What Blogging can Give You
If this is a question going on your mind then the answer may be "what not"?

Yes, blogging can give every thing what a day job can not give you, the most important part is blogging can give an opportunity know about your talent, thinking, capacity, patience, skills, learning capability, sharing capability many more, I mean to say what you can add here which will explore your life.

The important thing is that no one will tell you why you did this or you did it wrong way generally happened this in working place, in blogging you will be king of your blog, you can write what you want to write for that people will come to your blog and for that you will get paid.

Here is the main thing for you which only blogging can give that is time for your family no fix time to work, no wastage of time to go to work place, no need to listen boring meetings.

I mean it is a complete solution for every people those are living in this world to live their live more freely or you can say more better way.

Because you very well know, when recession will come then you will have tension in your mind that may be company will kick you right.

But in blogging their is nothing like tension, you don't need 1000$ of dollars to get start your business you just need an idea if don't have then even you can make money because once you come to blogosphere then come to know what you have to do for getting visitors and make money.

Remember you need patience in blogging because from very first day you are not going to make money you have to wait for the time when people will come to know about your blog, you have to do something that's why people will want to read more articles of your blog.

Hopefully you are getting me, you can become famous in all over the world even, if you want to write about any article may be possible you don't know too much on that topic then what next, search on the internet and read at least more than 5 articles which will make you more intelligent as well as you can write more good article.

Hard work is needed in blogging but smartly not like ass.

One more thing I would like to share with you, in blogging you must have three things those are:-

1. Patience "As I already told you"- 

HAVING patience is the great thing to win in business, especially in blogging world.

Which I have been observing from last few years.

I'm you can not sometimes expect for result after even hard work, but later you will get all of them with simple as well as compound interest.

2. Learning About Blogging, SEO, Writing-

There are lot of things you need to learn over time in blogging.

Starting from SEO Tips to promoting your blog post to the right audience, but sometimes you need to put effort for searching best advertising network for your blog.

May be you will search for list of Google Adsense Alternatives for some pocket money or you can say till you will not get approval from Google Adsense.

3. Sharing WITH Audience- 

If you are new to blogging, then do not expect result in month, I know it is really difficult to get search traffic in month until or unless you will not get big support from news, social media.

Okay, that's not possible for normal people like you as well as me.

But, you can get support from all of them slowly, but till that time you need to wait as well as keep working.

Remember every time "Don't Loose Hope, What Will Happen You Don't Know", so Keep Working.

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List of Things Blogging Can Give You-

Here are few things blogging can give, well I am updating this blog post, because I come to know little more thing about blogging, I mean benefits of blogging-
  1. Money Freedom- May be you are doing full time job or you are going to, but if you will have another source of earning then you can easily enjoy your life more freely.
  2. Fans- This is big dear for any one life and internet is the fastest way doing it.
  3. Knowledge- Blogging is the best way for getting knowledge as well as keep adding something new daily, you will be stay update to new things.
I hope you started blogging, if not then start blogging right now otherwise you will regret for this later, I am sure about this because blogging is going to have huge market in internet world.

But, again follow my suggestion for making money from blogging.

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