Better SEO for Blog
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this term is most popular in the web world because SEO can change the future of any blog or website, regarding SEO I have written many articles in this blog, in this blog post I will tell you how better thinking can give you more visitors to your blog from search engines.
Here are those things for you which will change future of your blog, let me tell you from beginning in the fall of 2011, I was telling my friend that I have a blogspot blog because in that time I did not buy domain name for my blog, it was previously, Fortunately he was the student of Engineering in Information Technology.

He told me are you using SEO, I am telling you, that was the first ever time I have heard about SEO for blog then ask him, what's that? he told me that people are doing work in the search engine company for giving results to people are looking from the search engines, actually this is not a right answer.

But I got the point that, whatever people are searching in the internet those results are providing by some one, so that means if I will give title name of my blogspot as people are searching then definitely I will get more visitors to my blog.

Then after just few days I got result I was getting visitors from 100 page views per day to 400 page views per day, that was awesome, yes if you are looking for great hosting for high traffic blog then you must go for WiredTree, here I am giving some coupon codes too- WiredTree Hybrid Coupon, great hosting provider.

But I was not stop and I have hired my friend for doing the same work for me, he agreed to work for my blog, for more requirement I have hired 3 more his friends to do job for blog, they are now even are working for my blog.

And finally I got visitors from 100 Page views per day to 11654 page views per day but even then I did not earning good money no sponsored because my blog ranking was poor, may be you are thinking why poor because I did mistakes those were killing my blog ranking.

But now I have learnt many things from those mistakes and I am learning even and also sharing with you, because the algorithm of search engine is changing day to day.

What Next For You:-

I have created this blog to provide great experimented information for you, that's why you will succeed, may be you are having little bit confusion about this topic "Better Thinking Better SEO for Blog", let me clear this technique like water.

Suppose you want to search anything in internet, before searching on the search engine you think right for the proper title, then before writing any article think that if are the searcher then what would you search for getting this information.

Even then sometimes we did not get good title for the blog post, because every people are not thinking in the same way, but you should give your title name as what maximum people are searching.

May be you want to know how to find out what people are searching for on the search engines, this is simple just read the above containing article.

UPDATE 2016-
Well, after implementing lot of things in blogging, I have learn lot of things in blogging as well as in SEO, that's why I was thinking why not to update this blog post.

So, I am to share with you few latest my good result from SEO.

Write from Your Experiments-

I have analyse over time, which article I have written from my real experience that article get high rank on search engines as well as I got good response from the blog.

Like I have written a blog post on and to use together, and it happened the blog post got more than 2000 page views in just few months.

I hope that's not bad at all.

So, I can only suggest you to do so.

Rest on you what you really want.

Promote Blog Post on Facebook with Tag Friends-

This story is one of my recent experiment.

Actually I have created a micro niche blog, based on GATE, actually I have lot of experience on this, that's why I was thinking why not to share with others.

So, it happened.

I have created a blog post and shared on Facebook and I have tag few friends those have more friends.

That's why I the blog post get maximum views.

So, finally I have driven more than 700 pages to the new blog in a single day, here is screen shot for proof.
Tips to Drive Traffic from Facebook
I hope you are going to utilize this unique source of traffic to your blog.

Help People As Much You Can-

See, the only way to become famous online is help people directly.

I have seen this, most of the popular bloggers got traffic from direct source means they have helped people manually, I mean directly.

Even, I have started having people through Facebook.

On an average I helped more than 5 bloggers per day and of course for free, I hope they are getting lot of benefit from my experience.

I am really tense because of the earning from Blogging, I am thinking to solve this problem, hope I can do it.

Have Confidence to Keep Blogging-


Oh GOD, its a long long time process, you can not just become a famous blogger with in few days until or unless you are not like James Bond.

I will suggest you to keep blogging, no matter what happen, but don't forget to write something new but from yourself, success will definitely come may be sooner or later.

Update Old Blog Post-

I have analyse over time if you will update your blog post, you will get good rank, see there are two basic reason.

Your blog post time stamp as well as content of your blog post will increase.

So, the whole thing is here more effort you will put behind writing your blog post as well as promoting your blog post you will get more result, to automate promotion of your blog post use Google Feed Burner.

Basically, I did mistake here.

But now I am using it, I will suggest you to use this service and of course it is free too, so why not to take advantage on this service.

Hey remember nothing is impossible, if you are working hard today then you will definitely get some thing special tomorrow.

One more thing for you "Learning is the best part of blogging, so never stop learning", because you are blogger then don't forget to share what you have learned.