Get More Comments, Readers Engagement
I was thinking today about two blogging platforms and, why these are two best blogging platforms as I came to know from ranking of but this blog post is all about getting more comments on your blog post, which will help a lot as a blogger for getting more customer, more traffic and of course search engine benefits.

But one day, I was going with my friend to Shimla (India) my friend told me why you are not trying Wordpress platform.

I asked him why?

He told me, Their templates are quiet good and there are number of plugins you can use which engage with users very well.

Today I was searching two to three blogspot blogs those are popular and two to three wordpress blogs, I have seen a very good thing.

That is wordpress blogs comment form directly providing back links but that is not in blogspot blog by default.

For that you have to change it's setting before going to tell you how can you do that I wanna tell you how wordpress blog comment form providing backlinks.

Okay the screen shot of wordpress blog comment form I have given below-
Blogger Comment Form

How you can see that first name, then email address, then put your website name.

That means whenever you will put your website name and you will hit the submit link, your comment will publish and you will get back link from that.

Because whenever people will read your comment if they thought you have written well the comment they will definitely click on your name you have provided and it will automatically redirect to your website, in this way you will get back links.

Now come to blogspot blog, if can see blogspot comment form by default that is like I have given below the screen shot.
Comment on Blogger

But you can see my comment form like I have given below screen shot-
back links

Now How Can You Make It Like My Blog-

You need to follow my instructions that set nothing else.

Go to<Click on blog on which blog you wanna do this setting<Click on Setting(This option you can see on the left bottom side)<Click on Posts and Comments<Now click on "Any One"(As I have given below screen shot).
Now click on "Save settings"(This option you can see on the right top of the page).

That Set, view your blog comment form and see the change in ratio of getting comments with in few days.

Simple Steps to Follow to  Get More Comments on Blogspot Blog Post-

See, making people to comment on your blog is little difficult for this you need to put little effort I mean you have to write your blog post in that way that's why people will read it and think about your saying.

In this way they will have questions and definitely they will try to get answers for those questions then they are going to ask and there is one effective way to ask question to blogger that is comment.

Personally, my blog having more than 1741 comments and counting everyday well I know that's not too much but yes that's good.

so, here are few steps to follow for getting more comments-
  • Write articles which is being searched by people, which you got from your own experiments.
  • Write your idea into your own words and read it itself before it will be going to your blog audience.
  • Be helpful and active of social media, because people want privacy so they prefer to ask few questions through message on social media as well as mail than comments
  • Build relationship with others for getting more exposure and opportunities.
  • Make it simple but effective 
  • Promotion of your blog post after hitting the Publish button.

Is obvious that if you will invest time in your blog post then people will definitely spend sometime on your blog post, it works just like Newton's Third Law but you need to be precise in it.

I hope you got something amazing from this blog post, if you have any suggestion regarding getting comments on blog let me know.