Google is now making the web transparent for their users that's why they are now giving benefit of approving Google authorship for the particular article showing on the search results, because after approval of Google authorship you will see your Google Plus profile photo on the below of your each blog post title, if you will search on Google about your blog.

May be you have seen this thing, when you have search on Google about any topic some results having profile photo, who has written the article, one more thing I would like to share with you, this is my personal experience, when I did not have Google plus authorship in that time my CTR(Click Through Rate) was low but after approval it has increased, also there I have seen improvement of the visibility of my blogpost on search results.

If you wanna really become a professional blogger then don't hide your identity because to make a blog next level, blogger identity play important role, for an example you can take any one professional blogger, they must share about them, that's why they can make good relationship with their readers, because readers will believe on the blog after knowing identity, most important you will get more support from your region people as well as we can say world of people, see blogging is a better business as compare to any other business, even job.

That's why I specially thanks Pyra Labs, who has first introduced this feature to the people, then Google did awesome job for making it more easy for people, now many bloggers used many platforms of blogging.

Let me tell you, what are you going to get after getting approval from Google for Google authorship:-

@1):- Identity
Identity make things better that's why most of the marketing people using social networks to promote their product, you have to do the same to become a professional blogger, more important why you will not do this, after all its free.

And one more thing Google's every product is valuable to us, to make our life easy and to save more time like Google search engine, Gmail, Google Plus,, Google news, Google drive etc.

@2):- More Impressions on Google
As earlier I have shown you the screen shot of the improvement in impressions on Google, that was you can see the improvement happened suddenly, that's only because of approving Google authorship for my blog.

@3):- More Returning Visitors
People will find some thing important on your blog post and also your identity, then what would be next, it will create trust, that's why the visitor definitely will come back to your blog again, it will make you better blogger.

@4):- Better SEO Friendly
This is happened to Google search engine, may be you know Google is the world largest website and also known by Search giant, after approval your all blog post shows your photo on Google results(it will take time for all the posts), but Google will trust on your blog to show results.

@5):- More Traffic
This is the most important part of this post(article), after all, we do write articles, make it SEO friendly only because of one thing to get traffic and traffic means your customers.

Also one important thing, more traffic means more money from blog, it will happen, if and only if you will keep blogging dear.

Blogging is the real business, but every business need an identity to reach it to the next level, like same here you must have to apply for Google authorship to get benefit from Google for driving more traffic.

Here is the key thing for you:-

"Blogging is a damn fine business, do it seriously, one day it will definitely reach you there, where you wanted to be"