I am always looking for best and easy solution for my topics that's why you will get benefit for reading this blog.

Few days ago I found a free backlink provider and good for SEO too, which is for free and I have also used in my another blog www.rehut.org

I will share with you about that tool with benefits of the tool, may be you are thinking I am lying but I am not.


The name of the that tool is TYNT Publisher Tool, this tool is providing by tynt.com

Main Benefits for Bloggers-
  • Drive traffic to your blog.
  • Improve SEO ranking.
  • More earning from blog.
  • Helps to keep your readers on your blog long time.
  • Notify readers engagement.
  • Get Update directly to your email account.
One of the Best Benefit is whenever your users will copy your content then TYNT tools make it copying content having your page link.

That means you will get benefit of a great service for free, I will recommend you to go for this and see the difference with in one month.

This tool will also help you to know which contents your users are copying, as I told you earlier this tool will left a page link with copying content.

Now imagine if any one will share your post with their friends may be in social networks, that means people will get the source, which will increase your backlink as well as visitors.

I mean this tool can change any blog SEO, if a tool giving us this much thing why we should not go for this tool.

What do you think?
:-Go for it or not, let me know.
If you are getting excited then go to this website and grab this opportunity now- http://www.tynt.com