Google Adsense Disapproved, Reapply for Adsense
As a blog publisher you have to apply for Google Adsense [At least in the beginning days means first year of bloggingto make money from your blog, in my previous article I have written about Google Adsense-

But in this article I will discuss with you, what to do when you got disapproved from Google Adsense.

Many bloggers got shock after this, because after this, what they are going to do without Google Adsense, but here I will tell you some concepts about ClickBank.

Their products can make you huge commission for selling products, yes it is not difficult to sell their product.

Here I have written another article about ClickBank best products to promote on your blog-
Choose any one product from any one of these and promote, may be you will make few dollars from the programs.

But this are only for you to use as a Google Adsense Alternative but here is the tips for you, when to apply for Google Adsense after getting disapproved.

Actually when you got email from Google Adsense team about your application disapproved they mention reason.
But not all the time they mention, yes sometime they did it.

If they mention then you have to fix that problem other wise you can do some important things, those are blog templates.

Your templates must not take too much time to load, because many visitors leave blog those loading time is more, use proper navigation on your blog templates that's why your users can use your blog quiet easily.

Another one but the most important thing is that always right rich content on your blog, because in blogging content is king.

Here after doing these things you may again apply for Google Adsense after 3 months but before apply make sure that your blog have now that much quality that's why you can get approval quiet easily.

How to Earn Money from Blog Without Adsense-

I know what newbies felt after getting approval from Adsense [Seeing email from them], but dear if you will see top bloggers they don't use Adsense to monetize their blog, they even don't use any ad network because they understand the power of real business.

So, the big question is that can you earn money from blog without adsense?

Yes, of course, actually if you are willing to earn money from ad networks [recommended in the first year of blogging] then there are couple of ad networks those are really good like I have listed in the top Google Adesense alternatives for Publishers.

Let me tell you dear I have earn over $500 from single ad network and planning to earn about $1000 from the same ad network in this year only I know that's not much but still its really one of my tension free income source, lets see how can I achieve it or not.

Okay here are few alternatives you can do, to earn money from blog, well joining ad networks as I have already share with you, otherwise just do one thing sells others products or create your own products.

Selling other products is also known as affiliate marketing, that's really a awesome way to earn commission and I have created a awesome definite guide to affiliate marketing [Must Read If you don't want to loose money]

As a beginner it is little difficult to create your own product but yes you can sell other products quite easily, the guide I have shared with you that is just amazing. [How My E-book Become in India on Amazon]

Of course Google Adsense is good but if you are thinking about building BIG business through your blog then you have to wait and do little hard work for getting pretty good output in terms of money.

If you got disapproved by Google Adsense then try to improve your blog design, content and of course increase traffic, it will help you to get approval from Google adsense.

Best of Luck.