Top 5 Advertising Networks for Blog Publishers
Advertising networks are really helpful for becoming a professional blogger, specially those blog publishers are not having that much visitors.

In this article I will share with you best advertising networks that's why you can make more money from your blog.

If you wanna really make serious money from your blog then you have to write a unique content which can help others, that's why you have more readers and more important is those would be targeted readers, remember you have 200 targeted visitors is good as compare to 1000 un-targeted visitors.

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Here are those advertising networks:-

1. Google Adsense-

There is no doubt about this advertising network, because every blog publishers want Google Adsense.

What do you think, what is the reason behind this?

The big reason is that they pay very well that's why.

But there is only one problem with this their minimum payment is $100, I have got paid several times but the problem I have face in India for getting payment from them is SWIFT CODE of SBI Branch, but at end I got solution for the problem.

2. Chitika-

Chitika is another good advertising networks for blog publishers, if you are getting traffic from USA , UK then you will get paid about Google Adsense, but if you are getting traffic from other countries then there is difference.

But even then chitika is a good alternative to Google Adsense.

3. Affinity-

A rising advertising network, I have to say this.

Because it's been few months ago I come to know about this advertising network but now the advertising network having large number of advertisers as well as publishers too.

If you think so you are having good content then I will suggest you to use their image ads.

Note- Now they are not accepting small publishers.

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4. Infolinks-

Infolinks known for in text advertisement they share good revenue too.

And the most important thing about this ads network is their way of serving ads can give you more clicks, you and me both know more clicks means more revenue.

Recommended to use ins earch and inframe ads.

5. Buy Sell Ads-

This adverting network is different from other above networks, because by using this network you can sell your ads space to advertisers directly.

That's means no third party sharing that means you can make more money from your blog by using this advertising network.

Top Five Blog Tips Can Make You on the Top-

To be a successful blogger tips and tricks are really play important role in our life, that's why I am going to share with top five blogging tips and tricks those I have learned from four years.

Here are those tips and tricks-
  • First Learn Basic SEO- I believe if you don't know basic SEO then it is like impossible for you to earn money blogging and if you will not earn money from blogging then you will quit sooner or later.
  • Learn Keyword Research- One of the best thing about keyword research, you will come to know potential customers on your niche, it will help you also to drive unlimited traffic to your blog (for deciding title of the blog post).
  • Learn How to Write Killer Article- Writing killer article is an art, I will suggest you to improve your English little bit grammar skills too, for learning more about writing article, just see how magazines author write their article, see representation of your blog post should be awesome, here I have another thing to share with you, actually with content you need to have good hosting plan otherwise you can not get success that much easy, so here is the hosting plan for you with 50% discount that is IO Zoom, here is the link for discount IO ZOOM Discount Code
  • Be Original- Originality always work, but for this you need to have patience as well as keep working because you can not write just a awesome article in a day if you want to write awesome article, so my suggestion to you take time and write great awesome article.
  • Spread Words of Your Blog- Tell friends, create page on Facebook, be active on other social medias too, for promoting your blog posts, this is really important for getting quick attention from readers.
If you wanna make more money from your blog then you have to do hard work to give best thing to your readers that's why you will become most recommended blogger on your own niche.

I hope this blog post help you to monetize your blog, I will be happy if you will share this blog post social medias.