I was thinking about Indian publishers to make some extra money by referring friends from their blogs.

But think is that there are not too many option for Indian publishers for making healthy money from blog other than Google Adsense.

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Of course there is also one way to make money from blog that is affiliate marketing, but this marketing is not for all, because you are not going to get paid for click, you will get good amount for sell.

Be in real it is not easy to convert visitors to sell for Indian visitors.

That's why I found the best option for this that is refer friends and make money from your blog.

May be there are many websites exist, I don't know all of them but which one I am telling you that is a genuine website.

Even I got paid several times, you can also see proof on the website.

Yes I am talking about Paisalive.com, which is the genuine website, may be you are thinking this is not a genuine website.

But I am telling you this is a 100% genuine website, you must try it.

If you will tell your friends to do signup through your affiliate link, you are definitely going to get some extra money.

Or you may do one more thing which is add a link to your blog roll with good attractive title like, make money online for free, provide your affiliate link.

This is one of the best way to make money online from blog, one more thing the conversion rate is about 90%.

Users can signup for free that's why.

I will strongly recommend you to use this tips it will definitely work for you.

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Others Way to Refer Friends-

See, it is really easy to refer friends, but you need to be active and to have long time business plan you must speak truth, because in the internet if you once loose trust then you will loose it forever, so here I am going to share with you ways to refers friends through your referral links to earn money-

Your Blog- The best way to refer friends is through blog, if your blog have very good traffic then you can easily make more money, but you must take care of visitors time too, if you will provide link which will help your visitors then it will be helpful for you as well as your visitors, that means win win situation would be there. if you are new to blogging then you can start blogging for free from today-
Start Blogging Beginners Guide.

E-mail Contacts- Email contacts are really awesome way to quick communicate with your contacts, but to make it effective you need to write a proper headings as well as text in the body of E-mail should be very attractive, of course you must read the E-mail before click on the send button, because once you have sent, its gone, you can not edit it again, that means if you send anything wrong or mistake heading then it will show you are not professional and not taking care of E-mail then why people will trust on your words, I hope you are getting me, if you are new to blogging then you must collect readers E-mail addresses for increasing relation between your blog readers. Hereis the beginners E-mail Marketing Guide.

Facebook- Facebook is the largest social network in the world, that means it is sure people are active there, I am pretty sure that you are also using Facebook, then why not to promote referral link on your wall with few words small benefits for joining the program, now let me help you to calculate a simple maths, if you have 200 friends, now if you will share referral link even if 10% (means 20 people will join) would be conversion rate even then you will make few dollars every day, but don't share a referral only because of money rather share a links that's why your friends will get benefit from it.

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Twitter- Once again the big one, actually Twitter is largest micro-blogging website but it is not that much popular among poeple but still you can use this network to promote your referral links, I know its concept is little bit difficult for newbies but if you will use it then you will definitely come to the power behind using Twitter, let me tell you a concept behind this, actually its a wonderful way to get connected with your own likes people, you just need to follow them and you will get each and every update on your profile. This is the real beauty of Twitter.

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Other Medias- Till now I have discussed with you most popular ways to promote a referral link, but still I missed more powerful ways, but I will share with you here the most convenient way to promote a referral link, its Questions and Answers websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Answers.com etc, there are many websites but these are most popular, you can use this media to promote your referral link. This is really effective for long time, but don't just try to promote a referral link rather try to help people through your answers and at the end share the referral link. Here I would like to share with you a tip, if you will write an article for joining the service or website through your affiliate or referral link then may be the conversion rate would be more, because people will come to know more about the service or product you are referring and you will make more money.

Own Product for Making Money-

This is little advance I know, because creating your own product and getting sells is not a joke, yes. You need to have knowldge about the market as well as there are many skills you needed like writing, platform, promoting and take it to the next level, I was not that much familiar with this, but when I have launched my own  first E-book I have learnt all these things actually I am testing this now a days on beta level under title (Earn Money Online in India), well I have used Instamojo platform for this, now days I am working on creating my own paid product, later I will disclose about this. But one sentence I have to say here, the real money is in this, but it takes time to make it valuable.

Best Concept Behind Learning Affiliate Marketing-

Till now I was discussing with you about affiliate marketing, actually its not a referral marketing it is an affiliate marketing, but there is nothing to get, but the main thing is that how you can make more money from internet may be from blog or any other media, see if you want to make more money from internet then you must have to learn affiliate marketing, but I know it is not easy for beginners to learn affiliate marketing right way that's why I have started a free guide for Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide.

I know it took little long time to read this blog post and of course it will take little more time to understand the complete blog post and of course it will take more time to implement and to get results little more time.

But I know you will get result if you will implement my concept but you need to keep implementhing these concepts, because it takes time to do it like professional.

P.S. you are doing to great favor for reading my blog post, if you will share this article with your friends (Facebook, Twiiter, Google Plus) then I would be thankful for you.

Is there anything else you would like to know about blogging, affiliate marketing as well as making money online?