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Bidvertiser Best Alternative to Google Adsense in India

As you know about me, I have been blogging since last three years and I will keep blogging, because is way which can give me what I want in my life.

In this article I will tell you about some hidden information about Bidvertiser, which may be you don't know.

Here in this article title I have given "Bidvertiser Best Google Adsense Alternative in India" there is steel a reason behind this.

Because Indian bloggers don't have that much alternative other than Google Adsense, that's why I was thinking let's write about this in my blog and as my favor I am writing about this.

Specially whenever you have started blogging in that time you want a good advertiser but you can not approval from Google Adsense account.

So you start searching about alternative so here is the alternative for you to make more money from your blog.

Here are some information about Bidvertiser those I got from my last three years of blogging:-

1. They pay about .01 to 1$ per click which is still decent.

2. Their least payment through Paypal is 10$, that's great for small publishers.

and at the last most important thing about this advertising network is that they give approval to publishers very fast.

They are serving ads from last few years, so no chance for fraud, you will be safe to get paid from

However, if your blog having ton of traffic then you may apply for Google Adsense to make more money from blog.

Keep blogging, because can give you what you want in your life, if you wanna make your life more better than keeping blogging and keep learning.

Happy Blogging!!!

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