Change Ranking of Your Blog Post, SEO, BackLinks
Hey there may be you have heard about this commenting on other blogs can increase your back links or reputation on Alexa right. I have written a article on this you must read if you wanna improve ranking your blogspot blog on alexa. But you have not heard about this that comment can improve you ranking of your blog post on search engines.

Yes it's true.

Now may be you are thinking how is this possible, yes it is possible after reading the whole article you will come to know how is this working tremendously for blog post.

Even you can say comment is the life on blog post that I come to know after blogging more than 2 years.

NOTE- Most important thing is user experience if readers will write comment then readers spend time will increase that is one of the key factor to get good rank on Google, well for this you also required Fast Loading Blogger Template.

Three best ways to improve users experience-

  1. Writing useful content [Write from experiments]
  2. Insert image [Must be SEO friendly]
  3. Good fast loading template
So, here are those reasons which are you must read and know for becoming better blogger:-

1). Better Ranking on SEO

May be you know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) almost working on keywords right, then in comments only people talk about the main keywords.

What does that mean search engine spider will get more same type of keywords or some time dissimilar keywords to your post.

Then definitely the post will pop up on the top of the search engines, which will help you to rank even for long tail keywords, but don't allow to post spam type of comments, which is not good for your blog for long run.

2). Length of the Post Gets Increased

If your content is more in the article search engine like this, after getting lot of comments on the article your post length ultimately increase what does that mean you post will like by Search engine spider.

Well, I suggestion for you at this point.

Do not publish spam comments, it will be a negative impact for your blog on long run, which I have already point out, so you need to follow it.

3). People Stay on Your Blog More Time Because Many People Interested in Comments Also

Yes, it is true people interested in comments too, because real things about the post you can come to know quite easily by reading comments on blog post.

This thing, I come to know from my friends, he always look more on comments than blog post, he make me understand about this concept, so this is the way to increase engagement and which will help you to get visitor more time on the article, which is again green signal for search about the article hence next time for the same keyword your blog post may grab better place on search engine results page.

4). If Already the Post Having Comments People Write More Comments

This is really work for any blogger, even you and I sometimes do comments when we have seen the blog post having comments.

Here, I have written a blog post how comment on other blogs help and I have written how to comment on other blogs to drive traffic to own blog, because your comment on authority blog with sense according to the blog post always traffic to your blog, once upon a time I used to write comment on few top blogs on blogging niche and at that time I used drive over 1000 unique visitors per week to my blog, which is not bad because I used to promote affiliate products on my blog.

Even I got .5% conversion rate, I used to earn about $250 per week from comments only, which is again not bad. This is good according to me. What about you let me know through below comment.

5). Having Link Comment Should You Publish or Not

This is the question going on my mind every time when I have started blogging two years ago, but my this blog only few months old when I have written this article but now my blog is about 8 years old and I have been blogging since 2010.

Come to the topic, Yes you should publish link containing blog post because people will come to your blog for free.Then also want some thing from you right, this is a rewards for you and one more thing do check before publishing the link.

Because the link may be contain some thing which will break your policy so make sure first then publish.

I have also written a article how to get more comments on blogspot blog- How to Get More Comments on Blogspot Blog Post

Few Bonus Tips for you

1. Always focus on user engagement through the blog post.
2. Learn affiliate marketing to earn lot of money with less effort.
3. Focus on quality content and then promotion of the article.
4. Put effort to do experiment and then share on your blog.
5. Have patience and keep writing good articles to get good growth
6. Always interlink with articles which is also important
7. Get good hosting for VPS Hosting get discount on IOZoom Promo 2019

I know there are other options you have, I mean there are many comment system you can embed on blogger, but those kind of words will be belong to the other company not to your blog. That's why you will not get preference of those words on your blog according to search engine. Once again, I will suggest you do not publish spam comments, even I am going to delete spam comments on my blog but slowly.

Is there you want to know about Blogger comment system for search engine point of view?