Blogging is just like news media in the internet but in particular topic, so writing first article is very important in the effective way for your blog.

            Write First Article Like Last Article

I have been blogging since last two years as I have share in my first post please read the first post it's link is given below to get maximum benefit from this blog for free.

Like you can write what you are going to provide to people through your blog as well as little bit about you also, which will see other people that you are a real people, like I have written an article Read About Me and My Blog

In this article I will talk about only about first article for your blog, probably you have heard about that first impression is the last impression.

So as I have seen many bloggers first article they write about the blog and who is behind the blog that's why people can make identity for the blog.

Why I am Telling You This Thing? 

Because if you don't know the person who is telling you your blogging career it is little bit difficult to depend on the same blog.
That may be same thing happen with your blog, people will think about you.

So I will fully recommend you to write about you and what you are going to share with world of people through your blog.

Do not Blog Anonymously?

I am telling you this thing because to make any brand there should be identity about the product. Imagine that your blog is your product and you are hiding your identity it is not good for your blog.

No matter how you are a good blogger.

My personal experience actually, till 2014 I did not even share about my blog on Facebook but later I realise why not to share information what I do online.

Then my conversion rate has been increased to 200%, that is because of authority in a single niche, these days I am trying different niches and of course getting huge success on education niche soon there are million number will touch, then I will share everything what I did but if you wanted to start a blog with self host then I will suggest you to go for Cloudways, because its an awesome hosting company, even I am giving some discount coupon here is it- Cloudways Coupon Code August.

Write Effectively Just Like You are Writing in the Examination?

Whenever you are giving examination you give your full concentration on your answer sheet to get very good score.

Just like same thing is here if you wanna get good comments by others readers those are reading your blog you should write very effectively.

Representation is Every Thing?

Representation is every thing from  very first post you should concentrate that how you are going to represent your blog in front of the world of people.

First people go for look!!

You should write your article having very good look and write quality thing not quantity.

Best of Luck!!!

I hope you are looking for video demonstration, that's why you will come to know each and everything about blogger dashboard where you can write your blog posts, here is the video-

This video is having lot of information for creating an amazing blog posts for beginner's, so if you are beginner and wanted to create blog post like pro then this video is for you.