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[Upto 60% OFF] Host1Plus Discount Code April 2017 & Dashing Review

Host1Plus Discount Coupon Code post, With 8 data centers all around the world they are leading in hosting niche, they are providing hosting services since 2008, the CEO of the company is Vincentas Grinius, under his guidance this hosting company is doing pretty awesome, I must say in this article I am going to share with you some promo code for getting discount, I am sure you will also learn about all important aspects about this hosting company, they are offering wide range of products like re-seller, cloud, VPS hosting and of course hosting service for personal website in very reasonable price and their users also going to get very good experience from their service, their personal website hosting standard pricing is $3 per month with amazing benefits, well later on I am going to share in this article only, well if you are new to this hosting service provider then read and get more information about this company.

Well, in this here you are going to get Coupon Code for getting discount on Hosting-

Host1Plus Discount Coupon April 2017

May be you are in hurry for getting coupon code right so follow my steps to get coupon code-
  1. First of all click here to be on the official page of Host1Plus and now you need to choose hosting 
  2. CS30OFF for Cloud Servers (Windows and Linux). All plans -30%. For existing and new clients, applicable for all billing cycles and plans; and can be applied multiple times.
  3. 40OFFWEB for WEB Hosting. All plans -40%. For existing and new clients. Can be used multiple times. The discount applies for all billing cycles and plans.

Things Need to Know About Host1Plus

See, Host1Plus is one of the hosting plan, which is offering very good service to their customers, that's why webmaster can provide very good cutting edge service to their users, here is the list of things I am going to share with you.
  1. About Host1Plus Introduction
  2. 13 Things to Know About Host1Plus
  3. Best Thing About Host1Plus
  4. What People are Talking About Host1Plus
  5. About Customer Support by Host1Plus
  6. Products and Pricing of Host1Plus

About Host1Plus Introduction

Well, as I have already shared that this company is headed by Vincentas Grinius, the company started its journey in 2008, now a days this is one of the most reputed hosting company in the world and I am sure there are thousands those are using their service and they are really happy because of their service, because their service directly helping people to experience better web, I mean no downtime, I must say almost, so that is the power of good internet hosting service provider.

Well, when they have started in that time they did have only one data centers but they are today come across the whole world, I mean today they are helping the whole world, think about it, I am from India and I am writing about them and of course that is the main reason for people to choose this hosting service provider.

Products Offered by Host1Plus-
  1. VPS Hosting
  2. Cloud Servers
  3. Web Hosting and 
  4. Re-seller Hosting

13 Things to Know About Host1Plus

Simply, this is one of my most read section the only reason is that you will come to know about the service provider at a glance and of course you will love to have this, I am sure because it is my experience from last three years of this blog and I have been blogging from last five years, learnt lot of things and help thousands of people to earn money online directly.

Here, I am going to tell you 13 most important things about this hosting service provider-
  1. Host1Plus started its journey in this field in 2008
  2. They have more than 52,000 customers in all around the world
  3. The company having registered office in United Kingdom
  4. They have wide range of products from cheap web hosting to VPS
  5. They have eight data centers locations all around the world for providing good loading speed of the website
  6. They have amazing support team
  7. If you are newbie then you can learn about hosting website from their tutorials
  8. You will get powerful API
  9. Their basic hosting plan starts from $3 per month only
  10. Awesome customer service they are providing
  11. They have over 24,000 likes on Facebook Page, that's the sybmol of popularity of the company
  12. You can get service of advanced server management, something unique
  13. Their re-seller hosting providing dedicated IP

What People are Talking About Host1Plus

People are thinking about this hosting service provider, actually this is the best thing to see because here you can get what people are thinking about the service provider, which will let you know about the edge of the company, see below screen shot what people are thinking?

Host1Plus review, testimonials, hosting service

Customer Support Service by Host1Plus

Customer service is one of the key component of hosting service, I mean this is not something once you will get, there would not required any maintenance, it is really necessary to have good customer service, so here I must say they are providing very good service to their users not only this, if you are new to their system then they will help you step by step to get things done right way, I am sure you are going to love their system.

Product and Pricing of Host1Plus

After all, its all come to your requirement and company offering service, it is my analysis most of the time people visit this web page for getting coupon code, that is why I am putting up to 40% OFF coupon code.

Okay, lets get started with all products offered by Host1Plus-
  1. VPS Hosting Plan
  2. Cloud Servers
  3. Web Hosing Plan
  4. Re-Seller Hosting Plan

VPS Hosting Plan by Host1Plus

VPS Hosting plan is one of the best hosting plan, but here in Host1Plus you can get started with only $2/month, that's really cheap and if you are looking for providing high level of service to your users then you can get started with it, but among all offers the silver plan is the best one, but it is little expensive than Amber plan, which is the most basic plan of VPS, I am also providing 50% off on VPS hosting for IO Zoom, check here IO Zoom Discount Code, if you are looking for knowing more then you can look at below screen shot.
VPS Hosting, Host1Plus

Linux Cloud Server by Host1Plus

Well, these days people are liking Cloud hosting much more, even there are companies those are only providing cloud server, well I know speed matters for many, even I love high speed loading website, so here they are providing such service too, but it is up to you what you want?
Linux Cloud Hosting, Cloud Server

Window Cloud Server by Host1Plus

Most of the time I have seen people like Linux than Windows but even people said that Windows OS having more application than Linux, well now it is up to you with which one you wanted to go with, well for knowing more about Window cloud hosting then you can see the below screen shot, visualization is much better than words.
Window Cloud, Cloud Server

Web Hosting Plan by Host1Plus

Web Hosting plan is one of the awesome plan, if you wanted to get started, I mean you can get started with their most basic plan, that is personal plan, in this plan you will get  a free domain name as well as you can use up to 3 domain names with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.
web hosting, hosting, host1plus

Re-seller Hosting Plan by Host1Plus

Well, if you are looking for starting your own business in hosting then you can buy their re-seller hosting plan, you will get lot of things those really required with re-seller hosting, actually I got lot of information about earning money from re-seller hosting from one of my friend he is a web designer and of course he is doing awesome in this business, all plans details is provided in the below screen shot.
reseller hosting, host1plus hosting, sell hosting
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