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ChicagoVPS Coupon Promo Codes (25% Discount) & VPS KVM Hosting Review in Chicago

Are you looking for quality hosting from Coast to Coast or even multiple cloud solutions hosting for your site then this is the perfect hosting service provider for you, well after doing lot of research and reading review, asking my friends I am writing review as well as sharing some great plans for you that's why you will get the things you are looking for.

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First of all, when first I come to know about this hosting then I was not putting that much interest to write article but after asking one of my internet friend as well as checking their website properly I have decided to write article about this company, because they are providing great services in very affordable price, if you are looking for shared hosting as well as VPS Services and all, for very affordable price then this is just amazing, of course its about long time they have been in this business, that's really awesome for us, so lets go for the things.
Plan, ChicagoVPS, Reseller

Things I Am Going To Share Here About ChicagoVPS

Yeah, in this section I am going to share with you all table of content about ChicagoVPS , which is really a good company, well I am really happy because I have been sharing with you.

I am really happy to recommend this hosting service to one of my friend, because he is handling number of websites and one day he called me for knowing any good hosting service provider which company dealing with re-seller hosting, affordable, good service as well as having identity, that's why today I am writing such awesome review about ChicagoVPS. This is really good to uplift the business of the people who are really looking for the hosting.
Here are the list of the things that will be discussed in this article.

  • About ChicagoVPS
  • 13 Things to Know About ChicagoVPS
  • Best Thing About ChicagoVPS
  • What People Are Talking About ChicagoVPS
  • My Personal Experience With Their Customer Support
  • Products and Prices of ChicagoVPS

About ChicagoVPS

ChicagoVPS started offering OpenVZ based on VPS services in Chicago, IL back in 2009. Today as I am writing this article they have been expanding and offering to include KVM based VPS servers and Dedicated servers in multiple different markets in USA and that is the main reason people are asking about this service provider, I am sure this service provider is going to rock in upcoming days even these days. This is because they are providing wide range of products and plans and of course with key features, already shared with you guys in the next section about its service and all important aspects about this company. I have also written coupon for asp.net hosting here is it SmarterAsp Discount Code

In 2015 ChicagoVPS was acquired by it's primary supplier, VSNX. Since then, they have been working to make ChicagoVPS the leader in quality VPS services.
One of the main thing is that they value each client and work hard to make sure everyone has to best experience possible wwith their virtual private server.

Here are Services ChicagoVPS is Offering- 

Alright here in this section you will come to know about all services offered by ChicagoVPS.
  • Windows VPS
  • Cloud VPS 
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Linux VPS
  • DDoS Protected VPS
  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

13 Things To Know About ChicagoVPS

While writing this section, I was thinking as I am able to find out 13 eye catching points for you, but later when I have started writing, let me tell you guys I got more points than I was thinking about this company, because this is really an amazing company, one more thing, if you wanted to know more about this company in very short period of time then this is one of the amazing section, because here you will find out only key points about ChicagoVPS, so are you ready to go for it, I am sure you are?
  1. One of the affordable and quality services provider, they are having their own datacenter. This is really great.
  2. One of the best service provider if you are looking for windows VPS as well as Cloud VPS.
  3. Also they have awesome customer support service, you can get your matter resolved. 
  4. ChicagoVPS is unique in the virtual private server market given the resources of it's parent company.
  5. They haave been in business for years, and have real employees based in the United States and are incorporated in the state of New York.
  6. They are having ton of network connectivity in each datacenter. All their datacenters have minimum N+1 redundancy, your servers stay online and cooled even in the event of a power outage.
  7. ChicagoVPS is having the best technical support team for their customers. They are just aweosme in their own way as they are dedicatd foor the quality of their services. 
  8. ChicagoVPS have 4 layers of security at each data center. This include security staff, visitor screening, two factor authentication scanners and recorded CCTV video surveillance.
  9. They are providing qquality hosting from Coast to Coast.
  10. One of the feature includes providing highest data security along with that of the performance in mind concept.
  11. You will get the services of Multiple Cloud Solutions.
  12. Their staffs are providing excellent level of service.
  13.  The real symbol of excellent service is that they are passionate about what they are doing, that is the main reason they are growing and that is why I am also spending my hours to write this article.

Best Thing About ChicagoVPS

Just couple of minutes, I was thinking what to share with you, I mean what is the best thing about ChicagoVPS, so finally I am decided to write about their two things because they are doing both just great, yeah in this section you are going to know two best thing about ChicagoVPS, in general I shared only one reason but here for this hosting service, I have to share with you two reasons because both of them are tied according to me, here are both of them. Recently I have shared about BanaHosting Promo Code 2018 & of course one of the premium hosting review that is Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review.
  1. Quality Service of this hosting company.
  2. Great customer support

What Clients are Talking About JixHost

Yeah, this is what people usually looking for, because when you will see multiple users are talking about the product and they are happy to use it, it shows that they are really doing well in this field, like here the same ChicagoVPS done awesome. There is a good image of the service provider in the market. Clients are really very happy by this ChicagoVPS as they are really providing the quality service to the people.
Let me here provide the screenshot of the Client's thinking about the ChicagoVPS.
Clients, Opinion, ChicagoVPS

 Here are the another one -

Clients, Opinion, ChicagoVPS, Services

My Personal Experience With Their Customer Support

JixHost support team is doing awesome job, let me tell you one of the case study by me, I wanted to test their support team knowledge as well as interest to help others, actually there are three ways to get help from them-
Live Chat [I have experience it]
Ticket Support [Very good response telling you from my own experience]
And of course phone support
These three ways you can get help from them, when you wanted to get help, well for the study I had a long conversation with their support team and I found they are doing awesome job, if you are thinking about rating, then I would give 4.8/5 and that's pretty awesome.

Products And Prices Of ChicagoVPS Hosting services

Now here in this section I am going to talk about the products as well as plans and prices of the ChiacagoVPS. 

Windows VPS

Here are some of the things about the Windows VPs.
  • You will get the fast as well as simple Windows VPS to use. This is really great and one of the thing people are looking for.
  • Also there is easy control panel. Therefore the point is that your windows VPS will come with a control panel.
  • Apart from the control panel there you will get the availability of Windows Remote Desktop and thus dear you can log in there. 
  • One of the main thing is that you will get the facility of 24/7/365 support service. This is reallyy awesome. 


Now here is KVM VPS. A KVM VPS is nothing but a Virtual Private Server which sits on top of a physical dedicated server. And there are a lot of things here about the same KVM VPS. Let me share with you all the things. 
  • The first thing is that your KVM VPS will be fast as well as very simple to use. 
  • And another thing is that KVM VPS comes with a contro panel as well.
  • There is quality Hardware. KVM VPS nodes are quality SuperMicro Servers.
  • There is good technical support as well and they are always ready to help you and thus you guys can get your matter resolved.

Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS servers of ChicagoVPS are industry standard in reliable as well as cost effective OpenVZ based VPS servers. Here are some of the features.
  • 24/7 Support service is for you.
  • Control Panel for your Cloud VPS.
  • Quality Hardware

Dedicated Servers

Their Smart Server Lineup combines the benefit of dedicated, non shared resources with the flexibility of cloud like features.

Linux VPS


DDoS Protected VPS

Shared Hosting 

Well you guys are looking for more than just web hosting, so ChicagoVPS is for you here, the more affordable approach to secure web hosting solutions.
Here are some of the features mentioned below-
  • High Performance, there is high spped web hosting with Enterprise Infrastructure. 
  • ChicagoVPS.net is built to please even the most particular customers.
  • Enhanced Security
  • Unbeatable support for the ChicagoVPS customers is available as well.
  • Uptime is 99.9%. 

Reseller Hosting 

Here features include high security, good technical support, also 99.99% uptime guarantee, apart from this there is ChicagoVPS which operates 24 hours a day and having their entire infrastructure which is built for performance only. 

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FastComet Review 2018 & More Details About FastComet WordPress Hosting

FastComet Coupon Code, Fastcomet Review 2016,
With five star rating on Google I am writing about Fastcomet and of course its review, because its my passion and these days writing review about hosting products to help you guys to discover amazing hosting service, before writing review of about Fastcomet Cloud Based Hosting, WordPress Hosting and there are various hosting services provided by this company, actually this is one of my favorite web hosting company. I have read more than 3000 words already and of course I am going to spend another 10 hours to write about Fastcomet to make it most important source for you as well as others too those are looking for affordable, secure, fast speed, different data centres, great customer service, money back guarantee service, well may be you are thinking am I going to share with all in this paragraph, no dear its just I have started you are going to learn more.

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FastComet Table of Contents I am Sharing-

Well, I have just started writing about FastComet and will be writing because it seems great service provider in this field, actually I have just chat with their customer support team, it seems they are confident about their service, even I got some interesting facts for you, which I have already shared with you  that's my bonus remember dear.
  • About FastComet
  • Growth of FastComet
  • Best Thing About FastComet
  • What People are Talking About FastComet
  • Top 15 Things About FastComet
  • Products Offered by FastComet
  • Pricing of FastComet
  • My Personal Experience After Chatting with FastComet Support Team
  • User Experience of FastComet
  • What You Will Get Free from FastComet, Amazing right dear.
  • How to Transfer Hosting and Domain Name to FastComet

About FastComet

They have started their journey in 2013, but they have been working in this field from last seven years, but the thing is that in this very short period of time they have been grab great market and this is the big reason I am writing this article, I mean, giving my more than 10 hours to write this article and effective for you, okay by the way lets back to the company.

Lets talk about its best thing, the growth level and of course there is cutting throat competition everywhere, even then they have been able to attract customers from 70 countries is not that amazing, of course I must share with you technologies they are offering to you.

Here are on few things they are working these days-
  1. Great support
  2. Super fast speed
  3. Security
If you have question how? then keep reading you will come to know, don't worry because I am going to share with you each and everything about FastComet, but for coupon please look at the beginning or end of the page.

Growth of FastComet

This is best part of this review, because you will be amaze after knowing its growth while having cutting throat competition, lets look at Alexa ranking of its website.

Alexa Ranking of FastComet Cloud Based Hosting Service-
  1. Its worldwide ranking is 30,975 with regional ranking in India is 6,596
  2. Its most of the visitors are from India
  3. Average spent time more than 4 minutes on FastComet website
That's all about growth of FastComet according to Alexa, let me tell you how many customers they have in 70 countries, actually these days they have over 11,500 customers worldwide.

Best Thing About FastComet

This is one of the best section of this article, because in this section I am not going to share with you all important points about FastComet that I have already added and share with you in the next section, but here you are going to learn about FastComet best thing.

Here it is, they are dealing for serving customers, that is the best thing, I have read their whole website found this fact, I am sure they are going to be one of the top notch company in the world in upcoming days, that would be for sure, another experience I got after chatting with their support team, I mean to say they are really confident on their service, which shows class.

What People are Talking About FastComet

In other words, we can say feedback, review, testimonials about its users, already I have shared with you, spent lot of time to write this article and of course still going to invest time because I wanted to make it super informational source for all those wanted to get super fast SSD Cloud Hosting service and these days everybody wanted to host their website on cloud to get faster speed, also FastComet having different locations data centres which shows unique service.

Here are some reviews screen shots of people testimonials about FastComent, first I am going to share with you Google review testimonials-
Testimonials, FastComet
Now, let me share with you FastComet client success stories, which will help you to know about their class service-
success stories,  FastComet
So, this is all about customer user experience, yes. And after looking at their expression and words about FatComet, we must say they are really happy because they choose FastComet.

Top 15 Things About FastComet

In general, I write about top 10 things about any service provider that may be hosting, ad networks or any other service providers, but here I am going to share with you top 15 things about FastComet, the reason is simple I got lot of things or must say points to share with you, so are you ready to know all those points, so lets get started-
  1. FastComet Providing SSD Cloud Hosting with Cloudware
  2. They have worldwide data centres for boosting your site speed
  3. Awesome dear, its 45 days money back guarantee
  4. You can choose your favourite app to use like Joomla, WordPress, Social Engine etc personally I used WordPress CMS.
  5. You will get free Cloudfare CDN
  6. Great support team they have
  7. All tutorials they have to start learning and implementing things if you have never done before
  8. Yeah, most important you are going to get free templates, believe me dear, I have seen its awesome.
  9. Currently they have customers in 70 countries
  10. Already they have handled 47,243+ mails that's the sign of unique support team
  11. Buy hosting from FastComet and get domain free for forever
  12. upto 300% speed of your site
  13. Fixed price no surprise bill will pop up, so complete transparency 
  14. Get backup of your site for free no extra charge
  15. I have read more than 20 people review no negative comments about FastComet.
Well, really I can not stop myself to share with you something amazing about FastComet, actually I must say finally I got something amazing for you guys, I mean this is just amazing, if any hosting company providing, may be you have all points even then let me remind you my dear as long as you will host your site on FastComet, domain name will be free and that will be forever, I think FastComet team will become top very soon and this review will help lot of people, because I am putting all insight information about this hosting company.

So, here is the screen shot of those amazing benefits of FastComet-
FastComet, benefits

Products Offered by FastComet

FastComet is a cloud based hosting and that is the main reason I writing about this hosting service so lengthy because this is the only way to make my words reach to many people and of course I am sure there are many those are going get help, alright lets talk about its features, oh yes I have also shared FastComet Coupon Code, that's why readers of my blog will get help.

Recommended Discount on Hosting- PoweUp Hosting Promo Code

They are offering only three service and of course any type of requirement you can choose from anyone of them, well the reason is simple they have categories service according to market demand.
  • Single website
  • Multiple websites
  • E-commerce
Of course may be you are looking for price tag right, so here I am going to share with you all information about its pricing, because that is also important right dear, so in the next section you are going to learn about its pricing.

Pricing of FastComet

This is one of the most important section of any hosting company, because after all it must allow your pocket, I mean it should be affordable for users, but here dear if you are looking for a hosting company, which is affordable, supportive, good track record, good uptime, cloud hosting, good speed, free domain forever then all these things can be with FastComet only.

Well, after looking at the price everybody can say this is amazing, specially free domain name for forever, at least in last five years I did not see any hosting company providing such service, have you seen?

If yes, please let me know, because it will add another one point to my knowledge, but I am sure 99.9% you will not find out such company.

Recommended Coupon for Discount: Hostwinds Discount Coupon

Okay, now lets talk about its stater plan that is $2.95 per month and including all basic features like-
  • Free domain name for lifetime as long as you will be hosting your site on FastComet
  • Great support for you, if you will face problem 
  • Yes, you have unlimited mails option
  • Unlimited database, so need to worry about space
  • Of course Cloudfare CDN for free
  • Free website transfer that's awesome, because many charged for this.
  • Great 99.9% uptime, means your site will be live almost all time
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • Yes, almost I am missing it because they are giving full 45 days money back guarantee
  • Awesome, daily and weekly backup, to be tension free.

My Personal Experience After Chatting with FastComet Support Team

Yeah, this is exciting man, because I have been doing chatting with FastComet support team for knowing various things and I am sure the it was a great conversation, because here I am sharing my own experience with their support team, well here are few unique things I have found about them-
  1. They are confident enough that they are providing great service
  2. They do have knowledge what they are talking?
  3. They are very enthusiastic about helping others and that is just too good for customers of FastComet
  4. They have very good experience in this niche, so problem you will face can be easily handle by them.
During conversation with their support team, I have several questions regarding their hosting, how they stand out from other hosting service and there are many other questions of course answer I got from them was very satisfactory. Here is the article which is having information related to best wordpress web hosting in Ireland.

User Experience of FastComet

After all its all about user experience, as right now you are not a customer of FastComet but if you will become then you can come to know about its user experience, basically I have already share with you many more things about FastComet, as they are providing such feature which shows that they are giving pretty much effective user experience that's why you can easily handle hosting and you can put your concentration for growing your online business.

That means hustle free hosting for you, here are things you need to see, what people are talk about FastComet and of course their website structure it all shows about FastComet user experience, don't worry you will have full 45 days money back guarantee.

What You Will Get Free from FastComet

who does not love things for free, specially when you are getting free any premium things like here you are going to get many premium things for free, can you imagine that dear, yes, what I am going to share with those are amazing and most important thing is that its all FREE with their hosting package, don't worry I have also shared coupon codes for getting some discount.

Okay lets know about it in points-
  1. Free tutorials for implementing things right way
  2. Free domain name for forever as long as you will be hosting your site on FastComet
  3. 24*7 support team will help you for free
  4. Free back up service daily & weekly 
  5. For speeding up your site free CloudFare CDN
All these are premium service, as per my knowledge no company provides such service, what I know? if anything something like service you are getting from any hosting company then let me know. Because that will be very surprising for my readers.

How to Transfer Hosting and Domain Name to FastComet

Already I have shared with you guys that every possibility I am going to share with you in this article about FastComet because after looking at its service, I am sure there are many those wanted to know, how to transfer their domain name and hosting, means complete site to FastComet.

Well, this thing I did not share with you in the free from FastComet section, because I wanted to share with you separately so here it is, the screen shot will make you understand each and everything about it
FastComet, Transfer Hosting
I know you come to know about their service standards and for beginners it is really difficult to transfer even sometimes experts got problem, so FastComet took step to help you out.

Kinsta Hosting Review 2018: Best Premium WordPress Hosting Powered by Google Cloud

Here is Kinsta WordPress Hosting, I am going to share with you about the Premium WordPress Hosting. Let me tell you here that Kinsta WordPress Hosting is providing their services for everyone regardless of the thing whether one is smaller or one is larger, quite a few things is there in this topic. That is why dear I am before you to tell you every single thing about the Premium WordPress Hosting and I am sure that this will help of lot. Just stay tuned.
Premium Features, Kinsta, wordpress hosting,
Kinsta is a managed Wordpress: Hosting provider and here you guys as well as your needs will be taken care and these all things will going to regards with your website. This hosting company Kinsta Wordpress Hosting which will take care about your server that's why you can put your whole effort in the website to make it popular and get very good business without any problem from server side, that is the reason I am writing this article today.

As a matter of fact,  I am putting my effort to make this article more popular and effective for all, that's why more and more people will come to know about this hosting company, see there are many people those are looking for web hosting company, but all want affordable, reliable, good service and of course good experience company, so here you got all with this hosting company, that is my motto, that's why you can get information about right company. Let me here list the name of the topics to be discussed.

Things You Are Going To Learn About Kinsta Hosting-

Here are list of content, I am going to share with you about this service provider, it is seen always that if I will add more information about this company, more people gone love this article and more people will read the article means more people will add in the reading list, that is the logic or you can say that its a concept I am using here.
  • About Kinsta hosting
  • 11 Things to Know About Kinsta hosting
  • Best Thing About Kinsta hosting
  • What People are Talking About Kinstahosting
  • Products and Pricing of Kinsta hosting 

About Kinsta Hosting


Undoubtedly this is one of the awesome Wordpress hosting company and there includes a dedicated support team, they have very affordable price that's why you can easily have their service, of course if you wanted to get premium service then you can also get it, its really easy. I think this is really awesome and you guys can go for this very thing.

One, thing is pretty clear they have pretty awesome hosting products from Managed hosting service to Enterprise hosting service, actually there are many those wanted to get in it, I mean many wanted to get good hosting service, if you are one of them then I will suggest you to go for it, because this is really a deserving hosting service. They are just amazing.
About, KinstaHosting

11 Things To Know About Kinsta Hosting

In this topic I am going to share a lot of things about Kinsta. They run their services on cutting edges technology and also they take seriously. Another thing is that there are many those are depending on their service and they are happy from their service from time that is really required to find out the best service provider.

Here, I am going to share with you 11 things about this hosting service provider, this is one of my best section in every review article, that is the main reason I usually put effort to make it just awesome for all, see if you don't have much time or you wanted to know in short about the service provider then this is just too good.
  • Kinsta Wordpress Hosting is a managed Wordpress Hosting provider where they take care of all needs regarding ones websites.This is the basic but very important thing for anyone. 
  • They run their services on cuutting edge technology. Also they take support seriously. 
  • Their services include fully managed features, one of the important thing for any one who is looking for the hosting. 
  • New to hosting then they have awesome support team to help you, another important thing for all of you.
  • Got questions or problem check their knowledge base for getting answers. 
  • Customer satisfaction is their main motto.
  • They have wide range of products, so you can choose according to your own requirement. 
  • There includes the features of daily backups.
  • Google Cloud Platform is there.
  • Also they provide the Ultimate speed. 
  • Kinsta is very concerned about the security. This is really a very important thing for anyone. Everyone want security, that is what Kinsta is providing as they have the feature of secure like Fort Knox. 

Best Thing About Kinsta Hosting

Now here I am going to share with you the best thing. This is another imortant topic here. Well its time to share with you, the best ever thing about Kinsta Hosting, see, if you are looking for lot of information about this hosting service then you can look at the previous section but if you are looking for the best one then I have only one thing to share with you.

That is- Kinsta works for you, this is the arena where Kinsta never settle on these, they works for their customers only by providing them the services user friendly. 

What People Are Talking About Kinsta Hosting

It is for sure, you also need to know what people are talking about that is about Kinsta Hosting, see most of time we got motivated from others to buy anything, let me share with you an example, actually I wanted to buy a mobile phone for recording few cool videos, I talk to my student he told to buy this phone.

I talk my friend he told me to buy that phone which company is investing lot of money in advertisements, but I have gone with a phone, which is based on my own experience, well like the same if you have not experienced anything then I will suggest you to go with a hosting after looking at what people means users are talking about the service provider.
Client Opinion, Kinsta Hosting

Products And Pricing Of KinstaHosting-

Of course they are providing wide range of products, I must say this, basically if you want hosting then they have the solution for you, here is the list of all type of hosting offered by them, you are just going to love their plan as well as pricing range, because they are providing such awesome plan in the very superv way.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hossting, Kinsta

This includes a lot of things, also they are having the speed obsessive architcehture. They use state of the art technology like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers and MariaDB to make sure that the website loads in the blink of an eye.

Also there is high security network, there is DDOS protection as well, one of the thing you may be looking for. Up-time monitoring is there, along with hardware firewalls.

Here are some of the features mentioned below about the same-
  • There are availability of Wordpress experts to resolve all the issues and also take care of all the concerns if any of you is having.
  • Apart from the Wordpress experts, you will get the facibility of fast feedback features. 
  • Also there is availablity of 24/7 monitoring, you can check this out dear. 
  • One of the important thing is that they are having 100% solve rate.

WooCommerce Hosting

This talks about, when you have an online store time literally is money, Kinsta helps keep your revenue, SEO score as well, ROI and user experience up by making sure that your site is lightning fast all the time.

Thus dear you can take the advantages of their free migration service. They are providing a wondrous service to their customer.

WooCommerce, KinstaHosting

Here are some of the things mentioned below, Kinsta can help in the way-
  • WooCommerce is the most popular free eCommerce solution for Wordpress. Also it powers over 42% of all online stores. 
  • They have deep knowledge od WooCommerce from usage to coode.
  • Their one of the specialities includes scaling WooCommerce sites.
  • You can have the benefit of their free WooCommerce site migration.
  • Daily backups sent to off site vaults. One of thing also includes that of the top rated support, speed and uptime by the third parties. 

Enterprise Hosting

Now here is Enterprise WordPress Hosting by Kinsta. Kinsta's enterprise WordPress hosting solution features automatic scalability, multi regional deployment, and state of the art security, backed by Google Clouds platform's premium tier network.

Here, I am mentioning some of the valuable points about the very topic-
  • There is High Performance and Fault Tolerance feature as well, they serve billion of page views and bytes every month with absolute stability as well as uptime.
  • Also on the another hand Kinsta Hosting Service Provider has built an all in one managed hosting solution designed for enterprise. 
  • Also they choose Google Cloud Platform for its automatic scalability, state of the art security, multi regional deployment and so on. 

Secure WordPress Hosting 

  1. For Kinsta, the most important thing is their customer's security, in other words nothing is more important to Kinsta than the securit of your website. 
  2. Kinsta's secure WordPress hosting solution implements active as well as passive measures to stop attacks in its tracks. 
  3. The main thing is that they monitor your site every minute for uptime.
  4. Also they support two factor authentication, continuously run malware scans. This is in fact the extra security which will going to be very crucial for you dear. 
  5. Also they are having the features of hardware firewalls, active as well as passive security, and other advanced features to prevent access to your data. This is really amazing for the customers.
  6. There are thus many other things, also they only support encrypted SFTP and SSH connections when accessing your wordpress sites directly and offer free. 
Secure, Hosting, Kinsta

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BanaHosting Coupon, Promo Codes for Discount (90% OFF) & Hosting Review 2018

Banahosting Promo Codes for Upto 90% Discount

I know may be you are in rush to get discount so here you go-
Step 1: Click Here to Land on the Official Page
Step 2: Choose your desire hosting plan
Step 3: Use coupon codes for respective plans for discount
SSD VPS cloud server 30% Discount code: BHCLOUD30
VPS server 30% Discount code: VPSC50%
Reseller Hosting 90% Discount code: RESELL90

Well here Banahosting, which is one of the best hosting provider, and I am here before you once again to share my experiences with all of you dear. Since you are looking for one of the best hosting service provider. Here is the best one and this is none other than that of the Banahosting company.
Yeah you have listen cent percent correctly.

This is none other than the Banahosting, a lot of things are there guys that will prove that this is really the very one you all are looking for. There includes a dedicated server in the hosting arena services of the one and only Banahosting.
Banahosting review, Vps hosting, SSD VPS Hosting

Things I am going to share about Banahosting

There includes a lot of things in this section, if you guys are really interested in the hosting then you must read the article till the end beacuse of the reason that I am going to share a lot of things that will prove that this is really awesome, in all the things whether it is the field of service provider or whether it is the field of the any other things like that of the customer support, etc. 
Now here are some of the things that will going to be discussed in the article. They are given below-
  • About Banahosting
  • Some Important things about Banahosting
  • The Best Thing About Banahosting
  • Services of the Banahosting
  • Products and Prices of the Banahosting
Therefore these are the things that will be discussed here in this blog. That is the reason dear I am saying you all to just go one and the check this out. 

About Banhosting

Dedicated server, Banahosting

Banahosting is one of the amazing hosting service provider in the world of hosting, they are giving the very best for their customer and also their includes a lot of quality services as compared to that of the other one. 
  • There includes a very amazing Reseller Hosting offer.
  • They are giving 400% faster SSDs. One of the amazing thing ever have in the hosting world. 
The main mission of Banahosting.com is to offer a responsible Web hosting as well as domain management and also Reseller plans with the most competitive prices of the market. 
Also they are having the best professional staff to manage their servers. 

Important Things About Banahosting

Here you all can look for the things below as they are very essential about Banahosting. 
  1. Banhosting is providing a very good customer support services to the people who are taking this into consideration, and I am very sure that you must be very much satisfied with the quality of support services that is the reason I am also saying you all to just for a try.
  2. Apart from the awesome support services, they are also providing their customers quite a few ranges of features many people are looking for. Believe me dear they are really awesome. Also the things are very reasonable, thus making them one of the accountable hosting service provider.
  3. One of the best thing is that Banahosting is affordable as well, this is really good and thus also having one of the things many of you are looking for. In other words I can proudly say that they are good in this arena. 
  4. Banahosting is one of the best web hosting services provider if banahosting is compared to that of the another providers, also their uptime guarantee are quite appreciateable. 
  5. They want their customers to be part of their family and thus they want you enjoy the benefits of having the excellent customer suppoort, this makes the service provider really unique as compared to others, 
  6. Their features include that of the providing high speed network, most of you are looking for.
  7. They promise to answer your ticket within the first 10 min. That is the reason they work to some truly amazing customer support employees. 
  8. They carry wide ranges of products. 
  9. Banahosting is providing the great plans to their customers whether it is the field of Web Hosting or Server Hosting, They are good at dedicated server as well.
  10. This Company is providing the feature of 24/7 support service. 

 Best Thing About Banahosting

In this section I am going to discuss with you the best thing about Banahosting. This is really one of the thing that is very confusing. This is beacuse of the reason that there are a lot of things which is really very good about the Banahosting.
While I can say proudly that this very hosting service provider is doing a lot for the people in the field of web hosting and this is really very good for the people who are looking for. This all I am saying just based upon the things based on my experiences and all from my surroundings.

Services Provided by Banahosting

So far you all we talked about the basic things. Now here comes another important one section and this section is really for you guys as I am going to mention all the services provided by the Banahosting. As we know that there are a lot of Hosting Company in the arena, but the main issue among us is that which should one go for.

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No doubt there are many among us who are of the opinion that in fact which hosting service provider is the best and for which they should go for.

This is the reason dear I am before you here so that it would get easy to decide you thing accord of your choices. Now let me here list some of the Hosting service provided by the Banahosting.
  1. One of the services providede here is technical support. In other words you can mean that they are giving their awesomeness in this field. As a matter of concern Banahosting is providing 24/7/365 support service.
  2. The main aim is to offer you a very responsible Web Hosting, Domain Managementand Reseller plans and these all are with the most competitive prices of the market. 
  3. Since the first step in order to fulfil all the concerns and the needs for their customer, Banahosting is having a professional staff to manage their servers.
  4. Also there are operators to resolve all of your pre sales questions, or any other issues or even your client requests. This is really good for all of you dear. 
  5. They are giving their best in the field of following-
  • Web Hosting
  • VPS Server
  • Cloud Server
  • Dedicated server

Products, Prices and their features by Banahosting

Web Hosting by Banahosting 

Banahosting is doing a lot for the people who are looking for hosting, in the Web hosting there includes a lot of features which will going to be very useful for you guys. 
Here comes the two categories-
  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting 

Shared Hosting by Banahosting

In the shared hosting plans, there include many key features. Let me mention some of them-
  • One of the amazing thing is about the speed of SSDs. Their Hosting is now 400% SSDs .
  • Apart from the faster SSDs, there includes another features like that of the amazing Bana Delux plan. 
  • In this hosting you will get 24/7 security monitoring.
  • Also there is DDoS protection.
  • Last but not the least utilizing powerful cutting edge technology including 100% Cisco network, RedHat Enterprise Linux and world class data center with multiple GIGe redundant network connections. As a matter of fact you will find total piece of mind with this hosting that is Banahosting.com.

Reseller Hosting by Banahosting

Banahosting is doing a lot in this aspect as well. Their plan is just awesome, a great thing for all the people who are just of the opinion to have amazing host for theirs. Let me here point soem of the important features about the topic. So dear readers just be tuned with the things mentione below-
  • Fully Managed Services - All their reseller servers come 100% fully managed and this is all efficiently done as their is availability of a very good technical support team, I can proudly say that they are having the best team for the purpose of support, you guys can check them out. You will be satisfied with the way they are doing for their people.
Also if any of you get any issues or run into any problems with their reseller server then in that very situation you will have a wonderful support team to resolve all the happenings. In other words the very team will be there ready to help get you back up and running anytime of the day or week. This is really awesome for the people who are looking for this.
  • Softaculous Auto Installer- With softaculous all CPanel users can install scripts and software without having to upload files. So you can no longer need too create databases or go through the installation processes of the most popular blog. 

Cloud and VPS Server by Banahosting 

SSD Cloud server plan, Banahosting

VPS Server

Let me here first mention some of the features VPS Server by Banahosting is having-
  1. Maximize the High Performance VPS with SSD
  2. Also there includes increament power, speed as well as performance. 
  3. Apart from the above two, there is Scallable Resources as well. 
There is SSD that is Solid State Drives with unmmatched I/O, high performance SSD VPS with a choice of specification, operaating system as well as control system. 

Cloud Server

Now here is another one by the one and only Banahosting. 
As a matter of fact here, all the things mentioned in the VPS is here, also SSD Cloud server from Banahosting gives you dear a high performance virtual server with the features and benefits you usually associate with a dediicated server, but this is at a fraction of the cost. 

So guys only one thing for you "Choose Banahosting".

SSD Cloud Server Plan, Banahosting

Dedicated Servers by Banahosting

Banahosting is providng a great features in the dedicated server field as well, here you will find the things that realtes to all about none other than that of the Dedicated Server. Here are some of the features mentioned below-
  • There is a great customer support service provided by Banahosting, as a matter of fact you guys will going to get 24/7 technical support. This is really awesome for the people who are looking for the hosting.
  • Also there includes Scallable Resources. 

Why Banahosting

Here I am going to share all the reasons to go for Banahosting, I am sure that you will be pleased with these things. 

Service Promise - 
One of the important thing about Banahosting is that customers are more important for the very service provider as compared to any other things, in other words it can be means that they all are here only for you dear. Customers are important for them.
One ticket is all it takes. They start working on your problem as soon as the ticket is received and won't stop until the problem has been solved.

They promise to answer your ticket within the first 10 min. This is beacuse they work to some truly amazing customer support employees. 

Their Fast Network
Another one is here and this is none other than that of the fast network speed provided by Banahosting. Also they are having the best hired official.

That is why dear I am saying this all, as they understand that network up-time is crucial for your valuable online presence and thus their entire network is fully redundant. 

Becoming Part of Their Family
They want their customers to be part of their family and thus enjoy the benefits of having the excellent customer support.

With on one service, they guarantee you will be happy to have joined their family. 

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