Tuesday, November 25, 2014

India’s Internet Users will Cross 300 Million- Make It Beneficial for You

India’s Internet Users will Cross 300 Million

Internet user’s  in India is increasing tremendously that I knew but after getting news of it, I got an idea to write on this topic.

Well, just think for a while.


Internet user’s is increasing in India.

I think the big reason is people are getting more benefits of it, in various field right from online recruitment, examinations, shopping, booking tickets, information etc.

I have something big for you.

I am not saying that you are going to get these things for free, you have to give time and effort, but later you will have better opportunity to earn money.

So, here is the deal.

See, I don’t know, what you know?

Or who are you?

But, I hope everybody having something special, so I think you have too, that’s why I came here with this blog post to give you a direction to earn money online.

Here, you have many options to get people in the internet as your customer, yes I am talking about online business, you can do any business may be it is consulting to selling physical products.

That’s your wish, according to your business you will need to invest money, but I will recommend you to start a online business today.

Even right now!

Because, its FREE.

That is blogging, there a simple reason behind my recommendation, because I have been blogging from last four years driven lot traffic make lot of dollars.

The big reason to start blog is, you can help anyone in the world and you will make money in dollars.

But, before going to start blogging, you need to start learning few things to make a useful blog as well as you will make money.

Among of them most important are few, those are really important like Basic SEO, Writing articles, Keyword Research, Advertisement Networks to make money etc.

Well, maybe you are thinking, how to start all these?

Simple, you need to read my blog posts.

Then you need to invest your time, actually you need to be a part of my video course series, every day, I am going to upload a video on blogging for beginners, you just need to watch the video daily.

Don't worry its free- How to Start Blogging Guide

May be you don’t have good internet connection then you need to read my blog posts.

Three Big Reasons to Start Blogging Today-

Do, you have any idea behind this.

I mean what could be those reasons, well one of them I have already share with you those are flexibility and others are easy to access, unlimited opportunity.

If you feel, you have something to share with the whole world then I think the best possible way is internet.

See, there are billions those wanted to get information in the internet, of course in different different field but it is on you, what you have? And what you want to share?

See, in blogging no body is going to tell you what to do next? Yes, you can follow few bloggers to get idea about blogging, but rest on you, your blog topics, your way of writing, promoting and of course hard work.

One more thing that is most important in blogging, if you want to get real fun of blogging, you need to know about keyword research, which will increase probability of becoming successful blogger.

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There are thousands those wanted to earn money online in India, because it is really flexible, easy to do as well as freedom to enjoy your life.

Feel Free to Ask Your Need to Start Blogging Right Way.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

How I Earn Over $300 from Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives is one of the big contribution to my Blogging career, but it is really difficult to choose adsense alternatives, that only because of number of bogus advertisement networks out there and people are writing about them without trying them on their blog.

So, here is the story about me, I have earn more than $300 from Advertisement networks other than Google andsese, I have tried many advertisement networks but I like only two because those networks really take care for their publishers as well as advertisers.

See, till now I have helped more than 1000 bloggers to let make money online from their blog, hopefully they are blogging now, because I don't have that much time to check one by one.

But, I hope so.

Because, I am blogging, see as a blogger from India, I always wanted to earn some pocket money from blogging, but when I have earn $145.85 and got check from them at my village, then I change my thinking about part time income, later I have been increasing my earning every month.

And I am really happy with it, it was the time when I have started blogging in that time, I always look at other blogs and waiting for traffic to my blog, but I never got traffic, because I was doing mistakes in blogging and I hope, I am doing some mistakes now a days even, but I don't know about them.

I am happy with it.

Do, you know why?

Because, I have learned lot of things from those mistakes, I think mistakes really good at earlier because you are not going to repeat those mistakes later.

So, here are those networks those let me earn more than $300-

Bidvertiser- I like the Reason is Inside-

Most of the bloggers said that Bidvertiser CTR (Click Through Rate) is not good but I think its not Bidvertiser fault its a fault of bloggers, because they just don't put advertisement networks on the right place.

See, if you want to get more clicks (That means more revenue) then you need to put ads below each title of your blog posts, you need to get more visitors too, if you are not able to put Bidvertiser ads below each post, I mean you may face error, difficulties etc then don't forget to contact me.

Because, the experiment I did in 2012, when I was upset with Click through rate of my blog ads and you know if less clicks is there that means less income, so for increasing my blog income I have started experimenting and I found it.

In actual, till date I have earn more than $164 from Bidvertiser, here is the screen shot for proof.
Bidvertiser Payment Proof

Popads.net- Really Amazing Ads Network-

My first earning was $10 in blogging,  I have earn from Popads.net, that's why I like about this ads network, if you have traffic from English speaking countries then you will see in your earning will increase by 200 to 500%, see if you are getting traffic then you will make money, does not matter from where your blog getting traffic.

I will suggest you give a try-

In actually, till date I have earn more than $140, for the proof you must see below screen shot-
popads Payment Proof

See, there are many networks those tells that they are really best, but real cine come to know when you have used them and it worked.

I have used these networks on my blog and earned, so my recommendation to you is start using these ads networks and find out the best one and at the same time start learning affiliate marketing.

Is there any other networks which really take care about Publishers?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is There Any Secret to Become a Successful Blogger

Is There Any Secret to Become a Successful Blogger
Blogging is the best way to make living from home, I think every one wants to get such type of life style, but those newbie to blogging world, they usually search for secret for becoming a successful blogger, that means secret to make money blogging, I think there nothing like secret in blogging, what I believe, because when I have started blogging, just about 3 years ago, in that time I don't know about any thing in blogging, but now I am providing real blogging tips for bloggers around the world for free.

I have created this blog only to share with you my experiences to make money online, after three years of blogging, I think, again I am saying this there no secret of blogging, but of course some tips and tricks really work in blogging, I am going to share with you those tips and tricks.

#1) SEO Tips and Tricks

I think before writing even a single blog post, you must understand the basics of SEO, I can not guaranteed that your blog post will get top position on search engine results for a query.

There one simple reason behind of this saying, if you don't know how your blog post will be stand on search engines, then how could be possible you will get traffic, actually traffic we get from search engines are called organic traffic, most important traffic to make money.

I will recommend you read only one article to know basics of SEO- Best Basics Tips for SEO

#2) Writing Blog Post

Finally your blog reputation depend on your blog content and also how you are writing a blog post for both, I means from SEO as well as your readers.

See first give priority to your readers and then think about SEO, only concentrate on two things while writing an article, first is content quality and secondly is your article look should be good, that's why people will read the article carefully.

See if people will not read your article, then what's the use of writing a blog post!

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#3) Blog Post Length

Blog post length also play important role for getting more traffic from search engines, see if you are writing a short blog post then it is sure your blog readers will spend less time on your blog, that is the negative signal for your blog from search engines.

So, what is the solution for this? The solution is simple write your blog length about 500 words to make it more useful for readers, but make sure you are providing good staff that's why your readers will get value of their time spending in your blog.

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#4) Promoting Blog Post 

Promoting a blog post is also a good method to drive more traffic to blog, see if your blog post is not reaching to audience then how would you understand that your blog is useful for readers or not.

There are many ways to promote your blog post, most useful ways are sending emails, sharing blog post on social medias(Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

Recommended for You- How to Promote Your Blog Post to Reach Maximum Audience

#5) Driving Visitors(Traffic)

Driving visitors is easy, if you know tips to drive traffic, but here I am going to give you only two ways, which will drive you unbelievable traffic to your blog, write proper title of your blog post and also use words in your blog post, those words you have used in your blog post title.

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#6) Getting More Comments

See if you want to get more comments then you have to satisfy your blog readers, by providing them quality content, that's why they will come to your blog again and again.

One simple tips for getting more comments is ask question at the end of the article.

Recommened for You:- Get More Comment of Your Blog

#7) Monetize Your  Blog

Monetizing your blog is a best part of blogging, if you can not monetize your blog properly then probably you are not going to make good money from blogging, I will suggest you to use multiple advertisement networks and check which advertisement network is working best for you.

One real thing, I would like to share with you, create your own product to make real money from blogging, but you need to get great experience to create a killer product which will make you more money.

Till that time you can make money from advertisement networks.

Recommened for You:- Smart Ways to Monetize Your Blog

#8) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is good to make good money from blogging, even I am testing affiliate marketing with different products, you can also try but I will suggest you to first build your audience then try any other things, till that time just give more than your half concentration to your blog content and article.

#9) Experimenting Ads Position

When I have started blogging, I have made my first cent from blog after seven days of blogging, but after few days I have changed ad position and it's happened, revenue has increase by 100%, I usually get 1 to 3 % CTR(Click Through Rate), only I have changed the ads position.

So, always keep experimenting, if you want real success stories of yours.

#10) Share Best Knowing Things

Why I am saying this, because many bloggers don't want to share their best known things, about the working strategies, that's why they never succeed in blogging, because if you will not share best known things with others then how could be possible that people will get benefit from your article.

If your readers will not get benefit from your article, then how could be possible any one will read your blog post again.

Simple But Useful Tips for Becoming Successful Blogger
Well, what you are going to read right now?

This is really in-depth.

See, when you think a person is a successful blogger?

I am telling you, because its my personal experience, if you will see the person is showing his or her income through blog then you understand the person is a successful blogger.

Its true but most of the time its not true, because you have not seen that it is true or not.

See, I am not blaming any one.

I am just sharing with you what I think about it?

So, here is the BIG as well as bold statement for you, you need to implement what resources you have right now, then I know as well as I believe any one can become successful blogger.

I am saying this again, there is nothing secret in blogging, the secret is in you to do some thing in the world, solve real problems and then see where you are moving dear.

Do it once, see the difference!

Is there any other SECRET to Become a Successful Blogger?

Monday, November 17, 2014

List of Best Banner Ads Networks

Payment Proof

There are numerous ways to advertise your product online, but there are three popular, useful ways with good return of investment (ROI).

Like- banner advertising, text advertising, video advertising.

These three ways are most popular, but today I am going to share with you one of the most popular way that is banner advertising.

Well, there are many advertising networks but one of the most popular is Google adwards but its really expensive.

So, today I will share with you 2nd tier advertisement networks well, I have great experience with them.

Bidvertiser the Great One-

I have just great experience with Bidvertiser, I have earn more than $114 from Bidvertisers, I hope there are people those are getting good ROI from Bidvertiser that’s why Bidvertiser still a good alternative to Google Adsense.

But, the big thing is that you must have good amount of traffic on your blog for 
earning revenue from blog.

Chitika Good to Target Any Country Traffic-

This is another good Google Adsense alternatives, but I will suggest you one thing that is first test on small level, if it becomes beneficial then go for BIG one otherwise you 
know better what to do?

Well, if you will see publishers point of view then it works moderate, well I got payment from Chitka.

Adf.ly for Getting More Views for Cheap Price-

There are many marketer’s, e-commerce websites those are utilizing the service provided by this advertising network, I can not say this is a banner ads network, because the website offers you to earn more from your links, means you can monetize your links and earn money.

But, for getting leads, traffic, revenue may be it will work better, but again need to test on small level.

Popads.net Another Ads Network for Getting Cheap Traffic-

Personally, I recommend this network because I have used this network for making my first $100, well today I have crossed $140.

If you want more revenue from your blog or you want more targeted real traffic to your blog or website then you must use this network for better tomorrow of your online business.

The Great Advice for New Marketer’s-

Marketer’s earning just great in online marketing.

But, on the other side those are new to it they lose lot of money at the beginning, because they did mistakes and in online marketing if you are doing paid marketing that means mistakes lead you to loose money.

So, what you should do, you need to read an article to clear the concept about it- Top 10 Mistakes Made by New Marketers.

I hope you got an insight view about banner ads network, but there are other ads networks (like in-text as well as video) those are good.

Is there any other good banner ads network?

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