Get More Comments on Blog
How to Make People to Comments on Your Blog
Comments play really important role in blogging remember if your blog posts having no comments for few months then just make sure your blog post having some problems.
You can not think about this that every people come to your blog they will do comment on your blog, this is not possible but yes you can make sure 1 to 10% people do comments on blog, because they know commenting  can drive traffic to their blog.

I have written an article how I got 2 reputations on Alexa for commenting on a single blogspot blog, read the given below post.

Here are those reasons to follow that's why people will comment on your blog, one another strong reason comments change SEO of your blog post.

#1):- Write Best Things

I always say that content is king, because only thing can change your blog into next level that is content nothing else.
Don't compromise with your contents even a single post must not disappoint your readers yes, do search on Google if you don't have enough idea about any topic then share on your blog, another thing don't copy paste directly, again this will kill your blog.

#2):- Article Writing Skills

Yes this is really need in blogging but you are not going to get this from the single day you can get this if you will improve your writing day by day.
Read other blogs and you can do another thing, read magazines from this you can understand that how journalist writing articles.

If you are newbie or may be you are not, but even then one writing skills always work, that is your article must have subheadings with bold and you must explain those subheadings in proper manner.

#3):- Write More More More

Yes I was thinking to search on the internet about SEO then I have seen that first rank got the blog is not constant with the first rank after few days.

What does that mean people are not happy with the article that's why the page goes down and down every day.

So write your article lengthy at least having more than 400 words, that's why people will read article and your blog rank will increase day by day.

One more thing don't write any thing which will make your reader unhappy after reading the article.

#4):- Write More Informational Based Article

As you know in blogging content is everything then definitely you have to write more informational based article right, so do write more informational based article that's why your reader will get about 100% satisfaction from your article.

Over time, I am analyzing that those bloggers are writing more details content their content rank better on search engines.

If you want to get more traffic and more comment then write detail blog post, there is simple way to write detail blog post, that is write a blog post from your own experience.

#5):- Use Easy Comment Plugins

Some times people do not do comments on the traditional comment form but there is solution for you, you can use free blog comments plugin those are Livefyre, Disqus.

Disadvantage if you will remove the plugin from your blog then you will loose every comments.

#6):- Publish Likable and Evergreen Articles

This is little bit difficult from informational article and lengthy article because likable articles means what people like.

Because other name of communication is "you should say but here write what the listener want to listen or reader want to read".

Another thing don't write the trending topics because trending topics can give you only one time visitors but the evergreen articles give you ton of visitors every day, yes every day.

Now you decide which type of article you must write.

#7):- Ask Your City Bloggers to Read Your Blogs and Comments

This tips really work even many professional bloggers do this but in the different way by arranging workshops.
You can do the same but here you can talk to your city bloggers to read your blogs and do comments.

#8):- Give Professional Look to Your Blog

If you are really serious about blogging then hire some one or you may learn, but give professional look to your blog templates.

You may try free blogspot blog templates provider like,

Comments are the another way to get motivated, learn new things, interact with blog readers, impression for new readers and many more.

In other words I can say that comment shows the popularity of the blog, that means if you know how to get more comments on blog then it is become easier to make a blog popular and which exactly any blogger want.

Is there any other way to increase comment on blog?