SEO Effects, Monetizing Popup Ads

Many bloggers did not monetize their blog with popup ads because may be they thought their would be effect on Search Engine Optimization on their blog.

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I will share with you in this article why people use popup ads, why not and also I will share with you my real experience about SEO on my popup monetizing blog. 

Why Popup Ads-

There are many bloggers they did not able to get Google Adsense approval in the earlier then many of them try popup ads to monetize their blog; no doubt there are other PPC Networks for Bloggers also exist but I think Pop Up Ads are really doing awesome job that's why popularity of pop up ads networks is growing rapidly.

What is Popup Ads:-

This is one the best adsense program to make money from blog because this is not depend on users click.

Whenever any users come to your blog then you will make money from your blog, but you are not going to paid as like Google Adsense, but you will get about 3- 4$ per thousand impressions.

SEO Effects Detail Report Since Last Three Months-

When I have monetize my blog, because I did not have Google Adsense in that blog that's why I wanted to make more money from that blog, So I finally decided to monetize my blog with popup ads.

And here are those results I make very good money and also I there was not having any effect on search engine.

But, yes there is another network which will help you to make more money with latest technique the name of that network is; well I have started using this network after getting recommendation from one of my friend after sign up with this network I got amazed and also I have written an amazing review about for bloggers.

After knowing all features of this network I really got surprised and no doubt this network is going to help you to rock your revenue of your blog.

Is Users Feel Odd With Popup Ads-

Yes of course users definitely feel odd, because whenever any user come to your blog and unwanted ads will open automatically then definitely they will feel odd.

But this is not effect much on users too, if and only if you are providing quality service.

I mean to say quality articles or products on your blog

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Note Worthy Points-
Popup ads are good, but if you are earning good money from your blog then I suggest you not to monetize popup ads on your blog.

Because it will decrease reputation of your blog.