How to Build Real Backlinks for Blog

Links building techniques are many but there only few ways which will help to your blog or website for good SEO as well as page rank.

If you have more links that means you have chance to increase Alexa Rank and traffic which is really important for any blog.

When I have joined blogging in that I did many mistakes and I did not build links for my blog like when I start blogging, I did not know even about this but after later when I come to know about then I have seen their Reputation from that come to know about this slowly.

In this article I will share with you about Link building tactics to build links of your blog, So are you ready for those tips okay!!! lets get it.

Joinging Forum-

Many people ask question on many forums and people are looking for answers if you will provide them answer according to their question people will love to see your blog, don't forget to add your blog name with the answer.
There are many forums in the world few of them I will share with you- The forum is related to designing, languages. The forum is related to digital talk. The forums is related to SEO(Search Engine Optimization) The forum name is says that this forum is related to automobiles. The forum related to Linux Operating System. The forum related to general question and answers you can see the name "warriorforum".

Join two or three forums which is related to your field then give answers of other questions and you may also ask questions!!!

Join Blog Directories-

To build quality links quickly with out not doing much effort is by joining Blog directories in the previous post I have shared about 85 Blog Directories, if you wanna make number of links with few days then  recommend you join directories as much you can which will really help you to get visitors from your backlinks.

See, I will suggest you to join all of them but I will suggest you to Join only few, maximum five.

You must join Alltop as well as if you are an Indian.

I found these two blog directories are just awesome.

Put Easy Social Media Share Buttons-

When you will complete reading this post you will see the easy social media share buttons for sharing by users which will give backlinks and huge traffic too.

Now a days every blogger putting LinkedIn social media share button, I have seen on many famous blogger blogs.

I will also put with in few days to make users easy to share with their friends.

Social media button must include- Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg.

Put SEO Enhancing Script To Your Blog-

There are many companies offer SEO enhancing script for free to put your blog and then will also give report each month actually whats going on your blog.

I know like these scripts are TYNT and HTML TAGS.

Ask Other Bloggers To Put Your Blog On Their Blog Roll-

There is nothing you are going to loose if you will get reply from any one no!! but think about this every one is not going to put your url on their blog roll but of course if you send emails 10 bloggers definitely you will get back emails YES from 3-7 bloggers, because it is the easiest way to get more visitors.

May be you are thinking why you should put other blog addresses on your blog because it's a way to get more traffic because you are giving chance to your users to get more information from web, that's means your users will come to your blog often.

Let me give you an example if you need any new information from the you may be search on Google then Google shows many results and you will get the your information, that does not mean you are not going to use Google again rather than you will use Google more than before because you got some important information from the blog.

Guest Posting-

When I have started blogging in that time I have heard from many do guest blogging and get more visitors but I did not, I was thinking that why should I write for other blogs.
But I was wrong if you write guest post on other blogs then you will get many visitors and there nothing to loose rather than gain.

I am giving you list of blogs to write guest blogging to get quick back links and huge visitors- A technology and tips blog. A tips, software and gadgets blog. A marketing blog. A business building and SEO blog. A SEO blog.

Running An Affiliate Program-

This tactics is really good for increasing back links of your blog but you need time to create your affiliate program.
Use this technique when you have good idea to create any digital product and sell your product online, this technique will work in dual form you will get backlinks and also you will make money while other bloggers will promote your product.

If you wanna run your own affiliate program then you can use the service provider

Give Answers On Yahoo, Ask,

There are millions of question on these websites ask by people in every field you can give answer according to your knowing things and you can also left your blog address with your answers.

This tactic will give you quality back links and each quality answer can give you about 50 visitors per day, now think about if you will give answer of 2 questions daily that means after the end of one month you will about 1500 visitors daily to your blog from this tactic only.

Buy Old And Expire Domain Name-

Buy old domain is also good tactic to build back links and to get visitors, more important thing is that do check first before buying any old domain name on check the reputation of the website if it's reputation is less than 50 then do not buy that domain name.

Then use redirect script on the server to your existing blog to which blog you wanna get traffic and backlinks.

Buy Old Blogs From Bloggers May Be Subdomain Blog-

Some time what happen many bloggers quit blogging may be some reason then they left their subdomain blog at it is.

You may be contact those bloggers to buying the blog, they will definitely agree with you for less price even, remember always do bargaining with those bloggers while buying.

Do Comments On Other Blogs-

When, I have create this blog, no one know about this blog but by doing comments on other blogs I am now driving traffic to my blog.

It's a very good way to get very good back links and traffic too.

SO, I have decided to share with you few high page rank blogs that's why you will get backlinks soon, see my target to help that's why you can get good rank on search engines results page.


I will suggest you to comment on these blogs to drive lots of traffic again for driving traffic to need to comment with good points.

Secret to Get Backlinks from High Page Rank Website

Actually, I am on the way to get good quality backlinks to my blog, well later I am going to share with you in details but till now I am going to share with you 5 good quality back links from high page rank website.

Here is the list of website for you, but you need to create an account and save your blog URL their, that's it.
I hope you are going to enjoy these sources of backlinks, I will add more ways to get high quality back links to your blog.

Another good source to get numerous backlinks is Facebook, you can easily get more backlinks from this website- like adding your website to Page, to Group also.

Note Worthy Points:-
Link building is good to get more traffic and make good money but make content worthy as much you can that's why once any one come to your blog, the person come to your blog again and again.

Remember blogging is a real business so don't write any thing which worthless for users this will make you popular blogger.

Write every thing which will help users!!!