Blogging is increasing day to day, because people want more flexibility in life and this is one of the best way to make money online from home, office even in your free time.

One more important thing is- you don't to invest lot of money and opportunities are unlimited, that is awesome, Yes?

Even, I have not seen in real business till now.

In this article, I will tell you how can you write a article if you don't have any knowledge or too much knowledge about that article.

Here are those tips which can help you to write a article more informational for your readers-

1. Search on Search Engines-

What you wanted to know about the article you can get answer, just simply search on search engines, may be you can search on Google, Yahoo or may be Bing.

You will get many results, but you can read three four articles, to know about the article.

2. Read Article Completely-

Read articles with very good concentration which can help you to know about the topic, don't read only subheadings.

Read what other bloggers are writing under those subheadings.

3. Don't Cope Paste the Article-

Many bloggers are lazy that's they did the process I said before, but they did mistake, what they did , they just copy paste the same to same article.

They found on the blog.

Never do that!!! It will destroy reputation of your blog.

4. Thinking is Important-

Don't even write same to same article on your blog, just think about it, what you read.

Which will help you to enhance your article and it will also be possible your article would be better than others one.

5. Write from Your Concept-

Discover your own concept about the topic, which must be new and look effective that why your blog readers implement those things.

These tips I usually use, because technically I am a Mechanical Engineer. You and I both know a Mechanical Engineer does not know too much about blogging or any other languages.

But I learnt from others and I am just sharing with you my experience.