Blogging is the way of changing life, but when you come to blogging as a beginner or may be you were from few years even then it is compulsory to read other blogs.

Why I am telling you to read other blogs?

The reason behind this is, to know what they are thinking and writing about, one more thing I would like to share with you don't stop learning.

Once you stop learning from that time you are not going up ans this fact is not only in blogging, this fact is in every where in life.

Keep this thing at least in your life, if you wanna grow your self daily.

And for blogspot blogger this is the best way to know when they are updating their blog, I recommend you to just read their blogs those are talking different.

Don't add too many blog, just add 5 to 6 blogs, that's why you have that much time to read their post ok.

So, here is the tips how to do that, Go to< then click on Add, as you can see the screen shot is given below

Now a popup window will open, as you can see the given below screen shot.

Now put url of the blog, which blog you wanna add to your list.

And one more thing, if you wanna add more than one blog at a time then you may click on "+Add", then a new slot open you can add another blog name and then click on "Follow'.

Hey, add only those blogs which actually you are going to read.

Note Worthy Points-
This is the best way to learn and up to date with other blogger posts.