VirMach Promo Coupon Code June 2018 (80% Discount) & Details Review

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VirMach Promo Code June 2018 with Max Discount 80% Off

Here is details about Discount through promo codes-
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VirMach - One of the Best and Cheap Virtual private Servers

Well, today I am here to tell you about one of the best virtual private servers and that is none other than that of VirMach. And here you will also find out virmach coupon promo code for getting discount.

There are a lot of features that are very amazing and beneficial for you guys. So please pay heed and read my blog having patience.

Later on, I am very much confident that you all will get satisfied with this server provider. That's why even I am providing coupon code, I am sure this will help you to save some money which you can enjoy in other place.

Even this hosting company is becoming popular day by day so they are making their system better day by day which will be pretty fruitful for their customers.

Firstly, I want to tell you that if you are looking for one of the best as well as affordable virtual private servers then This service provider will be the best suited for you guys.

In this blog you will get many important information that will help you a lot to know about this very service provider. Here I am listing all the topics that I will discuss here in this article.
VirMach, promo code, coupon code, best, hosting, company
VirMach is one of the best service provider having different amazing features unlike others in the hosting industry.If you are looking for one of the cheap as well as reliable hosting service provider company then there no doubt dear that VirMach will be cent percent best suited for all of you. 

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In this article I will mention all the reasons why it is more preferable company as compared to that of others. In this blog I am going to discuss all the important products and plans that are being offered by VirMach to their customers. 

Things I am going to share here about VirMach

Well many readers of this blog might be interested to know that what they are going to know about this service provider that is VirMach here, yeah if you are looking for coupon code then see on the top.

That is why for this very purpose I am going to mention this very section firstly so that there will be no any confusions regarding these issues.

Also I am sure that you will get your answer why to choose only this VPS Provider. Now I am going to share some key topics about VirMach. They are following-
  1. About VirMach
  2. 13 things you must know about VirMach
  3. Best thing about VirMach
  4. Product and Prices of VirMach
  5. What people are talking about VirMach

About VirMach

Well in this very section you will get many important things regarding one of the best Virtual service provider here that is VirMach. VirMach actually does the job of providing affordable, extremely affordable you can say, VPS services. I have shared you guys about awesome .Net web hosting provider discount article here you go: SmarterAsp Coupon Code

In fact VirMach provides the VPS services at an affordable price for many applications and with various different specifications, located in multiple reliable data centers. One of the main thing about VirMach is that they offer cheap Windows VPS Plans as well as some of the Cheapest Linux plans and dedicated servers.

Also there is an availability of great support service that is very crucial for the customers. Many of you are curious to know about the support service provided by any company. So similar is the here.

You are lucky in the sense that there is a company like that of this VirMach which provides best support service unlike others. If anyone is in any problem or if anyone is facing any issue then he/she can consult with their support team. There they can clear their doubts.

This is one of the advantageous feature of this service provider. Well there are a lot of services provided by VirMach. Let us have a look on them before going to be discussed. 

Services offered by VirMach

  • Windows VPS services by VirMach
  • Linux VPS by VirMach
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Shared Hosting by VirMach
  • Reseller Hosting by VirMach

13 Things one should know about VirMach

Dear if you want to know about this hosting company in a very short interval of time then this section will be more helpful for this very purpose. Well till now we have discussed about only some of the details about the affordable service provider VirMach.

Here, I am going to share some of the key thirteen points about VirMach. If you want to know the fact then it will be interesting to know that there are lot of important and amazing things that makes this service provider a unique in their own.

When I think about to write about the main 13 things about VirMach, at that time I was in dilemma. I was a little bit confused over this issue. I came to know many amazing facts about this service provider that I got really impressed with this Virtual Private Servers. Also, guys and girls if you are looking for this company and want to know about this company in a very short interval of time then this section would be the most appropriate one for you all.

After doing a lot of researches in this field, I am here with you the best and the cheapest Virtual private servers that is VirMach here. In the very starting I am not really interested to write this very blog. Later I got fully blown due to their extremely unique as well as beneficial features. When I started this section I got many more points, even more than 13 things about VirMach. One thing I forgot that is coupon code of VirMach must use it for getting discount.

Let me come one the very points that in this section you all will get to know 13 important things about one of the best as well as cheapest virtual private servers here none other that I am talking about that is VirMach. So guys here are the key 13 points about the VirMach.
  1. The first thing about VirMach is that this is one of the most affordable, a feature most of the people looking for. There is a very cheap rate of products and services that is the marking factor for the people.
  2. Apart from the affordability there is another but important thing and that is the quality in the products and services provided by VirMach.
  3. They provide amazing support service to their customers. There are availability of staffs that are always ready to resolve issues on any condition. If anyone is facing any problem regarding any issue then he or she can contacts them and thus after telling them their problems he or she can get resolved their issues.
  4. Also there is the 100 % uptime guarantee. This is one of the crucial points for the customers who looking for this very service provider. If there is the condition of downtime then in that situation you may request store credit, rounded up to a week.
  5. Besides the above mentioned things there are many others important things as well. One of them is the provision of instant set up on most of the plans. Well if there is the case of windows VPS plans then it may take slightly longer in the complete installation. Generally set up takes a few minutes to complete.
  6. One of the most important thing is the security and privacy. Actually they never access your services without your permission, and provide SSL as well as secure panels so that there can be a proper management of your account.
  7. Most of the plans provided by the VirMach are very cheap as well as fair, one of the most crucial thing people are looking for. Actually the plans that are being served by VirMach are of very fair categorized.
  8. There are affordable as well as reliable services here. 
  9. The speed of the services provided are quite outstanding, also the set up services and customer services are quite good and pleasurable. This is the important thing regarding the issue of service availability. 
  10. There is the best and fastest windows VPS , thus making this company one of the best hosting company. There is easy to use Windows Remote Desktop.
  11. The support services are quite  efficient and are always here for public. They are fully dedicated to their customers. There is 100% uptime guarantee. This is a symbol of excellence dear. In other words you can say that the most  fruitful thing regarding VirMach Hosting is that you will here get great customer support team that is always available for their customers. 
  12. They are offering cheap windows VPS plans keeping in mind very well about their customers need and availability. VirMach is one of the most affordable company if it is compared to the other ones.
  13. The most trusted Control Panel actually makes easy to access and manage one's websites. There is no any need of technical knowledge here. There is one click installation feature which is very simple and easy. 

Best Thing About VirMach

Well in this section I am going to discuss with you about the best thing of the most cheap hosting service provider VirMach. I have mentioned many important points in the previous section, similarly here the only best thing about the very hosting company.

As far as the opinion of mine is concern the best thing about this company is the best hosting for your website at a very reasonable price having quite a few amazing features & I really thankful to VirMach for providing coupon code.

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Also VirMach is the most trustful in the sense that they focus on their customers interest first, also they are providing wide range of products with a lot of amazing features. There are many very interesting and amazing things regarding the issue of service provided by this very hosting company.

Products and Prices of VirMach

Well till now you come to know only about some of the things regarding the existing company VirMach. In this section I am going to tell the products and prices of the services provided by the VirMach.

For this page readers this section will going to be more beneficial if he/she is interested in this arena. Here I will tell in details about the products and prices of the VirMach. So guys are you ready. 

VPS Services

Cheapest Linux VPS Line of VirMach


Well one of the important product here is VPS plans preferred by VirMach. In this category there fall many kinds. They are as under-
  • DDoS protected VPS
  • Affordable Linux VPS
  • Fully virtualized VPS
  • Cheap windows VPS
Others products list also contains following-
  1. cPanel web hosting
  2. Register Domain
  3. Transfer Domain
  4. Managed Dedicated servers
  5. Unmanaged bare metal
  6. KVM/SSD windows VPS

Great Hardware and Virtualization 

Well there are many interesting products that are quite beneficial to their customers. There are various plans which their customers prefer most. This may fit you needs as well. Here is having great hardware and virtualization.

Their SSD1G plan is in their line of pure solid state Drive plans.They are with HW RAID 10, running on large powerful servers. Also there the plan uses KVM virtualization. This means to say that you will get the benefits of full features and controls that is run any kernel or OS.

Free Windows Available

Well there is another feature that is availability of free windows. One may choose either windows or a selection of Linux operating systems. If you decide to go with windows, you will be able to view your desktop immediately after the purchase through your browser or use windows remote desktop. That is why these existing feature is one of the example of the uniqueness of VirMach.

SSD Plans 

There are actually ten Data centers of VirMach that are existing at various locations. Well all the pure SSD plans that are provided by VirMach are located at that very existing ten data centers. You can pick up one there that gives you the best performance. That is all about this very product that is SSD plans. Now let us move on the other feature.

DDoS Feature

Well there is another one that is free DDoS Protection located in Buffalo, NY which is an optimal location for the US and Europe. There is no any extra cost as well. All the plans actually automatically protected and secured in the city of New York. Here I want to tell some important things regarding the affordable DDoS Protection. So go through it dear. 

10 Gbps Free Protection
Here is one of the amazing features offered by VirMach that is the availability of 10 Gbps protection free. One can get protected up to 10 Gbps. Apart from this they will also stand in front of any attacks if there exists towards your VPS, and they will stand with you until and unless attacks towards your VPS actually lasts.

The important thing here for you is that this service is being provided to you at an  absolutely free cost. This is the best part for you guys and girls. Also this is automatically included for all the plans that are located in Buffalo, NY.

Layer 1 through Layer 7
So guys there is another one here for you. Actually the servers in Buffalo,NY are protected against all types of DDoS attacks, including UDP flood, TCP flood, SYN flood, ICMP flood, DNS reflection flood, as well as layers 1 through 7. This is really great for VOIP, proxies, websites, and game servers. 

RioRey Anti-DDoS 
Till now you have learnt many things regarding the products of VPS, from DDos protection features to SSD Plans, from Gbps free protection to Layers 1 through 7, and many more. Here is RioRey Anti-DDoS the customers of VirMach Company.

Actually their protection is housed locally using RioRey hardware. It is immediately ready to use and the protection works on your main IP with no set up required. This is unlike many providers who use GRE technologies. 

Fully Virtualized VPS

As earlier I have mentioned about the DDoS protected VPS, cheap Windows VPS, Affordable Linux VPS, and now here is fully virtualized VPS. There are a lot of features existing here. Some of the amazing features included will be mentioned here. There are availability of various plans that are quite beneficial to you dear. The main thing here is that with all plans windows are available on 1 GB plus packages, don't forget to get coupon code

Amazing Feature Included here 

Free Windows
The Company will going to include licensed Windows Server 2012 R2 for free. Otherwise there is an availability of Linux as well. This is one of the most amazing feature offered by the very hosting company.

Solid State Drives
Well there is another important feature for you guys that is quite amazing feature here. SSD are faster than traditional HDDs. VirMach provide HW RAID 10 configuration for speed and reliability. That is why there is existing of the very thing speed which is quite noticeable.

Dedicated CPU
Till now I have been discussing and have discussed many important things regarding the features that the various products of VirMach possess. The next one is Dedicated CPU. The fact is that you all will get a full logical core.

You can select high CPU option and so you can use your CPU 24/7 at cent percent service support. This is those of the services that are very vital for all the customers and also most people are looking for. Let us move on the next one.

VirMach Discount Coupon Code January 2018

Here is details about Discount-
Step- 1 First of all click here and get the hosting plan
Step- 2 Use Coupon code- WHT15
Get Discount 15%.


DDoS Protection 
Now there is DDoS Protection. I have earlier mentioned quite a few in details about this topic. You can select the New York location for up to 10 Gbps in protection. The main thing here is that this very service will be provided to you absolutely free of charge. There is no any hidden charge in this case that is in DDoS protection.

Dedicated Servers by VirMach

In the earlier subsection you came to know about the VPS products and also know about many important and amazing information regarding this very products and prices as well as plans that are offered by VirMach. Well let me come on the point. Here I am going to discuss about dedicated services that are provided by VirMach. So guys are you ready, I hope so.
Actually this Company that is VirMach offers managed bare metal dedicated servers at several different reliable data centers around the world, I am even providing good coupon code for discount

Firstly I would like to discuss with you dear about the feature that include 1 Gbps dedicated port, optional DDoS protection in New York, also option hardware RAID card, and up to /24 IPv4 with IPv6 available in most of the locations upon request.

If you are from Japan and you are having concern about getting good hosting company then here is an article for you: Best Web Hosting in Japan

Guys if you require dedicated resources with instant provisioning, try one of our virtual dedicated servers or one of our quickly deployed unmanaged preconfigured bare metal servers.

Linux and Windows Remote Desktop by VirMach

Well the next one is here the services of Remote Desktop. There are various interesting and amazing plans that are offered by VirMach. Let me here firstly discuss the two line of services.

Linux vs Windows

Guys and girls there are basically two line of services offered by VirMach which is one of the most great service provider in the hosting industry. Now the thing is here the two line of services and these two line of services have actually one main difference. The difference is actually that of the operating system.

Most of you guys are familiar with the secondary desktop, that is why for a secondary desktop, VirMach highly recommend their windows line of services. This is still highly affordable. So if you are trying to set up a server and just need a desktop to speed up the whole set up process, then in that very situation you should go for Linux. This is because Linux generally has a wide range of applications which it supports since Linux is more popular than as compared to that of windows VPS services.

So dear there are many things for all of you regarding the services provided by VirMach. If you have any doubts then you can contact with the body of VirMach as this is one of the most responsible hosting services provider since a very long interval of time.

Therefore if you have any kind of issues or also you want to ask any questions regarding these services then you can contact with their support team.

There is a good customer support for the customers of VirMach who are seeking any kind of help. So guys please do not hesitate to contact their Customer support. They will help you with their full effort to set up your issues.
I think this is quite sufficient for you guys and girls. So let us move on the another topic. Are you ready for it?

Private Proxy 

Dedicated, Premium, Proxy, Servers

Well many readers of this blog have landed on this page to get all the information regarding the products and prices offered by one of the best as well as cheap hosting company.

Here is the another one that is Private Proxy. If you are thinking about the reasons to choose their proxies only then there are many things that make you satisfied about the matter of using their proxies only. Here I am mentioning the facts that will help you a lot to understand the things.

Why to use proxies of Virmach

Dear in this section I will let you know about the things and why to use the proxies of VirMach only. The main thing is that their proxies are the greatest quality all around. Also most of the hosts will give of guys a shared proxy, see above for coupon code

But that of the very VirMach is fully guaranteed to be private. Dear you receive control to the VPS running your proxy server and also can edit your configurations at any time depending upon your will. Thus this ensures that you are actually only one who is using the proxy in fact.
There are many plans availability regarding the arena of proxy. Here you can pick up many proxies you want. VirMach actually allow you to pick from the two most popular proxies. That very two popular proxies are HTTP and SOCKS.

And thus there comes set up for you guys therefore you do not have to configure a proxy server. The thing is that there is a blazing fast speeds as well as amazing uptime that is why these proxies are no doubt the best proxies which money can buy. So dear you can think about this very thing and the two most popular proxies available.

Actually their proxy network comprises of above even five hundred random subnets for privacy issue as well there are ten locations. Thus you can here pick up the closest location. This is the most noticeable thing regarding this service. Apart from this, VirMach also offer larger packages and thus they can also customize proxy servers to your needs.

Website Hosting by VirMach

Till now you have come to know about many things about the hosting products as well as their prices that are offered by ViirMach. In this section, I am going to tell you about the other topic that is Website hosting by VirMach. Dear if you are want to know about this amazing product then I am sure that you will be cent percent satisfied by their plans.

At the very starting that is before writing this article, I was not very much aware about the VirMach, their products and services but later on when I have researched on this topic, I was totally amazed. This is because I have come to know about many important and beneficial things about the VirMach. I am sure that you too will be quite amazed by this.

Well here is the another one that is website hosting. This is the best hosting for your website dear, at a great price along with having amazing features. Some of the most important features I am mentioning here. So have a look.
Website, Hosting, VirMach

cPanel provided by VirMach

Well guys there is the feature of control panel. The most trusted control panel is here that will makes managing your website in a very fair way. Your website will be managed very easily. Also there are many fantastic features provided by VirMach.

Apart from this there is the feature of Softaculous one click installs. Thus you can easily install the software that you need like that of WordPress and the main thing is that you will be able to do it very instantly. And also there is no any requirement of technical knowledge. This is all about the feature of Control Panel. Well let us move on the another one feature. 

Amazing Network

Dude in this mini section I will actually share about the another feature. And that the thing is regarding the arena of network. There is actually 100% uptime guarantee and thus your website will always work dear. VirMach team actually actively mitigate issues and provide technical support as well. This is one of the benefits for all their customers. 

Pure Solid State Storage 

Well now here is the another one. Guys actually your hosting will come with very fast SSDs, in RAID 10 configuration. This means that if there is a case of hardware failure issue then in that very situation your data will be protected. Therefore you will be benefited from faster load times. This is the main advantage here dear. 

No Limits 

I will share, in this subsection I am going to discuss with you about the another amazing things of one of the most best as well as cheap hosting company VirMach.

Actually dear VirMach do not put any limits on the number of e-email addresses, MySQL databases, number of websites, FTP accounts, or network speed. This feature of having no limits on these things is unique and unlike that of the another one in the hosting industry.

What People are Talking about VirMach

Well now you have came to know many important things about the VirMach, from best feature to thirteen important things, from products to prices as well. Now in this section you will come to know what people are talking about VirMach.

This section is very important for many customers from the satisfaction point of view. There mostly happens that most of the people get motivated from others. It mostly happens dear. People get motivation from others, they often see the reactions of others regarding any products they are using.

For this very reason here I am providing you the people reviews about the services provided by VirMach. From this you can easily conclude about this hosting company. 
VirMach Review, VirMach hosting
Review, 2
Reviews, 3

Shinjiru Promo Code 2018 & Detail Review of Best Offshore Anonymous Web Hosting

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You are looking for the best? The best Offshore Web Hosting Service Provider! Then you need not to worry, this is because today I am before you with one of the excellent web hosting service provider and I am sure that you will be quite happy after knowing all the things about the very service provider and this is none other than the one and only Shinjiru.

Shinjiru Promo Code 2018

Step(1)- Click here and go for the official page
Step(2)- Choose hosting plan
Step(3)- Apply coupon codes for discount SAVE50 for 50% discount
Offshore, Hosting, Solutions, Shinjiru
Shinjiru is one of the best in the hosting industry in terms of services quality or if it is anything else. As a matter of fact they have been providing offshore web hosting and anonymous web hosting services since year 2000. They  are one of the most experienced offshore web hosting companies in the world with 8 offshore locations, own Anti-DDoS Attack network, thousands of dedicated servers, IP addresses, ICANN appointed .com domain registrar and in-house technical support working 24/7 to monitor all your web services. I think this is really great if you are one of the hosting customers, and are looking for the number one.

There are a lot of features that are very amazing and beneficial about Shinjiru, for you guys. So please have an attention and read this blog and go thorugh if your are interested, I am sure that it will help you a lot.

Shinjiiru is one of the best service provider having different amazing features unlike others in the hosting industry.If you are looking for one of the cheap as well as reliable Offshore web hosting service provider company then there no doubt that Shinjiru Hosting will be cent percent best suited for all of you.
  • They provision, protect and secure your offshore web hosting needs. 
  • Also they have offshore VPS hosting, private email hosting, bitcoin hosting and all the tools you need to secure your identity. 
In this blog you will get many important information that will help you a lot to know about this very service provider. Here I am listing all the topics that I will discuss here in this article.

Here Things I Am Going To Share Here About Shinjiru

Here is the first section and in this section I am going to list the names of the topics, many readers of this blog might be interested to know that what they will be going to find. That is why for this very purpose I am going to mention this very section firstly so that there will be no any confusions regarding these issues, and thus you can go for the topics you are looking without having any waste of time.
  1. About Shinjiru
  2. 13 things you must know about Shinjiru
  3. Best thing about Shinjiru
  4. Product and Prices of Shinjiru

About Shinjiru

corporate, Facts, Shinjiru
Shinjiru was founded in 2000, Shinjiru International Inc has evolved gradually into a premier offshore web hosting provider. They are the only offshore web hosting provider that is ISO9001:2008 accredited. Here are some of the breif introduction about the company-
  1. Shinjiru work closely with many industry leading partners to provide the cutting-edge technologies in web hosting industry. 
  2. Also Shinjiru operates in 8 Data Centres worldwide (and growing) giving you a wider network choices for your business. 
  3. Apart from having worldwide locations they operates on the mission of providing the best protection services to all their offshore customers giving top priority to identity, server and network protection. 
  4. You guys will be pleased to know that there are various features and aspects of the products and services of Shinjiru that are focused on these protections. 
  5. There includes 247 Managed Services program and this provides professional and expert support for emergency support situations. 
  6. Quite amazing thing is that their Customer Support Program is designed for absolute peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all their customers. 
  7. There are about 50+ support engineers and you will be glad to know that they respond swiftly to all support requests via - live phone operators, ticketing system and live chat as well.


  • There are 8 offshore data centers dedicated to the clients' security, identity protection and anonymity.
  • Another one is that there is no any need of identity or documents. Total privacy and anonymity ensuring your identity and operations are kept in secret.
  • There are products and services to ensure the very thing that you are never vulnerable and susceptible to attack. In other words you will get full security feature. 
  • Shinjiru includes enterprise-grade components from well-known brands and these brands include DELL, CISCO, INTEL for all your hosting requirements.
  • They are providing not only professional help but also personal assistance and this is 24x7x365 ensuring your operations encounter no interruptions.
  • Here with Shinjiru you will enjoy strongbolt web hosting solutions which enable you to operate your website in peace. And also there will be no interruption.
  • They are providing their customers a high speed bandwidth complete with 100Gbps Anti-DDOS Protection.
  • Shinjiru can completely protect your identity and offering you domain protection.

13 things you must know about Shinjiru

Here is the section where you will get only important key features and points about the Hosting Company i.e Shinjiru, and if you want to know about this hosting company in a very short interval of time then this section will be more helpful for this very purpose. Well till now we have discussed about only some of the details about the affordable service provider Shinjiru.

Here, I am going to share some of the key thirteen points about Shinjiru. If you want to know the fact then it will be interesting to know that there are lot of important and amazing things that makes this service provider a unique in their own. As a matter of fact when I think of this that is to write about the main 13 things about Shinjiru, at that time I was in dilemma. I was a little bit confused over this issue. I came to know so many amazing facts about this service provider that I got really impressed with this 
Let me come one the points directly-
  1. Shinjiru is the number one Offshore web hosting service provider. 
  2. They are providing their customers the facility of full security, this is what many of you are looking for.
  3. Here you will get 365/24/7 support service.  
  4. They are providing wide range of products as well as services.
  5. Also their customers use to get absolute privacy facility, and in this arena Shinjiru and their teams are very much dedicated.
  6. Their uptime guarantee is quite appreciable. 
  7. Products and services include - Domain registration, Stronbolt Offshore Hosting as well as Bitcoin Hosting.
  8. Well there is no need of identity or documents. Total privacy and anonymity ensuring your identity and operations are kept in secret. This is really quite interesting for you.
  9. They are across the globe, and their services are quite amazing and thus people response are quite high this means that they are going to rock high in the near time. 
  10. There are products and services to ensure  that you are never vulnerable and susceptible to attack. 
  11. If any issue is there, you will enjoy the facility of dedicated team which is full of highly skilled staffs and they are ready always to help their customers and clients and thus matter to be resloved. 
  12. They are offering anti hacking protection along with DDoS Protection.
  13. There are VIP managed services also.
These are the all important things about Shinjiru, apart from this there are many exciting and interesting features as well. I will mention all in the next mentioned section. 

Best Thing About Shinjiru

Well in this section I am going to discuss with you about the best thing. I have mentioned many important points in the previous section, similarly here the only best thing about the very hosting company. If you want to know the important things and also you are of the opinion to know about this hosting company in a short interval of time, then go to the previous section. Here is the best thiing only. 
The best thing about Shinjiru is that they are the best at Offshore Web hosting. 
Also Shinjiru is the most trustful in the sense that they focus on their customers interest first, also they are providing wide range of products with a lot of amazing features.

Products and Prices of Shinjiru

In this section you will get to know all the plans and prices of the products and the services. 

Shared Hosting by Shinjiru

  1. There is free migration services. They make life easier for you. Their professional migration services team can help you migrate seamlessly. You have to just request for FREE migration in the Special Request box in the ordering page.
  2. Once migrated, you have to review your websites to verify that all is functioning as expected.

Shinjiru Budget Offshore Hosting

Shinjiru, Offshore, Budget, Shared Hosting

Stronbolt Offshore Hosting 

Stronbolt, Hosting, Packages

Virtual Hosting by Shinjiru

  • Actually since year 2000, Shinjiru has deployed thousands of offshore Virtual Private Server containers. 
  • Offshore VPS Packages of Shinjiru are set up on high performance servers with optimized Offshore VPS Hosting configurations. 
  • Also another thing is that Shinjiru uses leading virtualization technology, and this technology give the customers unparalleled power and control for a price less than a dedicated server. 
  • 24/7/365 dedicated Support Team is available as well for Shinjiru Virtual customers.
As a matter of fact if you are looking for an Offshore VPS that costs less and performs better, you have found the cent percent correct VPS provider in Shinjiru.

Offshore VPS Packages 

Shinjiru, Offshore, VPS, Packages

VPS Plus cPanel Packages by Shinjiru

VPS, cPanel, Packages, Shinjiru

Some features are given below-

  • There is availability of VIP managed support, you guys can subscribe with their plans and thus their staffs will take of all.
  • You will get the facility of Backup solution as well, in other words you need not to worry about the data loss.
  • Also there includes VPS flexibility and control, plus single-tenant power. This is the ultimate in dedicated hosting, with or without setup an easy-to-use control panel and managed services.
  • Also includes high performance servers, fast SSD servers.

Dedicated server by Shinjiru

Standard, offshore, dedicated, server, Shinjiru
  1. As we know that the company is in the hosting industry from a long interval of time, since year 2000, thus they ensure that your dedicated server is always fast and has the highest uptime. In other words they have a vast experience in protecting your server from any shutdown requests. 
  2. They are backed by branded DELL servers, also there is dedicated 24/7 support team and 99.99% guaranteed uptime is available in offshore network. 
  3. You will be pleased to know that all their networks are also DDoS protected. 
  4. Apart from above mentioned features, Shinjiru are offering a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If you are unhappy with their services, then in that condition you can get your money back. 
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Hi, I'm Ujjwal Kumar Sen, are you looking for a good web hosting for your blog or site?
Yeah, It can be a really confusing task Choosing a web hosting service, there are
So many web hosting providers out, offering similar here I’m sharing
with all information as solutions, features and control panel, technical support, hosting
plans , technology and reliability, these are some important aspects which you need to consider during selection for your web host.    
Before I started, let me tell you about “hosting”. So here I’m explaining in simple language (not in coding language) What is the meaning of hosting and then I will discuss each type of  hosting and their meaning and also all aspect regarding this. If you want to know about   shinjiru in details and its features then it’s my small request to you read this  complete blog.                                        

Meaning of hosting 
Web hosting is a service which allows websites to be published to the internet and
hosted so they are accessible on the around the world on the World Wide Web for everybody to find. This allows website owners to pay a small monthly fee for the hosting space as the cost is spread across many other websites hosted on the same server. 

 Features to look before  buying hosting provider                         

 This is very important to look for in a Hosting Provider so read this features and know
 about them if you are beginner to choose hosting provider it is necessary to you.
 Take a look at these key features any best or reputable web host will provide you   in,no matter which type of web hosting you decide to use:
  • storage available for your website's files 
  • Speed
  • Uptime guarantees
  • Database support 
  • How much bandwidth is available
  • The number of domains and subdomains you can register
  • If you can choose operating systems
  • Which type of tech support is provided 
  • Whether you can install web applications such as the CMS WordPress
  • If shell access is provided
  • Is there any automated backups of your site and easy restore option
  • Storage is necessary for your site's files
  • Speed If you want your website to load quickly, a good web host is essential. This is your engine, remember. We want a fast engine! Google advises that web host servers should respond within 200ms. 
  • Uptime guarantees are for cases when the server crashes or needs maintenance.
  • Bandwidth is the amount of data your web host will let you and your visitors upload and download each month.
  • if you need something other than the typical MySQL database then look Explore database support
  • Shell access, which lets you use the command line remotely, this  is great for advanced website owners that need more control.

 10 Reason why shinjiru is leading                     

  • Shinjiru provide a great privacy with hidden IP and DNS for the hosting. The domain name comes with bulletproof security and double layer protection.
  • Free incoming migrations.
  • super safe with excellent protection also affordable and best price.
  • Fast data center and network worldwide.
  • Impressive and extensive customer support system.
  • identity protection and web stability.
  • Shinjiru provides 24/7/365 technical support. high level of professionalism and efficient support from them.
  • Online transaction protection with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates
  • Included Google Adwords program for increased search engine optimization (SEO)
  • accepting various payment methods including Bitcoin & Ethereum which easier with high protection and privacy.

                                                 About Support

 Fastest support

Shinjiru is reachable through live chat, a 24/7 support phone line. you can reach their
support via live chat, phone, email, and ticketing system.                           
you can also call them at +603.92128338 for immediate technical support anytime.
They never disappointing you whenever you have difficulty regards the server issue.  

Great features and services

In my analysis, shinjiru provides great service as compare to others. And their Customer      care & support team are well-trained and efficient.   
 All the problems get solved within 20 minutes of reporting. here I’m telling you about
 great features and services.                                                  
  •  99.99% Uptime (& it’s important because it means that your hosting service is available.)
  • The server options for this plan include shared hosting, a dedicated server or VPS, all Can be obtained from shinjiru.
  • There are Choices between Linux and Windows OS which is very good.
  • This is the first web host they’ve run across to offer “Bitcoin hosting.”
  • High degree of anonymity in all areas
  • Online transaction protection with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates
  • Servers of shinjiru are available in six countries.

 Best Network

Shinjiru Offering high speed bandwidth complete with 100Gbps with Anti-DDOS Protection. That’s why no worry about Network of shinjiru.

Technology and Reliability of Shinjiru 

Let’s see how works shinjiru technology and know about its reliability. 
If you see the shinjiru technology, as I mentioned above that 99.99% Uptime for their Service.This is because of their high-quality hardware and very advanced network and the superior.resources to manage and protect it all.

                            If you want evidence of shinjiru technology, then consider Shinjiru uses 100 percent,optimal bandwidth utilization for clean traffic to each customer’s website, a clean pipe network to eliminate spam real-time network monitoring against attacks and malicious traffic and, malware and viruses on the hardware side of things.
 Sophisticated Detection Techniques.                          

 cPanel and Plesk control panels

it’s very important  thing that  shinjiru provides both cPanel and Plesk control panels.        especially cPanel is very user friendly yet powerful. If you are beginner, then you can        manage your hosting account easily which is very essential to you and it allows you at
beginning level. 

Strongbolt solution

 This is one of web hosting solutions which enable you to operate your website in peace
 and without interruption.

worldwide network and Fast data center

 shinjiru provides total 8 data centers in worldwide.  shinjiru uses 3 Data Centers in               Malaysia, 1 Data Center in United States , 1 Data Center in Singapore, 1 Data Center in   Hong Kong, 1 in Japan, and 1 center in Europe.           

 Quality equipment

Shinjiru provides good quality equipment. Enterprise-grade components from well-
known brands,They owns their custom build, IBM & DELL servers.
Also others related equipments such as switches, routers, firewalls, etc.                                                         

Various  Payment options                         

There are six easy payment methods through which you can payment easily. Which are
Card payment (Visa card , master card, credit card, American express etc.), Paypal Payment, Perfect Money Payment,Wired Transfer, including Bitcoins & Ethereum Payment 

Money Back Guaranteed in 30 days

Yeah, you are reading right. And it must because If you are not completely satisfied          with their service then you will get your money after request for a refund. No hassle and worries free! So it’s really more than good that is you are not bounded by shinjiru also you can check if You are beginner and wanna to check all aspects of shinjiru

Web Hosting

Basically there are two types of hosting which are managed and unmanaged hosting. I’m
telling you simple different between these two so first is managed hosting is when the hosting company you choose helps you "manage" the server your site's data is stored on. In other hand This means that anything your server requires, whether that be maintenance, repair, or even  upgrades, your hosting provider will take care of it.
And second one is unmanaged hosting which comes with very limited services. In fact,
any time you need to manage your web server in any way, you will have to take care of it yourself.
here are various types of hosting solutions of shinjiru having different features and
specially for different types of websites like business, student, beginner level, for personal, for blogging  etc. Here take a look at different hosting of shinjiru.                

 Shared hosting

  • Super Tuesday Offshore Hosting
  • Budget Offshore Hosting
  • Strongbolt Offshore Hosting
  • Strongbolt Email Hosting
  • Wordpress Offshore Hosting
  • Bitcoin Hosting

 Virtual Hosting

  • Virtual Private Server
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Virtual Offshore Office

 Server Hosting

  • Offshore Dedicated Server
  • Offshore Server Co-Location
  • Vip Managed Services
  • Server Os & Control Panel
  • Server Add-Ons

 Here I am analyzing  each hosting with their meaning and features, purpose

Detailing of hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic, and cheapest, web hosting service on the market.
In this type of hosting you can create attractive and professional websites without
worrying any problem about technical support, server maintenance and root problems.
Here I’m describing some important features about shared hosting, and for information
About shared hosting you can visit official website of shinjiru.

  • Using Softaculous app, make your web hassle free at start with more than 400 scripts
  • Up to 100 GB of Web space and 100 email accounts
  • Choose anyone cPanel ( global standard control panel) or Plesk control panel for all plans
  • R1Soft backup services for all Linux-based plans
  • 24/7 E-Ticketing Support System and excellent technical support all time
  • Hardware Firewall Protection
  • Google Adwords program for increased search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Up to 500 GB of bandwidth for Windows-based plans
  • Un-metered bandwidth for all Linux-based plans

  Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service that runs email servers. Using a professional email hosting
service should give you peace of mind. You should be able to focus on your business
while the email hosting provider manages your email service. Hosting providers can
manage a user's own domain name, including any email authentication scheme that
the domain owner wishes to enforce in order to convey the meaning that using a specific
domain name identifies and qualifies email senders Shinjiru aims to use its email hosting
services to help businesses increase productivity and privacy.

IP address is removed from all outgoing emails to ensure anonymity. Customers who host with us can combine our offshore services with Strongbolt's secure email technology.
Now,you can secure your email with your own domain name! Imagine the combination
of anonymous                                     
domain name, secure email and offshore web hosting 

 Some features of email hosting

  • 99.99% uptime
  • 100% Compatible with Email Software such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.
  • Dynamail servers with extensive company-wide email monitoring functions
  • anti-spam software, Spam Control & Virus Scanning
  • High End-to-End PGP Encryption
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook
  • Hushmail private email hosting for complete security and anonymity
  • SSL Encrypted Connection
  • Microsoft Exchange Server technology for cost-effective emailing
  • Forwarding Up to 100 Email Addresses.
  • Unique Email Blasting service for bulk emailing of up to 250,000 recipients per day

Wordpress Offshore Hosting

This is new hosting launched by shinjiru for wordpress users and it is best for wordpress users.Using this hosting you will get more visiter for your blog or site because of mostly
websites are made on wordpress this will benefits to your blog and websites for traffic and
visiter .using this hosting shinjiru provide you with super-security, incredible website load speeds and an easy to use interface to manage all your plugins and content. The most benefit of this hosting is wordpress comes with their toolkit with unique functionalities which helps to you manage your site and developed site with less time consuming with best performance and increases your productivity on your site. wordpree has most popular content management system in the world.

 Benefits of wordpress hosting with toolkit
Toolkit allows developers to synchronise data between staging and production environments effortlessly.Manage important debug options in WordPress from the graphical user interface provided Easy migration setup for your WordPress website from one infrastructure to another.Clone WordPress instances and databases instantly with a click of a button.Keeping your web application up to date has never been so easy. Simply click update,sit back and relax while Plesk does all the work for you.

 With best features 
  • Quicker website load than others
  • LiteSpeed web server and SSD storage
  • Free backup (R1Soft Backup),no charges
  • Kill malware and fix vulnerable websites.
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • 180GB SSD Storage
  • 800,000 Monthly Visits

 Improvement after optimization 
In this case, if you uses toolkit of wordpress then there will be performance
improvement of your site Lets see the improvement after optimization .
  • Increases performance grade
  • Decreases load time
  • Page size get reduces
 My point of view about using wordpress  that it is best hosting for wordpress users the         features which I have already mentioned above are really cool and good which has free backup,high bandwidth,180GB storage, and the best thing about wis wordpress toolkit which is domain management and control all things and effortless work with theme management. 

 Bitcoin Hosting

 This hosting is new and specially started bitcoin comes and people have investment so
 they can easily buy plans using bitcoins. So here I’m describing some features of bitcoin which really good now days for bitcoin holders  and it is effortlessly payment than others   because in this bitcoin payment you don’t need to bank and card details.
 If you are looking for the best bitcoin web hosting options you’ll find that there is an increasing number of web hosting companies now taking payment with bitcoins but Bitcoin Hosting is a company that not only offers this payment option but that also offers anonymous hosting among several hosting plan options. If you have a need for privacy and anonymous hosting,this company offers a number of hosting plans with assured anonymity / privacy and they offer bitcoin as a payment option as well as additional options that offer for anonymity as well.
So lets have look BitCoin Shared Hosting will pleasantly surprise you with reliable service.
99.99% uptime, included DDoS protection and 8 offshore locations to choose from. cPanel and Plesk control panels available. BitCoin web hosting is easy when you have state of the art Shared hosting infrastructure and amazing quality for a reasonable price!

         Features of bitcoin hosting

  • WordPress- you can buy also wordpress hosting by bitcoins
  • Uptime Guarantee 99.99
  • Providing cPanel which is best for control
  • Phone Support
  • Joomla
  • phpBB

Bitcoin service

Bitcoin Hosting offers multiple plans for those who want basic no-frills hosting, for those who  want dedicated server hosting, and offers VPS hosting for those looking for some of the benefits of a dedicated server without the associated higher costs. Within plans are configurable options that enable customized offerings based on a variety of needs and budgets as well as technical skill levels.

 Bitcoin hosting plans.

Like others hosting there are also some types of hosting shared hosting , VPS hosting, Dedicated server. I will describe you shortly about these hosting and features.

 Bitcoin Shared Hosting:

The shared hosting plan includes the lowest cost bitcoin hosting options. There are Starter, Standard,Professional, and Business Plans featuring several options. Features includes,

  • 100 GB of storage
  • 1GB Memory
  • a dedicated IP address
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Standard through business plans offer free domains
  • NGINX Technology
  • All plans include 24/7/365 support via email.

Bitcoin VPS Hosting:

 Features of the VPS Hosting plan includes,

U.S and European locations available. You choose your location.
From 25GB TO 100GB SSD storage
1Gbps Shared Unmetered Bandwidth
Fast deployment
1Gbps DDoS Protection

Bitcoin Dedicated Hosting:

 Features of Bitcoin Dedicated Hosting plans include:

Flexibility in configuration setup
Free Set up in 24 hours or less
1TB & 2TB Hard Drive
From 4GB  to 16GB  Memory (RAM) (Additional Free memory like buy one get one)
100Mbps Unmetered
1GBps uplink
Location: Malaysia

Virtual Hosting

 Do you know what is virtual hosting..?

Virtual hosting is next level of hosting from shared hosting and works in similar way
Of shared hosting. Virtual  hosting is a good choice for e-commerce sites, web developers,
and businesses sites.

There are different types of virtual hosting and you can purchase virtual private server (VPS), a private virtual desktop (PVD), a virtual trader desktop (VTD), or a virtual private network (VPN).

Here I’m describing some features about virtual hosting which helps you to distinguish.

  • High Performance Servers with Multi-core hyper-threaded Intel processors.
  • Every Linux-based VPS comes pre-loaded with the CentOS operating system.
  • Prevents people from tracking you via IP address.
  • VPN provides faster network and
  • Improve Internet VOIP chat sound quality.
  • VPS provides 100GB web space for backup
  • VPS provides DDoS Protection ranging between (1Gbps to 5Gbps) and Anti-Hacking Protection.
  • VPS comes pre-loaded with a Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor in every Windows-based.
  • Each VPN utilizes IP address masking and an encrypted connection to ensure privacy.
  • Up to 4 GB of memory and 160 GB of hard drive space for PVD plans
  • Every VTD plan comes pre-loaded with popular trading software such as a Meta Trader 4 client terminal, an MIG trading station, VT Trader, IQ Chart, Speed-Trader, and TeleChart 200

Feature of Virtual Private Server 

  • 25GB TO 100GB SSD Storage
  • 1Gbps Shared Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1GB TO 8GB RAM Memory
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Virtual Private Network

  • Faster and more reliable Internet connection.
  • Choices of multiple VPN locations.
  • Safe/encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet
  • 3 Days Trial
  • LOCATION : Malaysia, Russia ,Holland

Dedicated hosting

Meaning of dedicated hosting

In this dedicated hosting you rent the entire server your website's data is stored on.
If you can’t find above two hosting that is shared and virtual and not satisfied then
you can go through Dedicated hosting. This type of hosting is suitable for large websites
with lots of traffic There are some features of shinjiru dedicated sever which I have
described. your dedicated server are limited by its ability to store only as much data as it physically can,the good thing is no one ever touches any resources of yours or negatively affects your website in any way.

Server customization

In this you will have to customize your own server that means You can usually customize your server how you want, such as increasing the amount of RAM available or choosing the operating system you want to work with. This is great for advanced website owners that
really know what they are doing and want specialized server software installed. 

  • Up to 10TB bandwidth.
  • Up to 64 GB of random access memory (RAM)
  • 99.99% Server & Network Uptime
  • Full Root Access to Your Dedicated Server
  • Smarter Mail mail server, help desk, and SmarterStats business analytics software included with every Windows dedicated server
  • One IP address included with every dedicated server plan

Server Colocation Hosting

What is Colocation Hosting?
Colocating the server gives you the greatest flexibility. You get to choose the hardware
configuration of the server and the software that goes on it. The hosting company maintains
the connection to the Internet and deals with environmental details such as uninterruptible
power supplies (UPSs), fire controls, and air conditioning. On the other hand, you're responsible for that server's upkeep.

Colocation hosting is unique in that you buy your own physical server and simply rent the space in the datacenter it sits in. The hosting company provides power, cooling,physical   You also pay for the bandwidth your site uses each month.

Features of Colocation Hosting

  • 99.99% Network Uptime
  • 12 x Free IPs to 32 x Free IPs
  • 10Mbps Burstable Bandwidth
  • Optional DC Relocation
  • Dedicated Ethernet Port
  • 5 Server(s) / Equipment to 20 Server(s) / Equipment
  • Multiple Premium Data Centers
  • There are some ADD-ONS PRICING of colocation(SEE at Screenshot)
  • Co-Location centers are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 Shinjiru guarantees the uptime, availability, compliance and protection of your
 co-located servers. Our highly secure data centers were built with N+1 redundancy
 on all networks, hardware, power systems, and generators with Tier-1 premium
 bandwidth providers. 

Along with there are some disadvantage of colocation from my point of view.
Here I explained most of all types of hosting with to understandable their terms
and features so lets have a look at web privacy and protection.
 his is very important factor which is everyone know. privacy to your data.

                                  Web privacy

Lets see about protection, security and privacy of website provides by shinjiru. secure your website from external (and sometimes internal) threats, your web host should take the
security of its server and infrastructure seriously too.  So here are some of list.
  • Ddos Protection
  • Anti-Hacking Protection
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Sitelock

Ddos Protection

It is a set of techniques to identify normal conditions for network traffic by defining
“traffic patterns”, which is necessary for threat detection and alerting. DDoS Protection System works by blocking the range of the attacking source IP. During this
process of mitigation, certain IP addresses may not be able to reach the server.
it provides Advanced Monitoring Network System.

Anti-Hacking Protection

Data security is the first lookout of customers to protect server against massive
data flooding, denial-of-service attacks and hacking. And this is provided by
shinjiru to their customers

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CND is the group of servers the purpose of this group to delivering static content
to users much faster. ONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK  (CND) helps to faster speed of websites,performance monitor,your data is kept safe and sound with the help of CND.
Shinjiru CDN is developed exclusively ONLY for WordPress, Magento and Joomla

SSL Certificate

SSL stands for (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL certificates create a foundation of trust by
 establishing a secure connection. To ensure visitors their connection is secure,
 browsers provide visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar.

 SSL certificates are another critical part of a website's security  and something
 you absolutely cannot do without if you intend on making sales or collecting customer
 data from your website. An SSL certificate basically puts an encrypted layer between
 your web server and your visitors, keeping the exchange of data safe from hackers.


Sitelock is another part of secure hosting and protect your websites. Sitelock
provides tools necessary to maintain and resolve security issues on their websites.

Sitelock prevent from malware and others threats.
SiteLock will scan your website for vulnerabilities and send you automatic alert and
reminders to secure your website.

          Sitelock plans

 Something different to say about Shinjiru
Here I,m telling you what’s different about shinjiru. Which is different than others
service and that’s the most important thing to buy shinjiru hosting so lets see ,When it
comes to customer support, only experienced engineers answer your calls for distress, not
 just lower-level employees. They always fulfill and satisfied you and never disappointing you about their service. the variety of Control Panel choices, although none of them are offered for free.That’s definitely unusual – and certainly adds more to the monthly cost of your hosting plan that what you see quoted online.

You have your choice of just about any Operating System you could ever want ,including  SUSE, Windows, CENTOS, UBUNTU and more. Most are free, after an initial setup fee,
but some are available for an additional monthly rate. 

This is the first web host that run across to offer “Bitcoin hosting.” Bitcoin hosting allows you to  pay for your hosting account anonymously, using Bitcoins instead of a credit card, further protecting the security of your identity. The server options for this plan include shared hosting, a dedicated server or VPS.

My Final Analysis regarding overall Shinjiru Web Hosting

I hope you read it all information as I mentioned above so Overall, Shinjiru web hosting is one the best companies in the industry to start off, based in Malaysia which is leading and
giving different  features and supports is excellent.

they provide their services at very cheap rates as compared to their competitors in the market.Their shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated Hosting, VPN, SSL Certificates, etc. are great and awesome. Shinjiru gives you flexibility in many ways and tries to resolve the issues by directly contacting the customers. And most importantly, their customer service and support is tremendous.

Their staff is on their heels 24-7 to resolve the issues faced by their valued customers. Their uptime,reliability, hardware quality and customer support has made them the leading figure in web hosting world Shinjiru lagged a bit with respect to the backups but I am pleased now that Shinjiru has collaborated with r1soft continuous back ups. Definitely this could be a turning point for them. also

They provide a full range of hosting packages ranging from personal shared hosting package to If you don’t mind using an offshore Web hosting provider, Shinjiru could be a great option for you.