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How to Use Flipkart Affiliate EGV

Flipkart Affiliate EGV

Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce company in India in a very short span of time the company grown very well.

That's why I have used their affiliate marketing to make some extra bucks from links I shared, well I did not put much effort but even then I got sells around 10,000 INR and I earn few bucks because my almost all products were electronic that's why I did not earn much, because commission for selling electronics is less.

But, yes I have earn some money from them, here is the problem I faced to spend EGV on Flipkart to buy anything.

Steps to Get Information About Flipkart EGV-

See, if you don't have much knowledge then read my all steps, if you are already affiliate of Flipkart and you got paid from Flipkart then you need to know your transaction ID, this ID you can easily get from Flipkart payment history on their affiliate page.

I just got that transaction number and e-mail to help team, they have replied with very good helpful information.

Here, is the e-mail I got from-
How to Use Flipkart Affiliate EGV
Click on the above image to increase its size.

Information you required to use this EGV- 
  • Voucher Number
  • Pin Number
But, few lines I have just copy paste as it is below, well those really helpful for beginner's to use EGV for buying any product on Flipkart.

How to Use Flipkart EGV-

  • Go to and select items to purchase.
  • Add items to your cart and go through the ordering process.
  • Choose EGV as the mode of payment.
  • Enter the Voucher Number and PIN to complete the payment.
  • In case the order value is greater than the balance available in the voucher, you can pay the remaining amount using any of the available payment modes.

Want to Earn Money from Flipkart-

Earning money from Flipkart is not difficult but you need to have a good online presence to earn money online.

You may use Facebook, Youtube, Your Own Blog, Twitter as well as other social medias.

Just you need to spread links and you will be earning commission for free, I mean think about this you are working while sitting on a beach.

This is amazing, right.

This is only possible with Online business, see there are many business you can do online from selling own products to selling other products.

But, I will suggest you to earn money online by doing blogging, because I like blogging the most, that's why I have started a tutorial on this, that is How to Start Blogging Without Investment

I know at the beginning everybody face problems, but if you will be confident that you will find out solution of your problem then you will definitely find out the solution like I did.

Well, Flipkart is a very good e-commerce company, I have been using its service from last four years.

So, if you wanna earn extra income from your social media profiles then don't let it go this opportunity.

Is there anything you would like to know about Flipkart Affiliate EGV (E- Gift Voucher)

Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Do Marketing an Engineering College in India 2015

How to Do Marketing an Engineering College in India

If we back a decade (about 10 years) then it was not like the situation right now you have, right now you don't have that much source to get more students on your campus, but the thing is that there is one aspect of getting more admission is still remaining.

Actually, I have analyze this from long time, when I was trying to get admission in Engineering college in 2008, in that time I was really upset of it, because there are not that much engineering colleges, but the situation was quite good for engineering institutes, but today it is just opposite of it. So why it happened, lets see the data given below stats-
  • There are more than 3500 engineering colleges in India
  • There are more than 500 Universities those offer Engineering course and some of few universities don't have limit for admission in a branch.
I hope you got it.

So, today I am going to share with working marketing ideas for getting admission-

Consult With a Person Who is Having Much Knowledge in Online Marketing-

Online marketing really play important role in these days, because there are about 12 lac students appear in engineering entrance examinations and got admission about 4 lac every year in India.

So, that is for sure not every engineering college going to filled their seats, but you have chance to fill your own college seats, by using this media, because almost all students use internet to search engineering colleges, so if you can get attention from them then your desire number of students can be on your college campus from next session, there are few things you need to do for this-
  1. Online Advertising- Online advertising is the key now a days, need to implement it proper way otherwise you will loose money, because there is only 1% conversion rate in online advertising.
  2. Collecting Information From Students- Get information from students online, just you need to use Google contact form for collecting information from students.
  3. Talk to Them for Admission- After getting information from them, you will have a golden opportunity to get that student on your campus.
  4. Hire Some One Who is Having Great Knowledge on This- See, if you will try to do this, then it would be like dream to get things work according to you, but yes in this I can help you, contact me for free consulting.

Start Branding Your College Through Social Media-

Social medias (Facebook, Twitter etc) as well as messaging apps like Whatsapp, Line, WeChat are great way to get in touch with students.

But, unfortunately all of them are not offering advertisements, except Facebook and twitter, but in India Facebook is the best way to attract, for this you need to create a Facebook page and promote it on Facebook, you will get more likes for your college Facebook page and you will get more reputation of your college on social network, which will really grow your institute for long time.

Don't Limit to Your Own Region Only-

Many Colleges think that, our district having 8000 students in 12th- can not we get few hundred from them, actually its a fully flop concept.

Don't do this, don't even think about this.

Try to attract students from outside then it will become easier to get local students too on your campus.

Start Promoting Your College Regularly Through News Paper Ads in Admission Time-

Putting ads one time is not going to help you at all, I mean think about this- have you ever buy anything after seeing ads one time?

Then how would a student get admission after seeing one time ads?

So, you need to advertise daily or particular time interval, that will definitely work, which I have observed for few institutes from last two to three years.

Arrange JEE Test on Your Campus-

Its only one of best way to promote your college, I mean students will come to your college campus and you will have them for attracting as well as motivating for getting admission in your college.

One more thing you need to do, just put fill up form there on the test paper about their mobile number as well as address, that's why you can contact them later on.

Provide Attractive Scholarship for Bright Students-

See, top colleges are not known for their infrastructure they known for their students so if you want that your institute will grow faster then you need to get bright students on your campus and this is one of the best way to attract them. 

Travel to Less Engineering Colleges Region-

Although this is a OLD concept, but it works.

So, Where you need to travel, you need to travel to Bihar, Jharkahand and also West Bengal for getting admissions from there, see its not easy to get students from there because there are almost all engineering colleges will be putting concentration there.

So, you need to do something different as well as attracting in your marketing strategy for showing college different, here you will start but you need to keep putting effort after getting students on your campus if you want to grow further in future.

Have Great Website-

If you want your college have reputation online then your website must have unique design as well as you need to put things "information required" systematic way, I mean what student wanted to know from the website, I have few things to tell you, those should be find out by students on your website quite easily, so here are few things-
  1. Courses Offered by the Institute
  2. About Management
  3. Placement
  4. Campus
  5. Address 
  6. Contact
  7. Facilities provided by your institute
These are most important information students try to get from any education website.

Make a Separate Admission Cell-

Admission cell should be separate from your academic section that's why people would be there for putting proper concentration on admission only.

Admission cell in the college should be good as well as you should organize after putting all efforts to make the admission office attractive.

Give Early Admission Discount-

As I told you, I have been involved in this from last few years, that's why I have very good experience in it.

Organization those offer "early discount" they got very good bright students earlier and which makes them easy to attract more students later.

I know investment is there but later you will have great value of it, I mean a college without good number of students is nothing.

But, yes for doing all these you need a person, who can help you from bottom, well I have been doing this "Online Marketing" from last five years for different different products, if you want any help then contact me, consultancy charge is free- Shot me an e-mail-

Is there anything can attract more students to your college?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Qadabra Review Legit or Scam With Payment Proof is an advertising network for bloggers as well as for website owners to make money online by showing third party advertisements, but bloggers as well as website owners always want to make more money by putting less efforts because earning money from blog make easy by advertisement networks, but you should choose an advertisement network, which will pay more per click that's why you will get benefit for putting efforts on your blog.

Actually I come to know about this advertisement network from one of my blog reader, that's why I have tested this advertisement network.

Probably you are looking for knowing "Is Qadabra a Legit Advertisement Network" the answer is here, yes qadabra is a legit network but I am not using this network any more for low eCPM.

But if you are not getting approval from Google Adsense then you can use this network, because the biggest advantage of this network is their minimum payment threshold is only 1$ !

And this is amazing for newbie for making their first dollar in the internet, because even I have not seen any other network having this much minimum threshold.

Now come the main important for this blog post, that is proof that is a legit advertisement network.

Here I am adding the screen shot, which I got main from that they have sent my earning, it's small amount but it's proof that this is a legit network.

Payment Proof of Qadabra Ads Network

Qadabra Payment Proof Review
Hopefully you satisfied now that this is a legit network.

But here is one more thing for you, they give payment on net 45 days basis, but they give payment that is true, that's why I got this mail, as I have given screen shot above.

Things I Like About Qadabra Ads Network-

Actually, I have lot of experience with ads network but I like the most about Qadabra is their lowest payment threshold.

Actually, Its only $1.

Is not that interesting.

Recommended for You- Earn $300 From Google Adsense Alternatives

Note- Is there any thing you wanted to know about Qadabra advertising network.

Monday, December 8, 2014

5 Basic SEO Settings Every Blogspot Blogger Missed

Basic SEO Blogspot Blogger Missed

Blogspot,  the extension of blog, its been long time I have been blogging having lot of visitors to my blog.

But, today I am going to share with you few mistakes those I did, when I have started blogging in that time I did not know how to do SEO, even what is SEO?

But, today I will reveal each and everything those really you need to know for becoming a better blogger, more important you will start earning from your blog.

The Story for Writing Basic SEO Blog Post-

See, I don't know what you know about SEO?

But, there is a guy his name is Rishi Raj, he is my friend from last couple of months, he also wanted to start a blog to earn some pocket money.

Well, let me tell you about him.

He is a Mechanical Engineer, then it is obvious he is not having any kind of knowledge about blogging, SEO, Writing articles etc.

So, I had to go through all of these things, after knowing about this I have created another blog post, that is for beginner guide about blogging- How to Start a Blog Right Way for Beginners

But, I did not mention in that blog posts these SEO mistakes, so I am writing this blog post, if you have just started blogging then you must read that blog post too, it will definitely help you.

How to Do SEO Settings for Your  Blogspot-

First starting from title name of your blog to the description of your blog, so for this you first need to log in to your blog-
Then go to settings<Then by default it will show you basic settings of your blog.

Now, at very first you will see Title, just change that name with your blog content, now another settings you need to do that is Description of your blog.

These two settings are most important for any blog and most interesting thing is that you don't need to do settings every day, once you did means it would be for life time.

SEO Settings While Writing Blog Posts-

Well, both of those settings really good for getting help from search engines for long time but for getting help from search engines from each blog post then you need to implement my given below SEO tips and tricks.

Well, first go to the page for writing a blog post, now hopefully you first write blog post title, here you need to implement a concept which you can get from Keyword planner guide, well you should know which particular term people are searching the most.

Then, you need to check its "Permalink", don't do any kind of tweak here, simply add keywords according to your title but don't forget to add dash in between two words.

At the last, you need to write search description, which would be about the article you are writing (you can find out this option on the right side your article writing box).

That's it.

You need to implement these tips and tricks whenever you are going to write new article for your blog.

Well, these are not all, there are about 200 Factors on those basis search engine shows results, here is the guide of most important 40 SEO Tips and Tricks.

I know these mistakes almost all beginner's made, that's why I have written this blog post, does  not matter what you know about SEO?

Just you need to keep learning and implementing right way for getting results, once again you are not going to get result in a day, it will take time but definitely one day you will get result.

Is there any SEO Mistakes you made in beginning?

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