Basic SEO, Increase Organic Traffic
SEO it's full form is Search Engine Optimization may be you know it's full form but let me tell you SEO can change your future of your blog with in few days how is this possible, I will discuss about this in this post.

Why SEO is Important for Every Blogs-
Every blog need support from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing etc there many search engines but these are the most popular.

As you know and also you do, if you want any information from the web then you search on search engine any one.

Then you got too many results but there is some thing you need to do to get your results in between them what are those things you need to do I will tell you step by step and I am 100% sure your visitors will increase with in one week by 20%, you will also see this.

Then are you ready to do this okay!!! then first go to then sign in then you will go to your blogger account.

Now click on your blog, in which you wanna setup for more visitors to your blog.

Click on Layout then click on Edit on Header As Show Below Screen for your better understanding.

Then a popup window will open, as mine one as give below screen shot.

Now fill the form with your blog topics, on which topics you are blogging.

Like I have written, I have given screen on the above.

Others in SEO for Blog-

SEO for Blog
That is the most important, but if you are looking for such SEO set up then you need to read one of the blog post, which will share with you each and everything about seo, here is it White Hat SEO Tips for Blog.

Other than these, I will suggest you to host your blog on self hosting to increase loading speed of your blog, so here is the service provider giving such service, I am giving also some discount on this, here is it- Virmach Promo Code 2020

Note:- This thing will definitely increase your visitors, don't forget to share your opinions after doing these steps May be it will take upto one week but after one week you will see the result of this work.