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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, many newbie blogger did mistakes and loose money because of buying software and others too!!! like any service.This is one of the best way to get good traffic for your blog every day and I am also getting very good traffic to my blog.

But, there are many ways to get good traffic to your blog not only SEO, there is also SMO in my I will share with you about SMO (Social Media Optimization). In this article, I will tell you only and only about SEO for blogspot bloggers.

Simple Tips Updated- One of the best way to know what is working and what is not then I will suggest you to check analytics and see what is the best way to get traffic to your blog, here I am not talking about getting social media traffic, I am talking about organic traffic.

So, are you ready to know those tips, OKAY!!!

Blogspot SEO Tips "About Title"-

First, whenever you are writing your title think about this, what people are searching about your topic what you are going to write I mean write title, what exactly people will search on search engine.

For example-

If you are going to write an article on "Motivation Poem"

Then you need to do little variation, if you will put title Motivational Poem, then it would not me much effective for getting good rank on Google and other search engines too.

But, you will not get good CTR (Click Through Rate).

So, you need to write a title with little crazy as well as effective words, like you can write title of your blog like this- Top 10 Unknown Motivational Poem"

This will help much more than the previous one, I hope you are agree with me, if you are not aware about keyword research then Learn how to do keyword search, it will help you to become a professional and I can say successful blogger.

Need to Move with Trends-

Use Google Trends for writing a beneficial article?

May be you are thinking, how?

Actually, Google trends help you to know the trending, means what people are searching or what is hot in the internet, I mean hot topic.

If you will publish a great article on that, and you will put effort to promote that blog post, I am sure you will get much more benefit of it.

Like you will get more traffic, revenue, subscribers, authority, better ranking and may be few internet friends.

Its About Linking-

Whenever you are giving external links to your readers then use the two tips as I have given below on the screen shot.
nofollow link on blogspot

Use those two option for getting good rank on SEO.

Let me tell you more about those two options and why you need to make tick on those option, if you are giving link to other websites, blog or anything.

First One- it will open the link in a new tab.
Second One- it will not pass your blog page rank to the blog or website you have link.

Labels of Your Blog Post-

Don't Forget to put appropriate labels like I have given below screen shot.
what is labels in blogspot
Its a great way to get few repeat visitors as well as search engine come to know about the blog post, quite easily.

For all, you are going to get good rank, if you will make it correctly, but your labels should be related to the content of the blog post.

Location of the Blog Post-

Give Location to the blog post to get local help from search engines the screen shot is also given below.
Add Location to the Blogspot post
Specially, I have seen those are travel bloggers they got very good help from this feature of blogger, if you are trying to provide service in your region then you must utilize this feature.

Article Length-

Don't write your article too short, your article must have at least 500 words for not getting punish from Google updates.

I know bloggers those write very depth content, that's why there blog post always rank better than those write short articles.

I hope you got the point.

Now, may be you are thinking, how to write lengthy articles?

Here, I have very good simple solution for you.

Just, write what you know enough and write in your blog post in step by step, then success is definitely there.

Few things, you must use in your blog posts like- headings, subheadings, image, bold letters, anchor text etc.

But, must use with proper guidance.

Search Description on Blogger-

This feature is just amazing.

You know, why?

Because, it will help search engines crawler to know about the blog post quickly, I will recommend you to must use this feature of blogger, if you want to rank better.\

Don't do keyword staff here, just write what your blog post about.

For example- I am going to write there for this blog post "SEO Tips for Beginner Blogspot bloggers".

That's it.

New Things for you-

I know, if you are beginner then you are little bit tired right now.


Because in blogging, you need to learn lot of things, otherwise you can not just get success, if you want to be a popular, money making, authority blogger.

Then you have to do hard work. Other than this no rocket science works here, because its blogging.

Without this, you can not get success in blogging, what I have analyse from couple of years, now rest on you what you want?

Write best as you can, read at least twice before publishing the post.

I know proof reading is must.

Many bloggers share great content, but because they did not proof read the article they just loose almost everything there.

And SEO is really necessary for getting most targeted free internet customers.

Is there anything you would like to know about basic SEO?