Pinterest the new rising social media, which is also good for blogger to get traffic for your blog, specially for travel blog.

Actually when talk to my friend about this website he said to me that the website is popular only because of it's images.

How they got these images on the site, because people are posting, right.

Most of them are blogger, all them want to get traffic to their blog, that's why the popularity of this new way social media is increasing day to day.

Even many are making money from Pinterest and few days ago they also open a new tab.

Pinterest for business, you can pus a button on your blog page or website page then if people will like your photo on the post they can share on pinterest that thing.

What is Pinterest according to the company-
They said that it is a virtual pinboard, which allow you to share things around the wave, even people can follow you.

Overall you can find the world of people liking photos on this website with source.

Specially if we see bloggers point of view it is a good source to get good traffic.

What do you think, I will recommend you to use this source to get some traffic to your blog.