5 Reasons to Search Topic on Search Engine Before Writing Any Article on Blog
Searching on search engine the topic you are going to write on your blog is important there are many reasons behind of this, that's why I have categorized those reasons into five parts, but one most common thing is that you will come know what other bloggers know about the topic or many be you will come know no one has written in this topic.

See righting article is not every thing in blogging, writing quality article is most important because you have to make your blog a brand, so write quality article always, that's bloggers must not stop learning.

So here I am going to share with you those reasons:-

1):- There are Thousands of Bloggers Like You

Bloggers are increasing and improving every day, every blogger want to make money online, that's why some bloggers write only quality contents and lengthy too.

You even don't know how much knowledge do you have on that topic, this is you will come to know after reading other articles.

Lengthy articles, may be you are thinking why you should write lengthy article, because you may be know Google panda, penguin updates hurt those blogs, those blogs having short lengthy blog contents.

So write always lengthy contents and write interesting facts which are useful for readers, remember your goal is make yours satisfy through your blog.

2):- For Better Knowledge About the Topic

More knowledge means more lengthy article, because you will have more staff to share with your blog readers.

Every one want to utilize their time like you, that's why don't write any article which will users unhappy.

3):- For Writing More About the Topic

As I already told you, if you want to write more on your blog post then you have to know more facts, results.

This is only you make fulfill by reading other articles on the same topic.

4):- You Will Come to Know About Presentation Skills

Presentation is always work online, better presentation means better value, non of us is perfect in presentation but still we can come to know something from other blogs.

If you want to represent your blog post on better way then do study magazines, because there are journalists, that is their job that's why they know better way to represent your self.

5):- This Reasons I want to Know From You

If you have any other reason then please let me know, who will give best reason I will write his or her blog in my upcoming article.

This is my gift to you!!

Few more tips and tricks, I would like to share with you those are SEO tips and tricks, see if you want to really exist in the internet world, then stop kidding dear be sincere in blogging, because SEO is most important for getting more traffic to your blog, it would be depend on your blog URL too.

As well as try to know about Keyword Research, this is also one of the thing every blogger must know.

Well, there are many reasons behind of this, but the main important reason is- you will come to know about your competitor as well as about heir content quality.

See, I will suggest you read their content and analyze what they are missing although those are important, just try to cover those things also in your blog post.

It would be helpful.

Is there anything you would like to know about searching about content before writing blog post.