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(30% OFF) JixHost Promo Code April 2017 & Review

JixHost Coupon Code April 2017 With Max Discount 30% Off

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I know most of the time people land on this page only to get coupon promo codes so, this section has been putting earlier for your help, here is the steps to follow for getting discount on JixHost.
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JixHost Promo Code, JixHost Review, Products And Pricing

Are you looking for unlimited re-seller hosting or even hosting for your site then this is the hosting plan for you, well after doing lot of research and reading review, asking my friends I am writing review as well as sharing some coupon promo codes for you that's why you will get some discount from JixHost, okay I know there are many those landed on this blog only to get coupon codes, most of the time it happened because we did analysis on this.

First of all, when first I come to know about this hosting then I was not putting that much interest to write article but after asking one of my internet friend as well as checking their website properly I have decided to write article about this company, because they are providing great hosting service in very affordable price, if you are looking for re-seller hosting for very affordable price then this is just amazing, of course its about decade they have been in this business, that's really awesome for us, so lets go for the next section.

Things I am Going to Share Here About JixHost

Yeah, in this section I am going to share with you all table of content about JixHost, which is really a good company, well I am really happy because I have been sharing with you few awesome coupon codes which will help you to get more discount, especially JixHost is quite good for people, those wanted to get re-seller hosting, I am really happy to recommend this hosting service to one of my friend, because he is handling number of websites and one day he called me for knowing any good hosting service provider which company dealing with re-seller hosting, affordable, good service as well as having identity, that's why today I am writing such awesome review about JixHost.
  1. About JixHost
  2. 13 Things to Know About JixHost
  3. Best Thing About JixHost
  4. What People Are Talking About JixHost
  5. My Personal Experience With Their Customer Support
  6. Products and Prices of JixHost

About JixHost-

JixHost is providing this service since 2008 and today as I am writing this article they are hosting over 1,15000 domains and that is the main reason people are asking about this hosting service, I am sure this hosting service is going to rock in upcoming days even these days, because they are providing wide range of products and of course with key features, already shared with you guys in the next section about its service and all important aspects about this company, other than JixHost I also recommend you to see HostWinds you can get up to 99% Discount here see HostWinds Discount Coupon 

Here are Services JixHost is Offering-

Yes, as per my promise you will get some discount on their product from my side, because you will get some coupon code from my side that is why you will get more benefits of reading my blog, alright here in this section you will come to know about all services offered by JixHost.
  1. Web Hosting
  2. Reseller Hosting
  3. Master Reseller Hosting
  4. Alpha Reseller Hosting
  5. Cloud VPS (cPanel)
  6. DDoS Protected Hosting
  7. Dedicated Servers
Recommended VPS Hosting- See, if you are looking for 50% discount on VPS hosting, which will take care of your server then I will suggest you to go for IO Zoom, here check the page for discount coupon- IO Zoom Discount Coupon

13 Things to Know About JixHost

While writing this section, I was thinking as I am able to find out 13 eye catching points for you, but later when I have started writing, let me tell you dear I got more points than I was thinking about this company, because this is really a amazing company, one more thing, if you wanted to know more about this company in very short period of time then this is one of the amazing section, because here you will find out only key points about JixHost, so are you ready to go for it, I am sure you are?
  1. One of the affordable web hosting service with my own maximum discount promo code for more benefits of my blog readers
  2. Yeah, this is amazing if you are hosting your blog or website or even your re-seller websites then you can easily transfer your data to JixHost and in this step JixHost will help you to do it with NO COST.
  3. One of the best web hosting service provider, if you are looking for re-seller hosting service
  4. There are more than 300 application software already installed you can use them for free and of course its a matter of few clicks, got problem then they have awesome customer service.
  5. They are providing wide range of products, those people always looking for, of course if you want any extra for your website or for your client website then you can easily get it like extra IP's with affordable cost.
  6. Okay, I must share with you they got awesome customer service, because I have tested and I have also putted another section for explaining all these.
  7. They have already a data base for solving simple problems, if you are beginner then those questions and answers are really helpful.
  8. They are using advanced technology for getting you high performance service like Cloudflare, CPanel, CloudLinux, Attracta ans so on.
  9. You can get demo of all these on their official website.
  10. Awesome, man they are giving you 100% up-time that's the symbol of excellence service.
  11. There are many those don't know nothing about coding for them they are giving free website builder, which is just too good for building such a professional website without having any coding skills.
  12. There are over 115,000 domains are already on JixHost, that's the real symbol of excellent service.
  13. Most important thing is that they are passionate about what they are doing, that is the main reason they are growing and that is why I am also spending my hours to write this article.

Best Thing About JixHost

Just couple of minutes, I was thinking what to share with you, I mean what is the best thing about JixHost, so finally I am decided to write about their two things because they are doing both just great, yeah in this section you are going to know two best thing about JixHost, in general I shared only one reason but here for this hosting service, I have to share with you two reasons because both of them are tied according to me, here are both of them.
  • Affordable hosting
  • Service of this hosting company.

What People Are Talking About JixHost

Yeah, this is what people usually looking for, because when you will see multiple users are talking about the product and they are happy to use it, it shows that they are really doing well in this field, like here the same JixHost done awesome.

I mean there are what people are talking about JixHost you got to see this-
JixHost Review, People view, Affordable Hosting

My Personal Experience With Their Customer Support

JixHost support team is doing awesome job, let me tell you one of the case study by me, I wanted to test their support team knowledge as well as interest to help others, actually there are three ways to get help from them-
  1. Live Chat [I have experience it]
  2. Ticket Support [Very good response telling you from my own experience]
  3. And of course phone support
These three ways you can get help from them, when you wanted to get help, well for the study I had a long conversation with their support team and I found they are doing awesome job, if you are thinking about rating, then I would give 4.8/5 and that's pretty awesome.

Products and Prices of JixHost

This is one of the most wanted section, especially those are looking for hosting service and landed on this page and of course those are coming to this blog to get some coupon code for them this section is not required, well if you are looking for knowing all type of products are offering by this company, then this is the section for you, just keep going you will learn lot more about its products including pricing.

Well, you will get some by default features on their all shared hosting, I am sure you wanted to know about all those features, here is the screen shot of it.
Fixhost features, shared hosting, affordable hosting
Basically, they are dealing with wide range of hosting products, here is the list of all type of hosting products offered by them.
  1. Web Hosting by JixHost
  2. Re-seller Hosting by JixHost
  3. Master Re-seller Hosting by JixHost
  4. Alpha Re-seller Hosting by JixHost
  5. Cloud VPS (cPanel) by JixHost
  6. DDoS Protected Hosting by JixHost
  7. Dedicated Servers by JixHost

 Web Hosting by JixHost

Web Hosting is a first plan by JixHost of course they have other plans too, if you are looking for only simple hosting a few page website then you can start with their mini plan, otherwise you can choose according to your own choice, here are few features of this plan with pricing.

  1. Premium cPanel based web hosting
  2. Fully Managed
  3. 100% Up-time Guarantee
  4. 24/7/365 Support
  5. Reboot-less Updates
  6. cPanel
web hosting, JixHost pricing

Re-Seller Hosting Pricing JixHost

There are many webmaster those always looking for re-seller hosting, because they provide hosting to others, I mean they do have their own clients, like one of my friend doing all these and of course here are few advantages of this type of hosting, other than this JixHost also offering other two types of re-seller hosting.

  1. Start your own re-seller business
  2. Fully Managed
  3. 100% Up-time Guarantee
  4. 24/7/365 Support
  5. Reboot-less Updates
  6. cPanel/WHM
Re-Seller Hosting,  Pricing of JixHost, features

Master Re-Seller Hosting JixHost

Yeah, master re-seller is also one of the re-seller plan, which is just amazing to start with but always choose plan according to your own requirement, well here are some awesome features about this hosting service.
  1. Sell both re-seller and hosting accounts
  2. Fully Managed
  3. 100% Up-time Guarantee
  4. 24/7/365 Support
  5. Reboot-less Updates
  6. cPanel/WHM/whmphp
Master Re-seller Hosting, JixHost pricing, Features

Alpha Re-Seller Hosting by JixHost

As per my own observation, of course very soon I am going to share with you guys one of my friend experience with re-seller hosting here only for the ease of yours, by that time I am providing all features they are offering in this hosting plan.
  1. Sell Master, Re-seller and hosting accounts.
  2. Fully Managed
  3. 100% Up-time Guarantee
  4. 24/7/365 Support
  5. Reboot-less Updates
  6. cPanel/WHM/Alpha
Alpha Re-seller Hosting, JixHost features, Pricing

Cloud VPS (cPanel) by JixHost

Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server), is one of the key solution for all, but of course you will get some factors about this hosting service, here is the list the whole list.
  1. Includes Root/WHM/cPanel.
  2. Fully Managed
  3. 100% Up-time Guarantee
  4. 24/7/365 Support
  5. Reboot-less Updates
  6. Redundant Storage
Cloud VPS, cPanel Hosting, JixHost features, pricing

Dedicated Servers by JixHost

If you are looking for high quality, dedicated server, then this is it, most of the time people hosting e-commerce website, website which can get massive traffic for such type of portal this type of hosting service is recommended.

Here, are few features of this type of hosting service-
  1. Server that includes Root/WHM/cPanel.
  2. Fully Managed
  3. 100% Up-time Guarantee
  4. 24/7/365 Support
  5. Reboot-less Updates
  6. Customizable configuration
Dedicated Servers, Features, pricing, JixHost

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