If you are an Indian blogger or you wanna get traffic from India, other than Pinterest then their is an alternative of Pinterest in india.

Actually few days ago I got a comment on my blog about this website and I visited website who comments on my blog to know some thing new that's why I can share with you any new tips.

The website is having platform of wordpress and this is a new website that's why this is not too much popular in India like Pinterest but even then the website having good rank.

If you will share your photos definitely you will drive traffic to your blog, and of course you will get help from this website too.

Because in which topic you will share your photo there would be good stability time to keep the photo on main page on the website.

Some of the important stats of this website according to Alexa-

Indian ranking about 19000 but still the site is growing very well and the website's about 95% traffic from india.

So utilize Indiawins.com to get traffic from india