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[15% OFF] PowerUp Hosting Promo Code April 2017 & Full Review

Hi, this is all about PoperUp Hosting Discount Coupon for April 2017, PopwerUp Hosting is one of the popular hosting companies in the world basically, here you are getting promo codes for discount. today I have been chatting with one of my new partner, he was looking for a hosting company, which will take care of our new super amazing top category money maker blog, because he is one of passionate and real dynamic person.

Hurry for Coupon!

PowerUp Hosting Coupon Code April 2017-

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Having mater degree (M.Tech) like me. Well, that is different but because of him I am writing about this hosting service provider, hope it will give you value and I am sure you will get some benefits of landing on this page, because I have been in contact with PowerUp Hosting team to provide you some discount coupon.

Things You Will Know About PowerUp Hosting-

This is the part of this hosting company, here I am putting all headings those I am going to share in this article and most important thing is that I am planning to write as much I can about this hosting company.
  1. About PowerUp Hosting
  2. 9 Things to Know About PowerUp Hosting
  3. Best Thing About PowerUp Hosting
  4. List of Data Centres of PowerUp Hosting
  5. PowerUp Hosting Customer Service from Personal Experience
  6. Products and Price of PowerUp Hosting
  7. What People are Talking about PowerUp Hosting

About PowerUp Hosting

Well, this company is based in USA, the company having well infrastructure that is why it is having five star rating on Google, basically this company is providing service in different type of hosting like-
  1. Cpanel hosting
  2. Shared hosting
  3. Re-seller hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting
  5. Dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies

9 Things to Know About PowerUp Hosting

This is one of the most important section of this article, I mean if you are looking for knowing in details about this hosting company in very short period of time then this is the best section to read, even I got messages from people regarding this, because this is just too much helpful for newbies, so are you also looking for knowing about this hosting company at a glance then lets go for it.
  1. People rate this hosting service 5/5 on Google, screen shot is attached on the bottom of the page
  2. Wide range of products to choose
  3. 45 days money back guarantee, so no question about their service
  4. The company is based in USA
  5. The company rating on its Facebook page is 4.7/5, that's also awesome
  6. The user interface of the company is very good
  7. Different ways to get support, especially chatting support is awesome, its my own personal experience
  8. You can able to get awesome loading speed, which means great benefits of ranking of your page
  9. The company already featured on Forbes and INC magazine

Best Thing About PowerUp Hosting

Yeah, the best ever thing about PowerUp hosting I found that is all about type of hosting service with quality, yeah I have to share with you, that I have read couple of articles as well as asked several people before writing this article, so I must say the best thing about this hosting compay, is its service.

List of Data Centres of PowerUp Hosting

There are many data centres, this hosting company is having in USA and Europe to provide you better service and even you will get lot of traffic to your website then even it will have capability to handle traffic.

Here is the list of all server locations this hosting company is having-
  1. Los Angeles
  2. Dallas
  3. New Jersey
  4. Amsterdam

PowerUp Hosting Customer Service from Personal Experience

Well, this is the thing I usually share with you guys, actually to get some coupon codes for you, that it will be beneficial for you to land on my blog, so here I am providing coupon codes for getting discount from this hosting company.

Well, if you are thinking about their customer supports that's amazing, but if you are looking to know their chatting customer supports then I must say amazing, rating?

Yeah, there are many those always looking for rating, so I would say 9.5/10.

Products and Price of PowerUp Hosting

There are wide range of products offered by this hosting service provider this is one of the biggest advantage of using this service, of course I will share with you one by one that will be very helpful for you to know about all products.

So, are you ready to know about all products, I know you are?

But, before going to provide you information about all services, let me share with you few key features of PowerUp Hosting-
PowerUp Hosting, features

Types of Products Offered by PowerUp Hosting

  1. CPanel Hosting
    • SSD Shared Hosting
    • Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Re-seller SSD Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
    1. Linux VPS built on SSD
    2. Windows VPS built on SSD and
    3. Windows VPS build on HDD
  4. Dedicated Server
  5. Proxies
    • Dedicated Private Proxies
    • Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies

CPanel Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few features and package is given below in the screen shot, which will be much better for you to know more about PowerUp Hosting.
Basic Featutres, CPanel Hosting, powerup hosting

Re-seller SSD Hosting

Re-seller hosting is one of the hosting service, which generally used agencies to provide server to their clients, actually few of my friends using such service from different companies and they are making very good money out of it.

Here are some key features of this service-
  1. Official cPanel NOC partner
  2. Managed dedicated support
  3. LiteSpeed
  4. Cloud server
  5. True SSD
  6. Multiple server locations
  7. With great uptime, which will help your site to be live

Pricing & Features of Re-Seller Programs- 

Well, I have figures out that screen shots are much better to read pricing and features, so the screen shot is given below.
Reseller hosting, poweruphosting reseller, pricing
Reseller hosting, poweruphosting reseller, unmatch pricing

VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

This is one of the most wanted hosting service, if you are looking for server which will give you confident of running heavy traffic website.

Linux VPS Hosting Pricing by PowerUp Hosting

All information about its pricing is given below, but always choose hosting after looking at your requirement.
Linux VPS Hosting , PowerUp Hosting

Windows SSD VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

Windows SSD VPS is one of the smart choice for all people those wanted to start their website with full power, which is having capability of handling lot of traffic at a time, perfect for event based blog.
Windows SSD VPS, Pricing, PowerUp Hosting

Windows HDD VPS Hosting by PowerUp Hosting

VPS and Windows HDD is just awesome for all those are looking for getting powerful hosting.
Windows HDD VPS Hosting, Pricing, PowerUp Hosting

Dedicated Server by PowerUp Hosting

One of the best way for handling heavy traffic on your webpage, if you are running e-commerce store this is one of the best choice.
Dedicated Server, PowerUp Hosting, Pricing

Dedicated Private Proxies by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few high lights about this service-
  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Advanced authentication [You will get IP based authentication]
  3. Fresh dedicated proxies [New proxies every 30 days]
  4. Expert managed support
  5. Stay 100% secured.
  6. Speed matter too
Dedicated Private Proxies, features, pricing

Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies by PowerUp Hosting

Here are few features or I must say important things you will get in this package-
  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Advanced authentication 
  3. Fresh dedicated proxies 
  4. Expert managed support
  5. Stay 100% secured.
  6. Speed matter too
Shared Semi-Dedicated Proxies , Pricing, Features

What People are Talking about PowerUp Hosting

Well, it is wonder to share with you what people think about this hosting service, because I got something amazing for you to share, here I am giving a proof that PowerUp Hosting is getting five star rating from public, you can cross check my words also, here is the screen shot of about it.
PowerUp Hosting, Review, rating of hosting

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