Submit Blog to Google Search Engine
How to Submit Your Blogspot Blog to Google
Every blog need SEO support for getting more visitors to blog and visitors means money right, then what you are thinking planning to go to SEO consultant or learn from yourself choice is yours!

Many companies offered SEO services but I will suggest you don't need to pay even penny for this, because they are not going to do any magic.

Because SEO can be done manually for your blog and any one can do this even you. Yes you can also do this, after reading this article you even complete this step.

1. Submit Your Blog to Google
It is really quiet simple to submit your blogspot or domain unable blog to Google, even it's free any body can do it.

Here is very good information for you, actually if you have created a blog that is blogspot blog on blogger, then you don't need to submit your blog to Google, it is automatically submitted by Google, because Blogger is owned by Google.

But even then if you are not sure about it, then you can go for it.

Actually, I am going to tell you step by step guide to do it-

  • Go to
  • Now Google will ask you to Sign in by using Gmail account
  • After Sign in to your Google account, you will see a page like I have given below the exact screen shot for your understanding.
Blog submission to Google, Submit Blog to Google for free
Add your blog to Google
  • As you can see on the above screen shot, you have been asked to submit your blog URL on the box then type security code. Now the last steps- click on submit request.
That's it.

Probably you are thinking, how much will it take to show your blog on Google, well little time, but their is not any specific time period.

2. Bing And Yahoo

Well, submitting your blog to Bing means it will automatically added to Yahoo, I have written an extra blog post for this, you can read, here is the link for this.

Now hopefully you understood that there are nothing, that you need to hire people to do this for your blog.
Dear if you wanna become successful blogger, you must have patience to things get done by you itself.

In blogging there are lot of thing you have to learn and share with the people, but share things what you got from your experienced.

Share things differently, if you wanna become popular!!!

Remember "Winners Don't Do Different Things They Do Things Differently" by Shiv Khera.