Many people don't want to show their blog post to others on the web, there is a feature which you can make your blog hidden by others.

That means only you can read your blog or you may also do this that any selected people can read the blog. This feature is provided by, that means only blogspot blogs can use this feature.

If you wanna make your blog private then follow given below steps, as I have given-

Go to<Go to the blog, on which blog you wanna make private for you<Now click on "Settings" this option you can see on the left hand side on the bottom.

Now find there on the bottom, as I have given below screen shot.
Now after click on edit you will see the option like this I have given below screen shot-

Now click on only "only blog author" as the screen shot above shows, then click on save changes.

Now your blog can read by blog authors only.

You have done!!!

When You Need to Make Your Blog Private

Actually, many of the people wanted to write something for their own passion only, so for them this tutorial, see one of the my friend having great knowledge about fiction and he asked me about a tool which allow him to write online and that will be private so I told him to use blogger because its an amazing platform to use and of course why not because this platform providing great opportunity for us.