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List of Top 8 Blogging Platforms to Create a Free Blog

Knowing Blogging platforms is really important to start a blog for free, but it is up to you which platform is best for you. According to me choosing blogging platform is depend on your motive and mission behind creating a blog, I will suggest you to first set your target if you wanna make serious money from blog.

Blogger.com No. 1 Choice for Beginners-

Blogger.com is one of the famous blogging platform provider in the world, this service is providing by Search Engine Giant Google Inc.

What Special About blogger.com?
  1. It's free.
  2. Upto 100 authors can write in a single blog.
  3. You can create unlimited blogs for free by using Google Account.
  4. You can add domain name without loosing your visitors of your blogger blog. LIke .com, .org, .net, .info etc which one you like to add to your blog for creating own brand.
  5. After adding domain name the hosting service will also be free for your blog.
  6. You will get sub-domain of  "yourblogname.blogspot.com".

Wordpress.com Professional Blogger Platform-

World fastest growing free blog service providing by Wordpress.com

What Special About Wordpress.com?
  1. It's free.
  2. Unlimited authors can write on your blog.
  3. Can create unlimited blogs for free.
  4. Easily switch to own domain name.
  5. Easily switch to own web hosting.
  6. You will get sub-domain of "yourblogname.wordpress.com"

Typepad.com Blogging Platform For Improving Brand Value-

Typepad is a good blogging platform service is providing by SAY Media.

What Special About Typepad.com?
  1. It's free.
  2. You will get sub-domain of "yourblogname.typepad.com"
Great & Special Offer for You Directly from Ujjwal Kumar Sen
I know, it is really difficult for anyone who is beginner to create a blog and of course a professional blog with a .com domain name.

That's why I am giving away by offer to create a pro blog for you, you just need to sit back and enoy, Within few days you will get a professional blog means-
  1. You will get a .com domain name cost about 500 RS
  2. A pro blogger template which cost any where about 2000RS to 5000 RS
  3. You can chat with me regarding problem you will face, if any in future
  4. And of course my e-book which worth RS 249
  5. That's not all you will also able to earn 40% to 80% commission.
I know may be you are thinking how much I am going to charge for this, at least 5000 RS, because I am giving away my five years of experience for you, all right for the ease of people I am giving all these only for 499 RS, yes I am creating a professional blog only for 499 RS.

Tumblr.com One of the Popular Blogging Platform-

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform  service is providing by Tumblr Inc.

What Special About Tumblr.com?
  • It's free.
  • You will get sub-domain of "yourblogname.tumblr.com".

Yola.com They Provides Good Tools-

Yola.com came just few years ago and the site become famous because of it's service and facility.

What Special About Yola.com?
  • It's free.
  • You will get sub-domain of "yourblogname.yolasite.com".
  • You can switch to your domain name.
  • Free HTML and CSS editing.
  • Most beautiful things I noticed about this site that is "We Make It Easy. You Make It Great", I mean amazing.

Weebly.com I have couple of Blogs on This Platform-

Weebly is not too much old but in the short period of time they got amazing result.

What Special About Weebly.com?
  1. It's free.
  2. You will get sub-domain of "yourblogname.weebly.com".
  3. You can switch to your domain name.
  4. Free HTML and CSS editing.
  5. Students and Teachers can also create website.
  6. Company said that over 12 million people choose Weebly platform.

Blog.com One of the Oldest Blogging Platform-

The Blog.com has been providing from 2004, it's great opportunity for people they have provided from 2004.

What Special About Blog.com?
  1. It's free.
  2. You will get sub-domain of "yourblogname.blog.com".
  3. You can use number of themes from theme show case.
  4. You can choose your blog on your own domain name.

Blog.co.in Good to Start a Blog-

It's a popular blogging platform provider in India has started in 2008 and currently sponsored by Fluppy.me and Impulsemp3.com

What Special About Blog.co.in?
  1. It's free.
  2. You will get sub-domain of "yourblogname.blog.co.in".
  3. Bonus Program.
  4. Feature service for premium blogs just like "Bollywood.blog.co.in" but they will provide this blog only for few people for this you have to contact their team.
Important facts about this blog post-
Start a  blog is the now easiest way to make money online but more important is that choosing platform to create a blog.

Which one is best for you, that is depend on you what you are going to share in your blog and motive behind creating a blog.

So choose a platform and start a blog today!!!

Conclusion about Choosing Blogging Platform:-

 I know, if any one will start with wrong platform or you may say this wrong source then it is become more difficult for any one to succeed in that field, but in blogging I will recommend you to use two platforms, no doubt all of them are good.

But personally I like Blogger and Wordpress.

But here the term come, money or in simply way you can say it, budget.

If you want to start with zero investment then start blogging with blogger platform, but I will suggest you buy a domain name for your blog, which is must to earn money online from blogging.

Now come the next one i.e. Wordpress, this is a wonderful platform to create a blog a succeed, but here you have to invest around 100$.

If you can invest this much amount then you can easily start blogging in wordpress platform, another disadvantage of wordpress platform is you have to pay hosting amount per year but in Blogger it's free.

Important- If you want to create your own professional blog, I mean if you want to create Word Press blog then I can help you to create one, but there are few necessary things required, contact me I will help you there on Facebook.

By the way here are few things required-
  1. Hosting for your blog, I recommend to read BlueHost 2016 Review or HostGator Review 2016 they also provide domain name too.
  2. And of course technical knowledge for setttings.
So, if you are planning to start your Word Press blog and you need technical support then contact before buying anything because there are certain steps you need to go through for creating a professional blog.


No matter which platform is suitable for you.

Choose one and start beginning your blogging journey, don't try hard, just keep going, then I know one day will be yours.


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