SEO Basics, Keywords in SEO, Ranking Blog Post
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is really important in the internet world specially for bloggers because bloggers need traffic and SEO is the best way to get ton of traffic to their blogs, as a blogger you need to do little hard work than your day job and probably you will earn more than three times from your day job, many are earning you can even earning this much money, for this you have only and only one formula that is keep blogging with very good patience.

Don't waste time for checking your blog rank every day or even every time yes do check your blog rank on alexa every 7 days, but don't forget to invest time on reading articles carefully and note down on your copy and to write about some important things you have learned in your blog but don't copy paste, write from yourself, don't think that who will come know that from where you have copy paste the content, because any one can know who is copying your contents or other contents by using TYNT tool, this tool also increase your back links and also you will get update about copying your blog contents and images directly into your email account.

Let me clear you about Repetitions of Title in the blog post which will increase your blog post or not, actually it is depend on keyword density of the article, depends on this the repetitions of title of your blog post will increase your visitors because your blog post ranking on search engines will on the top.

May be keyword density is new term to you  then let's clear about it, actually this is a term, which we can find out from our blog post by using a simple formula, the formula for finding keyword density of blog post is how many times you have repeated your titles or specific keywords upon total keywords in the post, if you want to get percentage then multiple with 100, your keyword density should not exceed 3% percent to get traffic from search engines for forever.

Of course you will get more visitors if you will repeat your blog post title but upto limit but let me give you a classic tips for you which will really give flood of visitors from search engines, so here is the actually tips for you, read this tip carefully and more important is implement this tips in your blog post to get traffic for forever.

1. Select Title Which Most of the People are Searching on the Web

If you are new to this blogging world then may be thinking, how is this possible that you can come to know what people are searching on the web, but there is one another solid ways which will take time but more effective that is thinking of your self for title of your blog post, always think before writing title of your blog post, if you are the users then what you would search on the web for getting the information you are providing on your blog post.

Don't Provide any thing in your blog post which will not satisfy your blog readers because now a days there are thousands of blogger writing every day for people so if you want to become on the top then must provide information on your blog what you know the best, don't hide anything from your users because if you wanna make your blog trustful for users then you have to provide quality information because people always looking for quality information.

2. Repeat Words of the Title Several Times in the Post but not Too Much

Yes this is really working to get good traffic from search engines for forever, because this thing will increase ranking of your blog post on search engines, because search engines shows results of title as well as the content in the article.

Remember keywords play most important role in ranking of blog post in the search engines, so always concentrate on keyword too, to keep your blog post on the top of the search engine results.

3. Remember Content is King in Blogging-

If you are thinking, you are the king then let me clear you one thing if people will not like your blog post then your blogging is only wastage of time, so you are not the king in blogging, your way of sharing words with the people is king which will make you king.

You must provide content which you got from your experience, because the only way we can provide unique contents that we can get from experience, write about your case studies these things are really work in blogging even professional bloggers are doing this to get good response from readers.

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As a blogger only SEO is not important but also you need to put effort to write pretty good quality content for your blog readers, that is really necessary for anyone, who wants to succeed in blogging, I hope you are also one of them that's why you are still reading this blog, okay let me share with you few blog posts those you need to read and have with you forever-

Repeat most searching keywords by the users in the blog post, don't repeat the whole title, because may be for sometimes you will get visitors to your blog but for long time you are not going to get visitors, always think long time in business because blogging is a real business better then even offline business.

Best of Luck keep writing, hopefully you will become a famous blogger in the world.