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[Earned $1513] Top Paying CPM Ad Networks for Indian Small Publishers in 2017

Hello, guys how are you? So you wanted to know top paying CPM ad networks in India, okay go ahead I have shared my whole experience about monetizing a blog.

Most Recommended CPM Network: >>Click Here to Join<<, Already earned over $715, is not that amazing.

I hope you are doing awesome today, because today I am going to share with you list of ad networks those are paying quite fantastic revenue. I have earn pretty good amount that's why I am sharing with you. Okay that's fine let me share with what others type of networks are good for you in order to earn money from blog.

Its been long time, I have linked my Facebook profile with my about me page, that's why there are several questions asked by my readers on Facebook and its been really busy schedule going on so this blog post published in little delay, okay in this blog post you are going to learn lot of information about CPM ad networks especially for Indian Publishers.

Okay, then lets get started learning lot of things including best CPM networks for you-

What is CPM Ad Networks?

The full form of eCPM is Effective Cost Per Mile, sometimes we know CPM as Ecpm, because we are using effective before cost per mile. actually it is one of the type of ad networks, this type of ad networks paid not per click but per impression.

CPM, means how much money or I must say revenue you will generate for thousand views on that ad which is showing on your blog. Actually when I have started blogging I got first payment from PPC Network.

Which is one of the promising Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Publishers and of course it is now even more, there are thousands those are generating good revenue from that network, even I have earn over $1200 from that network, I know you want to know the name of that network, okay here is the name and one of the most amazing review about that network- Bivdertiser Review 2017 with Payment Proof.

When to Apply for CPM Ad Networks As a Newbie in Blogging?

There are thousands started blogging because of this blog and it really feels me good because at least because of me & this blog, there are thousands more will start blog in the new year 2017, this is my mission to help more than 10000 people to start blogging and earn money from blog.

So, all new bloggers, or people those wanted to started blogging, either they saw earning of top bloggers in India or may be the person who is belonging from any other countries, like I know John Chow is a Professional Amazing Blogger, Shoe Money- Jemery Schoemaker, well may be you are looking for the answers that is when you will apply for CPM networks to generate revenue.

According to me, there are million of bloggers quit blogging because they don't think about the root for earning money online that is traffic and you know more traffic means more earning, may be you will go for PPC, may be CPM, may be to affiliate marketing.

But, dear the root cause still in dark, if you want to drive traffic then you need to write good quality articles, here almost all newbies fails because it takes lot of effort, hard work, that's why they don't work here, just looking for earning, I know it is really difficult to work for anyone without money is really make people frustrating, but sometimes we work for free right, do you know why?

Because there is a cause of helping, so I will suggest you to find out the reason to blog, then I am sure you can blog for long time and if you will keep writing for six months at least one blog post per day then I am sure you will be next successful blogger.

What Are Top Small Publishers Choice CPM Ad Networks-

If you wanted to know list then I must say its totally wastage of time, as I have shared with my couple of blog posts that I have been blogging from last five years so I do have pretty good experience with one of the most promising CPM networks and another two networks those are really going awesome these days, I will share with you all these three networks.

See, I could share with top 10 CPM networks but I think what's why use of it by knowing ten networks, because at the last maximum you are going to use two networks on your blog, so here in this section of this blog post, I am going to share with you top three networks I will suggest you to use these networks one by one and see the changes in revenue of your blog.

Here is the most list of most promising CPM networks for small publishers/bloggers-

Infolinks- Maximum CPM Rate I have Seen is Over $7-
Infolinks review, cpm network for small publishers
When I have started blogging in 2010 in that time I knew bloggers like John Chow, Darren Rowse, Jemery Schoemaker and there were only few those talk about blogging.

But, I have seen John Chow personally used Infolinks to monetize his blog, well he also used affiliate marketing too, because affiliate marketing is really cool to earn lot of money from blogging.

Here are few important things about Infolinks may be you don't know-
  1. Minimum balanced to withdraw from Infolinks as a publisher is $50
  2. Different ways to withdraw but I prefer Paypal
  3. There are more than 1,25000 websites monetized with infolinks
  4. Third largest ad market place in the world
  5. 2.5 billion monthly ad views
I am sure many of these points you did not heard about Infolinks, may be you want to join infolinks, right okay then click here to join Infolinks Pop Under Ad Networks But Working Too Good for Blogger-
cpm network, popcash review 2017
This is one of the top Pop under pop ad network, because personally I have earned a good money from after monetizing one of my blog with this ad network, & after seeing the benefits of this ad network I have written a blog post that is review 2017 even I have written another blog post that is Vs Great Comparison between them from my last four years experience of using these two networks.

Here are most important noticeable points about
  1. Approval process is pretty fast and almost all websites get approval
  2. Minimum balance required to withdraw payment for publishers is $10
  3. Within two days after placing withdraw request I got paid through Paypal
  4. Good CPM rates
Payment proof of in 2016-
Recently, I have received payment from, I have received payment through Paypal, here is the screen shot of it-
popcash payment proof 2017

May be and why not?

You wanted to join this network, right. If you are confused then I will suggest you to try this network alone on your blog and then see the improvement in revenue, okay enough talking its time to take action click here to join now and start earning. My Recommended & Cutting Edge Technology Ad Network- review 2017, cpm networks for small publishers

Well, its not for a long time I am using it, even I have written a review about this network under title Review 2017, actually I have seen features of this network those are innovative and providing great cutting edge technology and I hope you have not seen such time of technology using any network.

Here are most important noticeable things about
  • is using cutting edge technology to provide great source for publishers to generate good revenue.
  • Very good CPM rates for US traffic about $14
  • Approval process is quite good
  • Real time statistics
Well, other things you can come to know about this network, if you will read my review; I will recommend you to join this network @ Click here to Join Now

Most Important Blog Posts to Monetize Your Blog-

Actually, I have couple of blog posts those are really awesome for you to monetize your blog and which will let you earn lot of money from your blog, here are those list of blog posts-

What Others Recommended Sources to Earn Money for Publishers?

If you are a publishers then I must say you are having lot of opportunities to earn money from your blog but there is one BIG promise you need to do to yourself that you will create great content with time that's why your market value in your own niche will keep on increasing but yes remember it will take time may be years if you are interested in a niche in which competition is already there.

So, here are few sources for you to earn more money from blogging-
1. Start Doing Affiliate Marketing, which source link I have already share with you.
2. Create your own informational product may be any e-book like I have written couple of e-books and all of them I have published in Amazon Kindle, also one of my e-book become top seller on Amazon and that was one of my big achievement.
3. You can create a video course and sell on Udemy, this is a pretty good platform for publishers to earn more because it is one of the fastest growing MOOC's in the internet.

Recommended for You- I have interviewed Couple of Udemy Successful Instructors; I will do many more; here is the cool list of interviews for you, including the person earn over $10,000 from Udemy-

Why Small Publishers Failed to Earn Money Consistently?

Hey, I know you are blogging because of money.

So, it is quite obvious that you will not invest that much money in your blog, which will lead you to not earn money from blog consistently.

What I have seen with many bloggers & finally do you know what they do?

And I don't want that, that's why I don't put ad on this blog, if I will put I could generate another couple of hundred dollars from this blog every month, but I don't want that.

Here are couple of points you need to notice-
  1. Don't go behind money, so what to do? May be you are thinking then I will suggest you to go behind content and then promoting your content in the internet
  2. Don't show off just try to put genuine effort which will make readers of your blog feel better and happier.
  3. Focus on readers happiness and what they are getting from your blog
  4. Don't put too much ad for generating short time revenue rather sell any e-book or you may join affiliate marketing which is much better than ad networks in terms of earning as well as readers satisfaction
  5. If possible hire someone for writing content and pay how much you are earning and start reinvesting if you want to grow faster, but be careful while hiring someone.

Three Most Important Advices for Small Publishers-

Advice always works; if it will implement proper way, because I said ideas are worthless until or unless you will not implement, because idea is just an imagination and imagination means imaginary to see it in real we need to work on it and then we will come to know it is possible or impossible although may be you have seen if we will split impossible then itself it said I am Possible.

But, real life there are something those are really impossible, okay here let me share with you those three most important tips which will help you to become one of the big publishers means attracting at least million visitors per month.
  • Think about readers that what you are providing; is it going to put value in their life at least for what they are reading your blog
  • At the beginning only think about traffic (writing articles and promotion on social media) that means you need to forget about earning
  • Leverage your articles as you can to attract traffic all around the web.
I am sure there are few big sites those still prefer CPM networks to monetize their blog, because they don't need to think about user's clicks on the ad.

Here, I also recommend that you must try such type of networks too on your blog to see the best result, although you can say this is one of the experiment you need to do to find out the best way to get good revenue from your blog.

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[40% Discount] Milesweb Discount Code: Review, Coupons Promo Codes of MilesWeb 2017

Milesweb Discount Promo Code:

Are you in hurry for getting coupon codes for discount on MilesWeb Hosting, for getting discount follow the below steps and for review read below.

Step- 1:  Click Here first for discount
Step- 2:  Choose hosting plan

Yeah, its time for discount:

Below are the offers for February. You can promote it on your website. What is your website URL?

30% OFF on cPanel hosting. Coupon valid for all billing cycle.
Coupon Code: CPUNL
Expiry Date: 28/2/2017

Discount: 30% OFF on Windows hosting. Coupon valid for all billing cycle.
Coupon Code: WUNL
Expiry Date: 28/2/2017

40% OFF on WordPress hosting. Coupon valid for all billing cycle.
Coupon Code: WPINF
Expiry Date: 28/2/2017

Discount: 40% OFF on Reseller hosting. Coupon valid for all billing cycle.
Coupon Code: RHJUP
Expiry Date: 28/2/2017

Discount: 30% OFF on all managed openvz vps plan. Coupon valid on first month invoice.
Coupon Code: VPSFEB
Expiry Date: 28/2/2017

Discount: 25% OFF on all managed kvm vps plan. Coupon valid on first month invoice.
Coupon Code: KVMFEB
Expiry Date: 28/2/2017

Discount: 35% OFF on all cloud hosting plan. Coupon valid on first month invoice.
Coupon Code: CLDFEB
Expiry Date: 28/2/2017
Hey guys; today I am going to tell you about another, the most amazing company in the hosting world. Guys today I will discuss with you about one of the reliable hosting company and that very hosting company is none other than that of MilesWeb.

So well guys if you are looking for one of the most affordable as well as reliable hosting service provider then this hosting company that is MilesWeb will be the most appropriate one for you dear. In this article I will actually say about each and every details about MilesWeb. So guys and girls are you ready? I am sure that you will be. Let's get started dear.
First of all I want to share my feelings in the way that in fact I am feeling very happy to write this article that is about MilesWeb. This is because MilesWeb actually are having a lot of amazing products most of the people are looking for.

I am really glad to share things related to MilesWeb. This hosting company is providing quite a few amazing features that will be really going to be the beneficial one for all those who are interested and looking for hosting.
I have earlier mentioned guys that MilesWeb is the best hosting company of India. They have wide range of products with a lot of features. 

In this article I am going to discuss in details about the respected Indian web hosting company. MilesWeb also have a greater support team who are always ready to help their clients in order to resolve their issues. We will discuss about this in the next section. 

Things I am going to discuss about MilesWeb

Well guys in this section I am going to tell you about the things which will be discussed in this blog. So guys and girls are you ready to go for this? Actually in this section I will share all the topics that will be discussed. So this is in fact very fantastic for those readers who are really interested to go for hosting.

This is because they will be going to easily conclude about the things going to gain here, and about the things they require.
Dear I am really very happy that I am here before you to share about this hosting company, about their plans as well as products. The fact is that there are quite a few reasons for sharing the information regarding this hosting company.

One of the reason is that MilesWeb is the most affordable as well as responsible company in the whole hosting industry in India. They are having their best team to resolve their issue and also to provide their service in the best possible way.

Apart from this there are a lots of amazing things as well.
Well readers that is why I am very much confident as well as satisfied to recommend you to go for their products. You can easily conclude easily about this very things that is why this is the best out of everyone. So guys let me come on the topic.

In fact I am going to list all those things that will be discussed in this article. Following are the things I am going to discuss about India's best hosting Company MilesWeb.
  • About MilesWeb
  • Best Thing About MilesWeb
  • 13 Things About MilesWeb
  • Important features of MilesWeb
  • Products And Prices of MilesWeb

About MilesWeb

Well guys in this section I am going to discuss with you about the MilesWeb. Here you will get all the information regarding this very company that is MilesWeb here. The fact is that dear MilesWeb believe that web hosting should be fast, reliable, simple, affordable and very satisfying for customers.

Actually they have started the very web venture in order to support the ever growing online business. They also think about to meet the expectations of business users at an affordable rate.

Guys you will be pleased to know all the feature that are being provided by this hosting company. There are a lot of important features that are here for you dear. There are quite a few type of services provided by MilesWeb. Let me here mention about this.

Guys and girls, actually it is comprises of technology, uptime services as well as awesome customer support services.Well guys the main thing is that MilesWeb offer their hosting services to all sectors and also businesses of all sizes. They have actually product and service offering from basic hosting account to complex dedicated server clusters on variety of platforms.

Well they are competent for offering services to all classes. They are having quite a few plans for their clients. Their team consists of actually experienced Linux and Windows system administrations. That very team is in fact committed to offer world class service.

So guys and girls if you are going through any issues then here is technical team to resolve them. Also all their system administrations have expertise in the field of cPanel and Plesk control panel, virtualization technologies. In this very way there are a lot of amazing features that are quite interesting as well as most of the people are looking for them.
Well the main thing I would like to say that they are actually committed to give their best to their clients. This is one of the essential things for anyone who are looking for the best hosting services. Actually they have designed their products and services in that very specific way so as to ensure best of customer experience and satisfaction.

In this article, in the later section I will provide you more information in details that will be very important for all of you. So let me go the other section where I will provide you some best thing about MilesWeb, one of the best India's best web hosting company. So guys are you ready? Let's get started.

Best Thing About MilesWeb

Well guys in this section I will tell you the best thing about this hosting company. I have earlier mentioned a lot of things about MilesWeb. Now here is the best thing about MilesWeb. As far as the opinion of mine is concern guys and girls then the best thing regarding MilesWeb is their wide range of products that are having a lot of amazing features and various plans most of the people are looking for.

Thirteen Things About MilesWeb

Well guys if you are looking for this very besting company and also want to know about this company in a very short interval of time then this section will be going to be quite fruitful one for all of you dear. In this section I am going to tell you about the most important 13 things about MilesWeb.

Before writing any valuable points about MilesWeb, I would like to mention that I have done a lot of researches on this hosting company. While writing this article, there was a lot of complications and many things, and the main thing was that I was in dilemma about writing the 13 most important things about MilesWeb.
After doing a lot of researches on this company, I came through many valuable points about this company. And I am very much confident dude that you too will be pleased to know this fact. Well guys in the very starting, I was not sure to write this very 13 points about this hosting company. After going through a lot of things,I came to know through many important points. So guys here I am providing you the most important 13 things about MilesWeb. So guys let's started.
  1. The first thing here is that MilesWeb is one of the most reliable hosting company in the hosting world.
  2. This is the most affordable as well, as compared to others in the whole industry.
  3. They are having wide range of products as well as services which are having a lot of amazing features.
  4. They are also providing you the best uptime guarantee like that of others. There is 99.95% Uptime guarantee.
  5. The main thing is that dear they are actually committed to providing you all the services for all skill levels, no matter whether you are a beginner or completely web savvy.
  6. They are having the best technical team for support purpose. Most of the time it happens that clients are going through a lot of complicated issues, that is why for that very situation there is a technical team provided by MilesWeb that is always available for hosting customers. They are always ready to help their clients. Undoubtedly you all can get the issues resolve with the help of them.
  7. They are very passionate about what they are doing for their customers. This is what most of the people are looking for.
  8. This is the best hosting hosting company of India. having a lot of awesome features unlike others.
  9. Here you can host your website on their best selling product. The most important thing is that you can get a free domain, email and super fast SSD storage to save your website data. 
  10. There are huge quantity of domains. This proves that MilesWeb is the best and one of the fantastic one in the whole industry. 
  11. This is one of the most fastest web hosting company as compared to other. 
  12. They also provide money back guarantee facility. This means that there is no risk in trying their services. If you are not satisfied with their services then you can get your money back. They will refund your full money. This is the valuable factor about this hosting company.
  13. Last but not the least, MilesWeb actually empower their customers to unlock the full potential of the web and thus get the best out of it.
Well guys all the above features prove the symbol of excellence in the field of hosting. So guy if you want to know more about this hosting company then you can go the below mentioned section.

In the upcoming section I will going to discuss with you more in details about MilesWeb Hosting. I am very much confident that you will be going to be satisfied with the plans and points that I will share about this company. So guys let me started.

Important Features of MilesWeb 

Well guys in this section I am going to tell you about some other things that are very interesting as well as amazing if it is said about that of MilesWeb. Let me here discuss with you some really awesome features that are for their clients that is for hosting customers of MilesWeb.

Powerful Web Hosting

So guys here is one of the most important thing for you. This is none other than that of powerful web hosting plans to host any plans, provided by MilesWeb to their hosting customers. Guys and girls you will be able to host your website on their best selling product. You can get free domain name, email as well as Superfast SSD storage to save your website data. 

24/7/365 Support facility

This is one of the necessary thing for any hosting customers. There is a support team for all of the clients who are looking for the hosting services provided by MilesWeb. You can actually call them frequently. There are here a lot of medium that you can go through. Let me mentioned them below-
  • Through contacting them directly via call.
  • Through a live chat as well, you can go through.
  • Also you can drop an email too. 
So guys if you are going through any type of issue, you can contact them undoubtedly. The main thing for you is that there is in-house support team in fact. That very team will fix all your hosting related issues. Thus dear you can enjoy the facility provided by them here that is support feature. 

Money Back Guarantee

Well there is an important feature now, i.e. Money Back Guarantee. The main thing here is that there is actually no risk in trying their services. The Company is actually providing their customers the facility of refund feature. This means that if you are not satisfied fully with their products and services then in that case they will happily refund your full money. No questions will be asked at that time that is at the time of returning money back. This shows that they are awesome in fact and also they are very passionate about their clients. 

99.95% Uptime

Well guys there is now another feature that is Uptime guarantee. Well let me come on the point dear that the top most priority of MilesWeb is in fact the availability of your website. Their Tier-3 as well as Tier-4 data Centers enables them to provide you great uptime.

Why to Choose MilesWeb 

Well guys here I am going to tell you about all those reasons that will actually reveal the things and all the issues in the very arena why you must choose MilesWeb hosting. Here I am going to mention all the things regarding these field. So guys go through the following mentioned points.
  • The first thing is that they that is MilesWeb here, actually committed to providing their clients the services for all skill levels, no matter whether you are a beginner or completely web savvy.
  • The fact is that they actually empower their customers to unlock the full potential of the web and thus get the best out of it. 
  • Apart from the above mentioned things there are many valuable points that will actually prove that this hosting company is really awesome in the whole hosting industry. Also guys considering the fact that customers want value for money, they have bundled their services with industry leading features.
  • There is 24/7 onsite help available also, throughout the year. You can get resolved your issues perfectly. For this very purpose their is an availability of support services provided by the company fully. This ensures that everything is perfect with your website always. 
That is all in this section. Let me start the new topic where I will tell you in detail about the products and prices MilesWeb Hosting.

Products And Prices Of MilesWeb Hosting

In this section I am going to tell you about MilesWeb hosting's product and prices. This is the most important section till now. So guys and girls if you want to know in details about this very hosting company then this section will be going to be the most fruitful one for all of you. Let me here provide you the services that are provided by MilesWeb Hosting.
Well guys let me come on the point directly. Here are some important services provided by MilesWeb. 
  1. Web Hosting by MilesWeb Hosting.
  2. Reseller Hosting by MilesWeb Hosting.
  3. Windows Hosting by MilesWeb Hosting.
  4. Dedicated Hosting by MilesWeb Hosting.
  5. Cloud Hosting by MilesWeb Hosting.

Web Hosting by MilesWeb 

Well here is the another hosting services and that is none other than that of Web Hosting. This is the superfast hosting service that is starting at just 109/mo. 

C panel 

cPanel is the most popular as well as the most widely used control panel on Linux server. This is why all their shared hosting plans are equipped with cPanel for the ease of website as well as account management. cPanel actually enables their clients to manage website files, folders, databases, also create emails.

Apart from these very things this also enables to manage domains and subdomains and a lot more through a single dashboard. They also provide you softaculous auto installer tool. This very thing is in fact available within your control panel and also this tool help you to install quite a few applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so on within few clicks. 

Reseller Hosting by MilesWeb 

Till now you have to come to know about a lot of things regarding this hosting company that is MilesWeb Hosting Company. If you know about Reseller Hosting by MilesWeb then I would like to say only one thing about MilesWeb and their Reseller hosting.

MilesWeb in fact offer excellent value for money Reseller hosting in India, UK and US with benefits as like that of White Label Reselling, Free Migration and Custom Branding.
The main thing is here that you as a reseller, can create packages of your choice to resell at prices determined by you, also maintaining your profitability

WordPress Hosting by MilesWeb 

Well guys here is another one that is WordPress hosting. Hey guys and girls, if you are a WordPress blogger or a developer and looking for fully loaded WordPress hosting service that is isolated from other users on the server, then MilesWeb provide you everything for which you have been waiting for.

Their WordPress blog hosting built on a blazing fast latest SSD hardware that is actually highly tuned for optimum performance. There are actually many thing that are included in this very WordPress Hosting.

Actually, WordPress Hosting includes latest WP version, plugins, themes, daily automated backups, anytime money back guarantee as well. I have earlier discussed about the feature of money back guarantee, you may know very well about this.
Also there is 99.95% uptime guarantee as well. Apart from this there is full technical support as well along with the option to choose server location from India, UK and US. This is all about WordPress hosting of MilesWeb.

Windows VPS Hosting 

Once again I am here to discuss with you about Windows VPS Hosting by none other than that of MilesWeb. Here I am going to mention some of the features regarding this. 
  • There is powerful as well as Scalable Managed Windows KVM VPS in India.
  • Apart from this, also there is Remote Desktop Access.
  • Also Free Windows VPS Management.
  • Host Fast Growing websites.
Well each Windows VPS is a fully managed stand alone server that functions independently without the need of any server management or administration on your part. The fact is that there are quite a few plans in this very field. All plans actually include many amazing things.
Let me here list some points.

  • SAS storage.
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7 technical support team.
  • Windows,VPS,Plans

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017

    Top 15 KeyWords in SEO to Know Better About SEO

    Top 15 KeyWords in SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
    I don't know about you, even I don't how did you find this article(SEO WORDS), but I do know one thing, after reading this article, you will get great value from this, because I am going to share with you great tips for Search Engine Optimization for blog, as a blogger it is little bit difficult to hire a SEO agency for optimizing your blog for search engines, so there is one very good option that is learn it, it is not tough just you have to give time to learn it, but of course you will become very good search engine optimizer, this is my guarantee to you.

    If you want to get something, then you have to give something(Your Effort)

    Now come to the point, let me tell you something about search engine optimization, probably you have some misunderstanding about SEO, actually many SEO agencies and also many bloggers said that Search Engine Optimization can get you first rank on Google, this is not like this at all.

    Search Engine Optimization is only help search engines crawlers or spiders to read your blog or website properly, that's it, there is nothing special about this, probably you know search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing they don't show rank on search results because of money, those results are automatic, there are about 200 things on which basis search engine like Google shows results for a query.

    Let's do start learning SEO from those keywords, actually these keywords are having different different meaning and these are also important to optimize your blog for search engines that's why search engines can index your pages quiet easily. Actually I have choose these words to make it convenient for you to understand the whole concept about search engine optimizations

    1)Quality of the Content- 

    Quality means how you are providing contents to your readers, because if you are providing quality content then people do more activity with your content, those activities like sharing, more time spending on the page, search engine want only quality content from bloggers, but every blogger don't provide quality contents that's why they never succeed in blogging, because blogging need continuous improvement and also quality content then only people will come to your blog again and again.

    Remember real business having returning visitors, blogging is a real business, if you want to do real business then you have to write your content in that way that's why a visitors will come your blog once, the visitor will come to your blog again and again because you are providing quality content and also unique, do more experiments in blogging to share real experience of blogging, start writing blog post with providing subheadings and don't forget to read the blog post properly after writing it!

    2)Research Before Doing Work-

    Research is needed every where to make it more useful for people, of course we do research to help people in this way we make money, blogging is the same, we do research and write blog post people get help from the post, in this way we make money from advertising networks, affiliate programs.

    Blogger must be a good researcher and more important blogger should provide useful contents to readers, what search engine likes and there is one big way to get useful contents that is research!

    3)Words in the Article-

    Words, this is big in SEO because the whole SEO shows results on words, so write article title exactly what people are searching on the web, then you will get more visitors to your blog, because search engine first fetch title then look content, tags, reputation, page rank, URL structure.

    But the first thing is title, so always concentrate on title, before going to write any blog post.

    Now come to the next thing "words", remember search engine shows results on article content too, so always write an article by using words you have used in your title, if you want more visitors from search engines.

    4)Engagements of Users-

    Engagement of your blog post is also important in blogging to get good rank on search results, now may be you are thinking what kind of engagements? Actually there are two board terms, one is anchor text and another one is social engagements.

    Lets help people to do it quiet easily by adding easy social sharing button but you must use anchor text in your blog post to engage users in your blog and make users to stay long time for providing better content and also better engagements.

    Recommended for You:-
    a)- What is Anchor Text in SEO

    5)Trending Content for Getting High Level Traffic-

    What type of article you are writing in your blog also matter in ranking, if you are writing most recent demand content in your blog post, then search engine crawlers, index your page quiet recently, because there are only few articles over there on the recent trends, if possible I will suggest you to write recent means trending topics and also write evergreen article, that's why if you will an article once, you will get benefit of writing the article for forever.

    Recommended for You:-

    6)Meta Description-

    Meta's are always work for search engines, after all it tells to the search engines about the blog content in the short form.

    So, always provide meta description of your blog for better ranking of your blog on search engines, actually I have written an article, how can you do this.

    Recommended for You:-

    7)Meta Keywords-

    After writing meta description, add meta keywords to your blog, that's why search engine crawler will understand category of your blog quiet easily.

    It will help search engines to understand the category of the blog, now may be you are thinking, how can you do it? read the recommended post to do it(step by step guide).

    Recommended for You:-
    a)- Meta Keywords Optimization for Blog


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    Time spending your blog reader on your blog is also matter for making good reputation of your blog, because whenever you see Google Aanalytics they show users spending time on your blog per visit, per page, even Alexa also show this, this is most important in blogging that write fully define article that's why if your reader will read your one blog post, he or she will read another couple of post in a single visit, then you will make the visitor your life time customer, so while creating a blog post do give your full concentration to write a good article.


    In SEO there are two most important factors those are on page factors and also off page factors, in link there are two types of link one is link on your page to your on own blog post, that is called anchor text in technical language, I have already said this.

    In this section, I will tell you, what is off page link? Why is it important? In SEO, if your getting links to your blog or blog post that is called off page link, off page link is important because you will get links from other websites or blogs, if and if you are providing quality content on your blog then only.

    Now the questions is that, how would get these links(Back Links) for free in the beginning time of blogging, there is an effective method to get it, that is by commenting.

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    May be you have seen on Google that you can block results of any blog or website, if that blog is not providing quality content, now come to the concept how Google take over this, actually when a user block any website or blog then the reputation of blog or website get's down.

    So don't provide any thing on your blog that's why your users will not like to read another post of your blog(finally block results of your blog), keep this thing in your mind every time to become a better blogger.


    Comments are almost everything in blogging, first which encourage bloggers to keep blogging with improving quality of contents, but if you are not getting any comment on your blog, then what you have to do?

    Improve your writing quality, use subheadings in between the blog post, write the best thing you know.

    See comments also play important role to get good rank on search engines, it's shows reputation of your blog post.

    Recommended for You-
    a)- Effects of Comments on SEO for Your Blog Post


    In search engine optimizations there are two rank we consider, one is very recent that is author ranks and another one is page rank.

    If you want good rank then you have to provide quality articles, this is the best way to get it, but Google Page rank also depend on domain age, number of posts.

    Recommended for You:-
    a)- How to Get Approved Google Authorship for Blog

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