Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to Understand Comments on Your Blog in Other Languages

Blogging is a great platform to share knowledge with world of information needed people, but there are many other countries, they just don't understand English, if some of them understand, they do not have very good knowledge about English, so in this article I am going to share with the tip, which will make you understand about any language comment on your blog.

Probably you know little bit about it, if you are little smart think about it, who can help you better!

Yes, you are right, it's Google, I mean Google translator!

Let me help you more, to get to rid of this concept.

Actually, I got many times comments on my blogs on other languages, first I have ignore, but certainly it strike in my mind, that there are many like me, who is ignoring these comments, because they just don't understand, what is written.

After few days!

Finally I found the concept, although I did know about Google translator, but I did not use it for this purpose.

Here is the step by step method to do it-

First go to

Then just copy paste the comment on there, as I have given below screen shot!

As, you can see on the above screen shot, I have copy paste a sentence, which is written in Bengali and then click on Translate to English, it will automatically translate in to English.

Even you can translate into almost any Language from any language.

For this, follow these steps, copy paste the sentence on the box, as I have pasted then click on "English", which is just before Translate button, then you will see many languages over there, for your better understanding, I have given below a screen shot even.

Just click on the Language to select and you will get the sentence on Different language and then click on Translate(Although Translate work automatically, but you can make it manually by Click on "Turn Off Instant Translation" this option you can find, right there on the bottom of the left hand side of your desktop), in which language you want.

Hopefully, this tip will help you to understand comments in any language, even this an amazing tool, Google translator is really useful in our life too.

Is there any Other Tool which can help us to understand any other language like Google translator does?

How to Add Google Translator to Your Blog-

This is one of the most important part of this article, to make it easier for your readers also, suppose that anyone is not familiar with English and he or she wanted to read your article, then if you will add Google translator to your blog, it would be easier for them to translate because there are only few aware about these things and if you are not adding Google translator then that means you are missing your readers, which equals customers and you know more customers means more money, more fans, more experience and of course more to do with things.

Okay, now what you are going to learn, you are going to learn how to add Google translator to your blogger blog.

Steps- 1
You need to login to your blogger account

Steps- 2
Now click on your blog

Steps- 3
Now you need to click on layout then you will see number of options, like Add a Gadget, just click then you will see a pop up menu, another thing click on Add a Gadget where you wanted to place this widget, in general this widget place on the sidebar for the ease of readers to find out such widget.

Steps- 4
Now scroll down to the page then you will see a option that is translate, now you need to click on the positive sign, after clicking there just click on Save arrangement.

That's it.

Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial, very soon I am going upload video tutorial on this, but that will be depend on demand of my readers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to Write a Simply Perfect Blog Post in Less Than 1 Hour

 Simply Perfect Blog, Write in Less Time
Blog posts are key in blogging, I hope you know that, that's why you are reading this article, one more tips I would like to share with you rather than writing a blog post in less than one hour, may be you are little bit agree with me, okay lets directly heat the point, that is article length, in content marketing there are two things important, those are- content quality as well as content length.

I hope you know importance of these two in blogging!

Now come the real part of this blog post, that is how would you able to write a blog post, which have at least 800 words and also quality with in one hour, actually those bloggers are extremely busy they just don't have time to write and here they made mistakes that is they do write short articles, may be 100 to 200 words, actually this much short articles just don't work in many niches, specially those niches have more competition like blogging niche or may be you can consider tech tips niche.

Because most of the bloggers eyes on these niches only, the reason is quiet simple that is more traffic and more traffic means more money, right!

So, here I am going to share with you, only five tips for writing your blog post more effectively as well as lengthy that's why your blog post will get good ranking on search engines-

#1) Write Article Title in Inventory for Month

 I know you want to become a better blogger, may be you want to live with blogging!


Then this is most important to keep blog post on inventory at least for month.

Yes for month.

It will improve your blogging business, this is damn sure.

Now let me give you one more tips, regarding this, don't write all articles titles for month in one day, keep thinking what should you write that's why your blog readers will get best value from it.

Then write down article title in your note book.

#2) Every Articles Should have Subheadings

Subheadings are keys for making your blog post more professional, let me tell you benefits of providing subheadings in the article, it will help your blog readers to understand about the topic easily, the article will be familiar with search engine crawlers, which will change the future of your blog and what not?

Dear, may be you are thinking, what not? You can get help from subheadings, here is the big help dear for what you are reading this blog post, that is it will save your time while writing an article for your blog.

So, till now you have learnt that you have to write in advanced title name with subheadings of the article.

#3) Conclusion Too

Conclusion is the good one.


Because it will help your readers to recall, quickly what they got from the blog post.

It will make your blog post more strong, that is for sure.

If you don't believe me, then read any top blogger blog post as well as you can attend any seminar of the company, they must give conclusion at the last.

So, this is important too, for you and finally for your blog.

One more tip, dear.

Don't forget to ask question regarding the title at the last, it will increase comments in your blog post.

#4) Target Post You Want to Promote Through Your Article

Now it's time to use anchor test to increase page views as well as decrease bounce rate.

Which is too good for your blog SEO health.
Now one more tips for you, don't promote same blog post in every article, it will again decrease your blog post ranking.

So, probably you are thinking, how much blog post is suitable to promote in a single blog post, then I must say not more than six, but of course it is depend on number of words in the blog post, get that.

You can promote "one anchor text" means one blog post per 150 words, which is pretty good, I think.

#5) Edit After Writing the Whole Article

Many bloggers will tell you to edit article while writing the blog post, but I will suggest you not to edit an article while writing a blog post, this is my personal experience, when I did so.

I have seen many times, error was there and this is not good at all for the future of the blog.

So, do it carefully, my recommendation is that, you must edit your blog post after writing the whole article.

Simply Awesome Idea for Writing an Effective Article in Less than 1 Hour-

Well, if you are thinking about writing perfect blog post, then may be you are in a situation like you are new to blogging or you are not getting traffic to your blog. So in that you need to take little rest from blogging and learn few things like-
  • In which niche you wanted to write articles for long time, simple start writing if you have knowledge, have experienced in anything, otherwise your chances of getting fail is more.
  • Use rich media like videos, images would be much easier way to interact with readers and building relationships (Remember this equals real money).
  • First outline your blog post, means what you are going to share in the article? If you will follow these steps then it will become easier for you to write just perfect article.
    • Objective of the article
    • Heading, subheadings and main points you are going to cover in the article
    • What is the outcome of the article? Means what readers are going to learn from the article.


Oh, this is special part of any blog post.

So, hopefully you are going to use these five tips for writing your next blog post, I know, it will save lot of yours time.

And let me remind you, time is money and money is not time.

What other tips, we can use to write just perfect article in less time?

How to Add Read More Button to Feedburner

Feedburner is one of the easiest and effective way to keep your blog Feed subscribers for forever, but this read more or jump break or continue reading feature really help your blog, because if your blog post is interesting for your blog readers then definitely they will come to your blog to read the whole article or blog post.

So, I can assume this, that you want to add read more option to your FeedBurner email update, just follow the given below steps-

Go to<Click on Your Blog, on which blog Feedburner update you want to add "Read More" option<Now Click on Settings(This option you can see on the left side your blog window)<Click on Other, congratulations! You have reached to the correct place.

I know above steps little technical but don't I have also created the whole steps on screen shot, that is given below, I hope you will like this.

Hopefully you did it.

By the way their is also an alternative for this that is, use Summary Burner on Feedburner, well I will also provide this tips in my coming blog post.

Well, I will recommend you to use this feature as a blogger platform user, if you are using Wordpress then you can use Summary burner on Feeburner.

Recommended for you- Feedburner Step by Step Guide for Blogger

Few Benefits of Adding Read More Button to Feedburner-

If you are thinking about what are benefits of adding read more benefits then here I am going to tell you few amazing benefits those are really very good for any blogger.

  • People will be landing on your blog, after clicking on read more
  • More traffic you will get
  • Mean more revenue you can generate 
  • It looks like professional e-mail marketing

Happy Blogging!

Monday, June 27, 2016

How Did I Drive Over 4000 Page Views to My New Blog

Today, I am going to share with you an amazing information about blogging, which can help you to drive ton of traffic to your blog, that is sure because this is my personally experienced about two years ago, it that time I did not have domain name, I was not pretty sure about blogging, most common question, I usually ask to myself, every time in that year(2011), i.e. is blogging good for me.

Now I realise the power of blogging, but still long way to go!

Okay lets back to the information based story.

Probably you know about that day, it was 9th July 2011, when Facebook introduced Faster Way to Send Message.


Here is the blog post, I have written in that time only, when I have seen this message on My Facebook profile.
The very first day, I just open my laptop and I got shocked, after looking at the traffic stats, it was more than 5000 page views, the first ever I was seeing this much traffic.

In that day, I promise my self, no matter what will happen? I will not quit blogging.

Here are things for you-

#1) The Lesson From the Story

This is big lesson for any blogger, you know why?

Here is the reason, that means if you will inform others any new information in better way, which will bring you lots of traffic, which probably make your server down.

I did not do anything special, I just share information about that new feature on Facebook, because Facebook had about 1000 millions active users that's why I have driven this much traffic in a day.

You could drive more traffic, just you have to keep open your eyes for such type of breaking news on your blogging niche, then share it.

#2) What You Can Do to Drive More Traffic

One of the most important source of traffic is search engine, then your blog must be optimize for search engines, which will drive more traffic to your blog.

But the most important is about giving value in your blog post.

Now probably you are thinking, what type of value you must give to your blog post, which will drive more traffic as well as keep the traffic in your blog.

It's experiments, case studies.

These two ways are great to provide unique content in your blog post.

Hopefully you are getting me.

#3) Why Not to Quit Blogging

I know blogging is not going to make you money from day one.

But it is sure one day.


It is depend on you, how you are sharing and what you are sharing in your blog?

Just make a circle for blogging, which will make you keep blogging and then definitely you will become successful blogger, that is for sure, yeah any how if you are not getting success then just do one thing watch this video

Or just get connected on Facebook.

#4) It's Not About Money

Always don't think about money, for me blogging has changed the way I think.

Even it has improved my English, which is really good for any Indian.

So, in one sentence I can say, "Blogging Has Changed My Life".

Let me help you to change your's!

#5) Tomorrow Will Be Yours

I always think about it.

How, it would be possible for me even?

Then I found only a answer that is consistency.

That means I have to keep blogging, to get attention of others, the reason is quiet simple, if I will not do it, then today or may be tomorrow someone will hold this position for doing it.

What Else You can Do to Drive Traffic to Blog-

One thing is clear that you need to have two things on your blog, quality content and traffic, both are directly proportional to each other, if you got traffic from direct sources and you don't have quality content then what's the use of that.

Well, the main problem face by new bloggers is writing quality content, if you are also in this situation, then first of all congratulation!

May be you are thinking why I am saying this?

Because, what I am going to share with you that is pretty awesome just you need to follow my steps and there you go, actually let me share with you from beginning, just few months back I wanted to create a course of a software and that is Mechanical Engineering related because I am a Mechanical Engineer and I have very good experience in that software, so I wanted to learn what others are doing those are getting good result in this space.

So, I have started interviewing them [including the person earn over $10,000 from Udemy], chatting with them, may be video chat and learnt about creating awesome course, basically I have learnt from their mistakes, that's why I will repeat those mistakes and then I have planned to create my course, very soon I am going to launch that course, hopefully it will help Mechanical Engineering community.

So, what you can do?

Just start building relation with them and there you go, offer them to be on your blog and you wanted to interview him or her, but only interviewing them those are working on your blog niche related, then only it will help you effectively grow very fast.

How to build relationship with them? Simple just send them request on Facebook or mail them and say-


For your achievement in your "space"

I wanted to interview you on my blog and also share about your blog readers, if you have good number, it will helps to convert their no to yes.

So, what do you think about this idea?


I know you want to make money from blogging, but for this need traffic and traffic comes from good content, I think this is the great way to drive traffic to any new blog.

What do you think about driving traffic by using this strategy?

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