Benefits of Getting Domain Name for Blogger
What are Benefits of Getting Domain Name for Blogger BlogSpot Blog?
Domain name are .com, .org, .net, .info after your blog name like mine one may be you can get different domain name with other extension like But as a blogger I wanna suggest you to get a domain name from one of these, if you wanna become popular world wide.

Otherwise you can get domain name according to your country like for India .in and for other country, it is different.

Okay back to the topic, may be your thinking where are those benefits, five benefits those I got from blogging are-

1. World of Opportunities in Blogging-

Opportunities from a platform, the domain name can give that platform to grab world of opportunities. People will understand that you are serious about your blog, that's why you are investing money.

So, here you have to invest little amount to boost your online business opportunities in blogging, five key things going to happened after getting domain name-
  • Definitely earning will increase
  • You will get reputation in the internet world
  • More people will ask you about it
  • You can consultant beginners for starting blogging for increasing your earning, reach, authority in the internet world & of course in the physical world too.

2. Better Search Engine Support Than Blogspot Blog-

If you are having blogspot or any other sub-domain blog, then I am 100% sure you are getting that much benefit from search engine, as much you are going to get benefit from search engine, if you are having domain name.

This is BIG and this is my personal experience here what happened after getting domain name-
  • I have started getting more traffic from Google, Yahoo & of course Bing too
  • Got more likes, shares on social media a green signal for search engines
  • Got more back links again green signals for search engines.
  • Invited professional for interview in my blog, here is one of them who earned over $10,000 from Udemy & Proof.

3. Help to Make a Brand-

Domain name means you have your identity and we both know, if you want do something in our life we must have an identity.

The identity can give you the domain name.

Branding plays very important role for long terms business that is why I always recommend you to create a blog as well as offer your paid service, the best way to get benefits from it that is creating your own video course I did it and I got amazing benefits from it even I made extra $6,000 every month.

Which is amazing for any Indians?

So, I recommend all people to do it at least give a try it can change your life, but It takes time to create course as well as for selling your own course you need platform, so I recommend you to use Podia promo code 2020, which is one of the best platform to sell your course online.

4. You Will Get More Back Links-

Domain name means, people will curious about your blog, you have good chance that people will write your blog.

And you can do link exchange with other bloggers, you can contact for this with other bloggers, may be you are thinking what will happen if blogger will say no, or will not give answer.

You are not going to loose any thing right, but think about this if say yes!!, here let me share with you few points that's why you will understand how it will work for you-
  • Many links of my blog build by users, readers because I have domain name and of course good template, if you are not a designer and you want to get a professional look template like I have then shot me a mail to
  • You can ask someone to add your blog post link in his or her blog for increasing the users support as well as you will get links.
  • People will trust on you that you are doing some investment in your blog.

5. More Sponsors for Blog @Money comes in-

Sponsors don't like blogspot, wordpress or any other sub domain blog, you can get direct advertisements.

Direct advertisements means more money and more standards of your blog, these things only possible if you will have domain name for your blog, few sharing facts happened with me after getting domain name on my blog-
  1. I got more traffic from Yahoo, Bing 
  2. I have been asked more than 1000 questions regarding blogging in 2015 through Facebook, E-mail and of course on my blog through comments.
  3. I got lot of sponsored blog post to write and many written I just got money for simply clicking on the Publish button, is not that easy.
  4. More domain authority as well as page authority of the blog.
  5. You can get approval from any ads networks but yes there are some terms and condition followed by networks, it is up to them but probability will be more if you will domain name.
Sponsored posts, banners and others- If your blog will rank good on search engines then definitely you will get lot of offers, which equals money. I got my first sponsored offer in 2014 the amount was $40.

I still remember that day, when I got that offer I can not tell you in words in was an amazing moment for me.

And at that time I was getting about 17,000 Rs ($260) per month salary now you can imagine the feeling of that moment right.

So, because of that moment today I am running 2 e-learning platforms as well as we have more than 13,000 students across 130 countries.

So, dear online having amazing opportunity for us, but you need to do it right way, one of the biggest mistakes made that is people don't want to invest money on learning, domain, hosting as well as attending good conferences always inspire you, because you will see how people like you making lot of money, they have good fan base and those guys are like you.

So, I will strongly recommend you to buy domain name for your blog, get experience of writing content means article.

When you write articles, give your 100% make it best, in the internet world if you will write one but the best will work like charm. Most of time people asked me number of words the article must have then I replied them about 2000 words at least with amazing information so that people will get help from the article.

6. Easy to Get Adsense Account for Your Blog-

Now a days as I face, you can not get adsense account, if you have blogspot or wordpress blog then you have less chance to get approval from Google Adsense.

Why Google Adsense ?
From Google Adsense, you can millions but it is not possible with advertisement programs.

Now a days there are many CPM networks they are also paying pretty good for delivering traffic to their advertiser products, websites and you can try one of them.

But, why Google Adsense is still the best network for bloggers-
  • It is having hold over advertising world
  • Premium advertiser still using Google Adwards because they are getting high ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Top publishers are using Adsense, including top news channels, blogs, websites, Yahoo even using Google Adsense.
  • They are paying I think best CPM in the internet most of the time.
My recommended Alternate to Google Adsense- I have seen bloggers remove ad networks most of the time when they have started getting lot of traffic and then they moved to affiliate marketing world. Because it is really awesome, even I am using affiliate marketing on my blog that's why I am not using any ad network on this blog.

What are recommended tips to get approval from Google Adsense-
  1. Have a domain name [ not necessary but recommended]
  2. Have these pages- about me, privacy & policy, disclaimer, contact me.
  3. Good SEO Friendly template
  4. Have decent traffic on your blog at least 300 visitors per day- It is not that much difficult to get 300 visitors per day, for this you need to write just 5 good quality articles.
  5. If you are Indian for wait for 6 six months that's why your domain name will be 6 months old and you will have traffic on your blog before going apply for Adsense.
  6. Before applying for Adsense remove all ad from your blog
  7. Ask someone who already got Adsense.

7. It is Cheap may be $10 Per Year-

You don't need to invest very good amount, if you are investing little amount and you are getting this much benefits.

No matter in which country you are living you can get domain for very little amount, this is online it is quiet different from offline business.

Actually, its been long time I have been blogging, I have driven lot of traffic to my blogs and in 2020 I am going to take lot of steps to make it happen.

Means to get just awesome traffic to my blogs, that's why I am working pretty hard and hard, I know if will work more than any other blogger then I can easily get that space and I am exactly doing the same.

So, what the punch you need to get from this heading-
  • If you are from India then it is really easy to buy a domain name in very cheap price, my recommendation to buy domain name is Big Rock & GoDaddy.
  • It is really easy to add domain name to your blogspot blog, for making it simple I have created a video tutorial live-
Hope you are going to enjoy the video and you will learn something new from this video.

Note Worthy Points-
Domain name for blog is must, reason behind this is no one give serious to blogspot blog, if you think it is not true then find any blog, which is having very good rank and not having domain name.

I must recommend you to get domain name for becoming professional blogger.