Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Biggest Mistake of Blogspot Bloggers

Today I am going to tell you the biggest mistake of blogspot bloggers, which is important for any blogspot blogger, if you say the mistake regarding what? It's a mistake regarding almost everything for your blog, here let me tell you the meaning of almost everything(Money, Brand, Traffic blah blah blah).

Blogger Mistakes

Hopefully you are getting me, what am I talking about?

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Actually it's a domain name, you must have a domain name for your blog, now as a new blogger, it is little difficult to add domain name to your blog and many other questions may be going on your mind like-

#1) How Much Worth of a Domain Name-

Well let's do start, from the very first basic question, I know people first go behind money, oh this much bucks I have to pay, no I am going to do blogging for free with sub domains.

Note:- You Need to Learn Keyword Planner by Google before buying domain name

I know 98% bloggers think like this!

You know, that's why they failed! I can not change that number but of course I can change your thinking, as my blog reader, I don't want any one will get failed or quit blogging specially those are reading my blog on regular basis.

Let me help you to inspire more, there are bloggers those are making money over 40,000$ per month, yes, over 40,000$ per month.

I know it will need little investment, but later it will pay you more, okay finally lets come to the point, "Money" actually it is depend on which domain name your buying, actually there are top level domain names like .com, .org, .net other than these are also country level domain name like .in, etc

It's worth around 10$ per year, I don't think so it is cost too much, because there are huge benefits of getting domain name for blog.

#2) Which Domain Name is the Best

Now it's a next common question bloggers generally think, which domain name is the best domain name, then I will give simple answer for you, it's .com

Because it's look more professional than any other domain name, rest it is up to you, your blog, your money, your dreams etc.

#3) Which is the Best Website to Buy a Domain Name

It's a Bigrock, here is the step by step guide to buy your domain name from Bigrock, hopefully you have heard about this company, this is a great company for their service, see I am a Mechanical Engineer, If I did it, then why you can not.

#4) How to Add Domain Name to Blogger

I am not a technical person, I mean, I am not belonging from computer or any IT field, but as time goes, I have learnt these things, as a newbie it is really difficult to set up your own custom domain name, so I have written another article, which will tell step by step method with screen shot to add domain name to blogger.

Note About Biggest Mistake in Blogging-

I did this mistake.

That's why, I don't want you will repeat this mistake, so go ahead buy a domain name and add to your blog and overcome from the biggest mistake in blogging.

Monday, May 11, 2015

7 Blog Marketing Tips Learnt From Neil Patel Quicksprout

Quickspout marketing, neil patel, blogging tips, marketing tips
If you are looking for best five blogs in the internet marketing niche then I must say, you will say QuickSprout, there is nothing wrong with this because this blog deserve this, more important the person behind this blog he is Neil Patel, his way of writing, presenting is just amazing, recently he has changed little bit in design of Quicksprout.

Writing Great Content-

In blogging, if you can write better content then you  can earn money from blogging, the exactly same thing I have learn from his blog, here are few things those are really important while writing blog post-
  • Your blog post must have headings, sub headings, bullets, numbers
  • Your blog post must have images, if you want to get more likes, shares and comments on social media sites then image is must, for SEO help you need to optimize image.

Promotion of Blog Post-

See, if you can deliver great content then that is for sure you can get good traffic from search engines but what about that? If you want to get traffic quickly then you need to promote your blog posts in many media like reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn,, etc.

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Power of E-mail Marketing-

I did not use e-mail marketing in the beginning of blogging, but after knowing about e-mail marketing from Neil Patel, John Chow and of course Darren Rowse, I have started using Feedburner which one is my first e-mail marketing and I got lot of things from it, more important I came to know the power of e-mail marketing, later I have used Madmimi, Mail chimp also.

Taking Care of Each and Every Readers-

The best thing, I have learnt from Quicksprout that is Neil takes care of each and every reader of his blog in this way he made relationship with them and one of the best thing about reply to comments will make your blog post rank also improved for long time as well as readers like it.

Experiment with New Things-

One of the best thing in blogging is experiment with new things to find out the better one, each and every day as you will keep the journey of blogging you will come to know new things, there are two options you will have either you will use it or leave it, I will suggest you just keep doing experiment it will help you to find out the much better things in the blogging world.

Dealing With New Customers-

There are numerous blog posts he has published on his blog, regarding dealing with customers related to price objections, service, consulting and all these things you must know if you wanted to make your blog a perfect business.

Earning Money from Readers-

See, if you are thinking about only earning money from readers then its really a blunder mistakes you are going to make in blogging, you need to think like this- if you want to earn $1 from one reader then you need to give back $20 value, if you want to play it for long run, because it will be helpful for you as well as for your readers.

Above all points help me to become a better blogger still, I am learning, experimenting, doing, providing, working to provide you guys better information that's why you will come to my blog again and again.

I know nobody will come to my blog, until or unless I will not provide value for spending time on my blog, I hope you are getting my point you need to do the same for your's case, if you want your readers, customers come to your blog or website again and again.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Top 5 Asus Laptops in the Market

When you are thinking about buying Laptop for your personal use or may be commercial use then don't forget to have a look Asus Laptop, see there are many reasons behind of this because Asus Laptop are one of the best Laptop in the market in these days, well one of my friend recently asked to suggest him a laptop for his study purpose, he is an Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer having great knowledge in AutoCAD that's why I suggest him to buy a Asus Laptop for him, here is the list of Top five Asus Laptop in the market you can see around-

Asus X550LC-XX325D-

If you are looking for good configuration Laptop to buy for your personal use or office use then just have a look this laptop because its cost is moderate as well as its features are just fantastic, here are few notable features of this Laptop
  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 750 GB Hard Disk
  • 4 GB RAM
Most important about this laptop, I am going to share with you, actually I have checked many Asus Laptop on e-commerce website its rating is almost 5 out of 5 and that's a symbol of excellent product.

Asus X200LA-KX034D Notebook-

If you will see the price of this Laptop then it is just a very good choice for you, here are few notable features about this Laptop
  • 4th Generation Ci3
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Hard Disk

Asus X553MA-BING-SX526B Notebook-

This Laptop is cheaper and having very good rating on different websites that means the Laptop is performing well, and one of my friend got this Laptop for his personal use and he told me he is getting very good output in comparison with money he has invested, here are few notable features of this Laptop-
  • Pentium Quad Core 4th Generation Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Hard Disk
I hope you like the configuration for personal use, specially for students.

Asus F451C F Series-

Well, What can I say about this Laptop just a great Laptop for you, yes for you, but finally before going to buy this Laptop just have look details and most important features of this Laptop-
  • Core i3 Processor
  • 500 GB Hard Disk
  • 4 GB RAM
and that's very good configuration.

Asus X200MA-Bing-KX495B X Series-

Well, after looking at the price I must say this Laptop is really good for those, who wanted to buy a Laptop have little small budget then you must see this Laptop at least try this Laptop for once I am sure you are going to choose this Laptop, here are few notable features of this Laptop are-
  • Pentium Quad Core Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Hard Disk
Yes, that's all about this Laptop important features.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Important Sources for Bloggers

Tools for Bloggers, Important things in blogging, affiliate marketing, ads networks

Today, I am going to share with all important sources for bloggers those are just amazing for becoming a better blogger, actually after writing a details guide to start a blog in 2015 and most important thing is that there are more than 10,000 readers read that blog post and got help to start a blog right way to become a next successful blogger, I must say that day is not too far when my blog readers will create history because of that blog post.

After writing that blog post- I have notice only writing awesome blog post is not that much helpful we need to create a list of amazing blog post and need to promote that list with your entire blog readers it will help you to get exposure from your blog readers.

I mean this is really going to helpful for bloggers because this way is helpful for readers, if anything you are doing on your blog and readers found helpful then it becomes easier to make them happy and more important for you, you will become long time winner in blogging world.

See, leaving your foot print in these days is really difficult I must say this, but I think its easy if you are doing it for long time with same passion, improving few weak points, taking negative comments positive way, taking positive comments, with confident, be helpful, calm and of course putting effort consistently can help you to achieve any target in your life and then why not in blogging?

I was just right now after taking dinner I went to field with my friends, one of my friend he is good as a person and most important he is sincere about his career after doing discussion about career for long time, we have stop with most important conclusion point that is no matter what you are doing just love and keep doing? This discussion is one of the best discussion of my life, that's why I am sharing with you, may be it will help you also.

So, lets start the topic most important sources for bloggers, I hope this is really going to help you a lot, even then if you need any other help just comment below or contact me, I will do my best to help you and to make you a another desire successful blogger-

Domain Name for Blog-

See, one of the best part of blogging is investing little money for branding, if you can make a branded blog then it would be easier for you to make a certain space in the blogging world, like domain name, template and few marketing tools you need to use some of them are free and some of them are paid, well in this section I am going to tell you the two best service you can use for buying your domain name for your blog, see I have bought more than 30 domain names from these two service providers and I have found these two domain registrar are good for any blogger-


No doubt Godaddy is a good domain registrar for me, I did not buy domain name from Godaddy till 2012, since I came to know from one of my blog readers that he is facing problem to buy a domain name from Godaddy that's why I bought a domain to solve his problem and I did have very good experience from Godaddy.

The best part of Godaddy is their classic DNS setting which is just amazing because it takes only minute to set up your domain name.


First ever domain name, I bought in 2011 and I bought that domain name from Bigrock well after buying domain name I did not know what to do next, but I got it.

Actually, I talk to their technical service provider team and I got help from them, it was just amazing for me, that I got a domain name for my blog, because in that time I could tell my friends, followers, strangers about my blog name.

Keyword Research Tool-

One of the Big mistake almost every beginner bloggers do, that is they just don't want to give extra push for learning something extra and more important for implementing something extra.

Keyword research is not known by many bloggers those are doing blogging from last one year, may be only 10% bloggers know and only 5% bloggers used it right way.

When it comes to use keyword research tool then I will recommend you to use two keyword research tool-

Google Keywords Planner-

It was 2010, I was looking for tools to used to become a better blogger, I have used couple of tools like back links checkers, keyword research, blog finders etc, but I have wondered after using Google Keyword Research tool externally, after then Google changed its place to use as well as its name but still it is free to use.

But, you must have an Adwords account okay that's free to create as well as use, if you are new to Google Keywords Planner, then don't forget to read Details Guide on Google Keywords Planner

Hosting for Blog-

Personally, I don't have much experience in hosting, but if you are looking for hosting your wordpress blog in affordable price, then I will recommend and I must say there are million using their hosting plan for hosting their blog.

I hope you also wanted to use their hosting plan for starting your own wordpress blog with that hosting company, well here is the company name, its Blue Host, Click Here to Get Special Discount

Ads Networks-

Almost all bloggers first income source is ads networks, because comparatively it is easy as well as effective way to earn some bucks in the earlier days of blogging when you are busy with your writing as well as learning process and to motive yourself to keep blogging then you must put ads on your blog.

But, when it comes to add ads network to blogs then there is only one best ads network everybody said that Google Adsense, but only few got approval because of their approval process, well that's good if you will get approval but what next? If you will not get approval.

Well, it is obvious that we will look forward alternatives which really take care for their publishers as well as advertisers, here are few of them actually I have used more than 10 ads network and I found only four are effective-
Hey, I will suggest you to go through all blog posts because it will help you to know real things about the ads network.

E-mail Marketing-

See, one of the best way to keep your blog readers with your blog always and most important to make them life time reader of your blog, there is one of the best way that is e-mail marketing, actually in this marketing we collect readers e-mail address and then send them about our blog updates in this way they come to know about your new blog post and you got visitors to your blog post.

That means win to win situation is there, but one of the biggest question always people ask or I must say bloggers asked that which e-mail marketing program is good who wanted to start e-mail marketing.

Then I said only three- Aweber, MailChimp and of course Feedburner

But, one of the best thing about e-mail marketing is you need to keep updating your blog readers and if you wanted to increase your subscribers list then you need to use few tips and tricks, I will suggest you to test different methods to increase your blog subscribers like giving free e-books, popup subscriber box etc.

Affiliate Marketing-

One of the biggest source of income for bloggers is affiliate marketing, if you are looking for earning handsome money from blogging then you need to put concentration on few important things, those are really helpful for making you more money, improving authority, popularity as well as branding, if you can make or represent as a brand then I am sure you will be king for your niche.

But, again you have to give time, work, effort, do research and need to invest money because without investment you can not get growth in your business so investment is necessary.

Okay, probably you wanted to know all those things, here are those things-
  1. Great Content- If you can deliver great content then I am sure you can get very good reputation in the blogging world, but for getting reputation quickly you need to do below things because only writing great content can not help you much if you will follow below points
  2. Consistency- One of the key reason people become successful because they keep doing things, that's why they become expert in that and finally they they got success in that.
  3. Engagements- One of the big reason of becoming a famous comedian, can you guess the reason behind this because they try to relate or I must say engage people in their activities and make people laugh that's why they become famous, if you can implement that same thing in your life then it is for sure you can easily become famous.
  4. Niche- Few niche having more potential and few niche have less, that's why becoming a popular blogger is also depend on niche that's why you must do keyword research before choosing for blogging.

Writing E-book-

Are you looking for earning full time income from one time investment of your time then there is one best way that is writing books that may be e-books or hard copy book its up to you, I have written couple of books on Amazon, you can also see.

See, If you wanna collect payment for writing e-books then there are many platforms but till now I have used two platforms for this-
  • Instamojo- May be Instamojo is new for you, but let me tell you its not a new service provider any more this service provider play really important role for Indians to collect cash after selling their e-books, physical goods, software, although here I am discussing about writing an e-book then why should I tell you to sell software, here is my ultimate review about this Instamojo Collection of Payment service.
  • Amazon Kindle- Personally, I have written three e-books on Amazon, well later I am going to publish more on Kindle because its really awesome way to earn few dollars extra cash every month but again quality matter if you can write quality article then you can become a real winner of the blogging game, later I will write more on this.
If you need any kind of help regarding writing e-books just comment below or wait for my blog post which will have all and I must say complete information to write a selling e-book means which will make you money and people will get help from this.

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