SEO- Search Engine Optimization, this is providing by many companies, freelancer too but I think there is no need to buy this service because there is nothing secret in this, it's too simple.

Even tactics are not good for SEO may be your website will get banned on search engines it happened to many websites as well as blogs.

So better to know about this for free from this blog!!!!

In this article I will discuss with you about benefit of putting Google Plus button and page to Your Blog.

Before going to tell you about this let me search any thing on Google search engine may be, then I got result as I have given screen shot.

What does that means, my friends already using this websites that means I will trust this website and also I can see this website result on the top because my friends add +1 for this website.

That means this button will help you to get your results on the top on Google and also you can share your each article on Google Plus if you will put Google Plus Page on your blog.

This means you will get ton of visitors to your blog for free.

But I will tell you give time to your contents as more time as you can because no matter how much you are SEO experts but if your content is not good then no one will come to your blog again and again.

So make your blog more informatics for users that's why the user will set your website name in their brain for forever..

So, put Google Plus page and button to your blog.

If you wanna to put easy social media sharing button like my blog on the below of each post then read my next article.

Hopefully you will get too much benefit from this article, let me know about this article.