Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top 7 Mistakes Of Every Beginner Affiliate Marketers

Top 8 Mistakes Of Every Beginner Affiliate Marketers

MISTAKES are good.

But, it’s not all the time, especially when you are trying affiliate marketing, because a mistake means you are going to lose money.

I don’t want that.

I am going to tell you top 7 mistakes generally made by beginner’s affiliate marketers and that’s why most of them end with their first try, because they don’t succeed in affiliate marketing.

They Don’t Understand Customer Need-

It’s all about need.

If you don’t fall in ill then you never go to  Doctor, like the same if you will not sell product which customers are looking for then how would you hope to get sells?

For this you need to be seeing around forums, question answer websites, blogs, social media.

So, first understand the customers need and the go for promotion of any product.

They See Only Money-

Money is not everything; if you want to make long time relationship then you must promote products those really helpful for customers.

Otherwise you will end or you will lose lifetime customers.

Best way to promote right product- first try the product by yourself if possible then go for it, otherwise you can ask anyone who already use the product.

They Used Only One Media-

Don’t promote product only on one media, well you need to keep doing experiment as a beginner like try PPC, CPM, Adwards, Popads, Content Marketing, Social Media ads etc.

Now need to know, which one is working better for you, which one is better for you just use that method you will made lot of money.

They Don’t Collect Gold-


Because, it’s even better than GOLD, let’s assume “DIAMOND”.

They don’t collect e-mail addresses of people, all of them those are visiting the product through your campaign are not going to buy product.

What Does That Means?

You are losing them, so the best as well as easy way to make relationship with them is e-mail marketing.

Not Using Content Marketing-

Content is marketing is good for affiliate marketing because here everything would be work viral, means you will not lose money, you will just create a blog on the product you are going to sell, I am going to talk more on this, because it’s really matter.

Sending Traffic Directly to the Sells Page-

Sending traffic directly to the sells page means your conversion rate will be poor, because people will not come to know about the product.

See, we first see the product then we decide whether the product, you will buy or not, so you need to tell them benefits of the product.

And first you need to tell the PROBLEM going to solve the product, because people will buy a product if they need.

Need to Apply Newton’S Third Law-

We all know, About Sir Isaac Newton for his great contribution to the society.
Okay that’s good.

But, the question how you can use his 3rd Law in Affiliate Marketing?

It’s simple, just try to give something to the society, if it would be really helpful for the society then they will give you back something may be money or any other thing.

Now think about this, if your help will reach to 1 million people if they will help you any way and you just think $1 for one person.

That means you made $1 Million.

Cool right.

Affiliate Marketing is good to earn money online but need to learn little bit different things to sell product online, then you will be NEXT king.

But, most important I think is collecting e-mail addresses of people, because it would be helpful for you for long time.

Is there any common mistakes made by Beginner Affiliate Marketers? 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to Write Awesome Content for Blog

How to Write Awesome Content for Blog

Do you really think?

Blogging is all about writing.

I don’t know, what you think? But, there are few things you need to do in blogging to get success easily as well as effectively, those are
  • Sharing
  • Engaging
  • Making Relationship With Readers
  • Responding
  • Caring

Well, these are really important but let’s do talk about “Awesome Content”, well here comes three things-
Although, these three are just great because there are bloggers those got success from above these three types of content, but as a beginner or individual bloggers what type of topics you should write?

And, more important how to write?

See, in blogging you need to write very good content, but most important is how to write?

If you can improve your writing style then you can become better blogger, because people will like it, people will response to it and more important they will share.

So, here are few things you need to take care before going to write a great blog post-

Blog Post Should be Complete in Details-

Many bloggers, especially those are beginners they thought writing lot of blog post is everything.

But, in actual by doing this you are just killing your blog as well as your blogging career.

Don’t ever do this, because QUALITY always matter, if you want to get success in blogging then write full details blog post, it will help you as well as to your blog readers.

Use Magazine Style in Writing-

Magazines are just great for bloggers, because its time to copy their way of writing, we all know, authors of magazines are just great writers, so why not to copy them to make our blog popular.

Use Image or Images in Blog Post-

Images are just great for increasing engagement of your blog posts, yes! You can get traffic from search engines, because search engines do have option for searching images, well for this you need to make your images search engine friendly.

Write About Your Own Opinion-

I have analyze this on my blog, I have written reviews about advertisement networks and I got lot of comments, e-mails, royal readers because I have written reviews from my own experience.

That means, if you will write articles from your own experience then it is for sure you will get better rank, more engagements, more comments and of course at the last more revenue.

Write What You Know Much Better-

Writing is the key to get success in blogging, but you must write what you know? 

Don’t just write article, write articles which would be beneficial and put value to the internet world, well I know it will take lot of time but it will help you much more later, but at the beginning it will be little difficult to write articles, because beginner bloggers always got motivate from money point, but dear at the beginning you can not make more money, until or unless you will not do work for getting it.

Again, apply here Newton’S Third Law- “Give Something to Get Something”.

Write What People Needed-

Full filling people need is a great social work.

But, here again don’t try to full fill everything, just try to full fill what you can and that must be best according to you as well as according to people "READERS".

For knowing what people looking for in the internet, you need to know Keyword Research.

See, everybody having their own style, but above points are just great to create awesome content for blog.

But, proper explanation is important, that’s why anyone can understand your words.

Is there anything can make your blog post awesome? 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Affiliate Marketing Programs- Beginners Definite Affiliate Marketing Guide

Big Fish in the Internet, Infopreneurs Become Millionaires, that's why people get started affiliate marketing and loose money.
They don't know how to start Affiliate Marketing, How to Find Great Affiliate Programs, How to Convert Customers to Lifetime customers and keep making commissions.......
So, I have decided to give you the actual ideas for Affiliate Marketing from Beginning, from ground Level to Long Skyscrapers.
Now Happy.
You are going to know the biggest online business ever..... Happy Dear!
6.       The Genuine Gold Mine of Affiliate Hubs
7.       How to Promote Affiliate Products
8.       Promote Affiliate Product for Free
9.       Promote Affiliate Product On Facebook, Google Adwards, Chitika, Infolinks, Bidvertiser...
10.   Why Beginner Affiliate Marketers Fail?
11.   Mistakes You Are Going to Make in Affiliate Marketing
12.   How to Use Youtube to Promote Affiliate Products to Make Money
13.   Wait- The Big Bonus for Affiliate Marketing
14.   Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing
15.   What is Next You Can Do in Affiliate Marketing?
There are numerous way to make money online, but affiliate marketing is the best way to earn more and more money from online, most probably the best way.
Well, I have explained about all important aspects of Affiliate Marketing with mistakes, action to take etc.
That's why you can earn money online.
See dear, I have explained my own way to promote affiliate products and it is sure there are thousands those are reading this article, that means if everybody is going to use the same technique then it will work for you, no doubt about it.
But if you want to earn more money then you to try different methods, I mean you have to discover different which will get you more sells that means you will make more commission.
Which is exactly you want.
Is there anything you want to add or ask?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Where to Find Best Affiliate Products

Where to Find Best Affiliate Products

Affiliate Marketing- Oh The Amazing money source for all bloggers.

The reason is simple, we know how to write, rank on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), but the big problem bloggers always face that is best affiliate products.

Check the Product Quality-

Before going to promote any affiliate product, you must think about few things because its about your relationship with readers.

If you will not do so, then probably you will loose trust, here are few things to know about the product-
  1. Consider Yourself as a customer of the Product
  2. Use the product first by yourself
  3. Know the real concept of the product
  4. Make sure the product is having genuine price
  5. The product should be valuable to customers
If you will check these five sentences, I have written then I am sure you are going to do long time business.

Put, your readers first then see money, because blog without readers just useless.

Send Traffic to Big Companies-

Big companies, well known products always convert well.

The reason is simple, people already using their service so people trust those companies, if you have traffic then don't forget to send traffic to big companies.

If you will see income report of any pro bloggers, those bloggers 80% income from affiliate marketing.

DO You Know Why?

Because, they are clever.

Yes, they do indeed.

That's why they are making money, you know what they do?

They just add a page, under heading "Tools I used " or "Service I Recommend", they know it, people or I must use the word here "beginners" definitely click on it.

AND their earning boost up from there, many confessed about it and many don't

Well, I mean you to make understand the concept behind making money.

Analyse Your Readers-

This is important.

If you wanna become successful affiliate marketer, then you must follow this, because just a year ago, I came to know about "Vick Strizheus"

Well, in 2013 there is a lot of buzz about him in internet marketing world, because of his products as well as making money concept through internet marketing.

But, let me tell you the BIG reason behind this, what I come to know after doing lot of research about him as well as the real cine behind his success?

He did a SURVEY.

I just don't remember, which service he used to take survey, but I know about a famous service which is free too, that is Survey Monkey

I hope you liked it.

Well, let me tell you, What Vick Strixheus did?

He did a Survey the survey for bloggers, he just wanted to know, where bloggers are struggling because there are millions of blogs exist in the world but only 3% of them making money online.

Then, he just started promoting products related to making money online through affiliate marketing as well as getting traffic to blog, because most of the bloggers struggle here.

And he succeed in this.

Preferred Affiliate Networks-

Well, there are many affiliate networks but choosing affiliate products would be depend on your blog content.

Well, here is the list of affiliate networks those professional bloggers usually used-
I know it is really difficult to choose a best affiliate product according to your blog, because as a beginner you don't have that much idea about affiliate marketing as well as about your readers, for this you can use survey monkey to know more about your readers.

Then, you can easily come to know, what your readers want?

That's it, now you can make money online through affiliate marketing.

Is there anything you would like to know about "Finding Best Converting Products for Your Blog"?

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