Saturday, October 18, 2014

How to Choose Best Topic for Starting a Money Blog

How to Choose Best Topic  for Blogging
Choosing topic for blog is a life changing thing may be you are thinking how?

Because, if you will choose topic what people are looking for more that means your blog will become popular very quickly.

But, it is the place where world of people is looking for information that means it is obvious that every one is looking for different different information.

Although, some topic are very common for most of the person.

But, according to me choose topic from yourself that's why you can do write a awesome blog blog always, whether there is competition or not.

I mean, if you know the best then you can full fill the requirements of people in the best way what does that means?

It is the ladder through where you wanna reach from blogging?

Believe me!!! it can change your life!!!

Probably you are new to blogging world but according to me the blogging passion can change the whole world in the upcoming few years.

It would be the way where people will love to share and make money online as much you wanted to make.

But for this you need to do hard work!!!

So, share things what you know the best if you don't know the best then learn to share best information what the world is wanting from internet.

Don't worry, if you will do hard work may be today or tomorrow, it will give you worth of hard work with best solution!!!

Then, what you are waiting for? Start your blogging career now.

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Few exercises you need to go through before choosing a right blog domain name, those are given below with very good live sources-

  • Find Out Your Strong Points-

One of the tough thing- I know, because when interviewer ask this question to interviews, it was become difficult to answer, if you don't know earlier about this, but you must know what exactly you are, if you will do so then it would be easy to become a money making, popular, authority as well as well known blogger in a niche.

See, you must take time, may be one week, two weeks then find your strong points or you can ask your teachers, friends, parents, it would become much easier.

What other things you have to find out your strong points, here are few steps to go through-
  1. See Your Past Activity
  2. How You Achieve Anything in Your Life
  3. Think about helping others

  • Find Out Your Weak Points-

Its really important to know weak points of itself, because it is the main gateway to success, but in blogging you must not choose topic in which you are weak, but yes you need to see weak points on few areas, like here are few points for you to think about-
  1. If you are lazy
  2. You only dream not work
  3. Your way of writing is not good
  4. You don't know your power

  • Select Any Four Topics First-

Its time for the BIG decision, selecting topics for blog.

See, if you want to really succeed in blogging  then don't do time pass at this point, otherwise you are going to be in different direction and according to the heading select only four topics in which you are good, you have interest, you are curious, you want to learn, you want to keep going, more important you will not feel bore.

  • Keyword Research Before Buying Domain Name-

Keyword research is the key in blogging, because this will help you to know the real cine behind the search engines, I mean you will come to know potential or traffic having any topic, well its really vast to understand- here is for you Learn Google Keyword Research.

  • Things to Take Care While Choosing Domain Name-

Domain name.

The brand, if you want to get a brand, then you need to choose an amazing domain name, but make sure the domain name must have a keyword, in which topic you want to blog.

I think one of the biggest reason many pro bloggers said that stick to topic, because your blog domain name keywords really play important role for getting traffic from search engines.

Best topic is not that which is having lot of potential to drive traffic, its about your knowledge, interest, experience, eagerness.

I will suggest you to take time while selecting topics for blog, don't do anything before selecting topic for blog, till that time you can learn about SEO, which would be helpful for you.

Is there anything you would like to know for selecting topics for blog?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Don't Loose Hope in Blogging Because Tomorrow Will Be Yours

Don't Loose Hope In Blogging Because Tomorrow Will Be Yours
Blogging is the way to make money online (decent income) but it takes time to make decent income, this is almost every thing in blogging, actually most of the bloggers loose this, that's why they don't become a good money making blogger, in this article I will give you some tips, what's why you will be keep blogging and you will see that day, when people will get inspiration from your blog.

"Don't Loose Hope, You Never Known What Tomorrow will Bring"

Let me tell you something about this topic, actually most of the bloggers want to make money instantly, that's why they loose hope, but in blogging you can not make money instantly, there is only one solid reason behind this, that is blogging is a real business.

And real business take time to build!

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See, you need to enjoy while writing a blog post, think about money after writing at least 500 blog posts, yes this is my guarantee to you, write 500 articles on your blog, you will be start earning very good decent income from your blog.

But, till that time come, you have to provide quality contents in your blog posts, more important is evergreen content, evergreen content means all time heat content, not like just any trending news.

More important in blogging is content, what type of content you are sharing in your blog?

Because many bloggers don't share very good contents or they just do copy paste that's why they never succeed in blogging.

In blogging always think long time, yes long time thinking is really need in business and even in life to enjoy your life more better way.

Now, come to the blog promotion and article writing, actually many bloggers loose hope also because of putting effort too much in beginning time and then they just decrease their effort day by day going forward, don't do this, although increase your effort in your blog to become one of the best blogger in the world.

You should have a mission for blogging, no matter what you are sharing in your blog? But mission should be there, that's why you will find perfect readers for your blog.

If you want to make more money from blogging then you have to get targeted visitors, to get targeted visitors you need to stick to your topic and also keep blogging, never stop learning and sharing.

If you want to make quick money then start affiliate marketing.

Because, learning and sharing is the best part in blogging, don't forget to promote your each blog posts on social medias, send emails to your readers, optimize your blog for search engines, use anchor text, tell your friends about your blog.

To help your readers properly, write your article from beginning, don't assume that things are known for every one.

Start writing from beginning to expert level, that's why your readers will get satisfy from articles of your blog.

At the last, I would like to tell you one more thing, which is really important in blogging, that is proof reading of your blog post, don't forget to read your blog post twice after writing it.

If you found any mistake then correct that immediately and later publish your blog post.

Few Things Can Stop You to Be a Popular Blogger-

  • Your Lazy Nature-

LAZY nature is our main ENEMY, I mean human biggest enemy is Laziness, nothing else, which I believe, if you are lazy then just start try to change your character, otherwise I have to say this blogging is just not for you.

  • Try to Cover Everything-

DON'T try to get everything at a time, if you will do so, at the end you will get nothing and you will LOOSE your precious time. I hope you understand this, first become famous in any niche then go for another one, which would be easier as well as practically possible to achieve.

  • Want to Become Famous Without Hard Work-

In this world, if you are getting anything for free means without hard work then it is obvious that any one can get that, then you can understand, what is the value of that thing? So, try to achieve something which is not easy to achieve, which will make you famous.

  • Not Having Blogger Friends-

Friends are really important to get links in our real life, if you got blogger friends then that would be just awesome to be a popular blogger at least in the initial stage, I will suggest you, if you don't have one then just tell your own friends to start blogging and see the growth level between both of you.

  • Not Stick to Plan-

Planning is always needed to achieve the target right way more important in time, so you need to first make your own plan for blogging, I mean what you want to share? How much money you want to earn? How much traffic you want? and just go for it with having full of confidence and have faith in your work.

  • Over trying for Money, Traffic, Popularity-

This is the problem of almost all beginner bloggers, actually they just start blogging after seeing people like John Chow, Darren Rowse bloggers income report, they just do not realize their hard work behind this, that's why I will tell you work hard but wisely then you can also earn like them, but dear it will take time.

Blogging needs patience, don't loose it, because one day it will make you to go there, where you wanted to go!

I more thing, what you want?

Just go for it and don't think too much, but must be new, if it will work, then it would be great.

Is there anything you know can make you successful blogger?

Friday, October 10, 2014

How Can I Become a Popular Blogger- Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

How Can I Become a Popular Blogger
Today, I am going to tell you something different, which will definitely change something in your life, not only in blogging, see there is nothing secret in blogging to become a popular blogger, it is in you, what you are sharing with people for free. Yes for free, in blogging you must help people as much you can on your niche, if you have talent on other niches then create another blog, it would be better for search engine optimization of your blog and search engines play really important role to get traffic to make money online.

See in blogging, you have to be consistent does not matter you are making money or not, just have to be consistent at least for one year and one more thing, if you are blogging from one year even then it is not guaranteed that you will make decent income, earning money from blogging is easy from Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Tribalfusion but I am not going to suggest you use these networks to make money from blogging for long time, if you want real sauce of blogging, then create your own products on your blogging niche and see where your earning is going.

But of course it will take time to make your blog popular and reputed but once you will reach there no one can stop you, what you wanted to get from blogging, I think blogging is a gift for us to work from home and more important that is freedom of work.

Now, come to the main point of this blog post, as you know blogging is not easy, but it is not true in real because if you will enjoy while writing a blog post then definitely you can made it easy for you.

For Example- if a farmer can work for more than 8 hours a day just below the Sun then can not you work in your home in front of AC, probably sitting on your bed for long time.

You can do it!

I know it, because if I can do it, then I think in this world every one can do blogging and even can become most popular blogger, usually I don't share about me because people come to my blog for not knowing about me, they are interested to know what they want?

But for inspiration, let me tell you, I am not belonging from computer related field, professionally I am a mechanical engineer from India, that's why it is obvious that English is not my first language, but I like blogging that's why I am happy with it.

I remembered that day, when I usually write article for education related problems, I got first ever comment on my blog, it was "improve your English blogger", for sometimes I thought blogging is not for me, but I was thinking that there are many like me those mother tongue is not English even then they are doing great in it, if they can do it, then why I am not?

That day and today, people ask me how I can speak English in such amazing way.

So, finally I got something in blogging, that is for improving English, see most of the time about 90% bloggers do not do proofing reading, what they have written?

And it happened then users come to their blog, if they found any mistake then it is not a good signal for the bloggers, because he or she is missing that visitor for probably life time, so the solution after writing read your blog post properly, because you have to be good in this, you have to take care of your readers, because in blogging contents as well as readers both are king, remember this my dear while writing a blog post, if you want to succeed in blogging.

You must explain your blog article properly that's any beginner can also understand about the topic properly.

Final Tips for You "Blogger":-

#1)- Choose topic for blogging in which you are good-
Don't start blogging, after seeing other bloggers are making money from anything, you need to start writing articles, in which you find people can get something new.
#2)- Write Evergreen contents
See, if you want to write articles, then I will suggest you to write evergreen content like "how to make juice".

Because, it is not depend on trends.
#3)- Create your own methods

My dear if you want to become extremely famous, find your own way to be popular.
#4)- Take care of your readers
Readers are just everything in blogging.

So, first put readers then later revenue, SEO, social media optimization too
#5)- Don't think about what others talking about your blogging career
See, it is not sure that you will become pro blogger, even after hard work.

But, it is damn sure you will be known in the internet, because if you will do something, which will solve people problem, see Khan Academy.
#6)- Go ahead
Starting anything is the first key to success.

Because, success is the journey not a destination.
#7)- Keep blogging
I have analyse many bloggers kill their blogging career.

Because, they stop blogging.
#8)- Create great contents-
Great contents.

I know may be you have read this term couple of times.

But, here I am going to share with you, how to write great content for blog.

See, great means useful, new and enjoying somewhere it exist.

So, only one way can have you this, that is experiments only.
#9)- Read more books and blogs on your blog niche
It will help  to know more facts as well as it will improve your knowledge which is extremely useful for bloggers.

#10)- Responds to comments
Responds to comments always.

I have seen a pro blogger as well as founder of many companies like Crazy Egg, yes I am talking about Neil Patel he always responds to comments on his blog.

I think its really work.

See these tips are mine, so I know these are evergreen tips for bloggers, but you can create your own tip but make sure you have to use evergreen tips to create another, I hope you follow these tips and tricks.

Becoming popular blogger or not popular blogger is depend on niche, but you can become helpful blogger in any niche, because people do search on every niches, some niches are highly popular or some niches are low popular but every niches having readers, so what make you popular blogger that is your way of sharing, nothing else!

And one more thing, don't forget to be social, it will help you to interact with people directly and which is great for long time relationship.

What do you think? Let me know Please!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Is Writing Lengthy Article Good Enough to Get Good Rank on Search Engines

Is Writing Lengthy Article Good Enough to Get Good Rank on Search Engines
According to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, your blog post should have about 1000 words even more to get good rank for a query by users, have you ever think about this ?


Then think about this, because search engines want that users will reach to the proper place, where the users suppose to reach, if your article is short then how would a user will get complete information?

But, only writing a lengthy article is not good enough to become a popular blogger even getting good rank on search engines.

So, here I am going to share with those things, which will help you to write user friendly articles as well as SEO friendly. There are only two methods I usually used to drive organic traffic as well as satisfying readers through my way of sharing articles.

1) Write Your Articles in Paragraph

See one good tip I am telling you that is, always see your self as a reader of the blog, not owner of the blog, then write your article, if you will enjoy reading the blog post then definitely other people will also enjoy your blog post.

Why in paragraph?

Because, people will give interest to read the article, it looks better, looks like a professional too, for example have you ever seen any article in the magazine end with one paragraph with not having any image.

No, neither I.

Now come to image, if you are talking about image then it will help you from both sides, first from search engines (you will get traffic from image searches, specially for travel bloggers) another one is people like images than text.

That's why Facebook bought Instagram (image sharing platform) for one billion dollars!

And you can see another very good live example of it, i.e. Pinterest the new social media only known for its images, so as blogger we should use image in our blog posts.

2) Use Headings, Subheadings in Your Article

See this is also for both sides help, search engines also read headings and subheadings, because if you will distribute the topic then it becomes easy to understand for readers.

Your first goal is to make readers understand, what you are talking about then think about any other things, I know you want to make money from blogging even I am also making money from blogging, but if you can satisfy your readers then I am sure money will come to you on autopilot.

Wait and keep blogging that time will come for you also!

Subheadings also like search engine crawlers, because while showing results for a query by users, crawlers also check subheadings, if you are not providing then you are loosing that advantage to get your blog post on the top of the results.

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3) Follow Wikipedia Style in Blogging

Do you have any IDEA?

Why Wikipedia always rank better?

Well, there are many reasons behind of it, but one most important reason you need to know, because its helpful for you, if you are a blogger.

I hope, you are a blogger.

Here, are things to copy from Wikipedia while writing a blog post, they start with beginning, but YOU need to start writing for beginners.

They do use new things about the article, you need to mention new experiments or trends going on about the topic.

And you must follow the proper formats.

I know, it will take lot of time, but later it will give you lot of worth, may be you don't believe me.

I have an awesome example for this-
Actually, couple a days ago, I was listening to my friend music, actually its sung by someone else, I don't know about that.

Here is the thing to notice- he sung, anything or anybody in this world handle more pain become more famous.

If you wanna know live example then is it, diamond and coal, there is another example I can remember right now that is statue of GOD "stone" and stone of your roof.

I hope you got the point, I try to make you understand.

4) Promote Blog Posts Like Pro

Pro means professional.

If you think, you create a awesome content then why not to leverage it.

Just tell people, hey here is something important for you, for this you can use many medias like-
  • Facebook just awesome
  • Twitter it depends
  • Google Plus its okay
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
I will recommend you to just share your awesome article and put effort to reach the article to most targeted people, it will help both.

To you as well as to people.

5) Write What You Got New in the Topic

Blogging, is its all about your writing.

Not at all, but somewhere, because at the last people are going to read your article, if they will satisfied from the article, then it would be much better, I mean effort you put to drive traffic will be successful, otherwise its just wastage of time nothing else.

Got new thing to share that does not mean, you will not share what you already know, you must share both.

It would be just awesome for your blog as well as for readers.

6) Follow Pro Bloggers Foot Prints

See, as a blogger.

I always wanted to be unique.

But, I was little bit wrong about it, because if any body already got success, if we will listen to him or her or I can just say follow their activities and try to do the same, sooner or later we will also become like them.

So, here are few things we can copy from them, those are extremely useful for bloggers, because I got help from them-
  1. Writing a Great Article with Unique Title- I have read blogs, even reading almost every day those are written by pro bloggers as well as famous freelancer writer, that's why I got something different and useful knowledge about writing a killer blog post.
  2. They Always Add Pro Quality Image- Little bit I lack here, but its okay, I am trying much better to add very good quality image, if you can manage to do so, it would be much better for you.
  3. Promotion of Blog Post is Must- If you are looking for great traffic, then you must use promotion sources like Social medias, your e-mail list, contacts etc.
  4. They Do Experiments- Experiments are keys for creating great content and those helps to get higher revenue, find out the best way to make money, readers like your blog the most and many more those you wanted to get from blogging.
  5. They Communicate Better- Usually, pro bloggers use network to create their own networks which will create buzz about their next step in the blog-o-sphere, which really helpful for them.

No one can guarantee you that your blog post will be on the top, if you are seeing top on your place, even it is not sure that for that particular keyword search engine showing everywhere the same result, because search engine result even change place to place, time to time.

There are about 200 factors on which basis search engine "Google" shows result, but you can do one thing probably for that your blog post get on top every time, for every place, i.e. provide great content with proper explanation, this is sufficient to get your blog post on top.

Do you have any other idea to get your blog post on top?

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