SEO is the most important for every one who is having online business because can make you rich in a overnight it may be possible but you should know how to make it possible.

Actually there are many ways to get support one of the way I got from internet, the website is providing for you and important is that for free.

Is not that cool!!!

Yes a website will help you to get SEO for blog for free.

OK let me tell how it is possible the website is providing you scripts which is having collection of tags.

Tags are really important for good ranking in search engine.

Ok let me tell you the name of that great website is

First go to this website and then read the first page and click on the below of the given page.

Click here to get start with

"1b. itemscope and itemtype"

Read the above section and do the same what the section is telling you do.

I hope so you will get some help for your blog from this website.

Let me know about your results after doing this step.

Best of Luck!!!

This is not it, at all, this is just a way to get index your blog posts, but main work you have to do that is provide value of people's time in your blog post.

Because after people will come to your blog to get something, right, then think about it, if they just come to your blog and did not find anything or sufficient matter for what they landed on your blog.

Then your whole SEO work will going to be zero worth, so keep in mind every time, if you want to become some one in online world then you have to give source to others to become someone, I think this is the easiest way to become famous.

What Do You Think Let Know? If you think it's worth it.