John Chow Successful Blogger
May be you know John chow, may be not, okay then let me tell you, he is one of the best marketer in the world. Some people says about him, he is a dangerous marketer, but few years ago he was like us, like me, like you.

I always read other blogs, atleast 20 posts daily for knowing facts and inside things more purely that's why I can share with you in better way for your benefit.

John Chow started blogging in 2005, in a seminar he said that he make 0$ in first two years of blogging.

Then, what exactly he did to become a professional blogger, one more thing about John chow he is earning about 40,000$ per month.

So, what he did that he went from 0 to 40,000$ per month and which make him professional blogger.

From a single blog he is making 40,000$ per month and this is very good, no matter where are you living?

Here are those tips, what I got from his blog in the last three years, because I have been reading his blog from last three years, what I am going to share with you, those things are really important, so read carefully, because it may change someone life.

1. John Chow is Consistent-

In a seminar and I also read his free E-book, he said that the thing behind his success story is consistency.

Consistency can make you more powerful.

If you want to download his e-book then you need to go to, well if you want to start blogging then it is a good e-book.

2. John Chow Reads Every Article Carefully Before Come to Us-

Many blogger did this mistake, here is the example sometimes when we found any mistake in news paper or in a book, we laugh on that because it looks unprofessional.

Just like the same in blogging, if your reader found any mistake in your article then it look like unprofessional, read carefully at least twice before or after publishing an article, because the other name of people is mistake.

3. John Chow did Case Studies-

One more thing about him, he did case study to make money from his blog, which also make him succeed in blogging.

If you wanna become success blogger like John Chow you must start experimenting, case study, these are the things which can change your way of blogging.

4. John Chow Used All Pro Services-

I am updating this blog post, that's why I am adding this point because I have read about this on his blog, he used always a pro service from e-mail marketing to fast loading blogger template.

But, I will suggest you to do so, if you don't have budget, but of course if you are earning some money online then invest 40% of your earning on your blog, it will increase your earning.

Well, there are many things to do, to promote your blog, but one of the best way to get attention from readers that is e-mail marketing, you should spend money for making huge list of e-mails.

It will give you more consistent traffic as well as the best media to get in contact with large number of people quickly, okay for your better understand let me break down all services he is using these days-
  • He is using Word Press blogging platform.
  • Hosting plan from BlueHost India Discount Coupon{Limited time offer} For getting especial discount, [If you are not capable of doing these technical works then let me know I will do all these things free of cost for you, but before going to buy anything you must understand the whole concept for all these things just contact me on FB]
  • Max CDN
  • E-mail marketing companies- Aweber [Grab it Now]
  • Pro templates [If you don't have much budget then contact me I will provide you template in very genuine price]
  • Do not put any ad network; just selling ad space on his blog in premium price, but few years back he used Infolinks on his blog.

5. John Chow Always Do Experiments-

Well, I know him from long time, but because of limited time I do analyse his blog at least in a week, I mean about his activities, what is he doing?

How he is making money online?

What are most sources of income?

Well, after doing this, I came to know, he always do experiments new method to earn money, like from Google Adsense to Affiliate marketing, his own products too.

NOTE- Only because of him and other couple of bloggers like (Darren, Neil Patel, Patt and also few Indian bloggers) I am going to launch my first paid e-book on Google Play which would be totally based on SEO Tips and Tricks also with this I have launched my free e-book for Indian People Earn Money Online in India (300 Copies Sold Already), well if you are not Indian then you can also read this e-book, it will definitely help you to earn money online.

My Own Top 5 Suggestion for Becoming a Pro-Blogger-

For becoming a pro-blogger you need to choose a proper topic for blog, if you will choose a topic related to your day job or study or in which you are indulge more then it is easy for you to become a pro.

But, many No, I am wrong its about 99% they start blogging after seeing people are making this much money, that much money from this niche from that niche.

Then they start blogging and then they fail.

I don't want this will happen with you, personally I think you must have good writing skills, learning skills, implementing skills as well as investing skills, then you can easily earn more and more money from blog.
  • Learn SEO- At Least Basic SEO, this was my biggest mistake in blogging, that I did not learn much about SEO in the beginning, that's why even I loose much traffic, I will share about this more in future as a Big Case Study.
  • Take Time to Write Article- More time investment means better product, see if you will invest more time then I am sure you are going to get more and more traffic to your blog, because you will deliver great content to your readers.
  • Always Have Motive for Writing the Article- Every successful people having motive behind success, if you want to go through this ladder of success then you need to have this, strong motive you have more ladders you can climb.
  • Promote Each and Every Blog Post- See, no matter what you have written, if people will not read then its value is ZERO, so try to promote your blog posts on questions and answers website, forums, social media, e-mail list too.
  • Watch Your Traffic Graph- After working hard you need to see result of your hard work each and every week, this will motivate you to grow, because one success story leads to make  many success stories.
I hope these points will help you to make a better blog.

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You Are Winner So Determine to be Successful Like John Chow-

I have seen there are several blogs do pretty well in the beginning they even try to get authority at some point they do get such thing but just after sometime everything just keep going away from them.

Can you guess, dear why is it happening?

They are not determine to get success in life through blogging so John Chow and that's why I am writing about him today. So if you think you have something I hope you have that's why you are reading this blog post till now in blogging there are few quality you must have- here are few of those-

  • Never stop writing
  • Keep going and keep going just don't stop
  • Don't expect too much from blogging because in the beginning you are not even going to earn $1 per day.
  • See other successful bloggers hard work not earning.
  • Don't get motivate by earning, get motivated by seeing fan messages on your inbox [It happens with me few hundred of times]
  • Be unique and always write from your own experience to be different
  • Try to represent your blog post much better way
  • Be specific and of course don't try to get everything at a time, it is going to lead you to be a BIG failure, what I have experienced from last five years.
  • Try to give something precious to your readers everyday
When we are talking about a person success then we must use those tips and tricks which he used but in different way.

Because there are many like you reading this article, if every one will use these tips directly no one is going to become much successful.

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Use these tips but in different way that's why whenever people will read your article they will come to your blog again and again.

Then only you will succeed.

Is there any other Reason Behind John Chow Success?