Google Trends is one of the most important tool to get huge traffic to blog, the question may be arising in your mind how?

Yes the answer you can get in this article only, I will also tell you how can you make more useful of this.

First what is Google Trends:-

Google Trends is a service provided by Google, which give us information about most hot topic in the world, actually what people are searching.

Now let me clear you one thing, if you will write a article exactly what people are searching, then definitely you will get huge traffic to your blog.

So let's go to Google Trends here is the link:-



Because of I am an Indian and I am browsing too from India that's why you can see, but if you will search "Google Trends" on Google most probably you will get these two results on the top.

The first one is for trends only and second link can give you hot searches on Google in India and according to your country, I have also given a screen shot of this given below.

So use Google trends and see the difference in traffic within few days.

Let me know after using Google Trends.

What Other Methods You Can Use to Increase Traffic-

Well, there are numerous ways to increase your blog traffic, Even I have increased my own blog traffic by 213% by using the simple method- 25 ways to increase blog traffic

I will suggest you to read the whole article, because there are already (thousands) read the article, I hope you will get lot of help from it.

Here, I want to clear one important thing regarding traffic as well as money from blogging, if you want to earn money then concentrate on niche where low competition as well as earning potential is more, if you really want to earn money then first create one good blog and then go for another one.

Again, making money online is not a joke, it is needed real strategies hard work as well as good words about your brand in all over the internet, more important time.

If you are interested to choose a niche with having low competition and good potential then you can use Google Keywords Planner.

See, almost all of the clever as well as successful internet marketer use this, if you wanna really become successful make money online person then you must go for it, rest on you what you want?

I know every blogger started blogging with having one dream earn lot of money, may be you want to buy SUV from blogging or may be want to go for a trip.

But for all these really you need to do hard work, without this you are almost going to get nothing, if you will not do hard work.

Is there anything you would like to add about Google Trends?