SEO Basic, SEO Mistakes
Few days ago, I was searching on this topic, what people are doing mistakes while blogging, so I found on Google Official Blog in webmaster central. There I found an article, the article is written by Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead in Google.

Mistake 1.- No Value Proposition.

Why would a user select my site in search results?

Mistake 2.- Segmented approach.

Mistake 3.- Time consuming work arounds.

Mistake 4.- Caught in SEO trends.

Mistake 5.- Slow iteration.

To Know More About This Please Watch the below embedded video-

Hopefully You Got Lot of Things From This Video!!!

Note- Only knowing things is not good enough rather than implements the knowing things.

Hey I would like to tell few more things about blogging, I mean mistakes in blogging, see blogging is the good way to make money online, you and me both know about it. But the thing is that, only your blog can become successful when you will get targeted visitors to your blog, to get targeted visitors you have to have very good knowledge about at least basics of SEO.

I have one simple rough and tough solutions for you, you can simply read my blog posts about SEO, you will definitely have very good idea about SEO, then I am sure you can drive better visitors to your blog.

Big Lesson I have Learnt Over Years of Blogging and Experimenting-

Till now, I have created lot of niche blogs and many of them got success as well as many not, but I found the way to get success.

So, here I found people always failed in niche blog because they don't want to work and most of the time beginners don't want to invest money.

See, if you want to get success in business you have to invest money, right now I am investing about $50 daily for my next niche blog project, I am sure what I am investing I am going to earn lot, but  total I have to invest about $10,000, I know for many this is huge, even I know there are many those don't have money to invest in their domain name although there are lot of benefits of getting domain name.

Of course, I am almost missing this that is theme for your blogger blog & always try to avoid free theme, if you don't have money to invest for designing your custom theme for blog, try this Fast Loading Responsive Blogger Template, this is awesome I can also give you some coupon, if you unable to pay that much amount.

So, the big lesson learnt is investment, without investment in business you can not grow faster, if you will invest then you can earn lot of money but first you need to know where to invest how much and where to invest less, for knowing this you need to have experience in your business.

As a blogger, you need to invest money earlier, but that would be depend on budget, in earlier I did not have much money, that's why I have started with a blogspot blog and then when I got then started building lot of blogs and these days I am earning that much I never imagined for this thanks to GOD and of course my Mom and Dad

Here are few places you need to invest money-

  • Buy self hosting, here is 50% IO Zoom Coupon, amazing VPS hosting
  • If you don't have money to buy hosting then buy domain name from Bigrock
  • Need to have theme, already shared
  • Invest money in content, you can hire your friends, neighbours or anyone.
  • Be unique and try with some different angle than others
  • Keep experimenting to find out the best one.