Google Adsense one of the product is adwards, yes adwards means ads will be shown on words, adwards always give good conversion rate to advertisers.

Actually I always read other blogs what bloggers are doing to make money online, also what they are missing to provide users.

Like the same I got something interesting for you, a blogger spend more than $66000 for advertising then after he unveil that Google adwards is best for getting conversion.

I want to give you best information as possible, that's why you will get great value to read my blog, here are those reasons why advertisers like Google Adwards the most-

@1):- Best ROI (Return of Investments)
Most of the advertisers want conversion that's why they keep advertising, I mean to say they do advertising only because of selling purpose.

They do like Google Adwards because they get good conversion rate about 8% and that's good.

@2):- Conversion Rate
As I already told you that the conversion rate is quiet good, this is exactly want every advertisers "conversion".

@3):- More Quality Traffic
As you may be know if you are getting quality traffic that means you can get more sell, this quality traffic can give Google Adwards.

Let me tell you something about traffic there are many types of traffic come to your blog, one those wanted to do something another one those just wanted to know only.

In advertising those traffic are good, those wanted to do something, because those traffic convert well, which we really need on online advertising.

@4):- Limitless Traffic
As you know Google Adsense is one of the biggest advertising network in the world, they are having lots of publishers and advertisers too from all over the world.

Then it is good for the advertiser for targeting any specific country for advertising the product, limitless traffic means you don't need think about traffic, just think about how you can handle traffic.

@5):- Well Known
If the product is well known by the customers then it is quiet easy to achieve the goal, here the same thing working for Google Adwards, People know Google for Google Search Engine and also many other free services provided by them.

That's why people believe on Google!

It's all about giving quality service, you may give quality service to your customers and see the difference within few days.

Note:- Quality service always work in business that may be online or offline but it will take time to known.