What is Most Important in Blogging to Make Money
Blogging is the best way to make money online every one know's that specially those are blogging and those wanted to make money online but the question is- what is most important thing in blogging?

In this article, I will talk about only the most important thing in blogging and others things are not that much important.

You can also guess it right so guess it:-
1. SEO- Important but come later
2. Title of the Post- Important for getting more CTR
3. Domain Name- Important for branding
4. Proper name of your blog- Header name of the blog is also important
5. Skills in writing- Most important for proper business plan
6. Tricks- Getting more traffic to blog
7. Advertising- To get more paid traffic
8. Email list- For having a goldmine in your hand
9. Images in article- Increasing representation as well as good for SEO point of view.
10. Company name- Again branding.

May be you are thinking these right!!!

But let me tell you my dear friend none of these most important, then what is most important?

 Here is the answer "Content is King".

Yes, content is most important in blogging but you have to work with this means you have to improve your contents.

Don't write anything which will change your reader moods write everything which your readers want then only your content said high quality content.

Remember blogging is not a one day job, you have to be patience to make money from your blog may be more than one year.

But, have you even imagine?

What will happen after one year.

If you will write a single article daily and the article having some thing new for the readers then you can even earn more than 1000$ per month but for that day you have to wait and keep writing awesome content.

Blogging can you give everything, which your day job can not give you but still blogging is better any other job as I know.

Because, blogging is a real business.

If you can satisfy your customer then you can make 100% profit.

Make your content more rich for users that's why your users will read the article carefully and may be some other time when the user will search on the search engine, if your result will show in 3rd or may be 4th position then the user will prefer to read your article rather then the top result.

Believe me dear whenever this will happen with your blog you will create a next milestone in blogging, I am waiting for that day when you will create milestone.

So wake up and do something, which can change your life, that day you will be called genius blogger.

The big question, I always think.

How bloggers can write unique content every time?

Actually, it is difficult but not impossible, so here I got few good plan for you to create a unique content every time you write article.

1) Write Twice to Thrice in a Week

Actually, if you are thinking about high quality content, then it seems little difficult if you are doing something else other than blogging like study, job etc.

That's why my suggestion to you, write few but maintain quality, I mean suppose you are writing examination, each and every question having 10 marks.

Whether you will attempt two questions and get 8 marks or attempt one question and get 8 marks, both are same.

But, in blogging, if you will choose second option, then the probability of getting more traffic is more as compare with the first one.

2) Ask for Guest Post From Your Own Friends

Asking for guest post from other bloggers, business professional, it would be harmful  for your blog, because you need to provide link back to their blogs.

But, if you will invite your own friends for sharing their views on your blog and you will pay them some amount for writing then it becomes easier for you.

I mean, you don't need to link back to their blog, again you can say them to write often and for that you must give them party or something else.

That depends, what type of friend circle do you have?

3) Try to do Experiments Then Share

Experiments always help you to write unique content.

If you will see few blogs like Search Engine Journal, Quick Sprount, John Chow and also there are many.

These blogs are top blogs in the world.

There are many reasons, but the main reason. I find they are very strict to their content, they just don't publish content.

They share Awesome content, those they got from experiments, well for you it would be difficult to enter in their industry, but still there are many sectors.

Those sectors, only few bloggers are blogging and they are becoming famous day by day, but for knowing those sectors, you need to do little bit research and I found the best tool for this is Google Keywords Planner.

Specially, this tool help me lot for driving traffic to my blogs, that's why I'm suggesting you to use.

4) Travel, When You Got Time

As a blogger, entrepreneur, business person.

Travelling is must for discovering something new and grow in the industry, if you want to become successful in blogging.

Then travel and write article there, because it will help you create great blog post as well as put few images on your blog post, itself.

It will show uniqueness of your blog.

It is also one of the way to attract more visitors to your blog.

5) Be Your Own


People want this, always.

Actually, I have found this, whenever I went to any shopping mall,  I saw. People are looking for something different.

And something different only possible, if designer did something different in the design, see T- shirts, Shirts etc are almost same type but people go for branded one than any other local one, if their pocket allows them.

Can you guess?

What is the reason behind this?

Okay, let me tell you, The main reason, they found it more comfortable, look good, reliable and there are several reasons.

So, try to write something different but must be in your own field.

See, only starting blogging is little bit difficult.

When you will be in motion to write article you can achieve anything, just you have to in a flow.

One more thing, don't write anything which is not up to the mark, write everything which you got from your experience.

Is there anything, which you consider important for blogging?