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Snovio Review: Best Mail Lookup Tool for Digital Marketer

This is the best e-mail lookup tool for marketers, professionals or anybody who is looking for such service, in this article I will share review of Snovio, that's sound interesting is not it. In this review you will get about the service provider, advantages as well as key points of this service providers, so are you ready for this, then let's go for it.
Snovio Review, email lookup tool

What is Snovio all About?

Snovio is a great lead generating tool for many types of professionals.  It makes things just easier for many people: Recruiters can extend their sourcing resources and Sales managers can do better prospecting for sales finding more emails. One can find and research bloggers, journalists, websites owners and contact them within the platform. Yes there are always need of this tool in the market, so I am sure this service provider is going to help lot of marketers, especially those deals with digital things.

Even you are reading this article because you wanted to be powerful, smart and of course ahead for making the job fast, effective with efficiently.

Besides an email Snovio provides you with the other structured information, enhancing your data, so that you can target specific positions within companies.

What are Snovio features You Will Love Them?

  1. Linker (Boolean strings builder for various sources)
  2. Company search (If you know the city, industry and country, Snovio will get company profile)
  3. Prospect search (Explore our database and find prospects in just no time)
  4. Boolean-string search queries generator for Google, LinkedIn, Github, Facebook and others. (Install our Chrome extension and pull it on LinkedIn pages when you need emails)
  5. Verifier (Upload your mailing lists and get them back clean from bounced, abandoned or invalid emails)
  6. Domain search (Enter a domain name to find email addresses)
  7. Bulk domain search (Upload file with domains and Snovio will find emails or prospects for you)
  8. Emails from names (Upload your own file with first, last names and domain name to find emails)
  9. Email sender (Gives an opportunity to send messages via email to the prospects you find)
  10. Cryptocurrency payment (Cryptocurrency lovers can pay for our service with SNOV token)

Here are Few Snovio Advantages

Why is Snovio better than similar services?

  • Surfing websites and searching emails is easy with our website plugin. Visit any website, open our plugin and see email addresses along with extra information like names or positions (if available).
  •  Snovio’s pricing is the cheapest among our competitors, we have 100 credits trial, and the cheapest package costs now only $19 for 1000 prospects. If you  buy a plan with SNOV tokens (our internal cryptocurrency), you’ll pay 15% less.
  • We can not only find contacts, but also send messages to the prospects
  • We have precise filters to help recruiters and HR’s look for the most suitable candidates effortless.
  • The closest competitors of Snovio are and FindThatEmail. However only Snovio found a way to solve the most intricate prospects search tasks with it’s Marketplace tool and also to provide the database only with the freshest valuable contacts through the Snovio Contributor App.
  • Our database has the most up-to-date data, and notifies a client when prospect’s info is updated
  • is the only decentralized solution for lead generation on market
  • We reward our data suppliers, and anyone can become one without spending any time, effort or money using our Contributor’s app.
  • Our marketplace, which functions on smart contracts does not have any analogs among competitors

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ClickAdu Review 2018 Pop Under Premium Ad Networks with High CPM

ClickADu Review, Pop Under Ad Network, high CPM
Okay, dear friends today I am going to share with you one of the best ad network in this space that is ClickAdu I will review this ad network today, actually after looking at their stats I am really impressed and I am really happy to share with you about this ad network, today you are going to learn lot of things, I am sure you will get very good information and here are few things I am going to put concentration.

About ClickAdu Ad Network

Well, ClickAdu is one of the leading famous network in the world, basically if you will look at their graph of reach then you can understand about them, see they are providing such a great service for advertisers as well as publishers, they are maintaining balance, that is why they are doing great in this space, I mean think about it a company delivering ad impression in over 240 countries.

I am sure that is one of the biggest achievement of this ad network other than these this network is delivering 100+ million impressions and of course over 180K conversions that is the sweet part for advertisers, so if you are an advertiser or even publisher then you must try this network at least once, well don't get panic, I will share with you step by step guide to join this ad network.

Few Important Things to Know About ClickAdu

This is a secial section for all my review article, that is the reason there are many of readers spend lot of time in this section, basically in this section you are going to learn about ClickAdu at a glance.
  1. You will get on time payment
  2. Having great alexa rank world wide is 391
  3. ClickAdu is most popular in Thailand 
  4. You will see detailed statistics
  5. There are several ways to get paid like Paypal [I am using it India and received hundred of payments- Get Paypal India Verified Account]
  6. High ECPM rate
  7. Operating over 240 countries in the world.
  8. They have more than 5K active campaigns, that means if you have heavy traffic then you can make more money as simple as that.
  9. Well, they also have about 4000 publishers in all around the world, well you must appreciate this, because having 4000 publishers itself a great achievement for the company.
  10. There are several ways you can target your audience like geo targeting, frequency, capping and there are many options out there for you, to make it convenient and very useful for you.

How to Get Paid from ClickAdu

After writing years about ad networks and implementing too, that is why I have earned thousands of dollars from ad networks alone and my readers also earned that much, one of my blog reader earning about $40 every day from single ad network, I don't know may be you will become next one, but here traffic matter, if you will get good traffic to your blog, then you can earn any money, so have patience keep blogging with different angles to get the best one and keep searching for the best, that is why I always said people to keep doing experiment.

So, here I found this ad network, only because of this and I am writing few important points here, here are few ways you can get payment.
  1. Paypal
  2. Wire Transfer
  3. Payoneer and
  4. Paxum
And of course those are enough ways to get paid, well as I have already shared with you, see I am from India and I am using Paypal to get all my outside country payment and of course I am really happy from their service.

How to Join ClickAdu

In this tutorial, I am going to share with you, step by step guide to join ClickAdu network, that's why it will be like spoon feeding for you, that is the main reason I am writing this article, so here is the step by step guide for joining this ad network.
  • First of all click here to get yourself on the official page of ClickAdu
  • Now you need to fill the form, which you can see, if you are having little slower internet connection then probably it will take little time, here is the screen shot I have putted for your better understanding.
clickadu, sign up form, ad networks, join ad network
  • Now, what you need to do that is to click on "Register", that's it.
Now you will get mails from ClickAdu team, that's why their team will review your application form and of course within 72 hours you will get notification about it but you need to click on conformation letter link because that is required, that means you will receive two mails from them, now after clicking on the conformation link you will be ask to filled about your blog or website, mean while you may get mail from their team about activation of your account.

After then you will get a code for providing domain ownership, you can easily do it, just need to do the next step for starting earning money from them, that is by inserting code, if you are completely beginner in this field then I will suggest you to read this article for adding Java Script/HTML Code to Blogger.

Minimum Earning Required for Payment

Again, I must say this is one of the most common question asked me, when I shared with them an ad networks, just like any other network here, I know you also have question about this ad network minimum payment threshold that is $100.

I am sure you have got the answer for your question.

User Experience of ClickAdu Dashboard

Well, I am really happy to share with you guys, they have awesome user experience support team, that is the main reason I am sharing here with putting little effort, I know there are many bloggers driving lot of traffic but they unable to earn lot of money because they unable to monetize their blog right way, so here I am sharing with you about it.

If you are not happy with your earning then you can contact me, I will share with you all details about earning money from your blog

Okay, here I am talking about user experience of this ad network, that is I will give 9.5/10 and that's pretty awesome.

Lets See ClickAdu Advertisers Point of View

Well, I know there are many those wanted to know more about ClickAdu as an advertiser, see there are many those wanted to put their campaign in different ad networks to find out the best one, so I will suggest you to put a campaign and then see the ROI, well most of the time I you can get most benefits from health niche product, but yes you can try and find out what you have then you can move to the next level.

Here are some interesting things you need to know as an advertiser-
  1. Optimization is smart for getting more conversion rate
  2. Surity of quality traffic, means real people will visit your product page
  3. You can get dedicated manager for your campaign to get best out of it.
  4. You have both channels desktop as well as mobile
  5. Other few features you also have like geo, frequency, OS, dayparting (This is something unique)

5 Tips to Earn More Money from ClickAds

Well, till now I have experimented with more than 20 ad networks and of course written many awesome reviews and there are thousands those are getting help from those reviews and I am really happy because of that, well today I am going to share with you, what you required to earn more money from this ad network, that's why you will earn more money, see earning money from ad networks depend on different factors, here are all those factors-
  1. Always try to get targeted traffic
  2. High quality traffic always come from quality content, so always put effort in your content, make it effective, descriptive and of course let users engage with content.
  3. Always try to get traffic from English speaking countries to get high CPM rate, its my personal experience.
  4. Treat your blog as a brand
  5. Invest money in domain, design which is mandatory for getting best out of it, actually I am working on it, soon you will see new avatar of my blog, which will be completely mind blowing for many.
It is possible that you have used any other network and you are reading this article then I must say you are not happy with earning of your blog, most of the cases it is seen, so here what I am sharing with you, actually I am going to tell you a tip, which is going to work for you.

I will tell you to use this ad network for a week and see the difference and then decide with which one you wanted to be.

Is there anything you would like to know about ClickAdu

How to Write a Blog to Increase Time on Site 2018 Special

As David Beebe puts it, “Content marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”

So, you have to prepare for it like you would for AKTU 2018 Examination. Your story has to be just right, and your narrative interesting enough that the reader decides to come back for a second visit; if you are a blogger, you know exactly what I am talking about! But if they do visit, how do you make them stay?

In a fast-paced world, who is always in a hurry to jump to the next interesting thing and a large sum of our audience being students who are preparing for exam like JEE Main to get admission in Engineering colleges in India, it isn’t easy to catch someone’s attention for long enough to get your message across. So, I have made a list of a few ways that you can write a captivating blog that keeps your viewers interested in long enough for a happy ever after.

8 Tips to Increase Time on Site

Kick-ass Content

As I have quoted Mr Bill Gates before in my post Video Content as a New King of Digital Marketing, Content is King! Even hosting you can check VirMach Hosting which is really good hosting company. Your posts have to be exceptionally interesting to have a good inflow of traffic. Have an archive of engrossing articles, each specific to a particular topic, explaining it in detail! This information based selling point makes your post a good read, and worthy of your readers time. 

Internal Linking is a Good Habit

When writing an article make sure that you interlink it with your other relatable posts (Make sure the links open in a new tab).

This gives you free advertising for all the other pages that people might not visit generally. It also increases your site’s SEO, and reduces the Bounce rate, and all for free!

Make your Page User-Friendly

Your reader cannot like your content if he/she cannot read it in the first place! Increase your font size.  Organize your post and categories them into headings, and subheadings, this helps your content to not look boring.

See to it that the article is divided into paragraphs, as smaller chunks are easy for the reader to digest.

Make Your Site Attractive

Design your site to give it a more personal touch. Make it simple and clutter free, so that the reader can be focused and is engaged for a longer duration. Put up your popular posts first, and display your esteemed archive. This makes your site attractive and inviting!

Add Images and Videos for Best Results 

All the good websites use background images as these make their site fetching. Use good quality images and videos in your post, this boosts you up in the search engine, and makes you googles favourite! Your digital content also makes your post engaging, if you don’t believe me, check out YouTube’s daily traffic, it makes my point perfectly!

Offer Content Upgrade to Your Readers

Top marketers use content upgrade as a tool to increase traffic. You basically give offer your readers extra bonus content by signing to a mailing list or filling out their information. And this works perfectly as everybody loves them some bonus! Your readers are engaged and return to your site by this simple technique.

Comments Are Invited!

Invite people to leave comments behind. This is the best way to analyses your contents performance and is also very engaging. Add your personal voice to the narrative of your blog though, only then do the readers feel encouraged to comment.

Win the Trust!

Win your readers trust by adding testimonials and bios with pictures. This makes your site more relatable and wins you a ton of credibility. You can also add awards and recognition you have received, this is always for business.

Try these tips, as they are the steps to your blogs success, and are bound to help you increase the time viewers spend on your site. And have revisits from your old readers! Here is to have your content loved, and Happy Blogging!

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10 Basic SEO Tips for Bloggers in 2018 Killer SEO Tips

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, in blogging SEO importance is really great, even most of the blogger become famous only because of using proper SEO tactics, but beginners are create blog then after blogging few months they quit blogging, there is a simple reason behind of this, they unable to attract good traffic that's why they quit.

But you don't have to.

Do you know why?

Because after reading this article, you are going to drive lots of traffic, most important those would be organic traffic means, traffic from search engines most likely from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask Etc.

DO you KNOW there are about 200 factors on which basis Google shows results, but I am sharing here most important SEO Tips.

So, here I am going to share with you those SEO Tips for you-

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger:- Tips 1(Adding Blog Title of Your Blog)

You might have given any name of your blog Title anything, but it's time to change it's name, if you have not give the name as I am going to tell you.

Your blog title should be related to your blog content, which will help you lot to drive lots of traffic, may be you are thinking how, if any one will search any thing in search engines, then search engine shows results according to the content having in a blog post or page and also the name of the blog title, may be you have not notice till now, but let me tell you how is it possible, one more thing if you are looking for getting first impression from your readers, then you need to have good design template, I will recommend you to read one of my article- Fast Loading Blogger Template

Yeah, if you are planning to start WordPress blog or self host blog then HostWinds is good even I will get 99% discount coupon see HostWinds Coupon 2017
There are two simple ways to find your blog on Google, if your blog got index in Google for few days.

Those ways are search by your blog title name and other one is search by your blog domain name, if your blog is not having a domain name then name before blogspot.

Do it, you will definitely see your blog there on search engine results, may be on the top.

So, the thing is that if you will give name of your blog according to your blog content then it will definitely help you lot to get good quantity of quality traffic to your blog.

Here, every blogger do the mistake, they give name of their blog with different, different name, which is not having any connection with their blog content, that's why, they do not get good rank of Search Engine Results Page that's why they do not get more traffic.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 2(Adding Descriptions of Your Blog)

Blog descriptions, which will tell Search Engine Robot or crawlers about your blog, then it is sure that if you will add description about your blog with right keywords then I am sure you will get more benefit.

I know it is little difficult for you or any beginners to write descriptions of blog, then take time, understand about your blog, for example my blog is about Blogger Tips, SEO Tips, Affiliate Marketing Etc.

Then I will write description of my blog:- My Blog Domain Name( is providing information related to Blogger, SEO, Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers, one more thing you need to consider few things before going to choose domain name for your blog, but of course you also keep in mind that you are choosing right hosting plan, which is also important, I will recommend if you are looking for premium hosting, WiredTree Hosting, Check WiredTree Coupon Code.

See, keep it short but effective then it will work better.

One more thing about this SEO tips, don't add too much lengthy description, it will not help you that much than the description is short with targeted keywords.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 3(Title of The Blog Post)

I know you are thinking, why I have written three times "Title", of course there is a big reason behind of it, people search on search engines, if your blog post title is exactly same as that people are searching on search engine then probability of getting your blog post on the top is more.

Now the main concept, I know as a beginner it is little difficult for you to write proper Title of the blog post, then there is one more simple way to find it, what people are searching on the web, i.e. go to Google and type the title name, you are going to give to your article, Google shows that the exact same keyword then it's good otherwise change it according to Google is showing as suggestions.

Now the professional but free one.

That is Google Adwards Keyword Tool(Which name has been changed to Google Keywords Planner)
Google Keywords Planner Tool help you to know volume of traffic for particular keyword, which helps to analyse the market about the potential of users for that keyword.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 4(Keywords of The Title in The Blog Post)

After Title this factor also play an Important role, now how would you make it effective for your blog post, here is the key ingredients and also it's a easy one.

Just use words in your article as those words you have used in your blog post title, which will help you to get good rank on search engine results pages.

But don't repeat too much.

Then how much you should use?

You can use about 3% of keywords for best results, for example if you are writing a blog post of 500 words then you can use keywords up to 15, don't use not more then 15.

Otherwise for temporarily may be you will get good rank but later, may be Google Panda or Penguin will hit your blog, do remember this!

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 5(Blogger Permalink)

Blogger introduces Permalink to boost the ranking of blogspot blogs I mean, those blogs are running on blogger platform.

But there are two features over there.

One of them is "Automatic Permalink", which generally 90% bloggers used, that's why missed another feature of blogger Permalink that is "Custom Permalink", which will allow you to write your own permalink, that is also as URL(Universal Resource Locator) Structure.

But add dash in between two words for best results, you have other options too like adding under scores in between words, not adding anything.

But adding dash in between the words is the best, I know am repeating this sentence again because it's worth it.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 6(Do Follow Links)

There are links to add in HTML, which will lead you another page may be on the same page tab or another new tab.

But here I am talking about most relevant link, which will help those, who will get link from other blogs, like for example if I will give do follow links to you then it will help your blog to get good rank on search engines remember this.

May be you are thinking how to do it?

It's simple, if any one is adding HTML link, that is called do follow link, but I will suggest you not to give do follow links any website or not even sale do follow links because which will pass page rank of your blog.

That is sure, may be you are thinking, if it is necessary to provide link then what to do? keep reading, you will get answer of your question.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 7(No Follow Links)

No follow links is a good one for linking to other blogs with out loosing online reputation, even then I will suggest you, don't link too much to other website.

If it is really necessary then go for it.

Here is the code for adding no follow link "<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> follow link</a>"

But remember don't link to your own blog pages with no follow link, it should be do follow means if you will remove rel="nofollow", from the above code then the link become do follow.

By the way in blogger, you have automatic section, you just need to check it or out according to use, I have written a complete guide blog post on Permalink- Add Nofollow Link on Blogger Including SEO Mistakes

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 8(Anchor Text)

Anchor text is also known by interlinking your blog posts with other blog posts, as you are reading right now, you got links, which will allow you to know about any other blog post relevant to this blog post.

See, if you are giving link to your other blog post, the it will make strong bond in between the articles, which will increase page view of your blog, trust of your blog, decrease bounce rate, increase time spend by per user, user value etc.

Which all sign getting good rank on search engine results pages, which is having simple meaning that you are going to get good traffic from search engines.

And which is the only best way to become a good money earning blogger.

What I think?

I don't know, what do you think? Please let me know by giving comments below.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 9(Labels)

This is one of the feature of blogger Post settings, you can see this option of the right side of the blogger blog post writer.

This label is also known as category of your blog post.

It will simply let know people about the blog post in one word or may be two words, here is the big information for you.

That only people don't understand, search engine crawler also understand this about your blog post through label, that's why providing proper label will improve your blog posts search engine visibility.

But don't give too many labels to your blog post one is the best but if your blog post is really link to your label more than one then you may be give 3 to 4 labels.

This is my thinking, I don't know what other thinking about this.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 10(Location)

Location is the one of the key feature of Search Engine Optimization, generally it helps in local searching, actually Google search results vary from place to place.

It's only because location or targeted location this is also known by Geotargeting, you can target any place from any where, if your blog content is related to that place other wise don't target to wrong location it will not help you at all for getting good rank on search engine.

This option you can see on the right side of your blog post writer on blogger, if you have not used till now then you may try this feature of blogger.

Specially those are travel blogger they got lots of help from it.

Step by Step Guide to Set Up Your Location on Blogger for Better Search Engine Visibility- Setup Your Blog Post Location

I hope you will get great value from this blog post about Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for blogger, but let me tell you, I have already written an blog post, which is about 40+ SEO Tips for bloggers, read this blog post, It will change your blogging career. I guaranteed.

What do you think about these SEO tips for bloggers, please comment below share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter.

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