this you need to keep reading other blogs as well as their earning report.

Another one thing to do is, just set target that you will do something everyday to see achievement next day.

If you will keep going like this you will one of the famous blogger.

Ready To Make A Successful Blog

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