Capital Letter or Small Letter- Which is Better for Search Engine Optimization

There many bloggers think on this, which letter is best for search engine optimization.

Actually I did not know about this till I do course from Google Power Searching.

In this course I did not paid any thing but I got many things, those are really important as an internet user.

I had been taught by "Dan Russell".

I got also a certificate from Google Which I have given below.

Ok back to the topic, what I am talking about is, there would be any effect or not right.

The answer is NO!!

No matter which letter you are using there would  not be any effect on SEO.

This thing I got from Power searching classes, I also got many things, which will also help bloggers, I share with you those later.

You must do this course from Google the official website for this is

More SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers-

There are only basic SEO tips and tricks required for bloggers to keep blogging and of course to get good rank on search engines, but now a days bloggers spending lot of time to implement advanced SEO, but according to me, rather than spending lot of time on SEO, spend time to write great content for blog.

Which will be much better and very helpful for mankind as well as for you to generate lot of revenue.

Okay may be you are looking for those basic SEO tips, then here I am going to share with you all basic SEO tips in short-

  1. Concentrate on title of the blog post # Important Learn Keyword Planner by Google
  2. Check URL 
  3. Use Heading, Subheadings and of course bullets & numbers to improve its representation in your article
  4. Content & improve your writing skills
  5. Add images and must be optimized for SEO.
I don't want link to each and every blog posts of my blog for explaining all terms I have used here in the tips and tricks, but yes I will recommend you.

If you want to learn more about this then try one of my blog post, which I have written after putting more than 10 hours so, it will definitely helpful for you- Complete Guide to SEO for Bloggers.

Note Worthy Points-
People use capital and small letters for good representation, nothing else.

There would not be any effect o SEO, whether you are using capital letters or small letters.