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[30% Discount] Eleven2 Hosting Coupon Code 2016 & Review

Eleven2 Hosting, Coupon Code, Review,
Yeah, after hours of research I found many things to share with you about Eleven2, I mean only using hosting company is not good enough to write an article about the company. So in this article I will share with you lot of information about this company as well as you will get Eleven2 coupon code that's why you will get some discount, may be you have been landing on this page because of that, so lets go for it.

So, basically, I have seen there are many those are coming to this article only to get coupon code and that means they already know about the hosting company, may be you are also one of them so for ease of them, I am putting that section here only.

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Eleven2 Coupon Code 2016 August

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Things I am Going to Tell You About Eleven2 Hosting

  1. About Eleven2
  2. 11 Things to Know About Eleven2
  3. Best Thing About Eleven2
  4. How Eleven2 is Helpful for Beginners
  5. What People are Talking about Eleven2
  6. List of Data Centre Locations
  7. Products and Prices of Eleven2

About Eleven2 Hosting

Yeah, this hosting company started its journey back in 2003 and today this company is very famous in this hosting niche, actually they are providing different hosting packages like-
  • Shared
  • Re-seller
  • Enterprise and of course
  • Virtual
That means, does not matter what is your own requirement, one of their service definitely fit your need, that is their motto, I am sure this company will rock for long time. What do you think?

11 Things to Know About Eleven2 Hosting

This is one of the most important section of this article, that's why I am sharing with you, actually till now I have written lot of reviews about many products those I found very helpful for my blog readers, basically from couple of years I have been experimenting with many ad networks, then I have written review like Popads review, Bidvertiser review and so on including Indian payment gateway Instamojo Review.

I know there many those are getting real insight information about these service providers, that's why I have started experimenting with web hosting companies, so I have started with Bluehost India and I am also providing few coupon codes under BlueHost India Coupon Code.

Yeah, that's why all about the past story of this section, so I am sure this section will help you a lot, to find out more information about this hosting company.
  1. The company is established in 2003, means they have well experienced in this vertical
  2. Wide range of hosting services
  3. 60 days money back guarantee
  4. 99.9% Uptime, just too good for your website
  5. There are over 300 apps you can installed instantly, including very popular one WordPress
  6. Free transfer of your website with no extra price even they promise your website will not face downtime.
  7. You will get various add on features, those you will love to have with your hosting partner and here at Eleven2 you will get all together.
  8. Hosting service starts from $4.17/month
  9. Multiple locations of data centres.
  10. They have multiple days of backup power
  11. You will get multiple backup options

Best Thing About Eleven2

The above section is just too good for all those are looking for knowing about the hosting company much better way, I am sure the section will help lot of people, well in this section I am not going to share with you all information about this company.

Here, in this section I will share with you only one, which is more stronger than anyone, but its my own personal view, so for you it may be different for knowing more about this hosting company at a glace please read the above section, which will be good for you.

So, here you go- The best thing about this hosting company is its SERVICE

How Eleven2 is Helpful for Beginners

There is only one strong reason behind reading of this section, actually you wanted to know, how you can get started with Eleven2, if you don't have good knowledge about hosting and other settings, then let me tell you dear, they have good customer support team, first and second if you will visit their knowledge base then you will find lot of questions out there with answers.

I have seen couple of questions those are very basic that means even if you are completely newbie then you can go for it, I mean you can easily do your job according to your own requirement, just visit their knowledge base you will find all there.

What People are Talking about Eleven2 

Dear you got to see this, because those are existing customers of the company, what those guys are talking about, of course which is the proof of any hosting company, I know there are many hosting companies out there those are not providing service upto the mark by here Eleven2 hosting does, that's why people are talking positive thoughts about this hosting company, I am sure you are looking for the screen shot right.
Eleven2 review, customer review, hosting service

List of Data Centre Locations of Eleven2 Hosting

Yeah, I must share with you they are having lot of data centres all around the world, okay here locations that's why you will have complete knowledge about their data centres-
  • Asia (Singapore)
  • Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • USA (Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas)

Products and Prices of Eleven2 Hosting

Yeah, you need to know more about product and services offered by this company, that is the main reason this section come up here and I am sure you are going to enjoy this section, because I am going to invest lot of time here and then definitely it will become great for you, so lets get started with what type of services they are offering
  1. Shared Hosting 
    1. Shared Hosting
    2. Shared SSD Hosting
  2. Re-Seller Hosting
    1. Re-Seller Hosting
    2. Re-Seller SSD Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Enterprise Hosting
That's all about of type of products, no the re-seller one is not for all, if you are in web hosting business then that is good for you, otherwise that's not for you, actually one of my friend do design work for many of my clients, so he usually ask me to know more about re-seller hosting, because he does provide service to many.

Okay, so now you have remaining three other types of hosting, but I will suggest you to go through with one which one will meet your requirement, but yes I am going to share with you all that will be better for all, because I don't know about your requirement.

Here is the most basic features provided by Eleven2 you got to see this-
Hosting Features, Eleven2

Shared Hosting by Eleven2

Yeah, this is the most basic plan offered by this company, you will come to know more about this plan, of course you will have option to choose, here is the details about this plan in the screen shot.
Shared Hosting, Pricing, Eleven2 Hosting

Shared SDD Hosting by Eleven2

SSD application hosting is launched suddenly, here are few things you are going to get under this category of hosting, I am sure you will be better, because they are providing very good service under this package, well as I have taken the screen shot there is sales going on, yeah I must say you will get some coupon codes also for getting discount, as I have already shared with you earlier, 
  • All technology panel
  • Good customer support
  • Great up-time, which is really necessary
  • You will get fastest speed for your website, which is exactly the company is doing these days.
Shared SDD, Pricing, Features,Eleven2

Re-Seller Hosting Plan by Eleven2

Yeah, if you wanted to just get started with Re-seller business then this is the basic plan, but if your hosting websites will have heavy traffic then you must go for SSD one, which is better.
Re-Seller Hosting, Eleven2, pricing

Re-Seller SSD Hosting Plan by Eleven2

Yeah, I must say SSD is the super fine technology for all those wanted to get high speed performance of your server
  • You will get high speed SSD 
  • You will get control for you and of course for your customers
Re-Seller SSD, Eleven2, Pricing

VPS by Eleven2 Hosting

Use this hosting plan you will get some cutting edge technology products probably about those products you can not even imagine, here I am sharing with you about those products.
  1. Fully control for your customers.
  2. Acceleron caching technology (ACT)
  3. You will get elite size hardware
  4. Of course with multiple location server benefits
VPS, Pricing, Eleven2

Enterprise Sever by Eleven2 Hosting

Well, this is the ultimate one, I mean this is the hosting you required if you are looking for running heavy traffic web portal, like e-commerce site, this is the best way to get server, of course there are few benefits of having this type of hosting, here are couple of those benefits-
  1. You will get 24*7 support
  2. Their team is working 24*7 for monitoring the system
  3. You will get all latest technology for getting superb performance.
Enterprise Sever, Eleven2 Hosting, Pricing

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PowerUp Hosting Promo Code 2016 August & Full Review

PowerUp Hosting, Hosting discount, coupon code, review
PopwerUp Hosting is one of the popular hosting companies in the world basically, here you are getting promo codes for discount. today I have been chatting with one of my new partner, he was looking for a hosting company, which will take care of our new super amazing top category money maker blog, because he is one of passionate and real dynamic person, having mater degree (M.Tech) like me. Well, that is different but because of him I am writing about this hosting service provider, hope it will give you value and I am sure you will get some benefits of landing on this page, because I have been in contact with PowerUp Hosting team to provide you some discount coupon.

Hurry for Coupon!

PowerUp Hosting Coupon Code August 2016-

  1. Click Here to be on the official page and then choose hosting.
  2. Here is the coupon code for getting 15% discount- ujjwablog

Things You Will Know About PowerUp Hosting-

This is the part of this hosting company, here I am putting all headings those I am going to share in this article and most important thing is that I am planning to write as much I can about this hosting company.
  1. About PowerUp Hosting
  2. 9 Things to Know About PowerUp Hosting
  3. Best Thing About PowerUp Hosting
  4. List of Data Centres of PowerUp Hosting
  5. PowerUp Hosting Customer Service from Personal Experience
  6. Products and Price of PowerUp Hosting
  7. What People are Talking about PowerUp Hosting

About PowerUp Hosting

Well, this company is based in USA, the company having well infrastructure that is why it is having five star rating on Google, basically this company is providing service in different type of hosting like-
  1. Cpanel hosting
  2. Shared hosting
  3. Re-seller hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting
  5. Dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies

9 Things to Know About PowerUp Hosting

This is one of the most important section of this article, I mean if you are looking for knowing in details about this hosting company in very short period of time then this is the best section to read, even I got messages from people regarding this, because this is just too much helpful for newbies, so are you also looking for knowing about this hosting company at a glance then lets go for it.
  1. People rate this hosting service 5/5 on Google, screen shot is attached on the bottom of the page
  2. Wide range of products to choose
  3. 45 days money back guarantee, so no question about their service
  4. The company is based in USA
  5. The company rating on its Facebook page is 4.7/5, that's also awesome
  6. The user interface of the company is very good
  7. Different ways to get support, especially chatting support is awesome, its my own personal experience
  8. You can able to get awesome loading speed, which means great benefits of ranking of your page
  9. The company already featured on Forbes and INC magazine

Best Thing About PowerUp Hosting

Yeah, the best ever thing about PowerUp hosting I found that is all about type of hosting service with quality, yeah I have to share with you, that I have read couple of articles as well as asked several people before writing this article, so I must say the best thing about this hosting compay, is its service.

List of Data Centres of PowerUp Hosting

There are many data centres, this hosting company is having in USA and Europe to provide you better service and even you will get lot of traffic to your website then even it will have capability to handle traffic.

Here is the list of all server locations this hosting company is having-
  1. Los Angeles
  2. Dallas
  3. New Jersey
  4. Amsterdam

PowerUp Hosting Customer Service from Personal Experience

Well, this is the thing I usually share with you guys, actually to get some coupon codes for you, that it will be beneficial for you to land on my blog, so here I am providing coupon codes for getting discount from this hosting company.

Well, if you are thinking about their customer supports that's amazing, but if you are looking to know their chatting customer supports then I must say amazing, rating?

Yeah, there are many those always looking for rating, so I would say 9.5/10.

Products and Price of PowerUp Hosting

There are wide range of products offered by this hosting service provider this is one of the biggest advantage of using this service, of course I will share with you one by one that will be very helpful for you to know about all products.

So, are you ready to know about all products, I know you are?

But, before going to provide you information about all services, let me share with you few key features of PowerUp Hosting-
PowerUp Hosting, features

Types of Products Offered by PowerUp Hosting

  1. CPanel Hosting
    • SSD Shared Hosting
    • Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Re-seller SSD Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
    1. Linux VPS built on SSD
    2. Windows VPS built on SSD and
    3. Windows VPS build on HDD
  4. Dedicated Server
  5. Proxies
    • Dedicated Private Proxies
    • Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies

CPanel Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few features and package is given below in the screen shot, which will be much better for you to know more about PowerUp Hosting.
Basic Featutres, CPanel Hosting, powerup hosting

Re-seller SSD Hosting

Re-seller hosting is one of the hosting service, which generally used agencies to provide server to their clients, actually few of my friends using such service from different companies and they are making very good money out of it.

Here are some key features of this service-
  1. Official cPanel NOC partner
  2. Managed dedicated support
  3. LiteSpeed
  4. Cloud server
  5. True SSD
  6. Multiple server locations
  7. With great uptime, which will help your site to be live

Pricing & Features of Re-Seller Programs- 

Well, I have figures out that screen shots are much better to read pricing and features, so the screen shot is given below.
Reseller hosting, poweruphosting reseller, pricing
Reseller hosting, poweruphosting reseller, unmatch pricing

VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

This is one of the most wanted hosting service, if you are looking for server which will give you confident of running heavy traffic website.

Linux VPS Hosting Pricing by PowerUp Hosting

All information about its pricing is given below, but always choose hosting after looking at your requirement.
Linux VPS Hosting , PowerUp Hosting

Windows SSD VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

Windows SSD VPS is one of the smart choice for all people those wanted to start their website with full power, which is having capability of handling lot of traffic at a time, perfect for event based blog.
Windows SSD VPS, Pricing, PowerUp Hosting

Windows HDD VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

VPS and Windows HDD is just awesome for all those are looking for getting powerful hosting.
Windows HDD VPS Hosting, Pricing, PowerUp Hosting

Dedicated Server by PowerUp Hosting

One of the best way for handling heavy traffic on your webpage, if you are running e-commerce store this is one of the best choice.
Dedicated Server, PowerUp Hosting, Pricing

Dedicated Private Proxies by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few high lights about this service-
  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Advanced authentication [You will get IP based authentication]
  3. Fresh dedicated proxies [New proxies every 30 days]
  4. Expert managed support
  5. Stay 100% secured.
  6. Speed matter too
Dedicated Private Proxies, features, pricing

Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few features or I must say important things you will get in this package-
  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Advanced authentication 
  3. Fresh dedicated proxies 
  4. Expert managed support
  5. Stay 100% secured.
  6. Speed matter too
Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies , Pricing, Features

What People are Talking about PowerUp Hosting

Well, it is wonder to share with you what people think about this hosting service, because I got something amazing for you to share, here I am giving a proof that PowerUp Hosting is getting five star rating from public, you can cross check my words also, here is the screen shot of about it.
PowerUp Hosting, Review, rating of hosting

Why Engineering Students are Not Getting Jobs with Alternative

Engineering Students are Not Getting Jobs
Hello, my dear I am pretty sure either you are
  • Doing Engineering or
  • Did Engineering or
  • May be you are one of the engineering aspirants or
May be you want to send someone to this field for getting education bachelor degree in technical education, then let me share with you the exact scenario and there is a GOOD alternative still exist for engineering graduates, like thousands already choose and doing very well in that, that means that is a proven method, so you can also choose it.

There are many things you have to do in life, there is not only job but yes doing job can help you to increase your patience level and there are many other things will improve in itself, well I have been associated with many educational institutes and all those institutes also deals with engineering courses (Bachelor Degree and Master Degree), so I have many reasons why engineering students do not get job.

Here are those reasons-

Engineering Students Knowledge Does not meet the Requirements of Company-

Actually, I have been involved with many HR (Human Resource) of companies they told me that they are decreasing their standards to hire fresher because those are fresher they don’t want to do hard work in average even there are many those are working I must say this thing, but yes in average they don’t want to do hard work, even right now I have involved in training and placement cell of an engineering college, personally I trained them to become SEO experts but there are still many those are not giving that much interest.

So, I hope after reading this article, you will start putting concentration on your study and start thinking about yourself, I mean what you are doing, are you doing right thing for you.
I mean,  are you giving your 100% to make your future bright? Just think about it, it can change your life, if you will think in positive way.

Market has been exhausted with Huge Number of Less Skilled Engineering Students-

Yes, it is true that in the market, if any company wanted to hire good fresher professional then it is really difficult.

So, the reason is simple, only few those are giving proper time to study and others are just believe in study at last night and forget after examination.

There are Less Projects Running As Need for Creating More Vacancies-

Projects, there are very less projects on going in almost every field, that’s why the requirement of engineering graduates is less, so what you can do for getting rid of it, you just need to start your own business, yes may be you don’t have experience in it, then do hard work and later start your own venture, it will help you a lot.

The Time Changed: Now Recruiters seeing Study Vs Skills-

Though, the market has been exhausted that’s why there are some professional courses really playing important for getting good job and of course for boosting your career growth.

Okay, let me share with you few examples if any computer science and engineering graduates do professional course like PHP, Java, .Net, may be SEO, web designing and there are many then it will be fruitful for them, because it will definitely a advantage for him or her.

What is the Best Alternative for you?

It’s Blogging!

Yes, may be you heard this term first time don’t worry, even I have heard this term first five years ago from one of my friend told me, when I was thinking about earning money online.

But, in that time very less resources exist but today there are many, if you will search about anything about blogging you will get tons of result on Google and even there are many experts those are writing about blogging topics.

Can you guess? What is the reason behind this?

Okay, I don’t know you are guessing or not, but yes I can tell you the reason that is number of people coming forward to start their own business and even many well established business wanted to come online for expanding their business and for this blogging is one of the best media.

Actually, after seeing the need of blogging I have build this blog, that’s why those wanted to start blogging and earn money from blogging they will involved in it, if you are looking for good hosting company, then I will suggest you to go for FastComet, here is FastComet Coupon Code 2016 and if you are from India then Bluehost India is good get some discount here, Bluehost India Discount Coupon.

I mean you can do it.

Here is the most amazing free course for you, to learn howto start blogging for free.

I will suggest you to go through the whole tutorial, don’t jump here and there just read all tutorials and see what you are getting and I am sure you will create your own amazing blog, if you will follow the tutorial, I am sure about it. Because there are thousand those already did it.

And if you wanted to do something in your life and you really wanted to help others, then I must say blogging is the best ever tool for you.

Is there any other question you think about future of engineering graduates?

Top 8 Time Wasting Activities Bloggers Do, Save Time to Create Blog Post

I was thinking today, to write about most time wasting activities bloggers usually do, because when I have started blogging in that time, I have wasted too much on such activities, that's why probably what I needed to do in that time, I did not do, in blogging most important is your blog post, bloggers usually create blog posts up to 20 because till that much they were excited about blogging, then they start wasting time to make money online, but my dear 20 blog posts can not make you even 1$ per day by simple method in beginning of blogging. Yeah you can make but for that you need to have good knowledge about blogging.
May be you are thinking about affiliate marketing, one blog post can make you easily 100$ per day, but my dear to get sells from affiliate marketing you need to have good writing skills and also traffic, which is really not easy for newbie.

By the way, I am going to share with you those activities which is killing your time-

1) Checking Blog Stats Again and Again

As a newbie blogger, probably you are interested to know your blog stats on Alexa, but don't waste your time to check your own blog stats daily, instead of this, do create your blog post with great content(write blog post from your best knowing facts), that's why people will check your blog post, not you!

2) Check Other Blog Stats

Many times, you probably wanted to know the stats of the successful bloggers, but sometimes it motivates to keep blogging, but don't check again again it will waste your time.

Hopefully you are getting me!

3) Using Social Networking Websites While Writing a Blog Post

See using social network too much is not good even for your future dear, I am 100% sure about this, I don't know what do you think? I think social networks are totally wastage of time, because we are not using these networks for networking right?

I will suggest you to use social networks to promote your blog, nothing else and sometimes for getting in touch with friends and family, great!

4) Watching TV(Unnecessarily)

See most of the time, when people are free! they usually watch TV for refreshing mind right! so watch TV till you will refresh yourself, dear don't do extra refresh yourself that's why you will become lazy!

5) Listen to Music While Writing a Blog post

I was thinking that it is quiet good to write a blog post while listen to music, but after knowing the benefit of proof reading I start reading my blog post before publishing, so I found more mistakes when I was writing blog post while listen to music than only writing a blog post, it also take less time.

So, don't do any other activity while writing an article, only give concentration to write an effective article dear! Only article can make a blogger, what you wanted to become from blogging? See, I don't know about you, that's why I can not say, what you want from blogging?

6) Read Other Blog Post While Writing a Blog Post

Sometimes it happen, when you are writing a blog post(if your blog post is too lengthy), usually try to read your favorite blogs, don't do this while writing a blog post, because it will decrease your creativity, but of course you should read other blogs, at least those blogs are on your niche(to know what other bloggers are thinking and achieving)

7) Checking Emails Again and Again While Writing a Blog Post

See, everything having time to do, so don't try to mixed up every thing, just do finish a target then go for next one, other wise everything will mixed up.

Of course you should check your emails daily, I know probably you have subscribed many bloggers newsletters or probably Google Alerts, hopefully those are helping you, but read those letters or alerts after writing a blog post not while writing a blog post, make sense!

8) Talking Long Time While Writing a Blog Post(Phone)

You know that! Phone, I mean mobile phone is the most disturbing device for me till now, because I have received calls while writing a blog post, then talking long time, it will reduce your creativity in your article, now what is the solution for it?

I think you should keep your mobile on silent while writing an article. 

See time is money, don't waste it, because time is most important in our life nothing else, invest your time to make your future better.

Are you facing any other activities, which is wasting your time, please share!

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