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How to Get Your Blog Post on Top on Google Search Results

Search Engine Optimization play important role to get good rank on search engines like Google, the search engine giant Google is really can change the future of any blog, finally the blogger, but to get good organic traffic you need to understand the whole basic concept of search engine optimizations, image optimizations also.

I am going to share with you only one concept, which will keep your blog post on top for forever, first of all I would like tell one important thing that is SEO, may be you know how much important is this to make your blog popular on your niche, but I have already written an article on SEO, which covered almost basics of SEO, you must read this article to get your blog post on top on search results of Google, may be on other search engine results like Yahoo, Bing, Ask.

Here is the article for you:- Basics of SEO for Bloggers, Must Read!

So, now read this part of this blog post after reading the whole article of the above link, that's why you can understand this part of this blog post quiet easily, why I am saying you to do so, to become a dam fine blogger, finally to become a professional blogger, because what I am going to share with you that is really need to earn good revenue from your blog.

Actually let me tell the real fact about search engine like Google, they don't show search results because of money, they show search results through algorithm, yes this is true! you can not say about this any other thing, if you heard then those are just flying news, not in reality.

So, lets get into the main point of this article, may be you are interested to know that thing to make your own blog post on the top of the results on Google or may be any other search engines-

Write More More More from Yourself-

Yes, this is the only formula to get your blog post result on the top, yes there no short cut my dear to make money online, but there is one exception, we have, that is affiliate marketing but for this you should have good experience about affiliate marketing, to understand the affiliate marketing in better way then you must be a better blogger first, which will definitely lead you to become a super affiliate, because blogging is the just not for making money online, it also make reputation of your self.

Blogging can make you a great celebrity, but the concept is only one, that help people through online as much you can, that's it, explain your each and every article properly that's why any newbie even can understand about the article.

Now may be the big question going on your mind, i.e. how would you write an article from your self, the answer is quiet simple read more and more blogs on your own blog niche, spend time to understand the concept, do more experiments, then definitely you will get more results.

Results are results, there are nothing like bad or good, it is up to you how you are seeing the result, okay and then don't forget to share your results of your experiments with your readers, use screen shot to make effective the article, write an article as you are talking with the readers, that's why your readers will enjoy while reading the article.

Hopefully the article will give the concept, what you need to get on top on search results, if you did not get the concept then I am sure you just come to the end of this article.

I will recommended you to read other blogs, to increase your knowledge that's why you can share with your readers much more informational things to keep your reader on your blog only.


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