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Blogspot blog may be new term for you or may be you know, let me tell you what is blogspot blog, actually this is a sub-domain which is provided by is acquired by Google and the whole service is providing by Google, as you know Google having number of online services and this service is my dear one of the best service by Google. will provide you a blogspot blog for free and more important is that you can make money online from  your blog by showing Google Adsesne this is also one of the best thing of blogging.

Many bloggers has changed their life from blogging and it's your's time to change your life through blogging.

The Top 5 Reasons To Create a Blogspot Blog for Students-

1. It's Free for All-

As a student, you can not spend 1000$ for starting a blog and you must not too, that's why it is great to create a blog.

2. Easy to Use-

May be you are thinking you need some technical skills but answer is NO!!, just if you have skill English that's good, if don't have no worry you will have.

Even it's a great way to improve your skill in English and writing skills too, this can change your life and I am telling you this for only getting visitors, this is my challenge, you can change your life through blogging.

3. Easy to Monetize and make money from blog-

Because this service is providing by Google it is easy to montize your blog with Google adsense too.
Let me tell you dear Google Adsense can make you millionaire if you have ability to make people visit your blog.

4. You can Transfer to wordpress whenever you want-

Because this service is providing by Google, if you wanna make your blog to the next level of blogging then you may transfer your blog to wordpress after getting skills and making money for making more from blogging.

5. It's Time to Show Your Talent to the World-

I believe every person having some unique quality, may be it is possible he or she does not know but it may be possible for him to know the quality and show the quality infront of the world.

Blogging is the platform which offer the easiest and fastest way to share things with the world!!

Update 2016-

Well after looking at the need for a tutorial to create a blog I have written a full details guide from creating your own blog to earning money from blog.

But, yes there are few other important things you need to consider to get success in this field, see don't write what you don't know?

Start writing what you know just using your common sense and by using simple seo tips and tricks you can easily earn pretty handsome passive income from blogging, its really easy.

And of course take a challenge for writing awesome content and make yourself curious to write most simple and most effective blog post for readers.

I know may be you will face problem to write content in English because may be English is not your native language then learn and then write slowly you will do much better in it.

Blogging is really awesome but you need to start it right way, well there are two ways to start blogging one is free that is which details tutorial I have shared with you but forget to buy a domain name for your blogger blog, which is really necessary to get exposure.

But, if you will choose wordpress as your among others blogging platform then contact me on FB, I will try to help well in simple language I must say I will set up a blog for you and of course for free with my five sure success SEO tips in blogging.

I hope that's sound cool.

Note Worthy Points-
As a student you must do blogging but in the spare time, take it as a part time job to make your career more secure.

If you will do blogging with a target with in few months you will see the result of doing this, you if can spend 10$ then I must recommend you to buy a domain name it's help lot to make blog popular.