Yieldads.com of course it is a advertising network which is one of the best advertising network for blog, to make more revenue from blog.

Here are some information for you, that's why you too say that really it is a best adsense alternative for blog.

First let's see the global rank of this advertising network in Alexa.com:-

It's Global Rank:- 6,809 on today that is 1/11/2013.

Now may be you are thinking that ok it's ranking is good in the world, right. I think so this is a good ranking.

What do you think?

There is one other big reason that people are using this network that's why the advertising network having good rank in Alexa.com

According to me if you are not happy with your earning then you must apply for this advertising network.

Another good reason is that to use this network to do experiment with different ad formats, which will help you to make more money.

They give different ads format to boost your revenue from your blog like sliding on the bottom.

This ad format every advertising network do not provide, as I have used till now from last three years.

So try these formats on your blog and see the difference in revenue of your blog.

Happy Blogging!!