Friday, April 19, 2013


How to Get Google Plus and Blogger Together On Your Blog For Commenting

Today I was just writing a blog post for my blog, but recently I come to know about new Google Plus integration for blog, that is Google Plus and Blogger together, but this time not for social sharing it is for commenting.

I think this is a great feature added by Google Plus, may be you wanted to check it out, right? ? In this article I will tell you how can you add blogger and Google Plus together right on your blog.

Here I am giving screen shot, which I have seen, when I have log in to blogger today, may be the same notification you have seen on your blogger dashboard.

Now, perhaps you want to add Your Google Plus Profile and Blogger together hopefully, you have already claim Google authorship, if you are not then do it now, read my step by step guide to do it(do it and get better traffic to your blog, this is my guarantee to you):-

a)- How to Get Approved Google Authorship for Blogger

After Doing this just try the new integration of Google Plus and Blogger for commenting system on your blog.

Here are those steps you need to do, to integrate Google Plus and Blogger for commenting:-
Log In to<<Click on Blog(On which Blog you want to do setting)<<Click on Google Plus this option you can see on the left side of your dashboard, for your better understanding, I have given below the screen shot too-

Now, you will see a new page will open(on the right hand side only) as I have given below a screen shot too-
After Clicking there, you will see your page like I have given below screen shot-
Now, give some seconds to change setting automatically, then you may switch to other pages, where you want to go.

What are thinking?

You Have Done It!


I think it will again become revolution of comment system in the blogging world, after Google author verification this is another features Google introduced for bloggers.

Let's see, how it will change the blogger commenting system? what do you think? Let me know!!!


  1. Thanks for guiding so much much about Google plus.

  2. Seems Google is trying to make"Googe+" a better Social Networking Site. BTW Nice to see a new battle between Google And Facebook. One of my friend have implemented Google Plus Commenting system but he is facing some problems.

    1. Thanks @Preet for sharing your views here.

  3. Is there no active email notifictions when someone post a comment?

    1. Yes There Is, I will Write about this.

  4. hi,
    its a realy great feature by google to use Google+ comment it makes blogger more social its easy to use. the facebook comment system is already avilable. now we can use both at same time, thanks for sharing.
    happy Blogging :)


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