I have been thinking about finding list advertisement networks for bloggers in India, because it is little bit difficult to get approval from Google Adsense for Indian bloggers before 6 months of blogging, that's why I have collected list of best advertisement networks for Indian bloggers including Google Adsense.

One more thing I would like to share with you never try one advertisement network, because in blogging you can not be with only one thing, you have try to find out the best one.

Recommended for You- Google Adsense Alternatives

Well, let me tell you, after earning from than $1000 from ads network I have learn many things, I mean how to make money from blog, how to get traffic, where to place ads also, but for all these you need to have quality traffic means people will come to your blog for getting something, may be because of that they want to pay you.

Recommended for Indian Bloggers-
I will not tell you to join all but I will tell you to try only four ad networks for next three weeks and see result, hope it will work for you-

Here are those list of ads network-

1. http://www.sulekha.com/AdNetwork/

2. http://www.tyroo.com

3. http://www.adchakra.net

4. http://www.adsforindians.com

5. http://komli.com/

6. http://pubmatic.com/

7. http://www.dgm-india.com/

8. http://www10.indiads.com/

9. www.google.co.in/adsense

10. http://www.clicksor.com

11. http://www.bidvertiser.com

12. http://www.affinity.com/

13. http://www.qadabra.com

14. http://www.blogsvertise.com/

15. http://www.chitika.com/

16. http://www.infolinks.com

17. http://www.luminate.com/publisher/publisher-basics/

18. http://www.cpmfun.com/

19. http://www.7search.com/

20. http://www.adknowledge.com/

21. http://www.tribalfusion.com/

22. http://www.kontera.com/

23. http://www.Admagnet.net 

24. http://www.adclickmedia.com/

25. http://www.zedo.com 

All these advertising networks I found quite good and many bloggers are using these for making money, but you can make only limited amount only from advertisement networks, that's why I will suggest you to promote clickbank products for making more money from your blog.

Well, its an affiliate network, may be you don't have knowledge about this, that's why I have written series of blog post for Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide,  I have learn this from professional blogger John Chow

I want to tell you few my achievements from blog, well till now I have earn lot of money from blog, more important for me, I have learn many things on those basis I can start number of companies but because of I am pursuing higher studies that's why I am concentrating on this blog only, well here are those achievements.
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I hope these blog posts will inspire you more to become a better blogger, if you need any other help then you can personally contact me on Facebook.

There are always many option to adopt but you have to choose wisely to have better situation later, because your decision can change your future, well the same case is here in blogging, if you are looking for making money online from blogging then you need to keep doing experiments, because anything can work for you.

For making few dollars per month from blog is easy, if you will add ads network to your blog then only you can make that much money easily, but for making more money you need to go beyond this, you need to create your own product, need to start list building.

Is there any help you need to make more from your blog?