Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Start a Blog

Get start a blog for free there are many platforms to start a blog but it is up to you which platform is suitable for you.

Let Me Tell You What is Blog?
Blog actually a web publishing tool to share things with the people living in the world. That may be Technology, Tips and Tricks, Study Tips etc.

Why People Start a Blog?
There are many reasons for starting a blog but every people having different reason to start a blog, I have mention below some reasons.

  • Start Blog for Making Money.
  • Sharing Passion.
  • Non Profit Blog for Helping People.
May be possible you some other reason to start a blog but most of the people start a blog for above reason that I have seen in my more than 2 years experience of blogging.

I have also share in my previous article best platforms to start a blog for more information please read the below article link-

After reading this article if you wanna start a blog on then you can write the below link to create a blog on

All platforms I have those providing service for publishing your blog for free!!!

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