Drive Traffic to Blog, traffic sources
Generally, I will not suggest you to do any type of tactics that's why Google Banned your blog for indexing pages on Google search engine.

But after getting banned then there is nothing to do with this but many people quit blogging on that blog.

I am telling you the person who got banned from Google search engine for 3 years even then he was earning very good money do you want to know the reason behind of this, then here are those reasons.

Oh the name of that person is John Chow, I have also written an article about him you can read the article How JohnChow Becomes Professional Blogger

Here are those tips you can use to get good traffic to your blog with out Google or any other search engines.

1). Create an account on 

Yes, this is the thing which can give  back link for your every post on Google may be any other search engine.

Yes it is possible, even I am getting back link to my blog, my this blog. But some times it will show on the top but some time not but it's okay even because you are getting these things for free. For this you need to submit your blog on their directory under IndiVine.

2). Create a List of Emails of Your Subscribers-

This is one of the best way to get visitors to your blog because your blog readers will get informed through their emails about your new post.

Then definitely people will come to your blog right.

Use Feed burner for free to create your emails list from today here is the link of this website:-
Complete Guide to Feedburner

3). Social Media Sharing:-

As a blogger you must have a page on and Google Plus, and another one micro blogging site account that is Twitter which is really need to get traffic to your blog.

Every professional bloggers use these to get massive traffic to their blog, you can do this too.

4). StumbleUpon Your Blog Post-

This is must for every blogger to submit their article after writing on Stumble Upon, it's free and benefit even some time paid advertising.

Here is the link of the website, here is my proven method to get more traffic from stumblepupon, interview any popular person and then share it on stumbleupon and keep getting mails from them that your articles are viewing more, here is one of mail I got from them-
StumbleUpon, Traffic to blog

5). Submit Your Blog post to,

This website will also help you to drive massive traffic to your blog, let me tell you about Medium & Quora, in this website most of the professional bloggers use to submit to get targeted traffic to your blog.

These are most important sources of traffic, other than search engines.

I am sure if you will use these sources effectively you can easily get good traffic for life time, I am sure it will work for you for getting good quality traffic.

6). Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories-

Already I have written list of blog directories to submit your blog free you can get those directories name from the below given link:
Submit your blog post to local blog directories just like I am from India I usually submit my blog post to to get some regional visitors and I am getting.

7). Write Best Quality Content-

Yes, you know what you are not going to get help from search engines then write what you know the best and you can do one more thing provide links in between the article about your last post.

Here are few steps to follow for writing quality content-
  1. Find out the problem of people, use keyword planner to research, but only in your own interested topic.
  2. Now choose title of the article (Which majority of people can search to know solution for the problem), but always think thrice before choosing the article title
  3. Now start writing the article here is the steps to follow-
    1. Introduction
    2. Table of contents
    3. Headings, subheadings, bullets & numbers
    4. **Most important rich media need to insert in the article like image, videos would be much better for getting good rank on search engine results
    5. Improve user experience that's why person will be on the article for long time.

8). Submit Your Blog to Other Search Engines-

Yes there is not only Google there are many search engines and those are famous even like Yahoo and Bing.

You can submit your blog to these search engines right here is the article to read about this:-

9). Comments on Other Blogs-

Commenting on other blogs is the traditional method to build links and getting visitors too, don't forget to do comments on other blogs.

Here is the simple tips to find out amazing and top blogs in your niche and then comment on their blogs, because only commenting on relevant blogs is beneficial according to search engine optimization point of view.

Here is the example suppose that you wanted to comment on blogging tips topic, then just search on google your topic and there you will go, you will get ton of articles, even you can come to know what they are providing to get good rank on search engines?

10). Ask other Bloggers to Put links of Your Post on Their Blog-

Yes, it is true contacting through mail is the short cut way to make great relationship with other bloggers and as well as getting good traffic to blog.

What will happen if some one will not accept your offer but some one will accept offer if you will not get any one then tell me, I will help you to do so.

But don't accept to get 100% or even 50% conversion rate, I mean if you will send e-mail to a blogger then there is about 15% chance of accepting your offer.

Yes, one this I wanted to share with you, you need to send mail to other bloggers related to your blog, but only they will give link to your blog if you will write amazing content and for paid links I don't recommend.

11). Guest Blogging-

Guest blogging the best way to get traffic to your blog but for this you have to write best known contents on other blogs.

Some of them I am telling you to write on,

If this incident will happen with you then I will suggest you to keep blogging and make Google to index your all pages within few years may be in months but till that time you have to have patience and keep blogging.

Just concentrate on content and rest will be take care by Google and readers.