Blogging is one of the best way to show your talent in front of the world, even I think you can make your own learning book of your life by sharing things, you are learning in your life, the main interesting part of this blogging business is you can make huge money from your blog.
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If you still don't have a blog then create a one for free- Blogging with, I like because it's free and because there are lots of things to learn and implements too in blogging, then to learn and implement I think best one is free one and when you will get experience then switch to paid one like wordpress blogging platforms.

In this article, I am going to share with you some thing interesting, which will help you to become a better blogger, here many bloggers think that blogging is only about getting traffic then let me tell you my dear friend it's not true, it's not like that, of course traffic is good but you have to make satisfy your blog readers, then only you are going to be there, where you wanted to be, your revenue will also get increase, here are few things you can do to write for people.

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#1 Write For People

In blogging you must first think about people and their time on your blog, write every thing which will give satisfaction to your readers that's why your returning visitors will get increase.

Which will lead you to become a professional blogger!

Why becoming professional blogger is tough, because:

You don't love writing.

You don't love to describe things as simpler as you can.

You don't love to keep working

If you can follow these three things then I am sure you will become professional blogger, no body can stop you.

#2 Then Think About Search Engine

If you are providing quality contents then no body can stop you to go there, where you wanted to be through blogging, but if you wanna get attentions from search engine then you may help Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to get indexed your all pages.

#3 Write More But Don't Forget to Maintain Quality

This is really working in the recent trends, many bloggers has start writing more and more on their blog post that's why they will not get penalized by Google Updates like Penguin and Panda, so you can also do the same to get even good rank on search results but do maintain quality.

After all in blogging, blog content is everything, you may say in simple language in blogging content is same as blood in human body.

Three simple tips you need to do-
  1. Write what you know
  2. Write about your own experience
  3. Write from your heart

#4 Add a Image to Make it Interesting for Readers and for SEO(Image) Too

We every one know every 1 person out of 20 do image searches then if you are not adding images to your blog post then probably you are missing some thing big in blogging and do add image after making the image SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly, may be you are thinking, how it would you do, simple just give name of your image as you have given name of your blog post.

Yeah, you  can add more than one image, that is up to you.

#5 Social Media Sharing- Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus(Big One for Google Search Engine), LinkedIn

Social Medias are playing big role in blogging because if you want to spread any news for free and very fast then that is social media, but there are ways to do it, first you should add social media button to your blog post, now question may be going on your mind, where to put the social media buttons I think on the side floating bar or on the bottom of the post.

Yeah, don't forget to use Schedule for posting your article on social media on right time.

#6 Always Write Conclusion of Your Blog Post

This is the most important part of blogging to share the cream of the blog post with your readers that's why your readers will get fully satisfy.

Don't forget to share any motivated things on conclusion and asking questions.

For you-
Optimizing your blog and post for search engine is good but first you must think about your content, because finally your content play big role, just like product quality play big role for any company.

Do you have any other ideas?