Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blogger Background- How to Change Blogger Background

In blogspot blog, we can change blog background quiet easily, but here is the reason why?

People want change right, if you will change background often then it is quiet good for your users, they will be happy every time coming to your blog, again and again.

Ok come back to the topic, it's simple dear.

Go to<Click on Your Blog on the blogger Dashboard on which blog you wanna make change<Now click on Template (This option you can see on the left side on the page)

Blogger Template, Background

< Now click on Customize
Blogger Background

<Now click on Background< (This option you can see on the left side on the top of the page)

<Now select any color you wanna add to your blog (And see the color changing below preview of your blog template).

If you wanna add your or more designing template then follow the given below steps-
Blogger Background

After clicking there a new pop up window will open, just like I have given screen shot below-

Now select any one template and then click on "DONE".

Then visit your blog, your blog background has been changed.

If you wanna add to your own design background or may be your photo then follow the below step-
Blogger Background
After click on "Upload image", you will the option as I have given below screen shot.
Blogger Background

Now Click on Choose File, then choose the photo you wanna give background to your blog.

And click on "Done".

The last step click on the "Apply to Blog", this option you can see on the top of the right top side.

Yes, you have really done dear. Enjoy.

Hello, I have something to share with you, those are really awesome, here are those things-

Benefits of Changing Blogger Background-

Well, in real I did not know its benefit but after seeing few event blogs, news websites, I have really excited to share with you those benefits of using good attractive blogger background.

Basically, what happen after looking at the news website, I have seen new websites change their background according to occasion means, when you and me celebrate new year they also put the background of new year.

The case is applicable for all.

I mean, when we celebrate Diwali, you will see Indian based big web portal show Diwali image background, I hope you are getting me.

This thing is applicable for them, if you want to get such type of benefits like they are getting then you must apply this concept on your blog, it will help you to win your blog readers heart.

SEO Aspects of Changing Blogger Background-

If you are thinking about this, then I have something important to share with you, if you will put large file image as a background of your blog, then that is for sure your blog loading time will be increase then it is for sure your searching engine ranking will be effected.

So, you need to examine two important things, although both having only one objective that is not killing ranking of your blog posts on search engine results and those are-
  • Image Size and
  • Checking loading time after and before you add the image as a background
Above two statements are awesome because it really matter for bloggers, I mean for you and me before changing our blogger template.

Which Blogger Background is Best-

I don't have direct answer to this question, but yes I will suggest you to put background related to your content, if your blog is not based on all topics, if you want to put professional impression on your blog readers then you must take opinion from your blog readers only that way to know which background they wanted to be on your blog.

For this you need to design and then add few amazing background images after you need to take opinion from readers.

For getting opinion you can choose online form like Google forms, I hope you are getting me, that's really an amazing way to capture people opinion.

I am telling you to use Google forms because one of my friend whose name is Gagan Gulati his blog is based on UGC NET Preparation guide for management students, he told me that he is using Google forms for writing another research paper on Laptop Branding.

I got an amazing experience from that conversion with him about Google forms.

Blogger background really play important role for branding purpose, but you need to see other things also along with look of your blog.

I hope you understand this.

Only look do not make that much better appearance of your blog, you need to see loading time, readers choice, own choice also for other thins those I have described above

Is there anything you would like to know about Blogger Background

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

10 Most Important Things in Blogging to Read for Every Blogger

Most Important Things in Blogging

Blogging is the most important way to make money online but for this you have to do some work that is keep blogging.

I this article, I will tell you something important which will make your blog more popular and you can have money making blog, which is every blogger dream.

Here are those important things in blogging you must follow to make your blog more popular, one of them is I already told you.

1). Consistency Can Improve Anybody-

Keep blogging is the key "SECRET" to get success because blogging is not a website but yes it is better than a website.

Because, you can write something new every day for your readers and that article will be in your blog directory for forever, which is the most important but in a website you can not change the design daily.

Well, I don't mean to compare blog and website, I mean you can improve your blog readership daily, because you have easy option in blogging those are writing, publishing, promoting, relationship, getting popularity, relationship (directly or indirectly) and at the last money.

2). SEO The Main Key to Blogging-

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also important to get good massive traffic to blog but for this you have to do title work.

You have to learn it, I will not recommend you to hire any SEO consultant because it is not a one day job.

SEO always change with time to time so you have to learn it spare time because it is the great way to get traffic.

Do you believe there are SEO consultant they are making millions definitely there is some reason behind of this right!!!

3). Content is Always King-

In blogging content play most important role. Yes it is really true, your ranking almost depend on how much time people are staying on your blog.

Always right- lengthy content and informational based which users want to know.


What do you think? let me know!!!

I know you will tell me right, just give a comment it will reach to me.

4). Images Are Just Awesome Because of Pinterest-

May be you don't think about this, yes you must think about this there are millions of people search images on the search engines.

So, if you will upload images on your blog post with giving name exactly to your blog post, I know you will get good traffic too from the image.

Just do this and see the traffic coming to your website, I am 100% sure you will get more traffic from it.

See, I have very good example of it-

I have written a blog post- Top Bloggers in India, I don't know why? my blog post did not get good rank for the keywords but my image of the blog post got very good position in search engines for the same, query.

Here, is the proof of it-

Just, I have search "Top Bloggers in India" on Google and I got it on the top, here is the screenshot of it-
Top Bloggers in India Google
I hope you can see, the same image I have put in this  blog post, that is also there on Google image search on fourth position.

That's exactly, I am talking about at this point, hope you understand the power of putting images on blog and one of the study said images engage better than content.

5). StumbleUpon And Reddit-

Many bloggers don't use power of social medias, but they do write great content and wait for getting traffic from search engines, then let me tell you dear don't forget to StumbleUpon your blog post.

Oh I am so sorry, I don't know about this you know or don't know about stumbleUpon or not and there are other social medias too having lot of potential to drive traffic but you must concentrate one then go for next like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook, Digg, Twitter,,, Pinetrest etc.

Then, let me tell you it's a website where bloggers submit their webpage and people browse webpages from this website "StumbleUpon

Who knows you can get 1000 of visitors in the next couple of minutes, do try this here is the link of this website:-

Best of Luck.

6). Making List of Emails-

Yes, collect email addresses of your readers from the very first day, I know this will change the future of your blog. Yes it is right.

If you think so this is not right, then think about it you got notification from Facebook or any other website may be blog.

What does that mean they want you to come to their website or blog every day that's why they remind you almost every notifications.

It can be possible quite easily use Google Feed burner which is providing this service completely free for like us.

7). Telling Friends About Your Blog-

No matter who you are, what is your background but you can become a good blogger. Yes if you will put effort.

Tell your friends about your blog and get some feedback from them, you can change the blog according to them or may be not, it is upto you.

After all you are everything of the blog, this will always work and you will get couple good visitors for free.

8). Easy Social Media Sharing Button-

Social media is most important now a days because people don't have time to go their friends home one by one.

Yes, they do come online, because it is the cheapest and quite easy.

That means, if you will put this button on your post then definitely your readers will share your blog post on their profile.

Then what will happen? you know that!!

9). Stick to Topics-

Yes, this is really important if you wanna become famous blogger then I will suggest you to be stick to your blog topics.

You may choose 4 to 5 topics then provide wide range of information on your blog, which people really want.

You can take as example of any blogger those stick to their topic they are successful yes it's true.

Here are few examples of most successful bloggers on the Earth-
  1. John Chow
  2. Darren Rowse
  3. Yaro Starak
  4. Jemery Schoemaker
  5. Neil Patel
  6. Amit Agarwal
  7. Harsh Agrawal
  8. Kristi Hines
  9. Brian Clark
  10. Brian Dean

10). Write About Your Case Studies-

Yes, as a blogger you must do experiments may be in writing, in Adsense placements, in designing or any other things which really need in blogging.

I know everything will not work for you, but something definitely work, then what next share with your readers, if anything does not work then even share with your readers that will also a helpful message for readers.

Share always best thing you know with your readers this is the gateway to become a successful blogger.

That's true "WHICH I BELIEVE"!!

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Well, today I look around few people those are bloggers, successful and happy, they are doing something different.

That's why I was thinking why not to update this blog post with something new that's why it would be different for you.

See, I have been blogging from long time and I know this is most important for me, because in this long time journey I learn many things I have seen blogger become popular, few popular blogs loose their business over night and so on.

But, I have been consistent.

And I believe this is the main key to be a successful blogger, here is the something new for you, I hope you are going to be happy from this awesomeness piece of surprise-
successful blogger

I know there are many things to follow other than these like patience, writing, relationship, back links, blogger friends and many more.

But, these are most important, if you will follow these things in beginning, then I know you can easily become one of the popular blogger.

Is there anything you would like to know about Important things Blogging?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bidvertiser Vs Infolinks- My 3 Years Experience As a Blogger

Bidvertiser, Infolinks

Infolinks as well as Bidvertiser both I have used long time as well as I made money from these networks, probably you are reading my review about Bidvertiser as well as Infolinks because you wanted to decide which one is better, see after using both the advertisement networks I thought why not to write my own view about these two network that is why I have decided to put heading Bidvertiser Vs Infolinks.

Well, first let me tell few important things about these two networks, that's why it would be easier for you to figure about the ads network for your blog, okay lets start with Infolinks-
  1. Infolinks founded in 2011
  2. Alexa rank of Infolinks is 838
  3. Highest Ecpm I got $7
  4. Highest Ecpm I heard $17
  5. Good for English speaking countries
  6. My Total earning from Infolinks $70
  7. Very good ads format
  8. They have launched popup ads for increasing revenue of publishers
  9. Many big websites used Infolinks all over the world
  10. Infolinks important saying is "Banner Blindness"
  11. Minimum balance required to withdraw is $50
  12. Try this ads network with different colour combination to find out the best one

>>Click Here to Join Infolinks<< And Get Instant Approval

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Okay, that's about Infolinks, lets talk about Bidvertiser-
  • Bidvertiser found in 2003 by Bpath 
  • Alexa Rank of Bidvertiser is 1034
  • Highest Per click I got $1.2
  • Highest per click I heard is $1.2
  • Bidvertisers work almost same all over the world
  • My Total Earning from Bidvertiser is $164
  • They provide flexible ads format like banner ads, text ads
  • Bidvertiser do provide pop ads
  • Almost all take name of Bidvertiser when it comes to use best Google Adsense Alternatives
  • Bidvertiser save my blogging interest because my first earning that is $10 from Bidvertiser, it was an amazing moment for me in that time when I saw $10 on my Paypal account.
  • Try to put ads code above the title of the blog posts and and also bottom of the blog posts

>>Click Here to Join Bidvertiser<< And Get Instant Approval

Big Points for Readers to Choose the Best Ads Network for Your Blog-

That is Bidvertiser or Infolinks for your blog.

See, only knowing all these points you can not decide which ads network is best for your blog, because my blog traffic quality, value, location, desire, passion and there are many other things may be different from your blog, that means only knowing these points then taking decision might me wrong one.

But, I have a full proof method for you.

Actually, that method has been implemented by me, see writing in depth article like this one is not easy if you are not familiar with the ads network [topic], now you can understand that I have experienced both the networks.


Dear, I have used both networks on my blog to find out the best one.

Actually, I want you to implement both the networks for week and then decide which one is best for you.

In real, you can use both the networks on your blog, but I will suggest you don't put over ads on your blog, just put ads but less that's why readers will not get disturb.

I hope you are getting me.

2 Quick Tips for Earning More Money from Blog-

See, I am not going to tell you change ads location, of course that works but here I wanted to share with you real more earning money tips that's why in real your earning will increase, I hope you are excited to know all those tips-

Affiliate Marketing- 

Big concept, source, working way to earn more money from blog, yes its nothing but affiliate marketing, that's why the first ever guide in the whole internet about Affiliate marketing I have launched- Get it here- Affiliate Marketing Guide, I found there are few risk free profitable way to promote affiliate products-
  • Write Review About the Product on your blog
  • Promote the Product Through E-mail Marketing
  • Create a Niche Blog on the Product

Own Product Marketing-

There are many things to create, but easy and effective way to help people that is informational based product like any e-book, there are couple of e-books I have written on Amazon, here is one of the Amazing book- Earn Money Online in India

Like the same you can create your own e-book and sell on Amazon, which would be good one for getting passive income

Other than this, you can create membership websites, video tutorial, selling product on ClickBank also, but first start with one and get experience then go to another if you want to get success otherwise trying everything at a time is not going to help you that much.

In coming days, I will write details guide to create your own product but I will write about E-book because I have experience on this.

See, my moto to tell you details about these two ads networks, I hope you learn something from this review, if you are really interested in blogging then you must keep trying new things to be a successful blogger.

And if you are seeing these ads network for earning point of view then Infolinks works great with Adsense.

On the other hand, if you did not get approval from Google Adsense then you can use Bidvertiser as well as Infolinks both together on your blog.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to Use Permalink (Custom URL) of Blog Post on Blogger

Permalink, Custom URL

As a blogger, I always do experiments to find some thing new which would be useful for other bloggers and me too.

Here, I have found some thing new for you which is useful for getting better visitors from search engines.

You must try this, which would be useful because I have also check this tactic is using many probloggers.

But, I want you must use this tactic!!

So, here is the tactic, you won't need to do any special just create a post as you always do, but before publishing the post use the tactic as I am using.

After writing the article, see on the right side then you can see these options as I have given below the screen shot.

Now you can see the third number option "Permalink".

Now click on the "Permalink" then you will see options will open as I have given below screen shot.
Permalink, custom URL

Now click on "Custom Permalink",  then a box will open as I have given below on the screen shot.

Now write main key words of your article like my this article SEO for Blogspot blog like the same I am giving link name SEO for Blogspot blog, now click on done.

Then you will see the link as I can see for my this article link, I have also given below screen for your better understanding.
Custom URL, Permalink
But one more practice you can do, that is use underscore in between two words on permalink, I have practice it and got much help than not adding underscore in between words.

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See the difference in ranking in the search engine.

Let me know how it is helpful for you, I am sure it will help you to get more visitors to your blog and friend "you and me" both know traffic equals money.

Benefits of Using Custom Permalink on Blogger-

There are of course having benefits of doing this little work before clicking on the publish button, but you need to stick to this, actually there is a very good way to choose permalink, actually I have used this way and got benefit, see if your blog post title is the same as people do search on the search engines and also the permalink then I am sure your blog post is going to get may be top position on the search engines.

But, sometimes big companies do get lot of back links to even their new article that's why there ranking is much better but not worry, if your blog post is in the first page then even you are doing great job and you are going to get benefit from it.

Because, more number of quality blog posts you will write on your blog then your blog post ranking will be keep increasing within few months and you will see much traffic coming to your blog and till that time have patience and keep blogging.

One of the big mistake made even pro-bloggers, after getting great position in the blog-o-sphere they start falling down because they don't do hard work to keep there or may be getting better position, I must be thankful to CopyBlogger that blog is still having great position and they are improving each day, the reason is simple they are putting effort and improving their content each and every day.

That's why people love to be there.

If you can do this then, I am sure, your readers will love to read your blog, but you need to keep doing all these things for getting good rank, helping people and more important to make them happy.

Its a win to win situation, you can have all these but the only way is helping people and the best way is try to fill a gap in the internet by you, probably which gap no one filled till now, well you need to search for that gap and have patience to work to get success in blogging.

Once you will get success in blogging then you will earn much more money than your day job, may be you will see you are earning more money from blog in a month than your annual salary from day job, but of course you need to do real hard work to have that day.

I will suggest you to celebrate that day that's why you can make it to one day.

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