Blogspot blogs means blogs are created from, is a blogging platform, which is provided by Pyra Labs but in 2003 Google acquired this platform, now a days the only's blogspot blogs are publishing more than 35000 words per minute that awesome right.

Google search engine is saving our time for finding anything from the web quickly, but as a blogger we must know how search engine show results for any query, so here are those things for you, first of all they concentrate on title, which we can get what people are searching for on the web, then they concentrate on the reputation of the blog, there are many ways to get reputation of the blog, like from

Now it is also depends on how much lengthy article is that with quality, one more thing it is also depends on meta tags and meta descriptions which are also search engines concentrate.

Now its time for blog post url and blog name, these two things are also important to get good rank on the search engines.

These are really helpful for getting your blog post on the top but let's do talk about something advanced about this tactic used by Google to show their results.

How they do differentiate with contents and show results-
1):- Search Engine Methods
Actually Google is providing two methods to do search those are
a):- Search by Images
This is a new feature provided by Google which is really make people easy to search any thing by image.
Specially you can check who is copying your photos on the web, this is a amazing feature you can use it quiet easily. Google Search By Images.

Actually it is little difficult for newbie to search by image then let me explain you how you can do this, first go to

Now do click on, where the image is telling you to do(Actually this is a screen shot)

Now a new options you will see as I have given below on the screen shot

Actually there are two ways to search by images on Google, first is through image url and through your photos may be you have on the desktop.

As the just above image tell you to put the url of the image and now hit the button of "Search by Image".

If you don't have url of the image then you may be search by another option, which is search by a photos from your computer.

For this you have to click on "Upload an image", then a new options are open as I have given below on the screen shot.

Now choose a photo from your computer then click on Open, then you will see whether your photos have been copied by other person or not.

b):- Search By Words
This is most common way to search on the web but there are few things may be we don't notice those are really important for search engines, those are providing by Google.

Autocomplete Sentence- This is depend on your searching and how many people are searching on the web.

Spelling- If you search any thing wrong on the web then Google correct it automatically.

Synonyms- Google also shows result synonyms, means same meaning words.

Google Instant- This service only you can use if you are having good internet speed connections.

Query Understanding- Google also show results according to people requirements.

Note:- As a blogger you must know how actually search engine works because every seconds there are about 38580 per seconds on Google.

Hows that awesome now think how much visitors you can get to your blog!!!!!