Recently I am concentrating more on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and I come to know the big thing which is providing by Google for all of us(bloggers or website owners), that is Google approved authorship.

May be you don't know, what is Google Authorship right? then let me tell you about this authorship, oh I am sorry, you know about this authorship but you don't know, that is called Google authorship. Actually may be you have seen now only my photo on just below my blog post title on Google results, if you come to this blog through Google Search Results.

Actually Google authorship is providing an identity of an article, actually Google wants to overcome anonymous from their results that's why they have started this tactic, because all bloggers are not approved Google authorship that's why you can get benefit of Google Authorship for Your blog.

Actually when your photo will appear just below post title which will increase your blog visitors too, for analyzing this changing CRT(Click Through Rate) you can use Google webmasters tool.

Now let's do it for your blog, if you are a blogspot blogger then approval of Google authorship is quiet easy.

Then do it step by step:-
Go to<Click on Blog(On which blog you want to verify Google authorship)<Now click on as the given screen shot is telling you to do.

These options you can see on the left side of your blog dashboard, now click on Google Plus, then a new window will open as you can see on the below screen shot.

 Now click on "Upgrade to Google+", now a window will open which will shows your two profile, one is blogger profile and another one is Google Plus profile now just scroll down little bit and you can see the option which you need to use to verify Google Authorship.

Hey wait a second, don't be hurry, please read before going to apply for Google authorship approval,  okay then let me tell you, what you are going to loose, you will loose your blogger profile so before going to do it, do save contents on your computer then do further steps.

One more thing this will affect your all blogs means your Google plus photo will appear on below each blog post on Google search results, here is the benefit, this will increase your visitors that is sure.

Now lets do the final step:-

 Now click on "Switch Now", now a window will open which will ask you to add your blog to your Google Plus profile, now select blog which one you want to add to your blog and then click on save.

Now for blogger those are using other platform:- like wordpress, weebly, yola etc

So here is the tips for you, go to, now you can use the support link too:-, even then if you are having any problem then you just give me a comment I will help you to do it.

Then after this step you will get an email from Google into your account about your verification notifications, here is the another tips for you(you must use visible photographs to your Google Plus Profile).

I know this will take time may be 20 minutes, but this authorship will change your blog ranking and visitors that is sure, because if your blog post result is showing below a photo that will attract more visitors than a normal link.