Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Best Source for Making Money Online for Students in India Best Source for Making Money Online for Students in India
Paisalive Payment Proof

May be you know about, but you are having some questions in your mind right, like

  • Is it legit?
  • Are they really pay?
  • Are they really send cheque?

If you have these questions in your mind, then let me tell you my friend yes they really pay.

Even I got many times payment from them, as a blogger, I did not have that much time to read mails, but of course I referred my readers to read emails and make money online from

Specially for students it is one of the best source to make money online, you can easily make about 1000RS that is about 20$ per month from this website.

But the think is that this is not that much money right, you can read their emails, when you are free.

Here are those reasons, why I am telling you do so:-
1. This is 100% genuine website.
2. You will get paid, no matter where you are living in India.
3. Monthly payments.
4. You will come to know about some interesting stuffs.
5. Your general knowledge will increase day to day about the market.
6. Most important:- You will start earning money from online.

They what are you looking for Signup to and start making money online, click here

Here are few more things I would like to share with you, actually I got paid from them couple of times here are all those cheques I got from them-

Paisalibe Payment Proof
Besides this there are many things you need to know to earn more from them, actually Its been long time I was using this service to earn some pocket money.

Actually, I made some pocket money from them.

But, right now I am concentrating on other things that's why I do not use this service any more well if you are a student or you want to earn some extra cash them I will suggest you to try this method to earn some extra cash.

The video for making real money online in Hindi-

Of course this is a legit company but you can not thinking of making $1000 per month from this website, but yes you can make $20 per month easily.

If you are looking for making money online then start blogging, like I did.

Is there anything you need to know about making money online from home as a student?


  1. one question, if they are paying us just reading their emails, then what is their profit in paying us these much amount of money?

    1. Dear @Anonymous, Thanking you very much for asking me this question.

      Those emails are advertisements, Those provided by advertisers.

      It's a new way to do advertising products, just like TV advertising.

      Here is the benefit for the advertising company is that their website will known for people.

      Hopefully you can understand now!!

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    1. Thanks for Reading @Kannan I think is good to get to job online

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  4. Hi now the website is working or not? Am asking its pays or not ?

    1. Yes they're paying now even!

      I got my 5th Cheque from them, couple of days ago.

      I have good news for you, I am going to reveal new guide to make money online soon it's free, keep visiting.

      If you need any help let me know, I will help you.


  5. please help me...............
    I want to make money online

    1. Start blogging, the given below link will help you

  6. Besides India,does paisa live pays cheque in other countries...

    1. Currently I am not working with Paisalive but I think they paid, but to make it sure you just contact them directly.

  7. excellent video Ujjwal and very motivation

    1. Hello @Kiran Bro

      How are you?

      Yes, this is a pretty good video for beginners.

    2. I am all right and motivational video too


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